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Paige = Paul Heyman girl??

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Wasn't that supposed to happen? Paige to align herself with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.. and now apparently Cesaro

the rumors were swirling like crazy before

still think it could happen?
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Re: Paige = paul heyman girl??

No, this will kill her career. It bombed with Show, Axel, and Ryback, and it will bomb with Paige too.
I can't even remember Show being a Heyman guy, it musta been forgettable.
Re: Paige = paul heyman girl??

No paul heyman girls plz.
Re: Paige = paul heyman girl??

didnt paul also have some history with AJ? he proposed to her didnt he?
Yeah, back in 2012. Also, he has said in an interview that he thinks AJ along with Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Cesaro could all main event a Wrestlemania so he obviously believes in her.

I could maybe see it with Paige, at least more so than some of the other divas. Don't think it would work well with her as a face though. She'd have to be heel for it to really work.
Has Heyman ever managed a woman?
Re: Paige = paul heyman girl??

Cesaro is the Face in this feud with Swagger...and I doubt they'll make AJ a Heyman chick because of her relationship status with a certain individual
The more we see of Cesaro/Heyman outside of the RAW After Mania.. the more its looking like that shit just doesn't work. Cesaro needs to be booked as a face(regardless of some minor Swagger feud of no consequence), and having Heyman come in and pull assloads of heel heat while doing his schtick to manage him to a win does nothing if Cesaro isn't also the heel.

Paige would have the same problems. They've booked her as a face, as her likely competition will be AJ(who already has dibs on heel) after she comes back. Putting her with Paul Heyman is pointless. AJ is the far better Paul Heyman Girl.
Anti Diva in a stable of people who defy authority?

Bring her in! And, later on have the Wyatts join in.

That would be amazing. But, Paige alone is great!
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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