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OK So...

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Did Debiase sleep with Stephanie or something

i have never seen a guy get so buried this bad MVP and carlito never got it this bad:no:

get slapped by his girl and KO'd by a 60 year old man LOLOL
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Probably because he's completely boring in all aspects. There's really no redeeming quality to him as a performer, he bores the fuck out of me.
This. The only reason he's even on Raw anymore is because of his father. He is the poster child for bland, mediocre children getting a job in the WWE because their parents were legends. He even puts McGillicutty to shame.

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maybe after loosing a lot he could say "This is not working, my soul isn't here, I have to travel to find it"

And the some shows he sends some "promos" on him in those awesome landscapes like the movie "127 hours" or in forests "in tho the wild" of him being happy and all of that.

Then some promos of him on india, helping the poor kids with his money , going in those zen temples to find his soul

Then he come back as a face , and kicks everybody butts :gun::gun:
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