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First of all I'm saying that I as the new Bookie.. will bring back WWF style to WWE.

No more names!! as in John cena, Kurt angle, Matt Morgan,
Billy kidman, Randy Orton, Renee dupree, Rob conway..!! NO MORE! U get what I'm saying? Wrestlers will have Gimmicks once again..

For example John Cena.. will go to his orginal gimmick as the "Prototype"! and will mimic have machine and Human.. being an unstopple terminator type force! Some wrestlers can't be changed.. but most will and will have gimmicks,

Like the "Prototype" Vs "The Undertaker" !and it will be the real undertaker , deadman! no this tenesse taker Crap! 2 unstopple forces , that will make u think.. who will win?

Matches won't be as predictable..
I will give what the fans want to see... since wwe is kinda of not caring what the fans want these days...

Stupid crap like making Brock lesner tap out will not happen.. Brock will be powerful, hard man to beat.. and feared.

Rey Mysterio will go complete Heel and start a feud with RVD, Rey will act crazy and Pyscotic, the way he looks and be actually mysterious.. both will have a High flying match.

The IC belt will have meaning again..

Chris Jericho will win the IC belt and rise up to HHH status , and both will have matches.. champion Vs champion.

Rock will come back and form a stable once again, Rock will be back as a heel..

I will have more.. but so far.. what do u really think?
Does it look like I'm giving what the fans want?
or still looks like WWE stuff...

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very good but wheres stone cold. Austin 316 = old WWF style

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I like the idea, and I agree with RVDV1, were is Stone cold. And please bring back one of the greatest gimmics ever, Goldust. That was so great when he first started in the WWF, feuding with razor ramone. Make sure to include the Mankind, the original mankind, were he would were the thing on his fingers. so cool.
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