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With an underwhelming undercard and the worst Royal Rumble match in 20 years, the only match that helped avoid Philly being completely stinked out not surprisingly involved John Cena. Of course Lesnar and Rollins were great too, and all three delivered stellar performances.

John Cena delivered an AA that Lesnar kicked out at one, and then delivered three in a row to Lesnar who still kicked out! So much for Cena being selfish!

Lesnar along with Heyman did a great job IMO of selling that he was legit hurt, the only small criticism is that he made a very sudden quick recovery showing no signs of a suspected broken rib that was mentioned on commentary. Then again he is push as an absolute monster so that can be easily forgiven.

Seth Rollins also delivered what was expected of him and if he can stay injury free, I'd say he'll be involved in the upper echelons of WWE cards for the foreseeable future.

No doubt some basement dwellers scoffing down poptarts reading this inbetween watching pR0n on a separate tab and a box of tissues next to themselves will go "Cena still sux!" or "He was carried by Lesnar & Rollins" or something similar. Two things here, first, you can respect the man without having to like his gimmick and secondly, you don't deliver at the very least good matches on PPV on a consistent basis (as well as on TV) being carried every single time by your opponent. I suppose these same idiots will now say that Rusev will be carrying Cena in their now expected feud? Win or lose, a feud with someone like Cena is the next step up for someone like Rusev, and I expect the two of them to deliver a good WM31 match.

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Oh boy.

Could have chosen a MUCH better title.

All three men were great, and anyone who says that any of them were carried is a legit MORON.
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