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Don't know if anyone has heard of onlive or seen any of the adverts that are coming out for it now, but I figured I'd start a thread about it. It's basically streaming games over the internet with slightly toned down graphics.

I saw it about a year ago and thought it was an awesome idea but not ready yet, now they are rolling out adverts so I figured I'd give it a try. It's safe to say I'm blown away.

I was pretty skeptical that it would work, I've tried to run games in the past on my PC and they have been slow and barely playable, so I decided to play their trial of Mafia 2(which I'd also trialled on steam) and it ran like I was using a gaming PC (with worse graphics obv.).

They've got rentals, purchases, free trials and collections of games. I think Mafia 2 was £1 to keep as long as you are using onlive and the game is on there which is amazing. They've got their own controllers and a box which is basically a console you can connect to your TV and stream games that way as well.

This will be big I'm sure of it, I just wondered if anyone else had tried it.
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