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ROH88 said:
I saw this coming. Im happy Lacey was in the finals. It sucks she lost but SDR is the girl version of Bryan Danielson IMO.
Well, Danielson did train her, so there ya go. Hopefully it results in a SDR/Lacey feud, as SDR is the best women's wrestler in America and Lacey is great as well, so the series of matches would rock.

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Full Volume 11 Night 2 and Volume 12 Results
The first portion of the show consisted of matches that will be featured on the Volume 11, Night Two disc.

1. JOSIE def. ALICIA in the opening contest. When the ref caught Alicia with a handful of tights, she began to argue and left herself open for a quick rollup from Josie for the pinfall.

2. LACEY def. DAIZEE HAZE in a semifinal contest in the SHIMMER Title Tournament with the Implant DDT. A large portion of the match took place on the ringside floor, as this bout was more of a fight between the two rivals than a hold for hold wrestling match.

3. "American Angel" SARA DEL REY def. "Dark Angel" SARAH STOCK in a semifinal contest in the SHIMMER Title Tournament with a jumping piledriver, just seconds before the expiration of the twenty minute time limit. The two competitors received a standing ovation from the fans in attendance after the match.

4. ALLISON DANGER def. CINDY ROGERS in a No Disqualification Street Fight. Several weapons, including chairs, a stop sign, a shovel, and a 12 foot chain became involved in the match. During the closing moments, Rogers and Danger began a tug of war with the chain, leading to Danger using her momentum to hit an STO on Cindy for the pinfall. After the match, Rogers continued to attack Danger with the chain, prompting Allison to issue a challenge on the microphone for a Dog Collar Chain Match on Volume 12.

5. NIKKI ROXX def. PORTIA PEREZ & "The Jezebel" EDEN BLACK & PORTUGUESE PRINCESS ARIEL in a Four Corner Survival match after Nikki hit the Barbie Crusher on Jez to score the fall.

6. RAIN def. SERENA DEEB with the Acid Rain (Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex).

7. CHEERLEADER MELISSA & MsCHIF (w/ Daffney) def. "The Experience" MALIA HOSAKA & LEXIE FYFE in a tag team bout. Melissa hit the Air Raid Crash on Hosaka, and then neutralized Fyfe, while MsChif followed up on Malia with a quebrada to score the pinfall.

8. "American Angel" SARA DEL REY def. LACEY in the finals of the SHIMMER Title Tournament to become the first SHIMMER Champion. Late in the match, senior official BRYCE REMSBURG was pulled in the way of a charging Del Rey in the corner by Lacey, allowing RAIN to enter the ring with Remsburg incapacitated. Rain hit the Rain Drop on Sara, and rolled out of the ring. Lacey went for the cover, and ref slowly counted her down, but Sara was able to kick out before three. ALLISON DANGER and NIKKI ROXX then came out to the ringside area and carried Rain away from ringside to keep the match one on one. Del Rey ended the match with the Royal Butterfly into the powerslam, followed up immediately by a jumping piledriver.

After intermission, matches were filmed for the SHIMMER Volume 12 DVD release.

9. SERENA DEEB def. ALICIA with the spear.

10. MALIA HOSAKA def. JOSIE with a Frankensteiner.

11. MsCHIF (w/ Daffney) def. PORTIA PEREZ with Obliteration (piledriver variation off the turnbuckles in the corner).

REBECCA BAYLESS introduced ALEXA THATCHER to the audience, who came to the ring in street clothes. Thatcher informed the fans that she broke her foot earlier in the weekend and is out of action due to the injury. ALICIA made her way to the ring and showed sympathy for Thatcher, but only for a moment or two until she attacked Alexa and stomped away on the broken foot. Referees had to pull Alicia off of her before she could do further damage.

12. "The Jezebel" EDEN BLACK def. LEXIE FYFE via submission with the Garden of Eden (triangle choke).


14. "Dark Angel" SARAH STOCK def. DAIZEE HAZE with a Tiger Driver in roughly twenty minutes of hold for hold action.

15. CINDY ROGERS def. ALLISON DANGER in a bloody and brutal Dog Collar Chain Match. The rules of the match stated that the first wrestler to touch all four corners of the ring in succession without an offensive maneuver from their opponent would be declared the winner. Late in the match, as Rogers had Danger up on her back, carrying her around the ring as Cindy touched each corner, she didn't realize Danger was playing possum and nonchalantly touching each corner immediately after Cindy did. As they made their way into the fourth corner, Danger gave Cindy an STO, but Cindy's hand slapped the top turnbuckle as she took the maneuver and was thus declared the winner.

16. SHIMMER Champion "American Angel" SARA DEL REY & NIKKI ROXX def. "The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew" LACEY & RAIN in the tag team main event of Volume 12. During the final moments, Del Rey got both Lacey and Rain up in the Royal Butterfly simultaneously. Roxx soon took Lacey for herself and nailed her with the Barbie Crusher, just as Sara converted into the powerslam on Rain for the three count.
Both volumes sound awesome Shimmer just keeps getting better and better and after watching a few Sarah Stock matches on youtube im excited to see what she adds to the Shimmer roster

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I'm glad Death Rey won, I think she's the perfect wrestler to carry the company right now. I hope the Haze takes the belt off her down the line however.
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