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Other way around

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"Waltman rags on Wade Barrett for not selling Nash's first shot when Diesel entered the Royal Rumble"

If i was watching correctly it was Nash who was no selling Barretts kicks when he was ..honestly i dont know what he was doing to Kofi .

I fucking hate Waltman

Heres the best evidence of it happening i could find . its right at the end of the video . http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xgvo2n_diesel-returns-royal-rumble-2011_sport
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Waltman is a fucking dick head, so is Nash for that matter.

all the same I still marked when he returned, just for the novelty of it.

You're right as well, IIRC it was Nash no-selling.

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Diesel's first shot wasn't even sell-worthy. Once he got in the ring, Barrett sold his punch well. To be honest, I'm surprised Wade gave him as much respect as he did after the comments he Nash made in that video alongside Waltman. Also, regarding that video it seems that Nash is a slightly embarrassed about the whole affair and wants us to believe that he said what he did in jest. Whether or not that is the truth, he would have problems if he were to portray it as serious. But as far as Waltman is concerned, he never did have any tact. I'm hardly surprised by his comments.
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