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BGs awesome. I don't know what is up with the cut. Text is ok. Why did you color the cut, that ruins it.
I agree. The only thing that spoiled it was the colour of the pic
nice bg
nice text but cant see it so good
nice pictures and placed well
Quality stuff mate, quality stuff! Especially the film roll on the left. :)
I don't like it.
The film roll sucks, the pics on it have different effects, they're outta porportion.
The cut sucks.
The text is awful.
And the background is too busy. It doesn't look like anything that has to do with them. It looks like mountains or something.


...and for the record, their name is 'the Offspring.'
^^^^^^^|Is he always like that and i was just about to say i like your new sig oz

Cool offspring banner the but cut is too blue
The colour of the main cut sucks too bright, the movie thing is cool, and the text needs more work on, 7/10
Man! OlympicZero just bashed it out.lol.
Anyways I think its not good only thing which impresses me is the BG and filmstrip.
Cuts are bad the colour on the main pic just ruins it,text sucks.
4/10 i definately expected better from Korupted.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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