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One Whole Year & Nothing Has Changed

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If Sting were to face RVD at Lockdown 2011 which would be a rematch of last years Main Event you could literally delete all the history of this past year and it wouldn't make a difference. Yes, there's been some twists and turns with some wrestlers becoming heels or faces but for the overall output of the company nothing has changed.

In terms of building wrestlers to star status nothing has been done of importance. Guys like Samoa Joe, Pope and Wolfe have actually lost more credibility than they had last year. I understand that I'm not a Wrestling writer but serious instead of having a year of Ric Flair talk for AJ Styles have AJ talk for himself. Styles is without a doubt a top 5 Wrestler just let him off his leash.

As for story lines we're still in the same boat we're always in with TNA in that the old guard (veteran heels) are holding young talent down. Fortune finally broke off from Ric Flair and are running themselves which is great. When you watch Impact now you can see how much extra time AJ & Beer Money have had to talk and wrestle without any BS. They're at the beginning of something that could be great for Fortune and if things like this had gone on all of last year some of these guys may have had some respect by now.

Finally, TNA has managed to stay in the Impact Zone despite the obvious problems it causes. When we watched the episode of IMPACT in North Carolina we were all shocked at how great the arena looked and in reality that's how it should look. You can say Jeff Hardy and RVD are rock stars all you want but if they're in a poorly structured arena of a thousand people the definitely don't look like The Rolling Stones. Yes it costs money and it's a risk to move out but that's business. I'm sure Donald Trump takes business risks everyday and doesn't wait for almost 10 years to get things done.

The fact is if nothing changes then the ratings won't change. Dixie is hoping for a magically ratings jump but it will never come. In sports if your coach produces a losing record many years in a row with a great line up of talented athletes that coach will be fired. Last nights debacle was horrible but in reality that's basically what you get at every TNA PPV. If it's not a match with a dirty finish then it's a match were something goes terribly wrong. Every month when we talk about what was good about a PPV it's always obvious because it's the PROFESSINAL WRESTLERS who went out and worked their asses off not a run in by Eric Bischoff. Kurt Angle, AJ, Beer Money, MCMG, do it every month it's about time the people behind the scenes do their jobs.
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If Sting were to face RVD at Lockdown 2011 which would be a rematch of last years Main Event
1. RVD vs Sting most likely will not face each other at Lockdown (unless you count a Triple Threat match)

2. Last year RVD and Sting did not wrestle each other (unless you count the Lethal Lockdown match)

I don't even know the point of this thread exactly. In terms of storylines and characters, a lot has changed since last year:

Bischoff and Hogan along with Abyss, Jarrett and Hardy turned heel and took over the company. Fourtune are now babyfaces. Mr. Anderson turned face and has become an established main eventer. And those are just the big changes in the main event scene.

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the difference is, tna was more exciting one year ago then it is today.
That isn't just something that has happened since last year but a yearly thing since 2005 as i have watched TNA get worse every single year since 2005, i loved 2005 and loved most of 2006 but 2007 TNA went backwards. 2008 saw it happen again as did 2009 and then last year i thought it can't get any worse, how wrong i was as 2011 has been horrible for the most part but much like Jeff Hardy i have an addiction but mine in watching wrestling regardless of how bad it gets.
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