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Many original ideas by Wrestlers are usually good (Fandango was funny, Bryan's YES! was exciting, "What!" used to be cool, Cesaro's swing was the shit [still is], the WWE App is very fun,...) until WWE acknowledges it and shoves it down our throats. That's just how authority (not talking about "the Authority" storyline) works.

I'll use Barrett as an example. "BNB" is awesome and hilarious on JBL & Cole show. Then, WWE decided to overblow it, interrupt segments, give Barrett no ring time, and leave his entire existence based on his BNB segment. Overkill and stupid.

Now Bryan's "Yes!" was cool at first, then WWE started the "Yes! Movement", they encourage it, every fucking wrestler uses the "let me ask you something you might be able to answer: Do you like wrestling? YES! Do you think we should wrestle? YES! Will I win? YES!" and now it's overkill and they dumb down an entire wrestler based on 1 breakthrough thing.

Hence, yes many improvised or individually developed thing is sometimes great. But then WWE will act like that's the only thing special with that wrestler and ruin it by not stop repetition of it.
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