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~Coming up next SmackDown with JR and King
"Friday,January 3"Florida"

JR: -Welcome to the SmackDown!!!
King: -Yep and we are in Florida!!!
JR: -Today we are going to have a big surprise by Stephanie McMahon.
King: - Thats true,and I can`t wait to hear it!

~Please welcome Billy Kidman!!!~
JR:-Billy is coming out!
King:-He is good wrestler and he was Cruiserweight Champion last year.
JR: -I know!

~Please welcome Christian!!!~
JR: -I like many wrestlers,but not him LOL.
King: - I don`t have anything to say.

~1st Match~Billy Kidman vs. Christian
Billy knocked Christian on the mat so quick then he picked him up and did Backdrop,Christian had opportunity to win,but Billy always picked his shoulder up.Billy knocked Christian with Front Drop Kick and went to the tunbuckle and Billy just crushed on Christian with the Shooting Star Press and Billy pinned him 3 times.

~The winner is Billy Kidman!!!~
JR: -King look at Christian he is out!
King: - Of course he is out that was Shooting Star Press by Billy LOL.

~Please welcome Edge!!!~
JR: -Edge,is coming to the ring !!!

~Please welcome Kurt Angle!!!~
King: -Oh,my god,Kurt Angle vs. Edge its gonna be interesting!
JR: -Think so.

~2nd Match~Edge vs.Kurt Angle
Match began,Edge pushed Kurt to the tunbuckle and went to the top with him to do Super Arm Drag,but Kurt hit Edge into the head and Edge felt down,Kurtgot on the tunbuckle and Kurt is flying with his elbow,Edge is on the mat,Kurt worked on his left hand and he did Armbar then Leg and Neck Lock,Kurt turned him around and "watch out Angle Lock",Edge couldn`t take it anymore and he tapped 1-2-3.

~Winner is Kurt Angle!!!~
JR: -That was a great match!!!
King: -I agree with you JR.

JR: - Coming up next tag team match Los Guerreros vs. Edge and Rey Mysterio!!!
King: -I wanna see it!!!

~Please welcome Rey Mysterio!!!~
JR: -Who`s dat jumpin` out da sky?
King: -Its Rey Mysterio you think!LOL

~And his partner,Please welcome Edge~
JR: -Earlier tonight Edhe lost to Kurt Angle.
King: - But that was a great match though.

~Please welcome Los Guerreros,Edddie and Chavo~

~3rd Match~Rey Mysterio and Edge vs. Los Guerreros.
Chavo and Rey were on the ring,Chavo attacked Rey spaling him then Chavo made a tag and Los Guerreros did Double Suplex on Rey,then Chavo left.Eddie went to the tunbuckle and he jumped,but Rey turned in time,then Rey got on tunbuckle and Who`s dat jumpin` put da sky?Rey pinned Eddie 1-2,Chavo attacked Rey ,Edge ran and hit Chavo.While Edge attacked Chavo on the outside,Edddie locked Rey in the Lasso from El Paso and earned a victory.
JR: -Thats not fair!!!...
King: - I agree with you JR.

JR: -Coming up next last match Big Show vs. Undertaker.
King: - I have a question where is Brock Lesnar?
JR: -I don`t know,he didn`t show up here.
King: -Thats strange!

~Please welcome The Big Show!!!~
JR: -Look at Big Show 7 feet,500 pounds,Giant!
King: - Yea!

~Please welcome The Undertaker~
JR: - Undertaker is Evil!!!
King: -LOL

~4th Match~The Big Show vs. The Undertaker
Big Show took a microphone and said:"Undertaker there is no way in hell you can beat me!!!"Undertaker hit Big Show in the head,match began,Undertaker made a Toe Kick and thn Undertaker Punches in the middle section,he picked him up...
JR: - Oh my god,he is doing supplex on Big Show!!!
King: - I can`t belive what I`m seeing!
Undertaker made a supplex and pinned Big Show 1-2-3.

~The winner is The Undertaker!!!~

JR: -He took a microphone what he is going to say?

Undertaker said:"You said there is no way in hell I can beat you,
There is no way in hell you can beat me!!!!!!!

JR: -Look he took a chair and he he is not stopping to hit Big Show.
King: - I`ll tel;l he is going to pay for that!

JR: -Whats Stephanie`s surprise is?

~Please welcome the owner of SmackDown,Stephanie McMahon~
Stephanie: -Ladies and gentlementsm,we are preparing for free agent Stone Cold Steve Austin!!!!

JR: -Oh,my god!!!

Stephanie: -And he is going to SmackDown!!!...
Eric Bishoff`s music hit!!!

JR: -Whats the hell is going on,whats Eric doing here?
King: - I don`t know,but we are going to find out!!!

~Please welcome the owner of Raw,Eric Bishoff!!!~

Eric: -Wo Wo,wait a minute,why do you think Austin is going to SmackDown?...
Austin`s music hit arena!!!

JR: -I don`t understand anything.
King: -Me either.

~Please welcome Stone Cold Steve Austin!!!~
Austin came to the ring and took Raw`s contract,you want me to sign your contract?He pointed at Eric.
Eric: -Yea,Austin your home is Raw,am I wright?
Austin: -And you want me to sign your contract?He pointed at Stephanie: -Yes Austin.
Austin: - You know I`v made my decision,I say no to Eric and yes to Stephanie.Eric was surprised.

JR: - LOok at Eric!!!He can`t say a word,LOL!!

He took Stephanie`s contract and hit Stephanie with it!!!

King: -Damn,that`s gotta hurt!!
JR: -Why did he do that?
King: - You asking me?
JR: - Yea,you.
King: -I don`t know!!!

Austin took Raw`s contract and signed it!

King: - What a shit!
JR: -Yea,Austin going to Raw!
King: -To bad for Stephanie!
JR: -OK,guys see you next week on SmackDown and don`t forget to watch Raw on Monday night!!!Bye
"Off air"

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