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One Brand PPVs were better for WWE

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I remember the days when WWE had one brand PPVs and actually had to use their midcard/lowercard talent to fill that PPV card. Now a days its just Main Event matches and yet they still dont announce the whole card and throw in random diva matches and Ryback squashes. This is terrible for the midcard. Back in 2003-2006, they actually had to use their midcard talent and put them in feuds if they wanted to fill the card.

Yet even today with NO BRAND SPLIT, they still can't announce all the matches and fill the card. Pretty sad to be honest.
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The roster back then was stacked compared to today, so it kinda made sense to have branded PPVs. But it wasn't a bad idea to end the concept with no Angle, Eddie, Brock, Show, lack of CWs, etc. and low buyrates.
Hell, the roster's stacked now, but there's no direction as to who should be a part of which card. Yeah, the smarks can tell you who the ME, Upper, Mid and Low cards should be, but it doesn't look like the WWE knows that or what they want the shows to be. Smackdown used to be upper midcard transitioning to ME back to Raw(or overexposed ME's needing a bit of a rest to get fresh)/midcard/tag teams/cruiserweights/developmentals, while Raw was ME's/Upper Mids/Promos/Divas. They have the roster to still fill all of that, but since they haven't been really pushing anyone except for their new promotions from NXT, they don't know where everyone will fit and lots of talent is still very mic-untested. This is the problem. I always hated the separation, b/c I wanted to see some stars on both shows, but right now it is NECESSARY for development.

I think another thing that happened was since Smackdown focused so much on wrestling, primarily for development, Raw kept snatching all the good talent, and then trying rotating them to fill both shows that eroded and then killed both brands, as less and less airtime was being given to keep developing. This is also something that really needs to change. Stick to what you do best, but find out permanently what you do.
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I thought most of the brand exclusive PPVs were absolutely horrible. Sure, it got low - mid carders on PPV, but they were not worth the $40.
You're right. My brother was the only one insane enough to pay for a Smackdown PPV, and he's a true WWE mark. Still, there needs to be a balance btw the shows again, maybe with both being featured on the PPV's but separate on TV. I always thought of Smackdown as the ghetto Raw, but when it was good, it blew Raw outta the water.
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