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Alright.... it is time for something new. I wanted to get back into btb and i started a current wwe thread but i felt like it was the same old stuff as anyone else. So for the first time ever, i am doing a tna thread. I currently dont keep up with tna but this is going to be from 2008 after Lockdown, when i started to loose interest in TNA. I have some down time here at college so I hope to produce a good thread.. here is the roster from this point

TNA World Champion: Samoa Joe
TNA Tag Team Champions: Tomko & AJ Styles
X-Division Champion: Jay Lethal
Knockout Champion: Awesome Kong


Kurt Angle
Samoa Joe
Christian Cage
Kevin Nash
Matt Morgan
AJ Styles
Jeff Jarrett
Brother Ray
Brother Devon
James Storm
Chris Daniels
Elix Skipper
Jay Lethal
Curry Man
Sonjay Dutt
Shark Boy
Johnny Devine
Consequences Creed
Alex Shelley
Chris Sabin
Jimmy Rave
Lance Hoyt
Scott Steiner
Petey Williams
Eric Young/Super Eric
Black Reign
BG James
Kip James
Booker T
Payton Banks
Robert Roode
Awesome Kong
Raisha Saeed
Gail Kim
Angelina Love
Velvet Sky
Rhaka Khan
Traci Brooks
Christy Hemme

1 Jay Lethal (c) defeated Johnny Devine, Shark Boy, Sonjay Dutt, Curry Man, and Consequences Creed
Xscape match for the TNA X Division Championship

2 Roxxi Laveaux defeated Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Salinas, Rhaka Khan, Traci Brooks, Christy Hemme, and Jacqueline
Queen of Cage match for number one contendership to the TNA Women's Knockout Championship

3 B.G. James defeated Kip James
Six Sides of Steel match

4. Super Eric and Kaz defeated The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley), The Latin American Xchange (Homicide and Hernandez), Scott Steiner and Petey Williams, The Rock 'n Rave Infection (Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave), and Black Reign and Rellik
Cuffed in the Cage match for a future TNA World Tag Team Championship match

5 Gail Kim and O.D.B. defeated Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed
Tag Team match

6 Booker T and Sharmell defeated Robert Roode and Payton Banks
Intergender Tag Team match

7 Team Cage (Christian Cage, Kevin Nash, Rhino, Sting, and Matt Morgan) defeated Team Tomko (Tomko, A.J. Styles, Team 3D [Brother Ray and Brother Devon], and James Storm) (with Jacqueline)3
Lethal Lockdown

8 Samoa Joe defeated Kurt Angle (c)
TNA World Championship Match ( if Joe looses, he leave pro wrestling)

Impact Preview up later!!

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Wow great to see you back into BTB's as I really enjoyed ur last 1. Not really a fan of TNA back in'08 but I wish u the best of luck, and I'll keep an eye to see how good you still are:)

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Just 24 hours removed from TNA Lockdown, the TNA stars look to recover from the cuts and bruises from their wars the night before. Now on the road to Sacrifice, all the TNA wrestlers will lay it all out looking to gain the ultimate advantage.

After dominating TNA for nearly three years, Samoa Joe finally won the big one at Lockdown. With his pro wrestling career on the line, he emphatically defeated Kurt Angle putting an end to one of the greatest feuds in TNA History. With Joe now the top dog, how will he react to being the hunted? What will Samoa Joe have to say about the biggest win of his career? Also what will Kurt Angle have to say about the devastating loss inside the six sides of steel? Will a new number 1 contender emerge to face the champion?

The Angle Alliance didn’t just witness Kurt Angle lose the TNA World Title, Team Tomko also fell short to Team Christian Cage. After the rough night, how will Angle, Tomko, & AJ Styles react. TNAWRESTLING.COM has just confirmed that Kurt Angle will be opening the show to address the future of the Angle Alliance and his performance the night prior.

Despite the bad night, Tomko & AJ Styles are the TNA Tag Team Champions. However, new contenders will be determined on this edition of Impact! It will be the former TNA World Tag Team Champions, Homicide & Hernandez, LAX facing off against the powerhouse team of Rhino & Matt Morgan. What will win out experience or strength? Rhino and Morgan have momentum after last nights Lethal Lockdown victory, will this play a factor in the next contenders.

Booker T & Sharmell picked up an intergender victory over Robert Roode and Peyton Banks last night. However, Roode is looking toward the future as he promises to do something “memorable” on IMPACT! In an interview on TNAWRESTLING.COM this past week, he stated “ It is time for me to bring my game to the next level. I need to do something memorable. I need to do something to leave my mark on TNA forever.” What does this mean, and does this have anything to do with Booker T and his wife?

Another match just announced from TNAWRESTLING.COM Kaz will go one on one with Scott Steiner. Both these men have been on impressive rolls as of late, this will truly be a big stakes match.

All that an much more tonight on TNA IMPACT live on SpikeTV @ 9/8ct

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Sorry it took so long, but now with the semester over i have some time to get this going. I plan on making this a great thread and hope you enjoy this first show

APRIL 17TH, 2008

The show starts with a recap from this past Sundays Lockdown Pay-Per-View. Highlighting the two main matches, first the Lethal Lockdown match featuring Team Christian Cage vs Team Tomko. Which saw Cage’s team prevail when Rhino gored James Storm to pick up the win for his team. In the main event, with Samoa Joe’s career at stake, Joe finally wins the World Championship when he defeats Kurt Angle

The TNA Opening plays, and soon cuts to the Impact Zone where the pyro goes off and we pan around the arena to see the usual pumped up TNA fans ready for Impact. Mike Tenay and Don West highlight tonight’s show focusing around Samoa Joe’s first night as champion as well as Kaz going one on one with Scott Steiner


The crowd erupts in an enormous amount of heat as the former TNA World Champion comes down to the ring. He is dressed in a black suit with sunglasses. You can see the affects of the war from last night with the bandage on the forehead of the Olympic Gold Medalist. Angle doesn’t look to be in a good mood, and the negative response from the fans is making it worse. When his music cuts off he takes his glasses and puts them in his coat pocket. He holds the mic, waiting for the overpowering “you suck” chants to die down.

Kurt Angle: You people still realize despite what happened last night, and despite what takes place at anytime in the future, I am the greatest professional wrestler walking the earth today!!!

Crowd boos as Angle looks around the arena as the hostile crowd shouts profanities at Angle.

Kurt Angle: Last night was a rarest of occasion. I had an off night. I know to many I am considered a wrestling immortal, but last night I slipped. But that doesn’t change the fact that if Joe and I got in the ring again, I would snap his ankle and take back my World Title

Crowd boos as Angle nods his head.

Kurt Angle: I have achieved all that there is to achieve. Joe can have his little moment in the sun, but here in the wrestling world… I am the sun and this industry revolves around me!!

The crowd’s heat grows louder as Angle keeps the same intense looking face.

Kurt Angle: The fact is Samoa Joe had to give everything he had last night. Every ounce of his being because his wrestling livelihood depended on it. There was no tomorrow for him, there was no more TNA if he lost, he would just be some fat unemployed loser. He had everything to lose, and my world title to gain. I am better than Samoa Joe, and in due time I will once again become the TNA World Champion. Matter of fact, Joe get out here right now. I know you want your big moment to celebrate but frankly I don’t have time for it nor do I care.

Angle takes his suit jacket off and throws it over the rope. He rolls up his sleeves, as the crowd starts a huge “Joe” chant.

** I AM **

To the surprise of everyone, this in not Samoa Joe, it is Angle’s buddies, the tag team champions, AJ Styles & Tomko. They as well are coming off a tough loss last night, in the Lethal Lockdown match to team Christian Cage. AJ is wearing his wrestling tights and a t-shirt and Tomko is in jeans with a black beater and skullcap. Both men have their titles on their shoulders Neither one of them look pleased either, but it has nothing on Angle’s reaction. A priceless, “WTF are you doing here” look. AJ grabs a mic and approaches Angle.

AJ Styles: Kurt, we all know that you are better than Samoa Joe and that you should still be World Champion, but I have got something I have been meaning to get off my chest.

Angle looks at AJ confused. AJ is about to speak but Tomko grabs the mic.

Tomko: AJ, this is not the time, nor the place. We all had a rough night last night, but we need to put that behind us and move on. Whatever you are going to say probably isn’t going to be a smart, beneficial thing to the Angle Alliance so just zip it.

Crowd boos as AJ grabs the mic back.

AJ Styles: You know what Tomko, I do need to say this because it has been eating at me for a while now, and I think Kurt needs to know.

Crowd cheers as AJ steps up to Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle: Unless this involves helping me getting back my World Championship, I suggest you shut your mouth and do what I say.

AJ is biting his bottom lip as the crowd starts a small “AJ” chant.

Kurt Angle: Listen to Tomko. Don’t say something that you are gonna regret. We are all in the moment right now, a little fired up. Lets cool down and go from there. Let us not make this worse than it is. Things will be fine. You guys are still the tag champs, I will once again be World Champion, & we are still one un-

AJ Styles: ONE? You think we are one? We are just here to wait on your beck and call. To do what benefits you. What about me? Huh? What about my title shots? Why do you get the shot at Joe? Why not me? Why not Tomko?

AJ is right up in Angle’s face dead serious. The crowd is on the edge of their seats. Tomko tries to step between them. Angle tells Tomko it is fine and proceeds.

Kurt Angle: Listen AJ, this little group we got here, whether you want to admit it or not, it benefits us all. We all gain a lot from being a team. We are the most dominant force in TNA today. I think of you and Tomko just as highly as myself, and when my time is up one day you will be a World Champion. We learn from each other. Now you should learn from Tomko & I, and go along with the plans.

Kurt Angle pats AJ on the shoulder but AJ wants no part of it.

AJ Styles: Wait my turn? Learn from you? One day I will be World Champion? Do you have goddamn epilepsy!!!! I have been TNA Champion more times then you!! I am the only triple crown champion in TNA History!!!! I am the Phenomenal One!!! I am Mr. TNA!!!! I am AJ STYLES!!!!

AJ screams every one of those words as he is all fired up. The crowd gives a giant pop for AJ after his rant. Angle looks like he has been insulted. Tomko tries to calm him down but Angle wants no part of it and stares straight at AJ.

AJ Styles: For months now, I have been sitting around doing what was best for you. I was like a freaking rag doll between you and Cage. I have had to take a back seat for what? What do I have to gain from you? Last time I checked, I accomplished all I did while you were still cashing in those big paychecks up North. While you were making millions coasting on your companies name, me and all the other guys were building this company from scratch with all of our hard work. So don’t you come here and tell me I need to learn from you, if anyone needs to be taught it is you. You need to be taught about respect man!!! You don’t respect anyone or care about anyone but yourself. That is why you have no friends other than Tomko and I, and that is why you wife was coming on to me, because even she can’t stand you.

The crowd goes nuts as AJ is tearing Angle apart. Angle charges at AJ but Tomko pulls them away they are both screaming at one another. Soon some TNA officials come out followed by Jim Cornette. The officials hold them off in their corners. Angle screams at AJ “ Big Mistake”, though AJ is backing down from him. Jim Cornette comes in and grabs a mic.

Jim Cornette: Alright! Enough! Stop! Now I get where you are coming from AJ. You want to prove you are better than this. Guess what I believe you are as well, and I am gonna give you the chance to prove that tonight. Kurt, you said you want some gold well I am gonna give you that chance as well. Tonight, AJ Styles and Tomko will defend their TNA Tag Team Championships against you, Kurt Angle and a partner of your choosing!

Crowd cheers as AJ has a smile on his face. Tomko and Angle on the other hand don’t look to pleased. Angle tells the officials to let go he is fine. He demands a mic. Cornette hands it to him.

Kurt Angle: Let go, we’re controlled this is fine.

The security guards let go but keep a small distance from Angle who is mere feet away from AJ.

Kurt Angle: Listen, we don’t need all this hoopla and fuss. We are a family. Families argue but we can work things out, with all due respect Jim, thanks but no thanks that match is not happening.

Cornette looks at Angle and then at AJ.

Jim Cornette: Well, I am going to leave that choice up to AJ. AJ, do you want this match tonight?

Cornette hands Styles the mic. AJ is hesitant as he looks around the arena and at the mic. The crowd cheers wanting to see the match tonight.

AJ Styles: Kurt, you’re gonna get what’s your’s, TONIGHT!!!!

AJ drops the mic and storms out of the ring to a huge ovation. Angle looks pissed as he looks at Tomko who looks confused. Tomko tries to calm Angle down ensuring him everything will be fine. AJ keeps walking up the ramp, he turns around and looks back at Angle who is pissed.


We return and are shown a quick recap of what transpired before the break. AJ Styles finally stepping up to Kurt Angle. Tenay and West preview the Tag Team Championship Match for later tonight. They once again talk about Samoa Joe being the new TNA Champion. We then pan backstage to behind the tunnel where Tomko and Kurt Angle are standing. We join them in mid conversation as the Impact theme fades out.


Kurt Angle: He blatantly disrespected me! Nobody does that to me. He needs to be taught a lesson. You can’t get away with doing that to me.

Angle is all fired up as Tomko looks to be a mediator.

Tomko: Listen Kurt, I will talk to AJ, we can work this out. This doesn’t need to happen.

Kurt Angle: No, no, it didn’t need to happen, but now, now it does.

Tomko: Listen I am going to go talk to AJ. We will be fine.

Kurt Angle: Says who man? Why should I trust you? You’re his partner. You are on his side tonight.

Tomko: I am on nobody’s side. We are all supposed to be one. Remember what you said earlier.

Kurt Angle: Oh, you don’t need to quote me big man. I know what I said but AJ wanted no part of it. Fact is I need to find a partner, so please get out of my way.

Angle storms past Tomko toward the locker room area. Tomko looks stressed not knowing what to think.



Matt Morgan comes out for the first match of the night. Morgan coming off a team victory last night in the Lethal Lockdown match. Morgan gets a solid ovation as his pyro goes off. Morgan has an intense look as he is focused for this important match.


Rhino comes bouncing up toward the top of the ramp. He pounds his chest twice as the pyro sparks simultaneously, he sprints down the ramp. His pop is a little bigger than Morgan’s. Rhino gets to the ring as the two nod at one another getting ready for this opportunity as they will be partners for this upcoming match.


More cheers from the crowd as the opponents of Rhino and Morgan come out through their personal entrance. Both LAX members decked out in their countries flags and colors. They flash their signs as they walk to the ring. LAX looking to get back in the tag title hunt have the opportunity here.


In what is an important match to possibly determine a future #1 contender for the TNA Tag Team Championships, the former tag champs LAX look to use their experience as a team to overcome the power of the makeshift team of Matt Morgan & Rhino. The match starts off with LAX using a combination of power and speed respectively, until both members of LAX go flying out of the ring with equally impressive high risk maneuvers. Later into the contest, Homicide attempts a cross body off the top rope on Matt Morgan but he catches him in midair and adjusts into a sitout powerbomb.

The tides have turned as Rhino and Morgan are now in control and isolate the much smaller LAX member in their corner. For this respective match, Morgan and Rhino are playing the roles of heels as the fans get behind Homicide to make the hot tag. Rhino and Morgan throw Homicide around with respective power moves such as spinebusters, vertical suplexes, and more punishing moves. When Rhino has Homicide in the corner ready to pounce with the Gore, Homicide at the last second moves out of the way as Rhino smacks face first into the second turnbuckle. Homicide crawls to make the tag but Rhino grabs his left foot before he could make the tag. Homicide hops to his feet and with the other leg takes Rhino down with the enzeguri. Homicide gets the tag which is met with a huge pop!!

Hernandez now the legal man comes in and tears the place up tossing Rhino and Morgan around as if they are light weights. Hernandez body presses Morgan over his head, in one of the more impressive feats of strength in quite sometime. Eventually, everything breaks down as all four men battle, exchanging jaw dropping moves. Soon after, all four men are down in the ring and we are back to square one….

Soon we see four men jump the guard rail into the ring!!! They each begin attacking a participant in this match that is now being called a no contest.

Winners @ 7:43, NO CONTEST, DOUBLE DQ

These four men are TRIPLE X!!!!! Christopher Daniels, “Primetime” Elix Skipper, Senshi, & a new member former TNA wrestler Kid Kash. The triple x group that was disband several years back now seems to be back together. But why now and why like this? The crowd, announcers, everyone is stunned at what is taking place. Kid Kash picks up Homicide and drops him on his head with a devastating brainbuster.

Meanwhile Daniels pounds away on Rhino in the corner, as Primetime puts the boots to Hernandez. Kash and Senshi double-team Matt Morgan. As they both kick him repeatedly till he is down to a knee. Senshi then takes him out with a devastating kick to the back of the head. Senshi climbs to the top rope and jumps onto the ribs of Morgan with a sick Warriors Way!!

Daniels pounds away with forearms on Rhino, eventually dropping him with the Angels Wings!! Hernandez tries to fight back against Skipper but the other 3 Triple X members jump in and pound away. Skipper drops Hernandez with a superkick to the jaw. The new and improved Triple X stand tall over both fallen teams. The crowd gives massive heat as the announcers put over how shocking the events the just took place are.



An black SUV pulls up into the parking lot. Out from the driver’s seat steps the new TNA World Champion, Samoa Joe. He is wearing a suit and sunglasses, sporting the shining title on his shoulder. He grabs his bag from the seat and walks into the arena. While he is walking, Jeremy Borash catches up with him for a word. Joe hesitantly stops but looks at JB nonetheless.

Jeremy Borash: Joe, can I get a quick word? You are finally the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, what are your thoughts?

Samoa Joe: JB, I will address all that needs to be addressed later. Now rest assure that I am going to soak in this moment. I mean, I have busted my ass off to get this. But I am not just happy winning this, I am going to keep this until someone takes it from me. And I would love to see someone try me!!!

Joe stares into the camera as he walks away.



Storm comes out as he is greeted by boos from the Impact Zone crowd. He is ready to compete, also wearing his cowboy hat and coat, drinking a beer. He walks into the ring and grabs a mic. He doesn’t look to pleased, maybe having something to do with taking the pin last night in Lethal Lockdown. He looks around the arena and then begins to speak.

James Storm: I would like to think that I have had a pretty successful career here in TNA thus far. I have been here since the start and I am a 7 time tag team champion. But that is the thing, I have been a 7 time TAG TEAM CHAMPION!!! My whole career, I have been apart a team, a unit, I have been a half.

Storm takes off his glasses and becomes serious.

James Storm: Last night, I took the loss for my TEAM at Lockdown. Now on my own I have proven I can beat Rhino, but last night on a team, I was the weak link. Well I am sick of being the other half or just another tag team wrestler. It is time for everybody to see who the real “ Cowboy” James Storm is!!

Crowd boos as they aren’t buying into it.

James Storm: You see growing up, I always was an independent person. Not like all of you who mooch off your family and friends. I worked on my own to get here. I didn’t need a partner to get here and I don’t need one to stay here. I sure as hell don’t need one to get to the next level.

James Storm smiles a bit and stares into the crowd who chant “ Jannety”

James Storm: For all I accomplished as a tag team wrestler, I can obtain that much more on my own. My journey as my own man starts right now. My first goal, to become the next X- Division Champion. Jay, this next match is dedicated to you. Here marks the debut of the” Lone Star Cowboy “James Storm”!!

Crowd boos as a close up of James Storm is shown


Consequences Creed comes jumping down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans. He has a smile on his face as he leaps over the top rope into the ring. Storm shakes his head in disgust at Creed. Both men take off their entrance gear, as this match gets underway.


James Storm right off the bat catches Creed with a cheap shot kick to the gut. Storm grabs Creed by his hair and throws him to the ground. Storm is blatantly disrespecting his opponent and in a way the entire X division. Storm continues acting cocky, connecting with disrespectful moves and taunts. Storm makes an X sign with his arms. Storm continues to use his strength to over power and dominate Creed. Storm slows down the pace and soon gets Creed in an armbar.

As Storm is now in complete control, his attention gets jarred as the X-Division Champion, Jay Lethal comes out onto the ramp wearing street clothes. He is holding a steel chair. He puts the chair on the ramp and sits on it as he watches the match. Storm while keeping the hold on Creed barks at Lethal putting him down. Soon however, the crowd gets behind Creed and he gets up to a vertical base. He elbows Storm to the midsection and begins to fight back. With some high offense strikes, the momentum has turned and Creed is in command now.

Creed continues to fly around, eventually connecting with an impressive moonsault from the top rope. Storm kicks out, but Creed continues to impress with jabs and strikes. Creed springs off the ropes as Storm moves, but Creed lands on his feet. However, when he turns around Storm catches him with a superkick to the face!!!

Storm signals for the end as he points up toward Lethal. He picks up Creed, with his eyes locked on the X Division Champion the entire time. Storm spins around and nails the Eye of the Storm!! Storm goes for the cover and picks up the victory.

Winner @ 6:12, “The LoneStar Cowboy” James Storm

The referee raises the hand of the victor, James Storm. Storm grabs a beer and begins drinking it as he stares at Lethal. Lethal doesn’t seem impressed, as he doesn’t back down. Lethal takes several steps down the ramp. Storm calls for him to keep coming. Both men look ready to fight. The crowd goes wild as they wanna see these two men go at it.

Lethal gets in the ring and takes off his shirt. He drops the belt down, and calls for Storm to bring it. The two men stare at each other. All of a sudden, Storm spits beer in the face of Jay Lethal. The X Champ is stunned, as Storm quickly exits the ring. Lethal is furious as he feels his face. Storm backs up the ramp with a big smile on his face. Lethal exits the ring and goes up the ramp. Several security guards come down going half way up the ramp to make sure Lethal doesn’t go anywhere closer to Storm. Lethal screams at Storm, as we cut backstage.


In the hallway corner, Sharmell is in a fetal position crying uncontrollably. A worker comes by and goes over to Sharmell and tries to console her. He tells her he is going to get her help.



We return as Sharmell is now being consoled by her husband Booker T. Booker is irate questioning the guards as to what happened. He tries to ask Sharmell but she isn’t able to speak coherently. Booker tells the guards to stay with Sharmell as Booker begins as search. He wanders down the hallway, as he sees The Motor City Machine Guns talking with Velvet Sky talking. He asks them if they know anything,

Booker T: Did anyone see what happened to Sharmell?

Alex Shelley: Nah man I’m sorry, I’m just talking with this beautiful women here.

Velvet smiles as Shelley winks at her.

Chris Sabin: Hey Velvet, did I tell you how nice your hair looks?

Velvet Sky: Thanks Chris.

Chris smiles and winks at Shelley.

Alex Shelley: Hey Velvet, did I tell you how nice your butt looks?

Booker T: Man, I don’t have time for this.

Booker storms off, but as he does Sabin speaks.

Chris Sabin: I mean we didn’t see anything, but common sense would say you should be looking for Robert Roode.

Alex Shelley: Yeah, I mean we saw him walking around the hallway no more than ten minutes ago.

Booker’s eyes open as he is pissed.

Booker T: Man, I knew it!! ROODE!!

Booker T begins jogging around the corner as the hunt for Robert Roode begins.

Booker T: Hey, Roode! Roode, you punk ass!!

Booker turns a darker corner by steps where he sees Sting sitting on the staircase. Sting looks at Booker and approaches him.

Sting: Booker, what’s wrong?

Booker T: Something happened to Sharmell? I don’t know what happened, she is inconsolable. I know it was Roode!!

Sting: I’m not surprised the guy is a real prick. This is the problem I have with the wrestlers these days, they don’t respect anything or anyone. I mean if he has a problem with you he should take you out, not your wife.

Booker T: Listen man, I agree 100%, but I need to be on my way and find this punk ass!! Do me a favor though. If you see Roode, you tell him I am looking for him.

Sting: Don’t worry Booker, if I see Roode I will give him the heads up.

Sting strokes his baseball bat as he looks at Booker T. Booker nods at him as he walks away.


** SIREN **

Scott Steiner comes out toward the ring to heat for his match. He is not wearing the chain head piece and glasses. He doesn’t do his usual flexing and showing off. He gets in the ring and is ready for action. The announcers mention how earlier today, Steiner went off on his “student” Petey Williams and how he needs to revert to his old ways.


Kazarian comes out onto the stage getting the crowd fired up. He has been on a role as of late and wants to continue his momentum. He leaps over the ropes into the ring and poses on the ropes for the fans

Match 3
Kaz vs Scott Steiner

In what is a highly important match for both men, Steiner takes the early advantage with a forearm shot to the side of head. Steiner beats down Kaz and tosses him into the corner. Steiner charges at him but Kaz gets both legs up. He jumps off the second rope with a spinning elbow. Kaz continues his momentum with high offense moves getting the crowd all riled up. He tops off the high offensive spree with a suicide dive over the top rope. The move leads us into a commercial break.

When we return, both men are down. A replay is shown from during the break with both men exchanging right hands on the top rope. Eventually they both go flying off crashing down to the canvas. Over the next several minutes, momentum goes back and forth as both men pull of some of their usual moves. The big turnaround comes when Kaz springs off the second ropes and tries a cross body on Big Poppa Pump, but Steiner catches him. In one motion, he dumps Kaz over onto his head with an exploder suplex. Steiner over the next several minutes, Steiner controls the match while barking at the hostile Impact Zone crowd.

Steiner has the camel clutch locked in as soon Kaz gets up to his feet, eventually countering into an arm drag. Kaz comes back with some high offense including a slingshot ddt and missile dropkick. Kaz sets up Steiner for the Flux Capacitor but Steiner fights back with vicious elbows to the back of the head. He soon hits a belly to belly over head. After some more right hands, Steiner puts Kaz onto the top rope and climbs up. Steiner hits Kaz with some right hands. Steiner stands Kaz up on the top rope. Steiner stands on the top rope as well. Steiner yells out “Frankensteiner” which gets a huge pop. Kaz however fights back as Steiner goes down to the second rope. Kaz jumps over him and hits a sitout powerbomb from the second rope into a pin for the huge victory!!

Winner @ 13: 38, Kaz

The crowd cheers as Kaz rolls over after another huge win. This match took a lot out of both men as Kaz uses the ropes to get up to his feet. He climbs up to the second rope celebrating the big win. He exits the ring and goes up the ramp high fiving the fans at ringside. Steiner meanwhile begins to get up. He isn’t happy as his frustration continues.

The announcers hype up that up next we will hear from the New TNA World Champion, Samoa Joe!!!



Sting is walking around when he sees Robert Roode. He walks towards him. Roode is wearing a suit and talking to Peyton Banks.

Sting: Hey Roode, I need to talk to you.

Robert Roode: I’m sorry but I don’t have the time. I need to leave.

Sting: What are you running from? Why such a rush?

Robert Roode: No rush? I have the night off. When you are as rich and successful as me, you appreciate life on the outside as well.

Sting: Night off? You are a pro wrestler!! Go out there and wrestle! You walk around in a suit like some business man, you have no respect for this company and those who have paved the way. The Harley Races, Ric Flairs, Ricky Steamboats, the H-

Robert Roode: Please spare me the history lesson man, I gotta go.
Roode walks away, but Sting grabs his arm.

Sting: Listen you ungrateful, unappreciative, snob you are exactly what I hate about this company. You are the kind of person that makes me ask myself why do I still do this?

Robert Roode: Well you are the kind of person that makes me think, why does this guy still reach onto the past when he needs to just step away. Newsflash, you are washed up and you need to step aside for guys like me.

Sting gets in Roode’s face as this confrontation is now getting heated.

Sting: I would be glad to step aside for guys like Kaz, Lethal, Joe, but then there are guys like you that make me say, if I don’t defend the companies honor the company will be flushed away.

Robert Roode: Listen Sting, I am leaving if you want to pick this up some other time that is fine, but I have better things to do with my time than argue with some incoherent senior citizen.

Roode once again goes to walk away but Sting once more pulls him back.

Sting: What did you do to Sharmell?

Robert Roode: Excuse me?

Sting: Don’t play dumb, somebody did something to Sharmell. Knowing your past with Booker and what kind of a person you are, I don’t find it hard to comprehend it was you.

Robert Roode: Listen, I am done with Booker, I did nothing to Sharmell. I can promise you that. I didn’t hurt Sharmell, but…. I’m gonna hurt you.

Roode blindsides Sting with a forearm shot taking Sting down to a knee. Roode smashes Stings face off a crate backstage. He then tosses him into the wall. Sting lays on the ground as Roode stands over him.

Robert Roode:You want respect, here’s your respect.

Roode spits on Sting like he is trash. The announcer put over how despicable this is. Roode and Banks quickly leave the scene, as Sting hold his head.


The announcers put over once more how heinous the actions of Roode where and recap Joe’s title victory last night.


A Thunderous pop is heard throughout the Impact Zone, as out steps the NEW TNA WORLD CHAMPION!!! He is wearing a suit, as he comes out all fired up. He hoists the title above his head as he walks down the ramp. Joe is in a great mood, as in the ring he continues to soak up the moment that he has worked his whole life to obtain. Once his music stops a huge “Joe” chant breaks out. After nearly two minutes of amazing crowd reaction Joe begins to speak.

Samoa Joe: Since coming into TNA 3 years ago, I have been a dominant force who didn’t take orders from anyone. Whether I was loved by you guys or hated. Whether I was competing in the X-Division or fighting in house shows in front of 500 people. Whether I was beaten down or bloodied, every moment has led me to this!! I am the NEW TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!!

Crowd gives a huge pop as Joe hoists the belt over his head.

Samoa Joe: Now to say the road to this belt was an easy one would be foolish. I busted my ass off to get this. I never thought it would be so demanding. But to now say I am the top dog, in the top wrestling company in the world is the biggest honor I can obtain.

Crowd claps as Joe positions the belt onto his shoulder.

Samoa Joe: Now this isn’t the Samoa Joe you are used to seeing. I am not one to tell you much of how I feel. But this is a BIG deal to me!! As it should be, and I couldn’t think of a better man to beat to win my title from then Kurt Angle. Kurt and I have had some epic battles since he came to TNA over a year ago, but the paths lead us to this past Sunday. In Boston, when my career was on the line. I figured, if I wasn’t going to win the title, what was the point of having a career. If you aren’t in this company to be the World Champion, then there is a serious issue. When I hit Kurt with that muscle buster and picked up the win, I felt a weight come off my shoulders.

Crowd’s “JOE” chant over powers him talking so he stops and waits for them to die down.

Samoa Joe: But at the same time a new weight was put onto my shoulder. You see, just winning the TNA Championship isn’t enough. I am not going to settle for some mediocre 2 month reign. NO!! I have worked my ass off to get this belt, and I don’t know if I will get the chance to have it again.

The crowd cheers as Samoa Joe looks into the camera

Samoa Joe: You see you haven’t seen anything yet. If you thought I was determined before, just wait. If you thought I was intense before, just wait. If you thought I was dominant before, just wait. The best of Samoa Joe lies ahead, I am Samoa Joe, your TNA World Heavyweight Champi-

** MY WORLD **

THE CROWD GOES APESHIT!!! Out onto the ramp steps JEFF JARRETT!!!! Jarrett who hasn’t been seen on TNA television in over a year due to the death of his wife. Jarrett is wearing a white dress shirt and jeans. He walks down the ramp, as the fans bow in respect for Jarrett. Jarrett gets in the ring and is handed a mic. Joe is shocked to see Jarrett. Once his music stops, a massive Jarrett chant is heard.

Jeff Jarrett: My goodness, does it feel good to be back!!!

The crowd erupts for the cheap pop but a well deserved one. Joe claps as well.

Jeff Jarrett: Joe, I didn’t mean to interrupt your moment, but I thought this was the appropriate time to come out here. You see I have now been gone from TNA for nearly a year. For those of you who don’t know why, about a year ago I lost the love of my life, my wife Jill. It was a hard, challenging time for my family and I. Though the support of the wrestlers and you fans I got through this and it meant a lot to me.

Crowd chants “Thank You Jeff”

Jeff Jarrett: No, thank you. Now, while gone for all this time, I have kept up with TNA. The one thing that I really loved was the rise of Samoa Joe. Last night was the moment the capped off your rise. You have arrived my friend!!

Jeff Jarrett puts out his hand and Joe shakes it. The two men hug as the crowd cheers.

Jeff Jarrett: Now, I don’t know exactly what my future in the ring is, but Joe I wish you the best and I hope you flourish as TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Best of luck.

Jarrett gives Joe the ring but then….


Once again the crowd is in shock!! Out comes the returning, ALPHA MALE, MONTY BROWN!! Brown wearing a purple dress shirt with black pants stands on the ramp with a mic. He does his usual movements as the announcers put over how shocking this all is.


The crowd cheers as Joe and Jarrett look confused.

Monty Brown: That’s right, Monty Brown is back in TNA. Now let me just say, Samoa Joe congrats on becoming the TNA Champion, but this feel good moment ends right now.

Monty points as he speaks. The crowd boos as Monty gets serious.

Monty Brown: You see, you come out here talking about how hard you worked and how you have achieved a dream. We have all worked hard, you don’t need to come out here and tell people that. These people however cheer you because they don’t know what it feels like to work hard because they are all failures.

Crowd boos Monty Brown, as he points to Joe.

Monty Brown: I am a SuperBowl Champion. I am very successful in pro wrestling. However my first run here in TNA, I never got that world title. The reason being, that man standing next to you. Jeff Jarrett.

Jarrett looks confused, as Monty looks at Jeff. The heat from the crowd continues

Monty Brown: You see Joe, don’t let Jeff fool you. He says he’s proud of you, he says this is your time. Jeff knows deep down, he is too selfish to except that. That is the reason he built TNA Wrestling. So he could boost his ego. Back when TNA was a small little company, before the big names like Sting and Kurt Angle showed up, Jeff did whatever he wanted, he was always the World Champ, the top dog. He screwed people over left and right including myself. He held people back left and right, including myself. Joe, it is only a matter of time that Jeff’s ego kicks in, and he does the same to you.

The crowd boos, as Monty smiles.

Jeff Jarrett: Monty Brown, you really haven’t changed much. Always talking a big game. Listen, in the past I may have had the attitude of win at all costs. The past year of my life has changed me, I am a different man now. I am stepping back and observing now. To prove that, let me give an observation. I think that Samoa Joe could whip your ass all over this arena if you came down that ramp!!

The crowd cheers as Monty spins around in anger. Joe smiles.

Monty Brown: Is that how you feel Joe?

Samoa Joe: Well I am a fighting champion, so if it is a fight you want…

Joe lays the TNA World Title on the mat calling out Monty. The crowd cheers as they want to see these two go at it.

Monty Brown: In due time Joe, in due time.

Monty drops the mic and leaves the stage. The crowd boos like crazy. Joe’s music starts to play as Jarrett and Joe talk in the ring about what has just taken place.



Christian Cage comes out ready for action to a nice ovation. He plays up the crowd looking around the arena. Cage has a smile on his face after the big victory for his team last night in Lethal Lockdown.


Team 3D make their way down to the ring, as it will be Brother Ray competing in this match. The crowd boos as Ray shouts at the crowd.

Match 4
Christian Cage vs Brother Ray w/ Brother Devon

Cage claps his hands to get the crowd fired up. The crowd isn’t that into it after the last segment but some peeps show their love. Christian and Ray lock up and Christian gets the best of it, with an arm lock on Ray. The two men exchange some chain wrestling holds, not what you would have expected. Christian Cage gets the best of Ray, as soon the two men battle in the corner. After another exciting exchange, Christian hits a tornado DDT. Cage looks to be in total control but when the ref was sidetracked with Brother Ray, Devon pulls the leg of Captain Charisma. This saw a big momentum shift.

Ray slowed down the pace of the match and took it to Christian. After several aggressive and powerful slam variations, Ray looks very confident. Ray tears the face of Christian with his nails and focuses his attack on the right shoulder of Christian. Over the next several minutes, Ray locks in a number of submission moves that put strain on the right shoulder of Cage. However, to the cheers of the crowd Christian fights out with some high offense. Christian Cage now is back in control.

A pedlum kick and missile dropkick gets the crowd amped up! Christian is now ready for the impaler ( killswitch) . Devon however jumps up onto the apron, but Cage knocks him off with a clothesline. This however gives Ray the chance to strike Christian in the back of the head. Ray tries a back suplex but Christian flips over and lands on his feet. He counters and connects with the IMPALER for the victory!!!!

Winner @ 6:02, Christian Cage

Christian Cage picks up the huge win as the crowd cheers. However, when he gets up Brother Devon clotheslines him to the mat. He hammers away with right hands. After a couple moments, Brother Ray gets back up and they are now assaulting Christian Cage 2 on 1. They look to hit him with the 3D when… KURT ANGLE COMES DOWN TO THE RING????

Angle hits Ray with 3 right hands. He ducks a clothesline from Devon and hits a German suplex. He then takes Ray down with an Angle Slam!! Both Team 3D members retreat up the ramp. The crowd and announcers are in shock and are confused. Christian starts to get up and when he sees Kurt Angle he doesn’t know what is going on. These two men have been going at it for months, why? Kurt Angle grabs a mic.

Kurt Angle: Listen Christian, you are probably very confused. Saying why would I help you after all we have done to each other the past couple of months. I’ll tell you why. I respect you.

The crowd doesn’t buy it as they boo. Christian doesn’t look to be a believer either.

Kurt Angle: Come on Christian, what do you say. I have a big tag team title match coming up and I need a partner. I know you wanna get your hands on AJ & Tomko.

Angle hands Cage the mic as he looks around the arena for the support of his peeps. The crowd boos not wanting Christian to do this.

Christian Cage: Your right. I do want to get my hands on Tomko and AJ. I would want to be TNA World Tag Team Champions. But I would rather stick my finger down my throat until I puke my liver out then team with you!!

Cage drops the mic and leaves the ring to a huge pop. Angle is very upset as his tag team title match is next and it appears as if though he has no partner.



Booker T and his wife have their bags and are leaving the arena. They walk toward their car in the parking lot.

Booker T: When we get home, I will give you a nice back rub and make you some food. It will be a- WHAT THE HELL!!! WHO THE….

Booker and Sharmell see their car which has been totally destroyed. The windows have been smashed and the car is dented!!

Booker is irate as Sharmell once again begins to cry.


Kurt Angle stands in the ring, alone. It looks as if he has not found a tag team partner.

** I AM **

The TNA World Tag Team Champions come out to a mixed reaction as AJ looks pissed. On the way down, Tomko tries to calm AJ down but AJ wants no part of it. AJ throws down his jackets and storms into the ring. The ref gets their belts and hoists them both up as this tag team championship match is underway.

Match 5
TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
AJ Styles and Tomko © vs Kurt Angle

The match we have waited all night for is finally here. It looks as if though, the Angle Alliance is about to explode. AJ is ready to go at Angle but Tomko tries to tell him to stay out but AJ wants no part of it. AJ demands to start this match. He charges right at Angle, as he unleashes months of frustration on Angle with a fury of right hands. Tomko comes in and pulls AJ off. AJ and Tomko exchange words as from behind Angle hits AJ with a forearm to the back of the head. Tomko throws his hands up at Kurt in frustration, as Tomko goes onto the apron. Kurt unleashes right hands in the corner on AJ. Styles however soon fights back. Knowing the kind of matches AJ and Angle can put on, this isn’t it. They don’t do their usual flashy, and technical moves, they are going at it and brawling.

AJ takes Angle down with a spear followed by wild punches and kicks. Angle rolls to the outside. AJ springs and flies over the top rope with a senton splash onto Angle. Both men are down, as closeup of a torn Tomko is shown as we go to a commercial. When we come back, Angle is in control, with his legs locked around the waist of AJ. Angle slaps Styles in the face and talks smack to him. As the match continues to pace picks up as both men pull off some impressive moves. Suplexes, counters, moonsaults, just to name a few. After a belly to belly overhead suplex off the top rope both men are down in the center of the ring.

Angle and AJ slowly get up to their feet ad exchange right hands. Angle pushes AJ into the ropes but AJ springs back at him as they smack heads. Angles flies back and also smacks heads with the ref. There is now no referee and both men are down. Now nearly 15 minutes into the match, Tomko has still yet to be tagged. But this may change as AJ crawls to his partner to make the tag. But as he does Team 3D comes down the ramp!! They are coming for Kurt Angle. Tomko hops off the apron and begins to exchange right hands with both members of Team 3D. AJ gets to his corner but finds his partner isn’t there. He looks on the outside. He steps onto the middle of the top rope. He jumps to the outside with a SPRINGBOARD SHOOTING STAR PRESS TO THE OUTSIDE!!!!

He takes out both 3D members and Tomko was able to dodge the move. AJ slowly gets up and gets into the ring. Angle meets him with a clothesline. Angle goes for the Angle slam but AJ lands on his feet and hits the PELE!!! AJ now crawls to his partner, he stands up as Tomko comes into the ring. TOMKO BIG BOOTS AJ STYLES RIGHT IN THE FACE!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!! The crowd and announcers are stunned. Tomko takes Angle and places him on top of AJ. What is going on? The referee counts the 1………………2……………..3 and we have a new tag team champion!!

Winner @ 16:12, and new TNA World Tag Team Champions, Kurt Angle

The crowd is in shock, not knowing what has just taken place. Tomko grabs both tag team championship belts and hands one to Kurt. He helps Angle up, as they hoist up their tag team titles. They stand over a beaten AJ Styles as nobody has a clue what has just happened. The show comes to an end in total chaos with new tag team champions



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Ok this is interesting. Angle making excuses about his defeat does not suprsie me so good move. I was a fan of The Angle Allaince so im glad they are out here. The way you had AJ want to say something but Tomko try stop him was good booking. The AJ rant was hilarious, I could imagine it. Angle did seem a bit soft before ahnd by saying he thinks of them as highly as himself. Mentioning the wife was a bit personal considering before he came out they were on the same page... AJ face turn ? He is good as both anyway. The match makes for a good one but what is Tomko's take on thsi, maybe could have made it clear. Good open to the show though.

OK Tomko's take is good because it leaves us thinking whos side he really is on. There is a good situation here with Tomko in the middle, hope you use it.

The match was ok. Good intro for Triple X. I possibly would have went without Kash myself and keep it at Three but we will see what you do with then. The fact you mentioned the crowd did not like them was good, It lets us know they are gonna be heel and have doen a good job at it. I wonder what the explanation is going to be...

Storm seems good value for word. It will be good to see him try make it on his own and The X division is probably the best way to go for now. I was convinced bu his words that he is good enough. Starting off with a good win against a decent X Division star shows he means buisness as well. Jay Lethal having a look means he is taking Storm seriously so thats good. Ha Storm being cowardly, always good heel play.

Ok i don't agree with Booker jogging ? ha maybe walking fast but joggin bit weird. Also the fact that they blamed Roode, why would they randomly do that just becasue he was walking ? Good threat by Booker telling Sting to let Roode know but seriously I imagined all this as Smackdown v Raw running backstage talking to people.

Good match here, big win for Kaz again after Lockdown. He is on a push. There was some good wrestling in the match and hopefully now Kaz gets involved in some fued as he is looking good.

This was a much better segmant than earlier. The Sting character is really good. He is still moaning about the ways of some of the youth and Roode's responses were good as well. A fued here would be good. The question coming out of nowhere about Sharmell was a perfect time to ask...Roode did not seem to suscpicious to me, so interesting to know who it was ? Not sure about Roode hitting Sting, I think the words where enough, hope you haven't gone too far with that.

Nice speech from Joe seemed genuine and brought out his compettitive nature. Jarret return ? Good move. I hope he turns heel though. It was a good moment before Brown got involved. BROWN??? Why? He did sound right about Jeff though saying he could be lying so realistic here. By saying in due time, that means he might be in title picture which I would have a hard time understanding why. Maybe a few more words from Joe would have been nice.

Good win for Christian here, he was always going to win though. Angle helping Christian ? This makes me think he would be his partner later. I thought he would have accepted but good twist i suppose.

Good main event, really inetresting angle here. Angle winning without a partner... I guess Tomko will be given one of the belts. Team 3D coming down makes sense but very soon after they were already out maybe Christian match could have been a bit earlier. Tomko screwing AJ is good as I would want AJ to have a face run, maybe him and Christian v Angle and Tomko would be a good fued.

Overall: It was a good first show, not much wrong with the show at all, maybe the booker segamnt with MCMG but thats not much, possibly could have made a match for next week to give something to look forward to but other than that it was a good show with characters spot on.

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Decided to leave some feedback. I hope you feel special now :side:

Impact Feedback

Good start to the show with the Angle Alliance, I think Kurt could have said a bit more before AJ and Tomko came out and Angle saying "hoopla and fuss" just didn't sound right in my head. Big match made by Cornette, I think the Angle Alliance is officially done and it seems like AJ is turning face which is great. A lot better than being Kurt's lackey. Backstage segment wasn't any major, only really put over the fact that Tomko is the neutral one in all of this.

Shame that the first match of the show ended in a DQ, but it's great to see Triple X back. Not too keen on the addition of Kid Kash though, it's good to see him back in TNA but he shouldn't be in Triple X. It technically goes against the name of the group anyway, unless you're renaming them Quadruple X or something. I'm already thinking eight-man tag at Sacrifice.

Building anticipation for a Joe promo later on, nice plan.

I'm glad that you're focused on making Storm a singles competitor, but the X Division? I know that "it's not about weight limits, it's about no limits" but to be honest I'm still not liking this. But hey, that's just my opinion, if you wanna put him in there and you like the idea of it, then go ahead. Not much to say about the match, served its purpose of introducing Storm to the X Division. Lethal coming out made things interesting, I think Storm shouldn't have ran away after spitting the beer at Jay though, would have been a perfect time to hit him with the Last Call or at least something. But on the other hand, he is a heel and it was a heelish thing to do but for somebody who isn't of the regular X Division mould, I disagree with your booking here.

Continuing the Booker/Roode feud, I see? As long as it's Roode who goes over in the end, I'm fine with it. Roode upsetting Sharmell is a decent way to continue the feud, I just wasn't feeling the interaction between Booker and Sting though. Didn't sound right to me.

No chainlink, sunglasses and flexing = fail. How dare you take that away from the big bad booty daddy. Surprised and pleased that Kaz went over Steiner here, Kaz was doing pretty well at this time and I hope you'll push him to the main event scene soon which he wasn't too far away from at this time.

So Roode didn't do anything to Sharmell? Well that makes things interesting. Unless Roode is lying. :hmm: If the Booker/Roode feud isn't continuing then I'd like to see Roode/Sting as that would do wonders for Roode feuding with a big name like Sting. Nothing bad about this segment apart from Sting calling Roode an "ungrateful, unappreciative, snob". Didn't sound like something Sting would say, IMO.

Joe's promo started off decently, he's never been the most charismatic and I prefer him as a guy that doesn't talk much but seeing as he just won the title for the first time it was probably necessary. Surprised to see Jarrett back, I don't really want to see him come back in a wrestling capacity but that's just me. Wow, Monty Brown?! Didn't see that coming. Great to see Monty back, I hope you put him in the main event scene where he belongs and seeing as he just interrupted the new World Champion, I'm confident that you'll do that. Reasonably good promo from Monty, I'm pretty sure he was only in the Superbowl but didn't win it and you said "except" when it should have been "accept". Just pointing that out as a grammar mistake, couldn't help it. Smart move with Brown not coming to the ring to fight Joe, I'm cool with waiting for it. PERIOD!

Christian Cage vs Brother Ray seems like a pretty random match to have, but it's not a negative thing and in the end the right man won. Angle saving Christian is surprising given their recent past at this time and not surprised that Christian rejected his offer. But "I would rather stick my finger down my throat until I puke my liver out"? Come on, surely you can do better than that.

Booker T's car's been destroyed. oh noez.

Angle already standing in the ring like a jobber is something I don't like. We probably should have seen his entrance so we could see that he doesn't have a partner instead of him standing in the ring alone. Should have seen a Tomko betrayal coming... oh well. He must have a pretty damn powerful big boot to knock AJ out and pull Kurt on top of him for the 3 count. I presume Angle will give the other tag team title to Tomko, then. Big way to end the show, if this is gonna be a tag team feud then I predict Daniels to return and team with AJ against Angle and Tomko. Or Christian.

Overall, the show was decent, definitely some room for improvement though. Some of your backstage segments I didn't like and there were some un-necessary grammar mistakes in there too, as well as other things I already mentionec. I'm very interested in the situations with the world and tag team titles though, with Monty Brown interrupting Joe and Angle and Tomko turning on AJ and winning the tag titles and AJ now seemingly a face. It's enough to have me interested in the next show.
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