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Paige = Paul Heyman girl??

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Wasn't that supposed to happen? Paige to align herself with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman.. and now apparently Cesaro

the rumors were swirling like crazy before

still think it could happen?
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Re: Paige = paul heyman girl??

AJ Lee seems like more of a Paul Heyman Girl. Paige is being booked as the babyface, which doesn't really work with a Heel-Type Manager.
Re: Paige = paul heyman girl??

Cesaro is the Face in this feud with Swagger...and I doubt they'll make AJ a Heyman chick because of her relationship status with a certain individual
The more we see of Cesaro/Heyman outside of the RAW After Mania.. the more its looking like that shit just doesn't work. Cesaro needs to be booked as a face(regardless of some minor Swagger feud of no consequence), and having Heyman come in and pull assloads of heel heat while doing his schtick to manage him to a win does nothing if Cesaro isn't also the heel.

Paige would have the same problems. They've booked her as a face, as her likely competition will be AJ(who already has dibs on heel) after she comes back. Putting her with Paul Heyman is pointless. AJ is the far better Paul Heyman Girl.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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