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Paige and Graves?

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I haven't given this too much thought until now, but I feel like Corey Graves could really use someone like Paige along with him. Paige could certainly play the heel role. The both of these individuals just strike me as folks that would mesh well together on camera. Graves has this edge to him in appearance while Paige seems to be the total package, mick skills, looks and ring work. I feel like Graves would do best with a heel turn and so would Paige. Your thoughts.
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for wat it's worth there were news last year that they are real life couple.
but still no, they are good on their own
they were on the road with the main roster for a couple of weeks, don't know if they dating

Don't get the hate for Graves
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Why do people think they're dating? :lol
I guess a lot of guys on the forum would like to have some kind of "filth parade" with Paige :ass
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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