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WWE needs to learn this lesson from the UFC. A little respect for the intelligence of your audience goes a long way. It hurts your announcers/company credibility when you have them proclaiming "This is the greatest Wrestlemania of all time", EVERY YEAR, even if it's an obviously lackluster show. Same goes for "Greatest RAW" and "Greatest Match". With so much talk these days about making more aspects of wrestling more like real sports, such as MMA, I think this is a good place to start.

Just like wrestling, MMA has many "loyal fans" and many "casuals". But UFC still hypes PPV's (better then the WWE) despite the fact that they don't DIRECTLY target casuals with such asinine phrases, since it offends the loyal fans. They are ambitious enough to sell the casuals, yet realistic enough to not offend the loyals. Why does Vince think if every WM is called "The greatest of all time", more people will buy it (by people I mean the casuals that don't know that the same thing is said about WM year after year). It would make it more special if they didn't say it so often and then when a card comes along that is worthy of being dubbed "the greatest of all time", it would be that much more special, and it would really mean something to be called that. That's how you sell PPV's.

Everybody would want to watch the "greatest WM of all time", if a WM hadn't been referred to that in years. Then we would know your company's hype is credible and not overzealous, we can see that the card is good on paper, so when we hear "greatest of all time", you think "Damn I gotta watch that, it's not every year they say it's gonna be the greatest WM". By abstaining from using that phrase until a card was actually worthy of it, the company gains credibility for themselves as well as their announcers, plus it makes that WM/RAW/Match 10x more special because you have the credibility to call it so.

Back to reality WWE/announcers have no credibility so when they say something is the "greatest", it doesn't make it more special at all.. and that's really a bad sign.
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