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One Reign Champions of any WWE Championship you wished had at least a second reign.

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Are there any one time champions of any title in WWE History you wish had had at least a second run as champion?
This could be of any title World, Intercontinental, European, United States, Tag Team, Women's, etc.
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I would've liked to see Kennedy get the US Title a second time, if I recall the run was really short when he really could've added some prestige to the title which MVP eventually did a year or so later. As others have said second title runs for Eddie and Kane would've been cool also. I also would have liked to see JBL get it back in 06-07 when he was kind of lost and stuck in the midcard (Think he won the US Title at this point also).

Does WCW count? Many people are surprised that Goldberg is only a one time WCW Champion.Still amazes me that despite the title changing 40 times in 1999-2000 that Goldberg never got a second run with it when he really should've been their Hogan/Austin/Rock/Cena and always done the whole win it and then drop it then win it again thing. Guess it was difficult because of his streak. Steiner only got the big gold belt once as well which is a shame but if WCW had lived I'm sure he would've been the guy multiple times.

ECW wise it would've been cool to see Van Dam get the ECW TV Title back a second time since it was kind of his belt, I would have liked to see heel Steve Corino get a second run also along with monster heel Rhino.

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The first guy that came to my mind was Big Show and the WWF/E championship, BUT then I did realize he had 2 wwe title wins.

I still want to go with him though for this. I felt like the way WWE used Paul in his first couple years was terrible. They did ‘ok’ but they easily could have done BETTER.

I think he got lost in the crowd so to speak when they just threw him into the groups/factions in 1999. It cheapened his value massively to just see him almost immediately standing in a crowded ring every week while another member would be working the promos against Stone Cold.

I think Big Shows first title run should have been way more. The most memorable thing is him feuding with Bossman(that did provide some hilarious moments, but still...). I think they should have made big show somewhat like they’ve done with Brock Lesner in the recent WWE years.

Make Paul destroy many mid carders low carders within a couple minutes. Give him more programs with the larger names. Ect...

So I’d like to see a Big Show title reign done in a justifiable manor...
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