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One Night At Anfield...

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I'm not a Liverpool fan BTW, but I was bored after the match, so I decided to make this, not my best but tell us what you think.

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Love it, 10/10 :D.

it's not great really, dont like the wind effect, if you hadnt used it I think it would have looked much better.

Not bad though, text isnt great but it looks ok.

I think, had you not used that wind effect (I think) it would have turned out much better.

good rit xain? :D.
The text is too bland and simple. Placing it like that, you gotta liven it up some.

The withering/drift effect is overkilled. Looks good on most of the stuff...but there's too much of it from my perspective. Otherwise, tis a rockin plethora of pixels.

10/10 for the topic.

But yeah, pretty much what everyone else said, the wind effect kinda ruins the piece. I think the pics and placement is good. But then the text isn't very hott.

But it's Liverpool, so I let you off. :cool:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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