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Hey guys I was in Manchester today and popped into CEX to have a look at their second hand wrestling DVD's to see if I could spot something I wanted. Well while I was there I spotted

WWF Royal Rumble 2000 - £10
WWF Royal Rumble 2002 - £10
WWF No Way Out 2002 - £10

...now I'm not too bothered about collecting the orignal WWF dvd's, but I know that at one time they were pretty rare (dunno if they still are), so I thought I'd let anyone know who's interested that they have them in there cos I know some people collect them because they don't have the blurring and they havn't got dub'd over music for certain wrestlers (for example the NWO music in all WWE dvds is dubbed out, but in the old WWF dvds it's the actual stuff).
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