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Paige slapping Ric Flair that was pure ownage lol

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Paige slapping Ric Flair that was pure ownage lol



Remember people that ring is Paige's house and has been since she was 13

Paige needs to take that title off Charlotte she is doing nothing for it and Paige deserves it more
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It wasn't really ownage as she ended up retreating by the end of the segment...

I think everyone was a heel in that segment. Miz is a heel, Charlotte and Ric seem to be arrogant heels, Paige seemed like she was acting the face until she slapped Ric and retreated from Charlotte, so she's also still a heel. What is even going on?

Sasha Banks dancing with New Day doesn't bother me, she's still the most protected female on the roster and still hasn't been pinned or submitted since her debut.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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