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Old EPW threads ?

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we're just wondering if there is a way to get the old EPW threads back?

it's nice to have a decent history section but nothing compaires to having links that let you go and view the history of EPW
I was informed that the threads we're deleted or moved or hidden, but when i searched for an old EPW character "Prowler" alot of threads came up, including the first EPW show, but for some odd reason in the Forum colum its blank
i've inserted a pic

and when i clicked on it, it says i dont have permission to see these threads, so im just wondering if they have been completely deleted or is there a way to get them back or at least view them?
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For what it's worth, I can't either, bro.
Oh, if any threads are in the old dumpster then that just sucks. I'm not moving anything.
Disregard my previous post. You guys should be able to see the forum now. I thought the whole purpose of having the section there was so that EPW guys could view it. A bit silly to have it there just for staff and e-fed staff's viewing.
Yeah, it works now. OP will be happy to see that haha.
Awesome,now we have most EPW stuff visible =D So... 2003-2005ish stuff in this "new" section,2006-2008 in the "EPW Archive" section in the RPs and Cards/Shows zone and late 2009-present on the open card/rp section. Thanks.
yeah visable now :) much appreciated guys
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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