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Over-Thinking the "Smackdown Curse" and looking for a cause.

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This is going to be one of those threads that is completely useless as obviously there is no such thing as a "curse". But it could be a fun way to gather information regarding these very strange coincidences that seem to be occurring over the past several years. I keep noticing how everybody thinks the Smackdown brand is cursed. So lets examine. I'm not really making an argument, so please don't point out any contradictions that are.. and probably WILL be throughout this thread.

Ted Dibiase, Wade Barret, Rey Mysterio, Mark Henry, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Alberto Del Rio (Are All Injured/Suspended)
<Keep in mind Christian and Sin Cara just returned too> (Jericho was competing for the "Smackdown" World Title).

Edge had to retire while on the Smackdown Brand.

Batista was always getting injured on Smackdown.

The World Heavyweight Championship (while on the smackdown brand) was VACATED due to injury
*Batista tricep injury 2006
*Edge pectorial injury 2007
*Edge vacated due to retirement.

From a "Storyline perspective.... there are greater odds of the MITB being cashed in involving a Smackdown Superstar.
Which can be a curse for the champion.
*Edge 2007 on The Undertaker (Mr. Kennedy lost brief case to SMACKDOWN superstar)
*CM Punk 2008 on Edge
*CM Punk 2009 on Jeff Hardy
*Jack Swagger 2010 on Chris Jericho
*Kane 2010 on Rey Mysterio
*Daniel Bryan 2011 on Big Show
Now I know 6/10 isn't that good of a source.. but if you throw in the fact that
Umaga was released on the Smackdown Brand.
The Miz and Del were both originally Smackdown superstars. Another stretch, but its a conspiracy aint it.
Making the only one who doesn't fit the "Smackdown" theory Rob Van Dam.

Jeff Hardy became top dog, then suddenly left without "passing the torch"

Brock Lesnar quit without "passing the torch" as a Smackdown member.

JBL who was originally HATED by everyone got his push on Smackdown.

The Great Khali who everyone HATED got his title reign on Smackdown.

Ultimo Dragon was the "Sin Cara" in 2003/2004 and was let go for similar reasons why Sin Cara may go.

Mick Foley, JBL, Tazz and Jim Ross all left the company while Smackdown commentating.

Then we got Mr. Kennedy, MVP, Carlito, Shelton Benjamin, The Brian Kendrick, John Morrison were all given their original debut/exposure on Smackdown as "the future" yet not a single one of them ever held a World Title, making their 2-3 mid-card era completely worthless. They were all Smackdown debut's regardless of where they ended up..

Now let's look at the same "types" of people who are around today, only better positions and they first appeared..
*CM Punk - WECW
*Sheamus - WECW
* Kofi Kingston - WECW
*Jack Swagger - WECW
*Cody Rhodes - Raw
*Dolph Ziggler - Raw
*Santino Marella - Raw
*Daniel Bryan - NXT
*The Miz - WECW (Mike Mizanin on Smackdown, wasn't really "the miz" character. Just like I don't count R'Truth as "Kkwick" or Ziggler as "nicky". John Morrison on the otherhand CLEARY made a promo transition from Johnny Nitro.. who mind you made his debut on Smackdown.
Now say what you want about where those guys are in this particular moment, but the REALITY is they have all held or been in world title feuds.. if not multiple US, IC, Tag titles... and yes, yes say what you want about MVP bottom line he's gone. He'd never be given a world title anyway due to his criminal background.. which coincidentally... R-Truth is in the same position and what show did R-Truth debut on?
But you'd be better off debuting with a new show unless you are one of the three names below.. smackdown isn't the place you want to be.
John Cena, Batista, Randy Orton are some exceptions who all made their debut's on Smackdown, and became three of the biggest stars/most successful of the past generation. But they also became 3 of the most hated stars of the generation.

So are guys like Antonio Cesaro and Damien Sandow doomed to be cursed? (Sandow has already been fired before)

Who would have thought that The Rock's show would end up with such bad luck.
Who would have thought that the show that in 2002-2003 gave us Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Biker Taker, Worlds Greatest Tag Team, Los Guerreros, The Cruiserweight Division, Stephanie McMahon as GM, Thuganomics, Hulk Hogan aka Mr. America (one of the last times I've been able to find Hogan bearable) , Entertaining APA with their bar room brawls,... just greatness.
Maybe its nostalgia but people weren't getting hurt until around late 2005/early 2006.

I've brought the Smackdown Curse down to just two things.

a) The Death of Eddie Guerrero in November 2005
b) The debut nearly JUST 5 months later in May 2006..
of The Little Bastard

Conclusions all the "curses" BEFORE those events were people leaving on there own terms.
It wasn't until after where the Edge, Batista, Undertaker, King Booker, injury fest begin.

Luck of the Irish my ass. When Hornswoggle was on Raw... yeah there was a shitty DX and a long drawn out feud with Legacy and Jerishow.. but look how Smackdown was. Undertaker, CM Punk, John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler, Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, Batistas heel turn, debut of the Hart Dynasty(sorry Kidd youre cursed), return of Cryme Tyme and the RISE of McNtyre.
Fast forward till 2010... and what do you know the curse of injuries begins.

So there is either a Smackdown curse. Or a Smackdown plus Hornswoggle curse. And he doesn't even need to appear. Just his presence backstage .... alright I may have gone on a tangent.. but this "curse" of Smackdown is worth some more exploring. Lets hear your ideas and sorry for the long read. But atleast it's better than just saying "smackdown's gay" .

One thing is for sure. You all better pray that Dean Ambrose ends up on Raw.
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