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Don't Call it a Comeback
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WWE: Revalation

shamrock_is_god and I will be writing our own RAW and SmackDown!. Expect a new show from each of us every week. I write RAW while SIG writes SmackDown.

TruHighlight_HBK's Raw
General Manager: Vince Russo

A-Train - F
Bret Hart-F
Chris Beniot- F
Chris Jericho- F
Chris Harris- F
Chris Nowinski- H
Christian- H
Edge- H
Gail Kim- H
Garrison Cade- F
Hiroko- H
James Storm- F
Jazz- H
Jeff Hardy-F
Jerry Lawler- RAW Announce Team
Jim Ross- RAW Announce Team
Jonathan Coachman- H
Kane- H
Kenzo Suzuki- H
Kid Kash- H
Lance Storm- H
Lilian Garcia - Ring Announcer
Lita- F
Mark Jindrak- H
Mark Henry- H
Matt Hardy- H
Max Kellerman- Annalyst
Mick Foley- F
Molly Holly- H
Nidia- F
Orlando Jordan- H
Petey Williams- H
Randy Orton - F
Rene Dupree- H
Ric Flair- H
Rob Conway- H
Rodney Mack- H
Ron Killings- F
Scott Steiner-F
Scott D'Amore- H
Sean O'Haire- H
Shawn Michaels- H
Stacy Kiebler- F
Stephanie McMahon- H
Sylvain Grenier- H
Theodore Long- H
Test- F
The Rock- F
Trish Stratus- H
Triple H- H
Trinity- F
Tyson Tomko- H
Val Venis- F
Victoria- F
Vince Russo- GM F
William Regal- F

Tag Teams
America's Most Wanted- "Wild Cat" Chris Harris, "Cowboy" James Storm
Edge and Christian
Hardy Boyz
New Impact Players- Lance Storm and Petey Williams
Kid Kash and Dallas
Sean O'Haire and Mark Jindrak
Evolution- Triple H and Ric Flair
La Resistance- Sylvain Grenier and Rob Conway

Toronto Connection (Edge, Christian, Test, Trish, Tyson Tomko)
La Resistance (Sylvain Grenier, Rob Conway, Rene Dupree
More to come...

Trish- Toronto Connection
Stacy- America's Most Wanted
Lita- Hardy Boyz
Trinity- TBA
Theodore Long- Mark Henry, Rodney Mack, and Jazz
Stephanie McMahon- Triple H, Evolution
Coach- Garrison Cade
Scott D'Amore- New Impact Players

Max Kellerman- RAW Analyst
Terri- Backstage Intervierer
Jim Ross- RAW Comontator
Jerry Lawler- RAW Comontator
Lillian Garcia- RAW Ring Announcer

shamrock_is_god's SmackDown!
General Manager: Hulk Hogan

AJ Styles - Face
Batista - Heel
Bill DeMott - Heel
Billy Gunn - Heel
Billy Kidman - Face
Booker T - Heel
Bryant Gumbel - Match Analyst
Bubba Ray Dudley - Heel
Chuck Palumbo - Heel
D-Von Dudley - Heel
Dawn Marie - Manager (w/ Cena)
Danny Basham - Face
Doug Basham - Face
Eddie Guerrero - Face
Eugene - Face
Funaki – Reporter
Gangrel - Heel
Goldberg - Nuetral (does what the hell he wants)
Grand Master Sexxay - Face
Heidenreich - Heel
Hulk Hogan - General Manager
Hurricane - Face
Jamie Noble - Heel
Jesse Ventura - Color Commentator (Announcer)
John Cena - Face
John Madden - Match Analyst
Johnny Stamboli - Heel
Ken Shamrock - Neutral (does what the hell he wants)
Kurt Angle - Heel
Michael Cole - Play-by-Play (Announcer)
Miss Jackie - Manager (w/ Rico)
Nunzio - Heel
Paul Heyman - Manger (w/ Heidenreich)
Paul London - Face
Raven - Heel
Rey Mysterio - Face
Rhyno - Heel
Rico - Face
Road Dogg - Heel
Rob Van Dam - Heel
Rosey - Face
Sabu - Heel
Scotty 2 Hotty - Face
Shane McMahon - Face
Shannon Moore - Face
Shelton Benjamin - Heel
Spike Dudley - Heel
Steve Austin - Neutral (does what the hell he wants)
Tazz - Heel
Tajiri - Face
Tommy Dreamer - Heel
Undertaker - Heel
Vince McMahon - delivers justice when needed
X-Pac - Heel

NOTE: All rosters, tag teams, factions and heel/face allignments are subject to change, some without notice. Some by way of video packages or storylines. Let it be assumed that any wreslter not on the RAW or SmackDown! roster is a free agent and may be signed at anytime by RAW or SmackDown!, as well as wrestlers may be released at anytime. Check the dropdown lists in our sigs, or the roster above for updates.

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:stupid: :agree: ....agree with Grendrill and Limit good to see two new people and I will be reading.

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Impressive Roster!
Should be an interesting read, good luck with your shows

Don't Call it a Comeback
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WWE RAW Preview- 9/13/04
Rumors and speculation have been flying around for weeks that change is coming. Vince McMahon will be at the Fleet Center. Will he put these rumors to rest, or confirm what most people in WWE are fearing? What will the changes be? Will anyone be fired? hired? re-hired? Tune in to Mondy Night RAW next week to find out.

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Good preview, will be checking this out. BTB is very active latley with so many bookers. Hope you guys continue for a bit and not just do one show. Good luck.

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Good RAW preview. BTW - Welcome to BTB.

Don't Call it a Comeback
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*The pyro explodes and "Move to the Music" plays throughout the arena*

JR: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to what will be a historic RAW live from Boston's Fleet Center.
King: You got that right JR. Tonite will have a huge impact on sports-entertainment.

*No Chance in Hell*
King: Here comes the boss JR.
JR: Mr. McMahon is walking to the ring with a purpose

Lillian: Please welcome The Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment Mr. McMahon.
Vince: I realize that rumors have been circulating for quite some time about change. That change is comming. And quite frankly, Im sick of it. I came here tonite for one reason. And that is to say yes. Yes the rumors are true. With that said, will Eric Bischoff please join me in the ring.

*Im Back* (crowd boos)

Vince: Eric, I relize now that I over looked someone when I hired you. There is someone more qualified to be the General Manager of RAW then you are.
Eric: What! Mr. McMahon, no one can do this job better than me and you know that.
Vince: Who the hell do you think you are? Telling me what I know and what I dont know. Eric let me tell you I know this, YOU'RE FIRED! (crowd cheers) Eric Bischoff let me introduce you to your replacement. Someone you know quite well actually. There's a hint of irony in this. The new General Manager of RAW...Vince Russo!
JR: What!? Vince Russo? I dont beleve it.
King: I thought Bischoff being hired was a shock.

*Vince Russo* (crowd cheers)

King: I need to rub my eyes JR.
JR: Somebody pinch me.
(Russo enters the ring and stares down Bischoff. He then shakes hands with Vince. Vince then hands Russo his mic)
Russo: Thank you Mr. McMahon. I give you my word that you will not be disapointed. As my first act as the General Manager of RAW...security, (crowd cheers) please escort Eric Bischoff from the building.
Vince leaves with the security dragging Bischoff up the ramp.
Russo: You fans were promised change and change is what you'll get. For starters I am vacating all the Championships. RAW gets a fresh start.
JR: Oh, Triple H will not be happy about this.
King: Aint that the truth JR. Id be surprized if everything is still entact in the Evolution locker room.
Russo: Dont worry, Ive got big plans for the World Heveyweight Championship and the World Tag Team Championship. First the World Heveyweight Championship. At Bad Blood we will crown a new World Champion in an eight man Gauntlet for the Gold match. (crowd cheers)
JR: Thats good news King.
King: I cant wait for that JR.
Russo: Now for the Tag Title. RAW will host a Tag Team Tournament which will culminate at Bad Blood. The semi finals and finals will take place on the same night. The team that wins the finals will have earned it. I have designed a gruling 2 out of 3 falls match. The first fall an Eliminaton Tag match (crowd cheers), second fall a Cage Match, (crowd cheers), and the third fall, if nessessary a Ladder Match! (crowd cheers).
JR: What a match!
King: Two out of Three falls, Gauntlet for the Gold, he's won me over JR. But what about the Intercontinental Championship?
JR: Maybe we'll find out.
Russo: One last thing. I didnt come alone. I brought some TNA wrestlers with me. How do you feel about Ron "The Truth" Killings, Dallas and Kid Kash, Petey Williams and Scott D'Amore, America's Most Wanted, for the fellas Trinity and Jeff Hardy. (crowd cheers Hardy, Hardy, Hardy, Hardy)

*Commercial Break*

JR: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. If you just joined us Vince Russo has made one hell of an impact after being introduced as RAW's new General Manager.
King: That's true JR, I cant wait for Bad Blood and the Gauntlet for the Gold match.
Lillian: The following contest has been scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Toronto, Canada weighing in at 282 pounds...Test.

(crowd boos)
Lillian: Introducing his opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada weighing in at 245 pounds...Val Venis.

*Hello Ladies*

Start of Match: Val and Test lock up in the center of the ring. Test forces Val to the ground and taunts him. Val uses the ropes for leverage to get up quicker. Val goes to lock up with Test again, again gets forced down. Val gets up again and charges full speed at Test. Test gets out of the way and Val springs off the rope and hits a diving clothesline. Test gets up, and Val hits another clothesline. Test is up..drop kick.

Middle of Match: Test and Val are both down as the ref begins his count. 1...2...3...4...5...Val to his feet. Val gets behind Test and stalks him. Once he is to his feet, Val hits a back suplex...comes off the ropes and drops an elbow...brings Test to his feet and goes for a back elbow but Test counters into a spine buster. Test locks in a modified sleeper on Val after the high impact move. The ref drops Val's arm...1...agian...2...third time...stays up. Val fights to his feet and drops Test on his back.

Finish of Match: Test is down after a super-plex. Val goes up to the top rope for the Money Shot when he gets knocked off by Edge and his jaw collides with the security barrier. The ref calls for the bell.
Lillian: Here is your winner as the result of a disqualification...Val Venis.
JR: That was an exciting match King. Why did Edge have to go and ruin it?
King: I don't know JR. Edge and Test on the same page? I don't think I like this.


JR: What now?
King: Its Christian, JR. Oh look Trish is here too JR. Puppies!
JR: Jezebel.

(Christian, Trish, and Tyson Tomko join Edge and Test in the ring.)

Christian: E&C is back and better than ever.
Edge: Its not just about Edge and Christian this time. This time its about Edge, Christian, Test, Tyson Tomko, and Trish Stratus. The five of us are gona take RAW by storm. The five of us are the Toronto Connection.

(Trish grabs the mic form Edge)

Trish: We will be the most dominant force on RAW. Edge and Christian will effortlessly win the Tag Team tournament, Test will win the IC title, Tomko will win this mystery title that Russo is bringing in, and of course the Women's Title is as good as mine.

*You Think You Know Me*

(The Toronto Connection raises their arms in the ring as EMTs attend to Val Venis)

*Commercial Break*

JR: We're back here on Monday Night RAW where if you're just joining us there was a scary moment before the commercial break. Val Venis was climbing to the top rope to go for his trade mark Money Shot when Edge came up behind Val and threw him into the the security barrier. The EMTs were attending to Val during the commercial break, they put a collar on him and was taken to a local hospital for x rays and a CAT scan. We hope to update you on Val's condition before we go off the air.
King: Its difficult to watch a superstar get a collar put on them. No matter how many times you see it JR, its scary. Their careers or lives could be over. Its tough.
JR: We now go to our returning broadcast colleague Terri.
King: Terri's back? Lets go to her.


Terri: Thanks JR and King, Im here live with Triple H and Ric Flair. Triple H, what are your thoughts on Vince Russo vacating the World Heavyweight Title and making a Gauntlet for the Gold match for Bad Blood?
Triple H: My thoughts? I just beat Chris Beniot to regain my World Heavyweight Championship. And now less then 24 hours after I won the Title I have it stripped from me. And why? Because Russo wants to impress Vince McMahon. Hear this Russo, you've screwed with me once and for the last time. At Bad Blood I will walk out the new World Heavyweight Champion.
Flair: Hunter.
(Flair points to the screen behind them and Mick Foley is walking to the ring.)
Triple H: Lets go.


Lillian: Ladies and gentleman please welcome Mick Foley! (crowd cheers Foley, Foley, Foley)
Mick enters the ring and grabs a mic.
Mick: Its great to be back in Boston, Massachusetts (crowd cheers) For fifteen years Ive traveled the world entertaining you fans. Wheather it be as Cactus Jack (crowd cheers), Dude Love (crowd cheers), Mankind (crowd cheers), or as Mick Foley you all have stuck behind me and I appreciate that. That fact is what is making this so hard. I fought Triple H back at No Way Out in 2000 in a Hell in a Cell match. In a match that was supposed to retire me. While I did come back for WrestleMania the next month and spot returns here and there. Id like to take this time to announce my full retirement from the world of professional wrestling.
King: Its a bout time JR.
JR: How can you say that King


JR: Not now.
King: Thank you Evolution.
(Triple H and Ric Flair slowly enter the ring from each side and Triple H gets a mic.)
Triple H: Woah Mick. Easy now, Natch and I wouldn't spoil this moment for you... Im gona break character for a second here. Mick Foley I want to thank you.
King: What's this?
JR: Gotta be a set up.
King: Why do you expect the worst from Triple H?
Triple H: Thank you Mick for all the memories. Thank you for all the great matches we had, all the moments we made that without you would be long forgotten.

(Triple H extends his hand to Foley)

Mick: Hunter, thank you for coming out here. I wouldn't want to do this any other way.

(Mick Foley shakes hands with Triple H and Ric Flair. Then Triple H and Ric raise each of Mick's arms in the air getting a standing ovation from the crowd.)

King: I think Triple H and Ric Flair are being genuine JR.
JR: I don't think so King. These men don't have genuine bones in their bodies.

(Wreck plays in the arena, when Triple H and Flair look at eachother. Before Mick knows it he is on the floor after a double clothesline from The Game and The Nature Boy. Triple H continues to stop Foley while Flair gets a mic.)

Flair: Mick Foley, you are a disgrace to the title of legend. What you did wasnt wrestling. What you did spit on real wrestlers like me and Triple H. Its because of you that Hunter has to work twice as hard to undo all you did.


JR: Oh my God King! It him! The Hitman!
King: No, no, it cant be JR!
JR: But it is! Bret "Hitman" Hart is here!

(Bret runs to the ring to come to Foley's aid. Evolution runs out of the ring and heads for the back. With Triple H pointing back at the ring.)

*Commercial Break*

JR: We just witnessed history before the commercial break. King, we saw the return of Bret Hart to WWE and RAW.
King: Why does he have to come back JR? He's a strain RAW and a strain on humanity.
JR: Oh stop it. We have to go now to RAW's new lead analyst former ESPN boxing analyst, former host of Friday Night Fights and Around the Horn, and current host of I, Max on Fox Sports Net, Max Kellerman. Max.

(Camera cuts live to New York City.)

Kellerman: Thanks JR, its great to be apart of Vince Russo's Monday Night RAW. Ive always watched wrestling as a kid. Boxing, wrestling, baseball, and football consumed my life. To business, first the Gauntlet for the Gold. What a great idea by Russo. This match will determine who deserves to be the World Heavyweight Champion. And I cant wait for Russo's Tag Team Tournament. The finals will be one of the greatest tag team matches of all time. With teams like AMW, E&C, and the Hardy Boyz in it, this will be the best tag tournament in history. What a cue by Russo to get in touch and to sign Bret Hart, one of the best of all time. RAW under Russo will be much better then RAW under Bischoff. (Max puts his finger to his ear piece). We have some breaking news regarding the Intercontinental Championship. At Bad Blood there will be a 20 Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal in which the final two wrestlers will compete in a one on one match immediately following the Battle Royal. And here I thought I was the only great New Yorker on TV, back to you JR and King.
King: I like this guy JR. Vince Russo makes another great match for Bad Blood, on his first night.
JR: That's big news King.
King: That's not big, its huge.
Lillian: The following contest has been scheduled for one fall. Introducing first being accompanied by Jonathan Coachman from San Antonio, Texas weighing in at 235 pounds, Garrison Cade.

*Garrison Cade*

(Cade and Coach walk to the ring to a mixed reactions.)

*Slow Chemical*

Lillian: And his opponent making his way to the ring weighing 326 pounds...Kane

Start of match: Cade lands right hands that dont affect Kane very much. Kane
delivers a devastating clothesline and lays Cade out. Kane comes off the ropes and leg drops Cade. Coach gets on the apron to distract Kane. Kane punches Coach off the apron.

Middle of match: Cade tries to battle back landing kicks on Kane's leg in an attempt to knot up Kanes's quad. Cade goes for a Dragon Screw bringing Kane to the canvas. Cade continues his attack with more point toe kicks to Kane's left leg. Cade now tries for a single leg Boston Crab. He tries to turn Kane over, but Kane powers out.

Finish of match: Kane is down on the canvas. Garrison Cade climbs to the top rope to Elbow Drop Kane off the top rope. Just as Cade leaps from the turnbuckle Kane sets up. As Cade drops down on Kane, Kane raises his hand and catches Cade by the throat. Kane gets up and Chokeslams Cade. Cover...hook of the leg...1...2...3.

Post match: Kane continues to assault Cade. He brings Cade to his feet and delivers another Chokeslam. Again Kane drags Cade up, thows him on his shoulder and Tombstone Piledrives him into the mat. Kane then grabs a mic.
Kane: Russo...if you know what's good for you...you will put me in the Gauntlet for the Gold at Bad Blood. Where I will, I will, I will win the World Heavyweight Championship.

(Kane sets off his pyro and walks to the back.)

*Commercial Break*

(Camera cuts backstage to Terri)

Terri: Im here live with the new General Manager of RAW, Vince Russo. (crowd cheers) Mr. Russo-
Russo: Call me Vince Terri.
Terri: OK, Vince. What is your big announcement?
Russo: Well, next week on RAW we will have not one, but two Championship matches. (crowd cheers) Next week there will be a Triple Threat Match for the Women's Championship featuring Victoria vs Jazz vs Lita. Also there will be a No. 1 contenders match for the Women's Title with Trish taking on Trinity. The other Title on the line will be the new WWE North American Championship where Kenzo Suzuki will face William Regal. In another No. Contenders match for the North American Title Tyson Tomko will take on Scott Steiner. Oh and Kane, make no mistake, I will not put up with any threats from you or anyone. But, I had already decided to put you in the Gauntlet for the Gold.
Terri: Wow, that's big news for next week. Now let's send it to Lillian for the next match.
Lillain: The following intergender tag team match has been scheduled for one fall. Introducing first being acompanied by the returning Jeff Hardy (crowd cheers) the team of Lita and Matt Hardy Version 1.

*Oh Yeah*

( Team Xtreem plays to the crowd as they walk to the ring. Jeff receives a huge ovation as he enters the ring and poses on the turnbuckle. Lita gets a mic and gives it to Jeff.)
Jeff: I just want to thank all of you fans for supporting me through my rough time. (crowd chants Hardy, Hardy, Hardy, Hardy, Hardy) Thank you. But now Im back, and I guarantee that the Hardy Boyz will take back the World Tag Team Championship. It doesn't matter who we face Matt and I will win Russo's Tag Team Tournament.

Lillian: And their opponents (*Mack Militant*)being accompanied by Theodore R. Long the team of Jazz and Rodney Mack (crowd boos).

(Jazz, Mack, and Long walk to the ring, Matt and Lita exit as Theodore gets a mic.)

Long: Let me holla at ya playa. Its coming. The age of Thuggin and Buggin the
dolla dolla bills is coming. Tonight is the beginning after Rodney Mack and Jazz stick it to The Man by beating on these whities, next week when my boo Jazz wins the Women's Title, and when my tag team wins Russo's tournament, ya feel me? The time for Thuggin and Buggin is soon, playa.
JR: What does he mean by that King?
King: You got me JR, I didnt understand a word he said.
Start of Match: Jazz and Lita begin the match and dont waste any time throwing fists and forearms. Jazz does get the better of Lita and takes the advantage Irish Whipping Lita into the turnbuckle. Jazz then drives her shoulders into Lita's abdomen. The referee begins his five count 1..2..3. Jazz lets her up at three. Jazz whips Lita into the ropes. Lita ducks under a clothesline, comes off the ropes and hits a DDT. Cover, 1..2 kick out.

Middle of the Match: Lita needs to tag in Matt Hardy as Rodney Mack toys with her. Irish whip into his corner. Long gets on the apron distracting the ref. Jazz comes in without a tag and Mack gets out. Mack pulls back on Lita's neck while Jazz kicks Lita in the ribs.

End of Match: The isolated Matt Hardy and Jeff look at eachother and run to the opposite side of the ring. They double team Mack as the referee calls for the bell.
Lillian: Here are your winners as the result of a disqualification Rodney Mack and Jazz.

Post Match: Matt and Jeff double team Mack while Jazz attacks the injured Lita. Then Mark Henry comes down the ramp and attacks Matt and Jeff Hardy. Without a struggle he World's Strongest Slams both Matt and Jeff Hardy down on the thin mats that surround the ring.

JR: Can we get security out here to control Rondney Mack and Mark Henry.
King: And some EMTs for Lita

(Vince Russo appears on the TitanTron)

Russo: Theodore, control your team or I will have no choice but to take Jazz out of the Women's Title match and Mack and Henry out of the Tag Title tournament. And to boot they will be fined and suspended.

(Long rounds up Henry, Mack, and Jazz and brings them to the back.)

JR: Well that was carnage King.
King: It sure was JR, I hope Lita can compete next week. And this could be the Hardy Boyz big chance to win the Tag Titles again.

(Camera cuts backstage to Chris Harris and James Storm in thier locker room)

Harris: James, we got this. Everyone knows we can hang with the best of them.
Storm: Its gona take alot more then hanging with teams like E&C and the Hardy Boyz, we need to prove that we can hang in the big leagues-Monday Night RAW.
Off camera voice: You guys are so right.
Harris: Who's there? Who said that?
(Stacy Keibler walks on camera in front of AMW *crowd cheers*.)
Stacy: You guys are good, but I hope you dont think you're getting a free ride through the Tag Tournament because Vince brought you here from TNA. This is WWE. You two need some help.
Storm: And ah, what kind of help is that?
Stacy: Me. You need a manager that makes sure you get exactly what you deserve. If not for me, then back in 2002 RVD would never have gotten his rematch against Chris Beniot at SummerSlam for the IC Title. What do you boys say?
(Storm and Harris look at eachother as to say "we'd have to be stupid to turn this down.)
Harris: Stacy, you got yourself a tag team.
(Back to the arena.)
King: JR, Id give anything to be AMW right now. They're gona have Stacy Keibler in their corner.
JR: That will spring board their careers in WWE for sure King.
King: It might sprin-
JR: Yeah, we get it King.
( A video package of the Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels match from last night is shown. With the end showing HBK...Orton...returning next week.)

*Commercial Break*

JR: King, the rivalry between Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton is at a fever pitch.
King: You got that right JR, and next week both of them will be here live from the American Airlines Arena.
JR: Now its time for our main event tag team match. Chris Beniot and Chris Jericho will meet Kid Kash and Dallas in their RAW debuts.
King: I cant wait for this JR.

Lillain: The following tag team contest has been scheduled for one fall. *Whatever*(crowd cheers) Introducing first from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada weighing 229 pounds...Chris Beniot. (Beniot walks to the ring in his trademark style to a huge reaction.) And his tag team partner *Break The Wall Down*(crowd cheers) from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada weighing 231 pounds...Chris Jericho.
(Both Jericho and Beniot are in the ring pumping eachother up.)

Lillian: ...and their opponents *Kid Kash* (crowd boos) at a combined weight of 497 pounds Dallas and the Notorious K.I.D Kid Kash. (Kash and Dallas walk to the ring taunting the fans and Jericho and Beniot).

Start of Match: Beniot and Dallas start the match. They circle one another in the ring feeling eachother out. Beniot goes low after Dallas's leg. Dallas falls on his back and very early Beniot goes for the Sharpshooter, Dallas kicks Beniot off almost immediately. Beniot gets up and locks up with Dallas. Dallas goes to Irish Whip Beniot into the turnbuckle, Beniot reverses. He runs into Dallas with a back elbow. Then starts hitting chops (crowd *Woooo* Woooo*Woooo*Woooo*). Beniot tweaks Dallas' shoulder, brings him to his corner and tags in Jericho. Beniot goes for a vertical suplex on Dallas. Jericho jumps off the turnbuckle and drop kicks Dallas with Beniot also bringing him to the canvas. Beniot out, Jericho covers 1..2..Kash breaks it up. Jericho looks at Kash and gets Superkicked. Beniot in...the referee has to restrain Beniot allowing Kash to soften Jericho for Dallas who is stirring. Kash out...Dallas to his feet. He brings Jericho up and throws him into the turnbuckle. Dallas then slaps Jericho's chest (crowd *Woooo*). Dallas delivers straight right hands to Jericho.

Middle of Match: Beniot has Kash in the Crippler Crossface. Dallas and Jericho are down on the outside following the mini brawl. Kash is struggling to inch closer to the ropes. Kash makes it to the ropes...Beniot breaks the hold. He then looks to his corner to see if Jericho is back up on the apron; he is. Beniot Whips Kash into his corner and tags in Jericho. Who hits a Snapmare on Kash, comes off the ropes and his a drop kick on Kash to the back of the head. Hook of the leg 1..2..kick out. Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho. Locks the hands...and turns him over. Kash is screaming out in pain looking as if he is about to tap. Just then Dallas returns to the match and hits a boot on Jericho. Dallas knocks Beniot off the apron before getting out of the ring. Kash with a hook of the leg 1..2...kick out.

End of Match: Dallas and Kash are isolating Jericho. Dallas, the legal man, gets Jericho on his shoulders. Kash with a blind tag on Dallas..Kash and Dallas with a modified Domesday Device on Jericho. (crowd *holy shit holy shit holy shit*). Kash then climbs to the top rope and hits a Frog Splash on Jericho. Hook of the leg 1..2..(Dallas hits a boot on the incoming Beniot)...3.
*Kid Kash*

Lillian: Here are your winners Kid Kash and Dallas
JR: What an upset King. Jericho and Beniot are former World Tag Team Champions.
King: You got that right JR, we could be looking at the new World Tag Team Champions come Bad Blood.

(Kid Kash and Dallas pose in the ring and motion as if they have the Tag Belt around thier waists.)

*End Show*

Match Results
Val Venis def. Test vid Disqualification
Kane def Garrison Cade w/ Coach
Rodney Mack and Jazz w/ Theodore R. Long def. Matt Hardy and Lita w/ Jeff Hardy
Kid Kash and Dallas def. Chris Beniot and Chris Jericho

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great first show 9/10, also surprised Jericho and Benoit lost. Good move on that part considering I didnty expect it. Great to see Bret Hart back and I liked the addition of Kellerman lol.
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