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In early nineties in my country there was a documentary serie dedicaced to international reporting with lots of very interesting subject from all over the world, it was called " 52 sur la une " ( "52 on the one", the one was because it was the 1st channel that was airing it and 52 because it was the duration)

The docs were usually aired at night after movies.

One night the subject was about All Japan Women and followed several famous joshi wrestlers like Bull Nakano , Aja Kong or Manami Toyota, showing a bit of their life in and out of the ring, ( mixing both real and kayfabe of course as it's still wrestling :) )

I recently spotted someone made an english sub version, an excellent job to allow people without understanding of french to enjoy this near hour long documentary about the early nineties AJW :


For the anecdote, the opening music of "52 sur la une" that you can hear on the video was actually made by John Williams and Hans Zimmer.
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