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Times move on, and times change;

A new breed of superstar.

A new level of execution.

A new generation.

We represent not only the present, but we represent the future of this company.

You see, for the past few years EPW has been stuck in the past, still living on the strangled remains of a legacy which ended a very long time ago.

Sure, people still buy tickets to our shows.

People might decide to acquire a new T-shirt or coffee mug emblazoned with their favourite performer's logo.

Ratings aren't bad.



That's the only word for this situation we all find ourselves in.

When I first joined this company, I was sold on the rich heritage, and successful and exciting history EPW had to its name.

But as the days and weeks rolled on, the same routine, the same challengers, the same gimmicks.

It was as clear as day that EPW were recycling the "old formula" which brought them so much success "back in the day"

Sure, we're surviving, but the one thing that hurts a superstar the most is when they look into the crowd, and people are bored.

EPW is supposed to provide entertainment to the millions.

I'm only one man, and as hard as I try to have an influence on this company, alone I simply can't do enough.

Generation Now is here to stay.

With myself, Poueff, Tresda and Feeley, we represent the youth, and the potential that this company has to offer those fans.

Potential that if neglected, will simply fade away.

I won't launch into some hypocritical speech about savig the company and "doing the right thing", because that's just not who I am.

I want to perform to millions of excited people.

More than that, I want millions of excited people to know that I'm the best there ever was.

I'm in this for my ego, and I will not be ashamed of that.

We all have different motives for sparking this revolution, but hell, it works, and Generation Now most certainly works.

Whatever the motive,

Whether you like us or hate us,

Generation Now will be changing things around here.

Get used to it.


Sorry for lateness/shortness/quality-less/promo been away and stuff...=)

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It's downside is being short, but for what it is, it's good. It shows a point and doesn't take long on doing so (a flaw I have aswel). Basicly, it's short and sweet, and even though there are some unpolished edges (most of it probably coming from it being rushed, like you said) but it is a good work nonetheless.
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