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[OFFICIAL] Premier Wrestling Circuit - Discussion, Sign-Ups & Information (E-FED)

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Credit to ManureTheBear and Jamjam22 for writing this

So, you want to be an e-fedder?
You’ve seen the sigs and read the comments, you’ve read the posts related to PWC, you’re a BTB-guy with aspirations of shoot-fighting glory or we’ve relentlessly PM’ed you until you cracked. Whatever the reasons, here you are at the gilded gates of PWC. No doubt you have many questions, but all will be revealed, in time...

What is an e-fed?
This forum’s e-fed is called Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC). The regular shows are called “Vortex”, with various “PPV’s” at certain junctures. It is a fantasy-based, written wrestling show posted for our enjoyment. PWC is a competitive fed, meaning that the results are NOT scripted. Members whose fantasy characters get pitted against each other on the following show’s card each submit a piece of writing called a role-play (RP) to compete. Based off that, a match is written, featuring the two (or more) characters.

Who runs the show?
These are the guys who put in a lot of extra work – creating storylines and cards, judging RP’s and writing up the shows themselves. The current creative team consists of Attila The Fun, DarksideEric, HollywoodNightmare, Lariatoh, Saber Rider, and Zak Warner

Regular members (this means you!) are encouraged to assist them wherever they can by pitching their ideas and suggestions, be it for spots, feuds, asking some earnest advice regarding the result of a match, or even helping by guest-writing some of the matches. The keywords are mutual respect and trust – the regular members trust the creative team to not bury their characters and to give them a show to mark out for and the creative team trusts the rest of the roster to refrain from backstage politics and tantrums.

Creating a character...
The sky’s the limit! Check out the OP for specific details on applying. What you’ll need to do in your application, essentially, is tell us who your wrestler is, how he/she looks like and what moves he/she does. Yes, we allow female characters as well. You will also need to supply a sample RP for the application – this is just to see if you have the basics of RP’ing under your belt. You are only limited to one character though. You can't be in control of two characters.

Be original! Make the character your own. Character changes are allowed, but it’s not a bad idea to make a character and gimmick that you’ll be comfortable writing for a long time.

When creating a character, don’t throw realism out the window. Yes, you are only limited by your imagination, but you have to consider the nature of the other characters in the fed. For example, you can’t apply as a real zombie, but an emotionless and pale man with an undead fixation will probably make the cut.

This goes for the move-set as well. Don’t expect creative to okay a 400-pound giant to do a 450 splash – Bam Bam Bigelow is not a member of PWC. By the same logic, don’t give a flying midget a gorilla press gutbuster as a finisher. It’s all about balance. Remember, it’s not your move-set that will win matches, but your RP’s.

PLEASE consult the “ban-list” in the OP when designing your character. Certain finishers, character reps and theme songs are already in use by other posters.

What is an RP and how do I write one?
An RP is the regular member’s main contribution to the fed. Periodically, a Vortex or PPV thread will be created, containing the card and the deadline for the RP’s to be submitted.

Typically, an RP is a little story featuring your character. Narratives and interview-promos are commonplace in PWC. It’s also not unheard of to provide script-like comments like including a camera in the RP.

How you write is up to you. The best way for a noob to get a good feel for RP’ing is to simply read other RP’s in the fed. As a rule of thumb, don’t forget to mention your opponent in your RP, or why your character should win. Length is also up to you, but an RP of 500 words is generally considered too short to be a match-winner, while 6000 could get boring really quickly.

When reading the RP’s, you’ll notice that they’re also formatted in a certain way. While not set in stone, usual PWC formatting includes ways to distinguish dialogue, be it by dialogue assignment or by using different colours.

Lastly, a big no-no is to simply respond to your opponent’s RP. Blatantly responding to an RP means plagiarizing and if you’re caught doing this, your character will get punished. In short, if your opponent submits his RP earlier than you, you are not allowed to steal his ideas.

PWC is not PG, so feel free to express yourself and use themes and motifs that are challenging. Having said that, if a character drops more than twenty f-bombs in a promo, creative will spot it as a crutch, making up for a lack of creativity on the writer’s part. PWC also accommodates serious and humorous writers equally, so play to your strengths as a writer.

So is anything allowed in an RP?
No. We don't want you to write your character committing and crimes in your RPs because essentially, it'll look like PWC is employing a bunch of criminals to their wrestling promotion and we don't want that. Also, if you write about a sensitive topic such as - depression, rape, abuse, etc - PLEASE DO NOT WRITE OUT THE SCENE. Instead, we want you to imply it. You know how that goes right? For example, in movies, you don't see people doing the actual act. Instead, it's implied to be happening through sounds or right when the act is about to happen, transition to another scene. So please do not write out the actual scene as you will be disqualified and will automatically lose your match. As much as possible, keep it PG-13. No one wants to read about an abuse scene or whatever. If you're unsure about something you want to include in your RP, message anyone on creative and they'll tell you exactly if what you want in your RP is allowed or not. We will reply to your message as soon as we can.

Please do not write your RP as if it's happening during a future show. For example, don't have your character come out during Vortex 50 (which hasn't happened yet) to cut a promo or something. What actually goes on in the show is decided by the creative team and should not be written by you. If so, you will be disqualified and will automatically lose your match.

Also, if you're going to use anyone from the roster in any way shape or form, you NEED to PM them and ask permission to use their character. If they say no, then you can't use their character in your RP. So for example, I want to use Dr. Nero in some way in my RP, I'll need to PM Lariatoh for permission to use Nero. If he says no, then I can't. If he says yes, then I'll do it. Also, it's best to tell the person how exactly you'll be using their character in your RP.

How do things happen in PWC?
So you know what PWC is and you know what an RP is and you know who calls the shots... Now this is how PWC functions:

Creative sorts out angles, feuds and the like. Keeping that in mind, they release a card (with a deadline) for the next Vortex or PPV. Normally this process doesn't take longer than a day or two.

This is where you come in. Your main job is to submit an RP in the match-thread. That’s it. A show’s deadline is usually between a week and two weeks after the card is released, that way everybody can have enough time to write an RP.

The next step is creative deciding the outcomes of the scheduled matches, actually writing the matches, as well as adding additional segments to the show. This process is subject to creative’s real-life time constraints, but typically takes one or two weeks.

If you’re a new writer, struggling, or just looking to improve, feedback on your RP is a good way to get better, but also to get a feel of what the PWC fans want. (Wrestling is about the buys, after all...) Regulars usually give each other feedback in the match thread, as well as predictions before the show is posted and reviews afterwards.

While PWC is still in its first calendar year, the proposed “cycle” is that between each PPV, there will be four episodes of Vortex.

Deadlines and no-shows!
Deadlines for RP’s are there to ensure fairness. At PWC, we understand that real life gets priority over a hobby, but RP’ers should remember that the more extensions the creative team grants, the longer the wait is going to be. Be sure to ask creative for an extension if you know time-management will be a factor the moment you’ll see a collision. Also be sure to ask for time off (if you’re going to have longer commitments) BEFORE the cards are released.

The worst thing an RP’er can do is no-show (not submit an RP for his match). Shooting hard on every member of creative and calling them a ****** is exponentially better than no-showing! No-showing means that there’s a ton of uncertainty surrounding the show and the planned programme for your character probably has to get altered. As a rule, a no-show means that your character loses his match, simple as that. Under certain circumstances (like death and even then, preferably your own!), creative will find a way around the no-show, but in most cases (“Oh, I forgot!” or “Didn’t feel like it!”) your character will get jobbed out and made to look weak. Posters who no-show repeatedly are shown the door – it’s the only way to keep things running smoothly. It’s hard enough for people to write an entertaining show every few weeks without last-minute changes.


Have fun and don’t take things too seriously. If you didn't love wrestling, you probably wouldn't have been on WF anyway.
Real Name:

Wrestler Name:

Height & Weight:


Billed From:

Alignment: (Face or Heel):



Hair Style/Color/Length:

Eye Color:

Facial Hair:

Ring Attire:

Entrance Attire:



Sample Photo of Character:

Main Gimmick:

Characteristics of Gimmick:

Brief Biography:

Entrance Music:

Entrance Description:

Fighting Style:

Who does your character wrestle like?:

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:

Strengths/Weaknesses (2 or 3 for each):





Finishers (Maximum of 2):

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3):

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12, NO FINISHERS!):


Sample RP:
Real Name: Aaron Jones

Wrestler Name: Aaron Knight

Height & Weight: 6'1, 215 lbs.

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Billed From: Dallas, Texas

Alignment: (Face or Heel): Face


Hair Style/Color/Length: Buzzcut, Light Brown hair.

Eye Color: Green

Facial Hair: N/A

Ring Attire: Black and White boxing shorts, Black boots with white kickpads, black elbow pads, black and white gloves.

Entrance Attire: Same as ring attire but with a black robe similar to what a boxer would wear.

Tattoos: N/A


Sample Photo of Character:

Main Gimmick: Submission specialist who has a background in MMA and Boxing.

Characteristics of Gimmick: Knows a counter to just about every submission hold there is, However while he knows many counters and is a great striker, he can't match the sheer power that a big man will bring to a match and he can't fly around the ring with a high flyer and must rely on his ability to ground them.

Brief Biography: Knight has trained for 10 plus years to hone his skills in boxing and MMA. However he has always had a love for professional wrestling and plans to take the next step in being considered the greatest fighter in the world.

Entrance Music:

Entrance Description:
Knight walks out onto the stage and quickly makes his way down the ramp, ignoring all the fans no matter what they do. He stops at the bottom of the ramp and jogs in place before jumping onto the ring apron and stepping through the ropes. Knight jumps up to the top turnbuckle and shadow boxes before taking off his robe and tossing it out of the ring as his music cuts.

Fighting Style: Striker, Submission Specialist

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: Knight has issues with his left arm after years of MMA he broke it once and it was never the same. If the arm is attacked too often he may start to lose feeling in it. However his head is freaky strong so he could headbutt people and it will have little to no effect on him.


Strength: Very good and very fast striker.

Strength: Can use any part of his body as a weapon, making him extra dangerous.

Weakness: Weak left arm from years of MMA fighting.

Weakness: Plays by the rules: Knight refuses to break the rules and tends to fight fair as much as possible. This leaves him at a disadvantage in hardcore matches because he would prefer not to use a weapon in any fight, however if he has to he will.

Finishers (Maximum of 2):
Elbow of Justice (Bullhammer Elbow)
Snap Back to Reality (Kimura Lock)

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3):
Knight Light (Spinning Back Fist)
Dream Catcher (Rear Naked Choke)

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12):
German Suplex
Roundhouse Kick
Heel Hook Submission
Cross Armbreaker
Running Double Knees in the corner
High Knee to the jaw
Jumping Armbreaker
Running Big Boot
Belly to Belly Suplex
Single Leg Boston Crab
Repeated Punches to the ribs (Usually done with his opponent in the corner or in the ropes.)

Sample RP:

We see a man who is sparring in a boxing ring with an older gentleman. The younger of the two ends up getting popped in the jaw and this causes him to lose it and connect with a Spinning Back Fist to the jaw of the older man.

The younger of the two quickly realizes what he's done and checks on him.

???: Bob! Bob! Are you okay? I didn't mean it!

Bob, as we now find out his name is slowly sits up.

Bob: Yeah. I'm alright Aaron. But you need to get those anger issues of yours under control.

We now know the younger of the two is our very own Aaron Knight.

Aaron: I know, But luckily now that i'm a professional wrestler I can do that without fear of getting DQ'ed in a fight.

Bob slowly gets to his feet with the help of his sparring partner and the two exit the ring, both grabbing a bottle of water from near by.

Bob: And you will do great things there, Just like you did with boxing and MMA.

Aaron: It just won't be the same not having you in my corner though.

Bob smiles and pats Knight on the back.

Bob: Aaron, you are like the son I never had and you don't need me in your corner to do great things. Besides you know I will always just be one phone call away.

Aaron smiles at this and takes a sip from the water bottle.

Aaron: Thanks for the sparring session today. I needed it.

Bob: Anytime.

The two embrace with a hug as the scene fades to black.
Team Name:

Members of Team:

Combined Weight:

Entrance Theme:

Tag Team Finishers (Maximum of 2):

Tag Team Signature Moves:
When you write your own RP's you are writing as your character, what he/she sees and thinks. So when you are in a tag team match for this coming round and especially when you are in a full-time tag team, a great strategy to use is to think of you and your partner as co-authors of this story. It's about both of your characters. How are they going to interact as they think about their upcoming match? Are they going to go on an adventure together?

Your focus is still on your own character, but approach it as writing two halves of the same chapter in a book. Your half and your partner's half. You don't necessarily have to re-tell the entirety of the same scene from two different points of view in both RP's, but it helps to have connections between the two. One important conversation could take place in both, but then you still write about what your character while away from his/her partner. Just make sure your team has addressed both characters' thoughts on their opponents and why they should win, have some fun along the way.

PWC logo image credit goes to ChampviaDQ

Creative Team: Attila The Fun, DarksideEric, HollywoodNightmare, Lariatoh, Saber Rider, and Zak Warner

Aaron Harris (UntilDawn)
"The Franchise" Aaron Kendrick (Codename Bags)
Austin Angel (HollywoodNightmare)
Barney Williams (GhostOfProtocol)
Bruce Thorn Jr. (Saber Rider)
Cheri Hayven (DarksideEric)
Crowley (Demon Hunter)
Daiko (Daiko)
Darius Black (The Fourth Wall)
Donald Hammerpunch (Coyote Smith)
Dr. Nero (Lariatoh!)
Edward Potts (EyeZac)
Flexx Palumbo
Gino Galucci (Jamjam22)
Ivory (Zak Warner)
Jensen (Attila The Fun)
Kyle Elric (RAVEN)
La Cara de la Fantasma (3MB4Life)
La Pantera
"London's Worst Nightmare" Marcus Kendall (L-DOPA)
Shadow (NotTheRealOwen)
Xander Black (C3K)


PWC Heavyweight Champion: Dr. Nero

PWC World Heavyweight Championship History

Dr. Nero - (1x World Champion)
Title Reign: Vindication (2015) - Present
Episode 23
Episode 24
Episode 25
Episode 26
Location: All-State Arena - Chicago, Illinois
Defeated: Xander Black | Falls Count Anywhere Match | Pinfall via Time of Death


Xander Black - (2x World Champion)
Title Reign: Right to Rule (2015) - Vindication (2015)
PPV: Right To Rule
Episode 20
Episode 21
Episode 22
PPV: Vindication
Location: Wembley Arena - London, England
Defeated: Kyle Elric (c) and Dr. Nero | Triple Threat Match | Pinfall via Death Nail


Kyle Elric - (1x World Champion)
Title Reign: Hell’s Judgment (2014) - Right To Rule (2015)
PPV: Hell’s Judgment
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
PPV: Desolation
Episode 15
Episode 16
Episode 17
Episode 18
Episode 19
PPV: Right to Rule
Location: Greensboro Coliseum - Greensboro, North Carolina
Defeated: Xander Black | Singles Match | Pinfall via God’s Last Gift

Xander Black - (1x World Champion)
Title Reign: Vortex Episode #1 - Hell’s Judgment (2014)
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
PPV: Alpha & Omega
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
PPV: Hell's Judgment
Location: Save Mart Center - Los Angeles, California
Defeated: Won PWC World Heavyweight Championship Battle Royal

PWC Legacy Champion: Cheri Hayven

PWC Legacy Championship History
Cheri Hayven - (1x Legacy Champion)
Title Reign: Right to Rule (2015) - Present
PPV: Right To Rule
Episode 20
Episode 21
Episode 22
PPV: Vindication
Episode 23
Episode 24
Location: Wembley Arena - London, England
Defeated: Reggie | Tournament Final | Pinfall via Knee Strikes


Dr. Nero - (1x Legacy Champion)
Title Reign: Hell's Judgment (2014) - Vortex Episode #18
PPV: Hell's Judgment
Episode 12
Episode 13
Episode 14
PPV: Desolation
Episode 15
Episode 16
Episode 17
Episode 18
Location: Greensboro Coliseum - Greensboro, North Carolina
Defeated: Muhammad Islami | Singles Match | Submission via Amputation


Muhammad Islami - (1x Legacy Champion)
Title Reign: Alpha & Omega (2013) - Hell's Judgment (2014)
PPV: Alpha & Omega
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
PPV: Hell's Judgment
Location: The Hammerstein Ballroom - New York City
Defeated: Joey Holt and Trae Walker | Triple Threat Match | Submission via Silver Clutch
Championship belt image credit goes to ABrown

PWC Owner/General Manager: Ernesto Clement
Commentary Team: Stan Chambers and Charlie Campbell
Ring Announcer: Emma Mason
Backstage Interviewer: Danny Eriksen
Backstage Interviewer: Kira Wells
GM's Personal ASSistant: Brittany Page
Senior Referee: Gil Artman
Referee: Roger Hains
Referee: Gwen Jeffers

Adam Cole (Edward Potts)
AJ Styles (Daiko)
Alex Shelley (Ivory)
Buggy Nova (Cheri Hayven)
Cody Rhodes (Gino Galucci)
Corey Graves (Crowley)
Dean Ambrose (Darius Black)
Dolph Ziggler (Kyle Elric)
Drew McIntyre (Bruce Thorn Jr.)
Edge (Austin Angel)
Finn Balor (Jensen)
Heath Slater (Barney Williams)
John Cena (Marcus Kendall)
Randy Orton (Dr. Nero)
Richie Steamboat (Aaron Kendrick)
Seth Rollins (Xander Black)
Sin Cara ***** (Shadow)
Steve Blackman (Donald Hammerpunch)

Christopher Daniels (Famine) - Inactive
Manu Bennett (Muhammad Islami) - Inactive
Leo Kruger (Freddie Vos) - Inactive
Triple H (Mike Damage) - Inactive
"The Franchise" Aaron Kendrick (Codename Bags)
Talent Exchange (Falcon Arrow, sometimes from the top rope)
TAK ATK (The Aaron Kendrick Attack)(Samoan Driver)

Austin Angel (HollywoodNightmare)
Angel Cutter - Cutter
Fall From Heaven - Phoenix Splash

Barney Williams (GhostOfProtocol)
Aim To Please (Big Ending)
Darkside (Bow and Arrow Submission)

Bruce Thorn Jr. (Saber Rider ^-^)
Thorn In Your Side (Rock Bottom)

Cheri Hayven (DarksideEric)
The Cure for the Pain (Ankle Lock)
Iron Maiden (A Million Dollar Dream / Cobra Clutch)

Crowley (Demon Hunter)
Static-X (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press)
C'est La Vie (Muta Lock)

Daiko (Daiko)
Boma Ye!
Crossface Chickenwing (No theatrics. Straight to the ground w/ legs wrapped around the body)

Darius Black (The Fourth Wall) - INACTIVE
Good Night (Diamond Cutter)
No Where To Go (Anaconda Vice)

Donald Hammerpunch (Coyote Smith)
Lights Out (Bicycle Kick)

Dr. Nero (Lariatoh!)
Amputation (Heel Hook Submission)
Scalpel (Angel’s Wings ala Christopher Daniels finisher)
Time of Death (Sit-out Crucifix Powerbomb)

Edward Potts (EyeZac)
Very Merry Unbirthday (Sky High Leg Drop)
Off With Their Head! (Eye Of The Hurricane)

Famine (Laserblast) - INACTIVE
Chernobyl Destroyer (Canadian Destroyer)
Scorpion Deathlock

Freddie Vos (ManureTheBear) - INACTIVE
Dirtnap (Skull Crushing Finale)

Gino Galucci (Jamjam22)
DAT FINISHER DOUGH or simply DFD (Powerbomb dropped into a double knee backbreaker aka Project Ciampa for all you ROH fans)
Pepperoni Slam (Alabama Slam)

Ivory (Zak Warner)
Life To Lifeless (Omega Driver)
Black Star Press (Shooting Star Senton)

Jensen (Attila The Fun)
Censored Colors (Reverse Bloody Sunday)
Gold Front Necktie (Peruvian Necktie)

Kyle Elric (Quoth the Raven)
God’s Last Gift (Small Package Driver)
Vertebreaker (ala Homicide’s ****** Killah)

Mike Damage (RestHolder) - INACTIVE
Death Valley Driver
Culture Shock (Sit-Out Helicopter Powerbomb)

Muhammad Islami (Principino) - INACTIVE
Diving Elbow Drop
Silver Clutch (Camel Clutch)

Shadow (NotTheRealOwen)
Darkness falls (Diving double foot stomp ala Finn Balor)
Code Black (Code breaker)

Xander Black (C3K)
Figure Four Death Lock (Leg Lock Cloverleaf)
Death Nail (Future Shock DDT (Drew McIntyre’s old finisher))

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Hey everybody. Yes, this is the new thread where all PWC-related stuff will be posted from now on. New year, new thread I guess. As you can see, there are a lot of changes that occurred during the holidays. Now, I want to ask all of you to do something for me.


I feel like 2015 will be the year that PWC really grows. So let's do this!!!
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Real Name: Loren Jensen Schaefer
Wrestler Name: Jensen
Height & Weight: 6'2 217
Age: 28
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Billed From: Portland, Oregon
Alignment: (Face or Heel): Currently trying to be the face of the company


Hair Style/Color/Length: Short to medium lenth light brown hair. (Sometimes messy)

Eye Color: Light Brown

Facial Hair: Usually looks unshaven

Ring Attire: Dark red trunks. Black Boots. Black kick pads. Black sleeves.
Entrance Attire: Same as ring attire, but with a light up jacket Prince Devitt style
Tattoos: None

Sample Photo of Character:

Main Gimmick:
Jensen as an over anxious wrestler who desperately tries to please the crowd. Once a superstar in the indy world, he is trying to recapture the glory he believes he deserves. He is a great wrestler, but once the cameras are rolling he tends to ramble.

Characteristics of Gimmick
: The Character of Jensen really wants to be liked by the crowd, but often fails in his attempts. He is really bad at giving promos, often droning on and on while making irrelevent comments and obscure references; often times trying to land a successful catch phrase.. He is a good natured character, often making random pop culture references. Despite his over the top attempt at a gimmick, he is actualy an outstanding ring performer.

Brief Biography:
Loren Jensen Schaefer was a star of the American indy circuits, and worked hard developing the skills required of a future wrestling legend for almost a decade. His hard work was about to pay off, as Ernesto Clement and company finally took notice of the indy superstar. Unfortunately, things turned sour and the deal was pulled off of the table. After a year of a self imposed exile to the wrestling circuit of Eastern Europe, he finally has earned himself a second chance to be a star in the PWC.

Entrance Music::
The Pines-Portugal. The Man

Entrance Description
: Music starts blaring across the arena. After some time Jensen appears from behind the curtains with his arms outstretched to embrace the crowd. He then walks down the ramp to give high fives to fans. Once he steps into the ring he pauses for a few seconds then the lights dim to a blue/purpe hue. His jacket then lights up revealing an assortment of colors, He poses in the center of the ring.

Fighting Style: Well rounded wrestler who likes to mix it up. He spends too much time pandering to the crowd, which often times leads to bad results. When focused though, he can perform at very high levels. Loves to hit his opponent with dropkicks. Moves very well in the ring. And is very physical.

Wrestles like 65% Devitt and 35% CM Punk

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:Jensen has had no serious injuries to date. Though his portrayal of Jensen has lead to numerous minor injuries such as many stiches and a minor cuncussion . When he was 12 years old he suffered a sprained wrist while climbing a tree to impress a girl. Jensen believes the higher ups are waiting for him to screw up. He believes he should be a bigger star.

Strength: Stamina

Strength: Determination

Strength: Well Rounded wrestler.

Weakness: Easily distracted.

Weakness: Takes unnecessary risks.

Weakness: Puts to much effort into trying to please the crowd.


Finishers (Maximum of 2
Censored Colors- Stables and Chairs-(calf slicer)
Signature Moves[/B]- (Maximum of 3): Step-up high knee to a cornered opponent followed by a bulldog,
Springboard clothesline, falling overhead kick

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12, NO FINISHERS!):

Fujiwara Armbar
dropkick/(running front dropkick knocking opponent into turnbuckle,hesitation sidekick, etc)
Northern Lights suplex
single arm ddt
Powerslam ala Randy Orton
Diving cross Body
snap elbow drop onto downed opponent
High angle Belly to back suplex
Arm Trap Swinging Neckbreaker
basement dropick
rope assisted gamengiri
Sample RP:
Location: A Small Arena

You could feel that there was excitement in the air, and considering how small the venue arena was, it was impossible to go unnoticed. The fans of the small wrestling promotion definitely were exhilirated, but it had little to do with the action in the ring.

It's not to say that the wrestling was bad, in fact it was the opposite. The two great athletes in the ring, and not to mention the four buxom beauties covered in whip cream, would normally be a homeroom from the head honchos over in Federation of Wrestlers Alliance, but not tonight; Tonight was different. Instead of the actual show, attention of the crowd was about a man sitting in the front row.

You could drop in on any conversation in the arena and the convesation would be about that man. Take Bob Smith and Tim Jones who are seated in the third row. They are best friends for life who decided to make the 2 hour trip north to watch some FWA wrestling; They loved indy wrestling. Bob didn't even bother going into work today at his towns local convenience store. His Boss was unhappy with this decision, especially since it was the night before valentines day. With the store being low on man power,Bob's boss immediately regretted his decision to put chocolate hearts on sale for half price.

Bob and Tim sat there, sqealing like little school children, this was understandable because they were in the presence of their indy wrestling God.

Bob: "Is that really him?"

Tim: It has to be man. It looks exactly like him. But what's he doing here. I thought he ran off to Mexico.

Bob: "Yeah, I wonder what he is doing back."

Tim: "Yeah me too. Let's not question it though. Hopefully, we can talk to him after the show."

"Thats a long shot dude. His manager probably has a sniper set on him in case he opens his mouth again. But who wouldn't."

Tim: "Yeah, Especially after what he said. Geez..."

The two best friends rambled on and on, staring and talking about the former indy star seated in the front row, and so did everybody else. The match continued on with good wrestling but an uninterested audience. Suddenly, the crowd started chanted the mans name.

"Jens!" was heard through out the arena, and continued for several minutes. Finally, he stood up and made his way to the ring. He was handed a microphone by the owners of this promotion, and suddenly the crowd went silent.

: "Thanks guys for the warm welcome. I can remember it like it was yesterday; I was tearing it up in that ring, in this arena, with you in the stands chanting for more! And despite the villinization of my character, you guys still believe I deserve a second chance. You guys are why I've never given up hope of wrestling in the PWC. And I can finally say I have some news, I have finally recieved a call from the Clement. I'm going to the PWC!

He then dropped the microphone and walked away. The fans continued to chant his name....
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Real name: Max Killings​

Ring name: Max Killings​

alignment: Face/Tweener​


former cop with grudge, fired because of backstage politics, he had devoted his life to bringing justice to the masses every innocent person sacrificed at a time. But with a new motivation and drive he decides to devote his life to both stopping injustice and to bring happiness to the young fans of PWC after a chance meeting with a family of fans. Before joining the force he spent his childhood practicing Mua Thai, Tae Kwan Doe, Karate etc. As well as gymnastics. He was hailed as a prodigy at all Martial Arts he practiced. Learning the Advanced moves in a day, and beating his teacher in a week. His intense training is a way to cope for a terrible incident that happened to him. That incident led to his obsession with justice.​

description: brown eyes, 5o'clock shadow, jet black hair that is slicked black.​


-height: 6'2
-weight: 200 pounds​

Main gimmick:

A holier than thou, Moral Crusader. He doesn't want the love and affection of the crowd he wants to get shit done.​

characteristics of gimmick:

-He often thinks that he is far superior to everybody in the crowd for his dedication to Justice​

-He often berates other wrestlers for their lifestyle choices.

-He suffers from both a superiority and Inferiority complex. Often thinking he is better than the average man, but losing his cool and obsessing over someone he feels is better than him.​

Home Town: Detroit, Michigan​

Billed from: Detroit, Michigan​

Fighting stye:

-killings uses a hybrid of Highflying and Technical wrestling, with a dash of Puro Like Stiff punches and kicks.​

Wrestler he wrestles like:

-His wrestling style is similar to Kenta's, using a variety of Stiff kicks, Knee strikes and slaps. Killing is also fond of using a wide selection of Suplexes like Tazz​

Ring attire:

-The plastic looking pants that the uso's use, it is coloured black with a silver military pattern.​

-He wears gloves similar to Seth Rollins ones.​

-He wears a sleeveless shirt similar to Dean Ambrose's one. On the back it says "Death Before Injustice" and on the shirts front is a design of a hand reaching out pointing a pistol at Killing's throat.

Entrance Attire:

-During his entrance he adorns a tracksuit similar to Christian's during his 05' Heel run.

-backstage he wears a hoodie, with the same design as his ring attire​



-Strengths: gifted athlete, very fast and agile, and a capable highflier​

-Weakness: has been shot in leg before, body worn after years in the force, supremely arrogant, thinks that he is better than everyone. Which leads to him underestimating his opponent.​

Entrance music:Red Fraction (MELL)​


-A Jericho like pyro invades the stage

-"Red Fraction" blast through the speakers.

-Killings is shadow boxing for a second and end it with a huge punch to his other hand

-He walks to the ring arrogantly pointing to himself and later the ring

- if he's near a camera he will push it away from his face

-He approaches the steel steps and places his left foot on the first step, for a few seconds he glares at the crowd.

- He than climbs the turnbuckle, CM Punk style and wipes his hand over his face. And dismounts staring at his opponent and crowd with disdain.

-He than goes to the far turnbuckle. Staring at the crowd and pointing at himself, he than makes a title belt gesture around his waist and calmly dismounts.

-Killing me softly (Tiger Driver '91)​

-Death before injustice (Liontamer)

-Knees to scumbags (turnbuckle shining wizard, plus tornado DDT)​

-four slaps to the face than a backhand (sometimes while on the Turnbuckle)

move set:

-Tiger Bomb (top rope, Ladder spots

-Fisherman buster

-butterfly suplex

-stomps at the throat



-Top rope lariat

-northern lights Suplex

-knee strikes

-german suplex

-japanese armdrags​

-Mid section kicks


Max Killings enters the PWC stadium. He looks through with disgust at the men he has to work with, he sees them either passed out drunk or passed out on drugs. "Disgusting" he mutters to himself. He walks through to the HOF of PWC. He sees every name on their knowing that he is superior to each and everyone of them in and outside the ring. To prove this to the bookers hes setting his height high, and will no doubt capture the world championship in no time.​

While Max is distracted looking at the names of past wrestlers, he hears a noise that puts cringe and disgust on his face: the sound of a slimy reporter with a camera, for to long in the force did he have to contend with scum like these. And he was in no mood to answer anything.​

Danny Erickson:"Hello, my name is Danny Erickson. You're PWC latest signing and I would like to ask you a few..."​

Max slaps the camera out of view.

Killings: "Listen, you here you degenerate I don't care about any of your tabloid journalism. I'm here because I'm sick of all the injustice in the world, I'm here because I was fired for doing the right thing. I'm here to save assholes like you that complain about something wrong in society but do absolutely nothing about it."​

Danny mutters something obscene to the camera​

Killings: "I've had enough of your disingenuous assertions!"​

Max uppercuts Danny in the chin​

Danny Erickson: "You son of a bitch!"​

Killings slowly walks away pulling the finger back to Danny, who is laid out on the floor​
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Real Name: Skye Jones

Wrestler Name: Serenity Skye (or Serenity for short)

Height & Weight: 5'5 125 Lbs.

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Billed From: Dallas, Texas

Alignment: (Face or Heel): Face


Hair Style/Color/Length: Same as pic

Eye Color: Blue

Facial Hair: N/A

Ring Attire: Same as pic (various different colors, she'll wear brighter colors if in a good mood and darker colors for when she's not or has a big match.) with brown cowgirl boots. She also has a black studded bracelet on each wrist.

Entrance Attire: Same as ring attire.

Backstage Attire:

Plus her cowgirl boots,

Tattoos: None


Sample Photo of Character:

Main Gimmick: Rough and tough southern bartender who had to drop out of college and work at her family's struggling bar. She's fighting to earn money for her family.

Characteristics of Gimmick: Because of her rough childhood and working at a bar for years, she doesn't put up with people harassing her. She's also not afraid of anybody or anything.

Once she takes a liking to someone, she will always look out for them. After being bullied herself, she can't stand when people are bullied or when someone is ganged up on in a fight.

Brief Biography: Skye's had a lot of issues in her life, including being forced to drop out of college by her father because he couldn't keep up with the bar he runs with his brother and struggling with being bullied in middle school. After a drunk patron at the bar tried to stab her because of her ignoring his attempts to flirt with her, she asked her uncle to teach her to fight. She learned that she loved fighting and decided to turn her passion into a living once she saved up enough money to go to wrestling school. She currently lives with her uncle in his house.

Entrance Music:

Entrance Description: As the lyrics kick up, Serenity skips out onto the stage and nods her head to the beat of the music as she looks out at the fans. Serenity now jogs down the ramp and slides into the ring under the bottom rope. Serenity then stands up and climbs up to the top turnbuckle, making a "guns up" hand symbol (to show pride for her old college Texas Tech) to pose for the fans. Serenity then jumps down after making a motion to shoot off the guns.

Fighting Style: Striker/High Flyer.

Who Does Your Character Wrestle Like: A mix of Paige and Mickie James.

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: Some minor sprains or pulled muscles but nothing major.

Strengths/Weaknesses (2 or 3 for each):

Strength: Striking Skills, Serenity is very skilled with her strikes and takes pride in that.

Strength: Toughness, Serenity is tough enough to hang with the boys and it takes a lot to keep her down for the count.

Weakness: Inexperience, Skye is still a rookie and learning as she goes.

Weakness: Her Anger, Skye has a temper and tends to let it get the best of her sometimes. That can lead to her making a mistake or possibly getting DQ'd. But the latter is less likely than the former.

Finishers (Maximum of 2):
Sweet Serenity - Curb Stomp
Scream For Me - Guillotine choke

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3):
Skye High - Belly to Belly Suplex off the top turnbuckle
Balls Plex- Crotch-lift release German suplex

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12, NO FINISHERS!):
Multiple Headbutts
Multiple knee lifts to an opponent leaning through the ropes
Repeated Gut Punches with opponent on the ropes
Diving hurricanrana
Reverse frankensteiner
Cross Armbreaker
Chop Block to the back of the knee
Suicide Dive
Discus Elbow Smash
Multiple stomps to the chest of an opponent seated in the corner
Reverse STO into turnbuckle
Sleeper Hold, often with her legs wrapped around the opponents waist


Sample RP:

We see a sign that says “Welcome to Dallas.” After a few seconds of seeing that sign, the video cuts to a shot of a slightly shorter than normal sized brunette woman who walks up to the camera with a big smile on her face.

???: My name is Skye and I'm the newest member of PWC. I might be small and you may think I’m weak but trust me, y'all don't wanna underestimate me.

Skye walks down a side walk in what looks to be a small town. She reaches a big brown door and opens it up as the bells alert the owners of the place that someone has entered.

Skye: I used to work here. My family runs this bar. It's a little run-down but you won't find better drinks anywhere this side of the Mississippi.

Skye nods and keeps walking until she stops and walks inside a small, run-down gym where she straps on some boxing gloves and turns to the camera.

Skye: Next week, on Vortex 18, I'm coming to PWC and I'm gonna show y'all that big things.....come in small packages.

Skye turns back to the punching bag and fires off some rapid fire punches as the video fades out. After a few moments, text appears on the screen stating, “Next week: Serenity Skye debuts!”
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Real Name: Stephen King

Wrestler Name: Crowley

Height & Weight: 6'1, 210 lbs.

Hometown: Sicily Italy

Billed from: The Casalesi Italy

Alignment: (Face/Heel) Heel


Hairstyle/color/lenght: a long black mohican

Eye color: Brown

Facial Hair: a light facial hair

Ring Attire: Black need pads with a pair of black boots

Tattoos: One on the righ side of his head and some more on his arms

Sample photo of character

Main Gimmick: A twisted man who suffers from sociaphaty. The leader of a satanic cult that want to punish all the humanity for their sins with no remorse.

Characteristic of gimmick: His noticed by his extraordinary High-flyer style that you could think the sky isn't a limit for him. Methodical in all his moves with an excessive agressiveness against to his opponents. He is the prophet the leader of his cult, his main purpose is to expose the lies of this world and all their idols. Any illegal methods to unmask the liars are fine for him he doesn't show any remorse for his actions you could think that he's the chosen one our savior. So you really want to know the truth out there or be a blindfold the rest of your life.

Brief Biography: Crowley born in the tough streets of Sicily Italy, was raied in the city orphane where he gained a reputation of trouble maker. Because of his behavior and defiant nature he was frequently beaten by the older guys who ran the orphane and often victimazed by the other children. When he was more older he left the orphane to persuade more than just a dream, he found work as bartman but was dissatified with his life and had trouble controlling his violent tendencies. Later he met Frank Iommi better known as the God Iommi an Ex-pro wrestler, who helped him channel his anger and aggression into a high-flyer methodical conspiracist egomaniac wrestler.

Entrance Music:

Theme starts at 3:50 - 5:04

Entrance Description: The lights dissapear to cover the arena into darkness, the screen shows some flickering images in black and white from Crowley in various locations. As soon as the last bit of the solo ends and the breakdown starts Crowley appears from the curtain and there's some purple thin light following him as he walks down the ramp, he surrounds the ring until he finally slide inside. When he's on the ring the lights turn in red and he can be seen staring to the sky in the middle of the ring.

Fighting Style: High flyer, technical.

Previous Injuries: Headtrauma due to his tragical childhood. A broken neck when a random wrestler drove him through a table landing incorrectly.

Strenghts/Weakness (2 of 3 for each):

Strenght: Incredible agility he would find a way to make his moves.

Strenght: Has a vast knowledge on submission moves that gave him many victories over the years.

Weakness: Struggles against wrestlers with a high strenght.

Weakness: Tends to get himself disqualified when the things are not how he planned.

Finishers (Maximum of 2):
Static-X: Corkscrew Shooting Star Press
C'est La Vie: Muta Lock

Signature moves (Maximum of 3):
LoveCraft: Middle Rope Phoenix Splash
Dedication: Suicide Dive Tornado DDT

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12, NO FINISHERS):
Falcon Arrow
DevilLock DDT
Space Moonsault
No Hands Space Flying Tigersault
Tiger Suplex Hold
Standing Corkscrew Moonsault
Dragon stunner
Rope hung arm trap can opener
Handspring Backflip Tornado DDT
Electric Chair Driver

Sample RP:

Allan: What was that

John: ---

Allan: Who is that guy?

John: The Forever Evil

Allan: Who?

John: Our questions will be answered Allan all of them!!

Allan: I don't think so, no one has all the answers why I would listen him this is not the place for that we are here for the love of wrestling.

John: No f**ks given Allan, you and I will hear the The No Face Guy and the glory of a new era to the PWC will start for us.

Allan: You are scaring me John

John: No f**ks given Allan, you will become to one of us.:
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Real Name: Michael Atwood

Wrestler Name: Mike Damage

Height & Weight: 6 foot 3, 255 lb

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Billed From: Detroit, Michigan

Alignment: Face

Hair Style/Color/Length: Somewhat stringy, just past shoulder length, brown

Eye Color: Brown

Facial Hair: Full brown goatee

Ring Attire: Red trunks w/ no design, red kneepads & boots, white wrist tape.

Entrance Attire: Gray t-shirt that looks like it's covered in water or sweat, a la Dan Severn.

Tattoos: None.

Sample Photo of Character:

Main Gimmick: Old school throwback (hence the old-school cheesy name)

Characteristics of Gimmick: Employs a bruising style of offense but is also able to mix in technical wrestling if need be. Treats it as a real sport where wins and losses are the end-all be-all. Although his message and demeanor are that of a heel, the crowd loves his style and look too much to boo him.

Brief Biography: Growing up without cable, Mike was only able to watch his father's old JCP tapes. Therefore, he grew up idolizing guys like Arn Anderson, and he's shaped his wrestling style around that.

Entrance Music: http://youtu.be/e8QP4gB4HvU

Entrance Description: Damage makes his way down the aisle, paying little to no attention to the crowd. He simply has his eyes focused on his opponent in the ring, occasionally glancing down to test the tightness of his wrist tape. After a crack of the neck at the top of the steps, he steps between the ropes and removes his stained shirt. He leans back-first against the corner, awaiting the ring of the bell.

Fighting Style: Bruiser, slightly technical

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: He's had injuries before, but nothing major enough that it will hinder his wrestling ability.

Strength: Grounding his opponent and wearing him out.

Weakness: Has never really trained against the new-school style of wrestling. (high-flying, etc.)

Strength: He's a very intimidating figure, which goes a long way in psyching out his opponents.

Weakness: Has a tendency to grow frustrated too easily if he's unable to put an opponent away.

Finishers (Maximum of 2):
Death Valley Driver
Culture Shock (Sit-Out Helicopter Powerbomb)

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3):
Back to the Future (Randy Orton-style backbreaker)
Fallaway Slam

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12):
Vertical Suplex
Sleeper Hold
Corner Splash
Back Suplex
Knee Crusher
Fireman's Carry
Belly to Belly Suplex
Big Clothesline
Electric Chair

Sample RP:

An intimidating man is in a mostly dark room, except for the light shining on him from presumably a nearby lamp. He's seated in a steel folding chair, and he's bent over, lacing up a pair of red boots. His stringy hair is covering his face as he goes about his business in silence. After tightening the final lace at the top of his boots, he leans back in the chair. With his right hand, he moves his hair out of his face, and the camera comes in closer.

Damage: I hear it all the time. Nobody wants to watch me wrestle, they say. They say I'm boring, they say I've got no personality, no emotion.

He moves his hair again, as it has come back in front of his face.

Damage: If you want emotion, you have to look no further than the look on my face and the feeling in my body when I've got my opponent on the mat. I'm not here, to make friends. I'm not here, to talk on a microphone. I'm here... to win.

Damage pulls his red kneepad further up his leg before continuing again.

Damage: I'm tired of standing by and watching, as "second-generation" wrestlers--and I use the term "wrestler" very loosely--spit all over what their fathers and all that came before them did for this business. And in case you've forgotten what wrestling used to be, I'm here to jog your memory: I am what wrestling used to be. I am what wrestling should be, and I am what wrestling will be, once I make my impact in PWC.

The camera shot fades out, while Damage turns his attention to lacing his other boot.
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Real Name: Unknown

Wrestler Name: Famine

Height & Weight: 5’10, 185 pounds

Hometown: Unknown

Billed From: Sierra Blanca, Texas

Alignment: Tweener


Appearance: Very pale, appears slightly emaciated around the abdominal area.

Hair Style/Color/Length: Bald

Eye Color: Grey

Facial Hair: Beard

Ring Attire: Shield attire.

Entrance Attire: Same as ring attire.

Tattoos: An unknown message in Arabic calligraphy on the back of his head.


Sample Photo of Character:

Christopher Daniels

Main Gimmick: Partially disfigured alchemist/chemist/mercenary with a prosthetic right arm.

Characteristics of Gimmick:

In the interest of fairness, Famine is only allowed to perform standard strikes with his left arm. However, he has no reservations about using his metal arm if he can get away with it.


“Famine” was born in 1980 to American parents. Two years after he was born, his family went to live in a lab near the location of the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant disaster, where his father worked as an "exchange scientist." Following the disaster, his mother, brother, and sister were killed and Famine was quarantined by the Soviet Union and experimented on before escaping to the United States years later. The scientists that experimented on him did not know his name, thus granting him his moniker "Famine" because he was abnormally pale and wasn’t able to gain significant body mass in the abdominal area (most likely due to radiation exposure). For many years after his exodus to the United States, he lived without his right arm on the streets. Famine was eventually taken in by a man named Gary Dennis, who provided him with a bionic arm and taught him the synchronicity between wrestling, alchemy, and chemistry.

Entrance Music:
The Second Coming

Entrance Description: Famine walks to the ring.

Fighting Style: Technical with an emphasis on evasive maneuvering. He's proficient in combat rolls, ducking, and dodging.

Who do your character wrestle like: Seth Rollins

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: Famine lost his right arm in the Chernobyl disaster; years later, it was replaced with a metal prosthetic. He lost that arm when two wrestlers worked in tandem to rip it off; it was soon replaced with another prosthetic.


With his right arm being metal, it is powerful than his left. However, in the interest of fair competition, he must exercise caution in its use (see weaknesses).

Despite his prosthetic arm being stronger, is it still artificially attached to his body and thus could become detached again if worked right.

Despite not usually intending to use his metal arm to do normal strikes, it could happen and thus the chance of disqualification exists.

Chernobyl Destroyer (Canadian Destroyer)
Scorpion Deathlock

Signature Moves:
Corner Splash
Meltdown (DDT)
Old School

Character Moveset:
Clothesline (left arm)
Pendulum lariat (left arm)
European uppercut (left arm)
Apron dropkick
German suplex
Inverted atomic drop
Swinging neckbreaker
Single leg Boston crab
Sunset flip powerbomb
Tornado DDT
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Real Name: Reginald

Wrestler Name: Reggie

Height & Weight: 200cm 150kg

Hometown: Deep in the forests of the Dandenong ranges, east about an a hour and a half from Melbourne, Australia

Billed From: The Forests.

Alignment: (Face or Heel): Heel


Brock Lesnar without the dicksword tattoo


Sample Photo of Character:

Main Gimmick:

A very angry man.

Characteristics of Gimmick:

Gets angry at literally everything, from paintings not being held on walls at the right angle, to ties not being done up right, whatever it is you can be sure big Reggie will lose his shit because of it.

Speaking of losing his shit, Reggie also seems to get angry at his own voice, and has devolved his speech into animalistic grunts and yells rather than coherent sentences to cope with it.

Brief Biography:

So the deal is he's this really angry dude that some hikers found beating the crap out of a tree because it was growing at a slightly different angle to the other trees in the area, while wearing wrestling tights. So they naturally called the cops who got the living hell beaten out of them for scaring the birds in the area when they drove out - another thing that makes Reggie a little angry.
Eventually an entire town effort managed to subdue him long enough for them to realise he was dressed like a wrestler, so they shipped him off to PWC figuring that would be the most reasonable course of action. Needless to say, getting shipped away made Reggie mighty confused and freaking pissed off so he's gonna use this opportunity to beat the bejesus out of some unlucky wrestlers.

Entrance Music:

Entrance Description:

Reggie walks down the ramp, eyes bulging out of his head as he breathes deeply, trying to contain his rage. He approaches the ring, but as he does he notices something slightly out of order (come up with something like the stairs not fitting on top of each other perfectly or the apron not covering the ring properly or a cord to a camera being in the way, have fun, mix it up ;) ) and proceeds to go mental on whatever it was before scrambling into the ring and breathing heavier than before as he madly stomps back and forth in his corner.

Fighting Style:

Power thrower.

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:

No injuries. Absolutely no rest holds. The guy likes to throw his opponent, pick him up, and throw him again a different way. No resting in between because he's on a rampage and won't stop until his opponent quits or his own body does. Not very good at handling getting hit though, as most hits with major impact will likely stun him for a couple of seconds as he figures out that he of all people got hit - once he figures it out though he gets even more angry and violent. It's a vicious cycle.

Strengths/Weaknesses (2 or 3 for each):


The guy's strong as hell and will easily suplex everyone under 500 pounds - tossing sub 330 pounders around like children.


The man lives on anger. He will use it as an adrenaline booster shot for about a minute longer than humanly possible, and every hit from his opponent fuels the rage that keeps him charging on.


Unfortunately for Reggie, his endurance completely relies on rage - about 5 minutes into the crazy his body will say no and he'll just not be able to do it for another three or so minutes, playing defense with nothing but a few shoves as offence.


Not the brightest tool in the pond, will be outsmarted reasonably easy, or just distracted by something else that makes him angry relatively easily, letting his opponent get the jump on him.

Finishers (Maximum of 2):

Reginator - Snap Dominator (not so snappy if it's a heavy dude obviously)

Anger Management - One armed jacknife schoolboy driver
It's whatever the hell this move is with a jacknife release

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3):

Top rope straight standing release suplex throw

Deadlift gutwrench suplex into the turnbuckle

Release german from the middle rope

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12, NO FINISHERS!):

German suplex
Underhook suplex
Gorilla press slam
Gorilla press throw into the turnbuckle
Samoan drop
Reverse suplex
Throwing opponent into the turnbuckle
Throwing opponent out of the ring
Throwing opponent into the ring over the top rope (only for lighter guys, Reggie's strong but not superman)
Fallaway slam
Standing release straight suplex throw

Sample RP:

A VCR recording starts up, flickering before kicking into gear and showing what seems to be a documentary style production deep inside of a forest somewhere. An soft English voice begins to narrate the video...

Nature Documentaries Present: Angry Angry Men.

The Angry Man is a frightening beast. He is one which, when angered, proceeds to smash and destroy until the source of the anger is defeated. Here we will see one such Angry Man in captivity - a rare sight to behold.

The camera pans through the forest, before revealing a large white cubed structure in the distance hidden behind some trees and vines...

If you look carefully at your screen, eventually a white cube should start to appear. This is the Angry Man's captive space, and through a one directional glass conveniently placed for observation, we should be able to witness the Angry Man's almost never before seen docile state.
Let's take a closer look.

The camera shuffles through the forest as it gets closer to the cube, and finally we see the front on view of Reggie the angry Angry Man standing alone in the empty cube wearing his wrestling outfit. His face is completely blank, with no emotion on his face as his aura seems oddly both calm and enraged at the same time.

As you can see, this particular Angry Man is wearing the outfit of a professional wrestler. This is not unusual, as there are many Angry Men which are found in forests like these before being placed in competition for belts - a sacred item among his kind.
This particular Angry Man, affectionately nicknamed "Reggie" by his handlers, happens to be rather angry even compared to other Angry Men, and so to see him standing alone here without a hint of rage is a truly remarkable sight.
As remarkable as the sight of the calm Angry Man is to see, it is nothing when compared to the extreme pressure felt when confronted with the astonishing sight of an angry Angry Man, so we have prepared an experiment to trigger his rage.

All of a sudden a rectangular wooden block with the shape of a triangle cut out of it appears next to Reggie, along with what appears to be a square block next to it. Reggie bends down, picks up the blocks and begins trying to force the square through the triangle shaped hole as his face begins to slowly scrunch up into a scowl.

As you can see, the square block will never fit inside of the triangle hole. This is just one of many situations in which an angry Angry Man will begin to get angry.

Reggie begins to growl as his muscles start tightening up, increasing the force he's using to try and force the square bock through the hole.

Although it is obvious in this scenario that Reggie is indeed becoming angry, it is also important to mention that the angry Angry Man is completely safe around puzzles - as long as they have all the pieces that is.
Watch now, as Reggie's rage becomes too much for him to handle and he becomes consumed within its grasp...

Reggie's yells become louder and louder as his muscles bulge even more than before, before finally the square block shoots through the triangular hole with such force that it shatters the one way glass. Reggie looks around, dumbfounded, while the camera dives into the bushes avoiding his sight. Reggie slowly walks out of the cube, breathing with muttered growls under his breath before closely examining a single tree within the forest...

As you can see, the rage of an angry Angry Man is so strong that it can propel a square block hard enough to break glass that this documentary's production crew was assured would be able to handle his rage. Let us just hope that he isn't captured by a village and sent off to wrestle in a place like PWC...

Reggie, still enthralled by the tree he's examining, pulls out a protractor and a ruler and determines that the tree happens to be growing at a slightly different angle to the trees surrounding it. The camera starts shuffling away from the beast as Reggie unloads on the tree with fists of rage trying to knock it into alignment with the other trees in the area. As the camera begins to get far away from Reggie, we see some hikers approaching the angry Angry Man and the video cassette tape starts cutting out...
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Real Name: Freddie Vos (pronounced "Foss")

Wrestler Name: "The Free State Fox", Freddie Vos

Height & Weight: 6’ 3”/ 238lbs

Hometown: Bloemfontein

Billed From: Bloemfontein, South Africa

Alignment: (Face or Heel): Heel

Hair Style/Color/Length: Long black hair

Eye Color: Blue

Facial Hair: Trimmed goatee with permastuble

Ring Attire: Black wifebeater, a few African pendants, beige camo-pants, black army boots

Entrance Attire: Same as ring attire

Tattoos: None


Sample Photo of Character:

Main Gimmick: Ex-pmc soldier

Characteristics of Gimmick: No loyalty, violent, grins

Brief Biography: After losing their farm during the Zimbabwe land-reform during Freddie’s childhood, the Vos family travelled south across the border to Bloemfontein to start a new life.

Because of this trauma, Freddie grew up as a suspicious and isolated young man. He joined the South African military as soon as he finished school, but lacked the discipline and control needed for a successful career. It was only when he joined a private military company when he started to flourish and he could use his aggression constructively by squashing rebel forces. In time, however, Freddie grew too violent even for his superior officers and they sent him away. Now, with combat skills he learnt in Africa and the haunting memories of his past, the Free State Fox is in dire need of a release from his demons.

Entrance Music:
Entrance Music:
(Godsmack - Voodoo)

Entrance Description:
Vos slowly walks to the ring, sits on the corner turnbuckle and slowly drags his thumb across his throat (a la Undertaker).

Fighting Style:
Technical/ brawler

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:
Freddie may have some mild PTSD

Strengths/Weaknesses (2 or 3 for each):
Pain threshold
Teamwork and tactics

Quick temper/ disregard for rules
Running speed

Finishers (Maximum of 2):
Dirtnap (Skull-Crushing Finale)
Sahara Stretch (Omoplata)

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3):
Bloemfontein Smash (Single-knee facebreaker (HHH))
Double-knee armbreaker
Garvin Stomp

Character Moveset:
Arm-trap headbutts (Al Snow)
Arm wrench takedown
Atomic drop
One-handed bulldog
Samoan drop
Side Russian legsweep
Shoulder block
Slingshot suplex
Throat thrust

Sample RP:

Not all beings are created equal.
The numbing Bloemfontein cold has frozen the very last patches of grass in the open field. Grey clouds and frost stretch as far as the eye can see. A ripping wind tears at the shirt of a tall, muscular figure. He is seated on his heavy-laden quad bike, with sails covering a mass of some weight against the elements. He is lifting his hip flask to his chapped lips. The bourbon stings as it makes contact, but Freddie Vos has learnt to savour the pain. He would much rather be a raw nerve than a dead husk, wasting away in a mundane life.

Weakness, my friend, is what’s killing you.

Fred is speaking to the lamb behind him. The dry plains of the Free State are ill-suited to most forms of farming, other than small livestock. The sheep from the Vos farm are known for their resilience, their way to flourish in the winter wastes. The bleating lamb in this case, however, would not be so lucky.

Now, I ask myself, would it be wise to give you a ride home? Shall I prevent you from learning the folly of your ways?

Each time the wind jerks at it, the cries of the animal start again. Each time, however, the cries become slightly more diminished.

After all, I am not your guardian. Where is your mother? Who will shelter you from this icy chill?

The lamb looks up at Freddie. Its soft, white wool blends in seamlessly with the frosted blades of grass.

Now you see! It is not the burden of others to care for the undeserving. You see, little lamb, I am going to leave you now. Whether you survive or not, it is not my concern. You must do what you need to do to survive, as must I.

Freddie takes a look under the sails covering his vehicle’s cargo, revealing the carcass of the ewe he slaughtered minutes ago.

After all, I am a survivor.
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Real Name: Gino Galucci (pronounced GEE-NO GAL-LUCHI)

Wrestler Name: Gino Galucci

Height & Weight: 6'1, 210 Pounds

Hometown: Rome, Italy

Billed From: Rome, Italy

Alignment: (Face or Heel): Face


Hair Style/Color/Length: Refer to photo rep

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Facial Hair: Mustache

Ring Attire: Same as Cody Rhodes' gear but with elbow pads as well

Entrance Attire: Chef uniform's top along with a chef's hat and usual trunks

Tattoos: Full sleeve of tattoos on his right arm showing off Italian pride. Mostly colored with red, white, and green.


Sample Photo of Character: http://psd-dreams.de/render.php?image_id=56766 (Cody with a mustache)

Main Gimmick: Pizza parlor owner turned wrestler

Characteristics of Gimmick: Pizza lover who decided to open his own pizza parlor in Rome before moving to the United States. He will always try to incorporate pizza into conversations he has and is likely to deliver some bad pizza to those who have wronged him :sad:

Brief Biography: Galucci comes from a long line of pizza makers. The pizza parlor he owns simply named "Galucci's" has been in the family for almost 50 years. When it was his time to take over the business, Galucci had no hesitation to run his family's business. His parents are retired and still help out in the pizza parlor when they can because they refuse to be put in a retirement home.

As a kid, Gino Galucci has always been a little different. He grew up in Rome, Italy where his family resides. When he was first introduced to pizza, he immediately loved it. As he grew older, he began making his own flavors, even making pizza into a dessert in some cases. Despite eating numerous amounts of pizza, Galucci always saw to it that he didn't get on the heavy side. To do this, Galucci wrestled in high school and won a few medals. Not only that, but he took a step further and took up boxing just as a hobby.

What Galucci wasn't good at though was with the ladies. On several occasions, Galucci ended up talking about pizza in every conversation he had instead of getting to know the girl. One time, he even sprinkled cheese on his date for 'good luck.' As soon as that happened, you probably know the rest of the story.

Years later, the 'Galucci' pizza parlor wasn't doing too good and was forced to shut down. However, this didn't phase the Galucci family as Gino was able to still send his parents to the best retirement home in Rome that money could buy. Seeing as though this is his chance, he made his way to America where he would try wrestling out. He did a couple of indie shows and despite his english being a little skewed, Galucci was confident in his skills (his english is just like Santino Marella's english where he fumbles a few words in a comedic manner). That confidence made PWC take notice of Galucci and eventually sign him. Now, Galucci makes his way to PWC to prove his worth and deliver pizzas just as he did in Rome.

Entrance Music:
Just title it "JAZZY"

Entrance Description: Galucci appears from behind the curtains with a box of pizza on his left hand. The flavor of the pizza always changes but it isn't known until later. He pulls his fingers together to form an eye-catcher before kissing them open as if saying 'this is the best pizza' ever. He stands on the stage for a good moment taking in the reaction from the crowd before making his way down the ring. He slaps hands with the crowd with his free hand before choosing one lucky fan to give the pizza to. Sometimes, he even gives it to the announce team or timekeeper. He gets into the ring and climbs a turnbuckle while putting his hands to his lips then blowing kisses out to the crowd.

Fighting Style: Brawler/High Flyer

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: Has dislocated his shoulder a few times and has had burnt fingers because of taking pizza dough out of the oven too early :confused:

Strengths/Weaknesses (2 or 3 for each):

Strength: Well verse in his punching ability because of his boxing background.

Strength: Despite not being the most experienced wrestler, he has a great mind to come up with a game plan on the fly.

Weakness: Sometimes is too excited that he takes his eye off the ball causing him to lose focus and eventually lose a match.

Weakness: Because of pizza being in his meal at least once a day, his stamina isn't that great despite being in shape.

Finishers (Maximum of 2):
DAT FINISHER DOUGH :confused: or simply DFD (Powerbomb dropped into a double knee backbreaker aka Project Ciampa for all you ROH fans)
Pepperoni Slam (Alabama Slam)

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3):
Springboard Dropkick
Kick to the midsection of an opponent holding onto the ropes and in a wheelbarrow hold ala Hardcore Holly

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12, NO FINISHERS!):
Drop down punch
Three consecutive elbow drops
Flurry of punch combos in the corner
European Uppercut
Double axe-handle
High knee ala Triple H
Springboard elbow smash
Rolling Thunder
Lou Thesz press followed by punches ala Steve Austin


Sample RP:

The scene opens to a kitchen as the cameras pan around it. Various cooking pots, utensils, and powdered spices is what the cameras pick up. They finally pan to a figure in a chef's uniform standing in front of the oven, no doubt it's Gino Galucci.

"Excellent, the pizza is-ah almost ready."

As soon as he says that, a bell dings signalling that it's time to take the pizza out of the oven. Before doing so, Galucci grabs his plus size pizza shovel to extract the pizza out of the oven. He does so and begins to walk towards the counter to place the pizza on a soft pan where it'll cool down. However, Galucci trips on a wet spot on the floor which sends his pizza dough flying through the air. Everything is in slow-motion as the motion spins away from Galucci who is trying his best to get up.


The pizza dough falls to the floor which sends Galucci to just lay there on the floor while he stares at the fallen pizza dough. As if the world has ended, Galucci's facial expressions turn into a new level of ugly as the cameras shut off before exposing the world to this new phenomena.


Hey guys so I had the previous two discussion threads opened so that you could get the code of your app and paste it here. Please do that asap. Thanks!
Card's almost ready.
[Spoiler="London's Worst Nightmare" Marcus Kendall]

Real Name: Marcus Kendall

Wrestler Name: "London's Worst Nightmare" Marcus Kendall

Height & Weight: 6'1 210lbs

Hometown: London, England

Billed From: London, England

Alignment: (Face or Heel): Face


Hair Style/Color/Length: Short Dark Brown Hair

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Facial Hair: None

Ring Attire: Denim Jeans with Airmax trainers and Black Elbow pads

Entrance Attire: Dressed in a Black Leather Hoodie (which is up), Black tracksuit bottoms and Black army style boots. Has a black bandanna round his mouth.

Tattoos: Tribal style on the arms and a tattoo on his stomach that reads "RIP Jordan"


Sample Photo of Character:

Main Gimmick: Aggrieved and outspoken ex-criminal looking to make up for his past.

Characteristics of Gimmick: Now coming into his own at the PWC, Marcus's experiences in and out the ring are beginning to change his attitude and vibe.

After having his character and his past under scrutiny and questioning by various people as well as being attacked on multiple times Kendall is on the war path. Events of the past and present have forced him to find that once ruthless aggression he once had where he showed no remorse for whoever he kicked in. Marcus is now becoming more confrontational and vocal, feeling that he is not getting a fair shake and is being passed over whether it's for seasoned veterans or hot newcomers, he has become more attuned to calling out both PWC officials and wrestlers whenever he sees something that he feels is bullshit.

Marcus is still respectful of fans and still has that creative fun streak in him but now doesn't care for or respect many of the PWC staff or wrestlers, often showing and being aggressive to those who feel are unfairly judging him when they have no idea who he really is or what he has been through. The whole process of the PWC has made Marcus jaded and disillusioned about being able to earn his way to stardom and success.

Marcus now has a new dark side and lust for violence, often coming out in dark clothes, hiding his face in a black bandana and sometimes even bringing weapons along with him. He isn't afraid to be bloodied up or bend the rules to his advantage if he feels it is justified.

Overall Marcus has tapped into his former self at a time where his character has been questioned more than ever and at a time where he needs it the most.

Brief Biography: Having let himself down by getting sucked back into the gang life, losing Sarah and going too far in his search for justice for Jordan Marcus is determined to never go down the path of criminality ever again and focus on not only his wrestling career but winning back those he has lost in the process.

Deep down he hasn't let go of the idea of finding out what truly happened to Jordan but his main priorities now are getting to the next level of his PWC career, getting back Sarah and continuing down the right path. Though he is still open to reopening the Jordan case so long as he isn't dragged back into criminality.

Despite this new aggressive, bolder, more outspoken and darker side of Kendall coming out in the PWC outside of wrestling he is very much committed to his reform as a law abiding citizen. Often he is still repentant and even more so following the recent events of being back in the Bethnal Green Crew. Particularly the torturing of Tony has changed Marcus to his very core, resenting and hating himself for the beating he gave in revenge for his dead friend. He wants to make amends for all he has done recently, particularly to Sarah who he lied to despite promising he never would.

This creates a conflicting dynamic of the repentant reforming ex-criminal on one hand and the darker violent character on the other, both becoming ingrained and a part of Marcus's life and character.

Entrance Music:

Entrance Description: The lights black out as the beat slowly builds in and gets louder. A swarm of smoke builds up around the entrance creating a dark and consuming atmosphere as the aggression in the music kicks in. A single spotlight hits the stage and starts flashing frantically as Marcus's music producer's vocal effects slide into the beat. The first trap beat crushes the speakers and out comes a dark figure dressed all in black revealed to be Marcus Kendall. He has his trademark hoodie up with a black bandanna covering his face. His cold dark eyes stare down the ramp as he slowly makes his way to the ring with a purpose, ignoring all the fans around him. He slides into the ring and pulls his hood down. He surveys his surroundings, looking around at the crowd before pulling his bandanna away from his face. He keeps his eyes intent towards his oncoming opponent.

Fighting Style: Marcus has become much more refined and experienced now being part of the PWC. He still prefers to throw strikes but now is comfortable using power moves to his advantage. One key difference now is that he is much more aggressive and relentless, never letting up on the violence once the advantage is his.

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: Marcus has for most part now replaced his reckless style to a more cold and callous yet just as relentless onslaught. Marcus's blood lust and desire for violence however will sometimes take over meaning he'll take it too far risking either serious injury or disqualification. His right shin is still particularly vunerable from the past baseball bat attack but he is now more careful in trying to protect it. Marcus unlike before will now not be above bending the rules if he is angry or thinks it's justified.

Strengths/Weaknesses (2 or 3 for each):

Strength: Now has even faster and stronger strikes. His aggressive streak means opponents are in fear of trading blows with him.

Strength: His complacency has been replaced with a huge sense of intensity. Once he has the advantage he won't let up, making him difficult to stop once on a roll.

Weakness: He still has a little bit of inexperience and lacks technical skill, so he is still at a disadvantage against technical and submission wrestlers.

Weakness: Sometimes is too aggressive meaning he is prone to mistakes or getting close to being disqualified.

Finishers (Maximum of 2):

Bodied! (Running Buisaku Knee)
Stay Schemin' (Rainmaker)

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3):

That's Light! (Bloody Sunday)
Michinoku Driver

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12, NO FINISHERS!):

Discus Clothesline
Fisherman's suplex
Lous Thesz Press
European Uppercut
Sitout Powerbomb
Diving Leg Drop
High Knee
Jumping Knee Drop
Roundhouse Kick
Rolling Elbow
Reverse STO


Sample RP: [/Spoiler]
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Real Name: Kassandra Clement

Wrestler Name: Cheri Hayven

Height & Weight: 5'8" 140 lbs

Hometown: Riverside, CA

Billed From: From where the mic drops...

Alignment (Face or Heel): Face



Hair Style/Color/Length: Naturally dark brown, nearly always dyed black with streaks of white / blonde on the front right side, varies in length, usually long in front and short in back.

Eye Color: Naturally blue-gray, often wears various colored contacts.

Facial Hair: Being she's a lady, she knows how to take care of such things.

Ring Attire: Black leather with silver and red trim zip up leotard with full length (often torn up) black fishnets, black knee high wrestling boots and black with silver trim fingerless biker gloves.

Reference Picture:

Entrance Attire: Black biker jacket along with her ring gear.

Tattoos: An all black decorative music note on the right shoulder.

Reference Picture:

Down the left arm (outside of mid bicep, comes inside the elbow then down the forearm to the inside of the wrist), single lines from multiple songs including:

"Every drop of flame, lights a candle in."

"And all we ever were. Just zeroes and ones."

"I know someday you'll have a beautiful life."

"I want to reconcile the violence in your heart."

"But I'm not a slave to a world."

"These chicks don't even know the name of my band."

"Caught between confusions and pain, pain, pain."

"Hello, hello, hello, how low?"

"Words are very unnecessary."


Sample Photo of Character:

Main Gimmick: "Screamo" Rock Artist

Also the boss' daughter.

Characteristics of Gimmick:

The "Screamo" portion of her gimmick relates to her fighting style: She's always looking for a submission during a match.

She is joined nearly constantly by her "groupies*".

Out of the ring she's nearly constantly listening to music if she isn't playing it herself.

Many of her moves are musically themed.

She never tells her real name to people she's not extremely close to unless it's attached to a very real threat.

Her groupies* are mostly made up of bodyguards assigned to her by her father.

At times she'll wield threats of power she doesn't seem to have (thanks to the secrecy of her family ties).

Brief Biography: Cheri Hayven got her start in the music business in her later teens by at first being signed on as an extra in a music video. She played bass and drums initially, with no formal training, and her part in the video was that of a music enthusiast in a guitar shop. During filming it became fairly easily known that she had some talent to her so she was paired with another female artist, Samantha Deli, a singer who was also new to the business. The two learned and grew together, eventually forming a short lived band by the name of Cheri Delicious, though the band had to split due to Samatha's family troubles. Cheri continued working to grow in the music business, eventually mastering lead guitar and piano, as well as developing her singing voice. After her 22nd birthday she was signed on as a solo artist and began altering her sound to fit some of the harder ends of rock. During this time her hit single, "Rejoice of the Flame," was licensed to a UK MMA / Professional Wrestling company to use as a theme for one of their events. At contract negotiations, she met several fighters, wrestlers and trainers, inquiring how she might join herself as now she was the one showing interest. At the age of 25, now with two years of MMA / Wrestling training under her belt, she had her first meeting with Ernesto Clement, signing on as an active wrestler for the first time.

Entrance Music:

Entrance Description:

Her largest groupie*, Donovan, steps out into the entrance way during the intro of her entrance theme. When Amy Lee comes in with "Now I will tell you what I've done with you..." Donovan steps to the side to reveal that Cheri is behind him with her back to the crowd. Her other five groupies* stream out from the entrance way and snap pictures of Hayven while she bobs her head to the music, spinning around to face the crowd and spreads her arms wide, mouthing the words "Gooooooing Undeeeeeeeer" when Amy Lee sings them. Donovan then starts walking forward towards the ring with Cheri in tow and the rest of her groupies* following close behind while trying to stop the crowd from touching her. When he reaches the ring, Donovan holds the ropes open for Cheri to climb through and she poses in the center of the ring, unzipping her jacket to reveal her outfit underneath while the rest of the groupies* snap photos. Donovan leaves the apron after he takes her jacket and looks around to make sure his client is safe.

Fighting Style: Purely Submission / Striking

Previous Injuries / Character Psyche:

Having extensively trained in submission style fighting, she's had more than her fair share of torn ligaments and parts moved in directions they aren't meant to go in. Her biggest previous injury was being in a near fatal school bus accident when she was a child. Her personality is a mishmash of multiple threads being plucked at. Her main focus is to "stretch" every opponent she faces, having the mentality of people who tap out aren't "beaten" but willingly saying they don't have the heart to continue fighting. She thinks being knocked out or pinned is being "beaten" by the better man but giving up is showing a lack of bravery and fortitude. She is not the quiet type, vocal in her speech and her music as well as in the ring, and will "teach" opponents during submissions just as she was. For instance, if she has someone in a submission, she'll "suggest" they try rolling to one side, only to further trap them because she already had a plan for the attempted escape, it was how she was trained.

Other portions of her psyche include her deep passion for music and anything creative. She's often gone to great lengths to help people physically (fights), financially, emotionally and intimately simply because she found out they were an artist. There's no rhyme or reason to how much she'll help or show interest in one person versus another and can sometimes be described as both very loyal and a complete flake. She is also far less protective of women than she is of men, as since she worked so hard to achieve what she knows and what she can do on her own merits, she wishes for other women to do the same, though she is far more loyal to women she knows well than she is to men. Essentially a female stranger is SOL if she's in a fight, but a close male friend will never get the time of day if he hurts a close female friend of hers.

She is very guarded of her past, especially in the case of whom she is related to. She's close to her family (especially her dad) but will not rest on their name, money or power for what she needs / wants unless in extreme circumstances. She wants no one to know she is on the active roster because of who she is related to and as such will act openly defiant against the people who share her last name when around others, especially partners. It would also take very extreme circumstances for her to step in and protect the people she's related to, to the point where she could be seen as completely selfish for wanting to keep her secret / pride more than protecting her blood.


Strength: She is very well versed in submission, knowing multiple holds, counter holds and ways to transition from hold to hold to keep a single or multiple parts of the body in pain at one time.

Strength: While not being immune to pain, she has a very high tolerance for it and will not give up easily. With how she views tapping out being a lack of bravery, she will do everything in her power to break out of a submission before she even attempts to go for the ropes to break.

Strength: Due to her family ties, she has a group of four personal bodyguards with her at nearly all times, protecting her from ambushes and fights she does not want to be a part of. And while she will not ask for it, she's the boss' daughter and can get help from on high if needed.

Weakness: Since her offense relies almost exclusively on submissions, setting up for submissions and strikes, she has very little in the way of high impact moves to deal concussive damage. She will more often than not turn a DDT opportunity into a Guillotine Choke to harm the opponent and thus may lose out on opportunities to win or make herself safe.

Weakness: Being the first (maybe only) female on the roster, she is severely undersized and underpowered compared to her opponents.

Weakness: If anyone were to deduce who she was and use it against her or her family it is game over. Any plans, emotional boundaries or level headedness will go completely out the window in attempts to silence the person who is threatening to expose her.

Finishers (Maximum of 2):

The Cure for the Pain - Ankle Lock, most often done by grapevining the leg. Will often transition from The Cure for the Pain into Iron Maiden.

Iron Maiden - A Million Dollar Dream / Cobra Clutch performed from a YES! Lock / Crippler Crossface position.

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3):

Arm Breaker Stretch - Single arm DDT (focuses on the shoulder) that transitions into a held chicken wing submission.

Shattered - High impact shuffle side kick, though often starts with a quick backward hop to add more distance for power.

The Noose - Arm wring and yank that transitions into wrapping the opponent's own arm around their neck and using it for a sleeper.

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12, NO FINISHERS!):

Seated senton to opponent's leg draped over lower rope (like Bret Hart's)
Arm wring with repeated elbows to the trapped arm and shoulder
Low-high kick (midsection / head)
Machine Gun combination (multiple body punches followed by an uppercut to the jaw)
Step Over Toe Hold
Garvin Stomp (ankle, knee, elbow, shoulder)
Shin Breaker
Arm or leg pull through the ropes (wraps opponent's limb under the ropes and pulls it at odd angles)
Knee Bar Lock
Arm Bar
Dropkick to Knee
Jump over arm trap with legs into arm lock (think a Fameasser to the arm, traps the arm and locks in a submission hold)


Sample RP:
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Real Name: Bruce Thorn Jr.

Wrestler Name: Bruce Thorn Jr.

Height & Weight: 6'4, 238 lbs.

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Billed From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Alignment (Face or Heel): Heel


Hair Style/Color/Length:
Long Brown hair, just below his shoulders (yeah you guessed it, he's grown it out :p)

Eye Color: Brown

Facial Hair: None

Ring Attire: Black tights with green trim, black boots, black knee pads, green left elbow pad, both fists taped with white tape.

Entrance Attire: Sleeveless Black Hoodie with his nickname the Prince of Thorns written in green on the back.

Tattoos: Names and birth dates of all his close family members on both his wrists.


Sample Photo of Character:

Main Gimmick: Explosive natural athlete and skilled technical wrestler born into a legendary wrestling family and managed by his sleaze ball yet genius uncle.

Characteristics of Gimmick: A natural born athlete who has all the instincts of someone who has been near a wrestling ring since the day he was born. At heart a true babyface who wants to prove himself the best on his own terms but misplaced trust for his devious manager/mouthpiece Tommy Thorn who wants him to do whatever it takes to win, often leads him to moral dilemmas and difficult choices inside and outside the ring.

UPDATE: Bruce’s obsession with finding the people who killed his parents have lead him to believe the only way to bring them to justice is by putting his moral compass aside. He has also developed an anger towards the established wrestling order (press, some fans, administration) for what he perceives to be an unfair stigma people have attached to the Thorn family name. While he still a a burning desire to be best, all these factors have combined to make him more willing to listen to Tommy and do whatever it takes to win matches return the Thorn name back to the top and prove all those people wrong.

Brief Biography: Born into a legendary wrestling family Bruce’s grandfather, father and youngest uncle have all been well travelled world renowned champion wrestlers who along with his mother (not a wrestler) have all since passed away in separate tragic circumstances.

His former wrestling promoter older uncle Tommy whose own promotion based in Philly went out of business took Bruce and his sister in and raised them. Seeing his young nephew’s natural athletic potential and a love for the business Tommy took Bruce around the country and then the world from a young age using his connections and family name to help get him the best training and as much experience as possible to mould him into what he hoped would be the best wrestler in the world while working as Bruce’s mouthpiece and manager.

Having made a name for himself all over the world it is now time for the biggest stage (and biggest paycheck for Uncle Tommy) of them all, PWC.

Entrance Music:

Entrance Description:
Tommy Thorn comes striding out first onto stage with a smug look on his face, he then stepped to the side of the stage queuing the arena to dim the lights and shine a spotlight on the entrance ramp where Bruce Thorn comes out with his Hoodie on and head down.

Uncle Tommy steps back onto stage in front of Bruce who then puts his hands on Tommy’s shoulders who leads him down to ringside with the spotlight on both of them. Bruce goes into the ring and kneels down raising both arms and pointing toward the sky. Uncle Tommy stands on the ring apron and claps.

Fighting Style: Explosive Athletic Ring General

Who Does Your Character Wrestle Like: A more agile Cesaro :cesaro EDIT: Which would be Brian Cage or Uhaa Nation I suppose :p

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: Dislocated his left elbow previously in a match and required surgery which is why he wears an elbow pad on that arm. Emotive and expressive when in pain but will try and shake it off and get on with it.

Strengths/Weaknesses (2 or 3 for each)::

Strength: Explosive natural athlete who is a rare combination of power, speed and aggression.

Strength: Having been around wrestling so long Bruce’s natural instincts often take over allowing him to find counters normal wrestlers cannot. He uses these natural instincts offensively as well using his moveset in a creative and unexpected way that often takes his opponents by surprise allowing him to earn victories out of nothing.

Strength: Extensive training and high level matches all around the world travelling with his uncle (who is also a master strategist) have polished his natural gifts and added a technical side to his game.

Weakness: Previously injured elbow is often used as a weak spot pinpointed by opponents.

Weakness: Often does not agree with his Uncle Tommy’s plans leading to hesitation and remorse on his part.

UPDATE: While he no longer feels remorse based on morals alone, Bruce often still disagrees with his Uncle’s strategies and may become overzealous and reckless in an attempt to show he knows better.

Finishers (Maximum of 2):
The Thorn in your side (Rock Bottom)
The Spear

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3):
Iron Bonds (Haas of Pain)
Croyts Wrath (Electric Chair into a German Suplex)
Coast to coast dropkick

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12):
Discus Elbow Smash
Running Single Leg Dropkick
Exploder Suplex (Sometimes into a corner or off the top rope)
Delayed Vertical Suplex
Stinger splash
Flying Forearm Smash
Suicide Dive
Double foot stomp
Butterfly Suplex (Sometimes into a corner or off the top rope)
Drop kick
Russian leg sweep
Sling Blade

Sample RP:

A young man stumbles into the International Wrestling Federations locker room, bleeding from the nose but with a huge smile on his face and the IWF title belt over his shoulder.

He passes a live feed backstage camera; he gives the camera a wave and a smile, the crowd in the arena erupts into a thunderous ovation.

Backstage Reporter: Can we have a few words Bruce Thorn.

Bruce Thorn: Sure why not.

Backstage Reporter: How does it feel to have defeated the legendary Great Shinji for the IWF title without your Uncle with you who was banned from ringside by President Inomoto.

Bruce Thorn: What mattered tonight was proving things, proving things to myself, to all those fans screaming my name right now, those very same fans that earlier tonight were booing me out of the building. You want to know how it feels, it feels....Uncle Tommy

Bruce stops mid-sentence as his Uncle Tommy walks in with a huge smile on his face.

Uncle Tommy grabbed the interviewers hand and pulls the mic toward him.

Tommy Thorn: It feels great, it feels great for my nephew, and feels great for me. Its vindication for all those times I’ve told you people he was the best. And to Inomoto the man that tried to screw my nephew and me over by banning me from ringside tonight, don’t be late for our meeting tomorrow morning.

The hottest commodity in wrestling doesn’t wait around for anybody. Let’s go Bruce.

Bruce and Tommy Thorn walk off together. Bruce turns his head for a spilt second and looks back at the camera before turning away and leaving with his Uncle.
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Wrestler Name: “The Surgeon” Dr. Nero

Real name: Jason Nero

Height & Weight: 6'3, 223 lbs.

Billed From: Seattle

Alignment: (Face or Heel): Heel


Appearance: A very well groomed young version of Randy Orton

Hair Style/Color/Length: Short, Dark Brown hair.

Eye Color: Brown

Facial Hair: N/A

Ring Attire: Light blue long pants that doctors wear in surgery. Black boots underneath, and rubber gloves. One light blue elbow pad.


Entrance Attire: Face mask and the blue surgery shirt

Tattoos: N/A


Main Gimmick: He was surgeon kicked out of the medical industry after beating up his mentor and chief of medicine at his hospital. As a former surgeon he has a “God-complex” and believes himself superior to anyone and everyone. As he is a surgeon he is a technician, and everything he does is perfect.. surgical precision inside the ring.

Characteristics of Gimmick:
Is the personification of taking a part a body part! A true master of holds, suplexes and submission moves. He looks down on everyone and believes he should be champion as he is extremely intelligent and is above the law due to his belief of being superior leading to heel tactics in the ring behind the referee’s backs if required. Although he tends to not need to do this as he is almost perfect with his game plans. He looks for attacks to the eyes, fingers and ankles to gain advantages while always trying to attack either the knee/heel or the neck for his submission moves.

Brief Biography: Nero has not only kept his mind sharp but his body as well having an incredible and very fit physique. He is all about being superior in every way and working hard to achieve what he believes is the very top of anything he does. After being kicked out of the medical profession he decided to take his anger out on the world and due to his quick ability to learn has adapted his already acquired striking and submission skills from his past and added other skills such as wrestling holds and suplexes to his arsenal, but concentrated on submissions and stretching opponents. His medical knowledge is key to this as he knows the human body and how to put it back together, but now inside a wrestling ring he knows how to take it a part! He wants the notoriety and the fame of being the top pro-wrestler in the world.

Entrance Music: NEW YEAR, NEW MUSIC!

Entrance Description:
Wearing his surgical gear, he walks down the ramp focused. He has his hands raised in the air as not to touch anything as he enters the ring. He has a very hot sexy valet in a nurse outfit who accompanies him to the ring and removes his face mask, his shirt and then puts his gloves on for him.

Fighting Style: Technician and submission expert

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: As perfect as Nero is, he is still a rookie. He was very impressive to the federation’s talent scouts and was undefeated in all the try out bouts. He submitted all of them. He has no previous injuries yet


Strengths: Extremely intelligent, fit, quick, adaptive, and can figure out an opponent, and dissect them with holds and submissions. He knows how the human body works and works moves to take out his opponent.

Weakness: Extremely arrogant. His superiority complex will find him underestimating everyone, even champions. And as awesome as he is at everything, he is still a rookie. His ring awareness etc. will be poor for quite some time. Knowing what to do if he is being overwhelmed by an elite opponent etc.

Finishers (Maximum of 2):
Amputation (Heel Hook or Knee lock - using a leg scissors take down)
Scalpel (Angel’s Wings) - finisher that has been working but now opponents can kick out of it if creative feel like it.
Time of Death (Sit-out razor's edge bomb) - if the Scalpal fails, Nero goes to his new and even more deadly finisher.

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3):
Anesthesia (Dragon sleeper)
Paralyser (Half Nelson suplex)

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12):
Dragon screw -sets up the knee lock finisher
High Knee strike
Dropkick to the knee
Wind up Euro uppercut
Forearm smash
German suplex with a bridge
Indian deathlock
Knee drop off the second rope to the back of his seated opponent’s skull.


There is a press conference being held about the newly (controversially signed) Dr. Nero. Standing amidst flashing camera bulbs is DR Nero wearing a three piece suit, sunglasses and a huge smile. On his arm and absolutely gorgeous woman wearing very revealing cocktail dress.

The federation CEO thanks everyone for coming and would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that this superior athlete and former surgeon has joined the ranks of PWC. Questions are fired at the CEO about Nero’s past, how he was kicked out of the medical fraternity. Rumours abound as it wasn’t just for his violent behaviour but for other unsavoury rumours of malpractice. The CEO tries to direct the questions away from the surgical theatre and more towards the wrestling ring.

Dr Nero’s very fake huge smile stays on point, as he is a former surgeon he knows how to stay cool and calm in the face of pressure. He arrogantly takes the mic from the CEOs hands and stops the questions with a quick and very firm statement.

Nero: Listen up people, I’ll make this easy for you all to understand. The Doctor is in. And this goes out to all my future opponents.

Nero pauses and with two hands removes his sunglasses. Everyone is waiting as he methodically folds them up and places them in his suit jacket pocket. He looks up and finishes his statement.

Nero: Your life is now in my hands and I’m prepped for surgery. That ring in there is now an operating table, and I’m the surgeon.

He stares out to crowd of reporters before sternly removing himself from the podium. His gorgeous valet puts her hand on his chest and with a big sultry smile leads him off stage. Camera flashes go off, more questions are thrown his way but the doctor is now out of surgery….

Wrestler Name: “The God Complex” Dr. Nero

Real name: Jason Nero

Height & Weight: 6'3, 223 lbs.

Billed From: Seattle

Alignment: (Face or Heel): Uber Heel


Appearance: A very well groomed young version of Randy Orton

Hair Style/Color/Length: Short, Dark Brown perfect hair.

Eye Color: Brown

Facial Hair: N/A

Ring Attire: BLACK long pants (scrubs) that doctors wear in surgery. Black boots underneath, and rubber gloves. One black elbow pad.

Entrance Attire: A black surgery scrubs shirt

Tattoos: N/A


Main Gimmick: He was surgeon kicked out of the medical industry after beating up his mentor and chief of medicine at his hospital. He always had HUGE issues with authority and has a “God-complex” and believes himself superior to anyone and everyone. As he is a surgeon he is a technician, and everything he does is perfect.. surgical precision inside the ring.

Characteristics of Gimmick:
The evolution of Nero has occurred. His first story arc outside of the ring and inside of the ring has shaped him, changed him. When he first began in PWC he was silent, brooding and only spoke when he felt he had something important to say. He believed himself superior to everyone. And even though he was a rookie he didn't lose. He was always cool, cold and calculating. He let the beast out him once and it cost him everything. He held it in, never to unleash it, as he always needed to be in control.

Now, after being so dominant. He held the Legacy championship, made it his own, and didn't lose it, but instead gave it up for a chance at the World title. On the outside of the ring, his plan was to right the wrong he did with his mentor. But in one week, he didn't win the title and he didn't save his mentor. In fact instead of bringing his mentor out of a coma, he killed him in a secret night operation.

Nero has now changed. He is no longer the silent superior God Complex, but now the wrathful God... Failure has transformed him. And now a whole new side of him is about to come to pass. He will still be super arrogant, cool under pressure, but he never needed to attack anyone before or resort to anything like that because he was sort of always the hunted... now he's the hunter, and he will show everyone now that he is no longer a rookie, but a main eventer how dangerous he can be.

Brief Biography: Nero has not only kept his mind sharp but his body as well having an incredible and very fit physique. He is all about being superior in every way and working hard to achieve what he believes is the very top of anything he does. After being kicked out of the medical profession he decided to take his anger out on the world and due to his quick ability to learn has adapted his already acquired striking and submission skills from his past and added other skills such as wrestling holds and suplexes to his arsenal, but concentrated on submissions and stretching opponents. His medical knowledge is key to this as he knows the human body and how to put it back together, but now inside a wrestling ring he knows how to take it a part! He wants the notoriety and the fame of being the top pro-wrestler in the world.

Entrance Music:

Entrance Description:

Now as a big box office draw for PWC, they've given him a huge entrance. A big spotlight walks him down to the ring before lighting up the whole arena with a huge bright light.

Nurse Ellie walks out first does a bit of twirl and then stays a few feet in front of him as he slowly walks down extremely focused.

Ellie still removes his shirt for him but he no longer wears his surgical mask. He has his hands raised in the air as not to touch anything as he enters the ring still though. She still helps him with his rubber gloves before the match (this is now he always hides the damage that happens to his delicate skin on his hands.

Fighting Style: Technician and submission expert

Is the personification of taking a part a body part! A true master of holds, suplexes and submission moves. He looks down on everyone and believes he should be champion as he is extremely intelligent and is above the law due to his belief of being superior leading to heel tactics in the ring behind the referee’s backs if required. Although he tends to not need to do this as he is almost perfect with his game plans. He looks for attacks to the eyes, fingers and ankles to gain advantages while always trying to attack either the knee/heel or the neck for his submission moves.


However now that he is "evolved" he will be wanting to move away from submissions, unless he's torturing someone. He is slightly changing his style in the ring to be more aggressive, which means more high impact moves. So he wants to use his Time of Death more frequently now.

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: Although this is Nero's first year, he seems to have moved on from rookie status. His God Complex has grown though and he believes even more than ever now that he is more superior than anyone else in the company. However his recent defeats have unlocked the rage that almost killed his mentor. Let's just say he is not 100% sane at this point... which could change depending on what happens moving forward (Nero's character is always evolving). He has no injuries yet, however with his rigorous Legacy title reign and his transition into the World title scene his body has gone through the ring wars and he is a little beaten up.


Strengths: Extremely intelligent, fit, quick, adaptive, and can figure out an opponent, and dissect them with holds and submissions. He knows how the human body works and works moves to take out his opponent. He is also no longer a rookie, so he wont fall for things he might have done last year.

Weakness: Extremely arrogant is an understatement. His superiority complex will find him underestimating everyone, even champions. And as awesome as he is at everything. However he has now unleashed his rage side. This means he will make reckless errors that he might not have earlier in his career. This is also due to his God Complex, believing that no one can stop him will leave him open to flash pins or out of nowhere Finishers like Xander has caught him with.

Finishers (Maximum of 2):
Time of Death (Sit-out razor's edge bomb) - if the Scalpal fails, Nero goes to his new and even more deadly finisher.
Amputation (Heel Hook or Knee lock - using a leg scissors take down)

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3):
Anesthesia (Dragon sleeper)
Paralyser (Half Nelson suplex)
Scalpel (Angel’s Wings)

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12):
Dragon screw -sets up the knee lock finisher
High Knee strike
Dropkick to the knee
Wind up Euro uppercut
Forearm smash
German suplex with a bridge
Indian deathlock
Knee drop off the second rope to the back of his seated opponent’s skull.

Ernesto "Ernie" Clement - Owner/General Manager
Character Photo:
Bobby Heenan
Biography: Ernesto Clement was a very likable man, his is best known by his friends and family by wearing the most outrageous suits ever. This just shows how charismatic Mr. Clement really is. From a very young age, Ernie was an avid wrestling fan. He remembers watching the all-time greats as a kid and how larger than life they were. Now, he's far too old to live his dream but with a large sum of money left to him by his father he has invested in his own company.

Stan Chambers - Play-by-Play Commentator
Character Photo:
Jim Ross
A Chicago-native, he grew up a big wrestling fan. Since he didn’t have the physical appearance of a wrestler, he did the next best thing and just began to talk about it instead. He met his best friend, Charlie Campbell in an indy wrestling promotion back in the day where they were the announce team. Both guys bounced from promotion to promotion before finally settling down in PWC after getting the call from Ernesto Clement.

Charlie Campbell - Colour Commentator
Character Photo:
Don West
Charlie was actually an all-american wrestler back in college. However, a neck injury forced him to retire from wrestling. However, Charlie didn’t give up and instead began as a broadcaster for the same indy wrestling promotion that Stan Chambers was working in. The duo soon became best friends and worked well as an announce team with Stan taking over the play-by-play and Charlie being the colour commentator. They worked in several indy promotions before signing up with PWC to give the PWC universe the best commentary ever.

Emma Mason - Ring Announcer
Character Photo:
Stacy Keibler
Standing at an impressive 5’10, not only is Emma Mason beautiful, she is also an athlete in her own right. While in college, she played soccer and baseball. She did part-time modeling as she was the cover for baseball magazines as well as Sports Illustrated. However, her real love was in journalism and broadcasting. She got her first gig as a host when she covered the stories of the Boston Red Sox. She worked those stories for about three years before Ernesto Clement saw potential in her at a Red Sox/Yankees game. Now, she’s in PWC to dazzle the crowd with her astounding voice as she works as the ring announcer.

Danny Eriksen - Backstage Interviewer
Character Photo:
Scott Stanford
Eriksen was scouted by PWC owner, Ernesto Clement at a previous indy wrestling promotion. Here, Eriksen worked as the ring announcer but when he was asked to conduct an interivew, he did it quite well. Ernesto saw this and approached Eriksen with a job offer he couldn’t refuse. Though he’d rather be in the ring announcing, he accepted the offer to be PWC’s backstage interviewer. Eriksen has no background in wrestling but has a ton of wrestling knowledge so he’ll be counted on to ask the tough questions to the superstars of PWC.

Kira Wells - Backstage Interviewer
Character Photo:
Emily Bett Rickards
Kira Wells was a Media & Communications major at the University of Michigan. In her college years, she worked as a radio host in her local radio station and was deemed one of the best as her bright and jolly personality shined through the microphone every time she talked. She was so charismatic that she had multiple important people as a guest on her radio station such as government leader, some celebrities, and even Mr. Ernesto Clement himself. After the interview with Clement, she was immediately offered a backstage interviewing job but she didn't take it right away. After a few months, Clement got the call from Wells to say that she wanted the job. With no hesitation, Clement welcomed Wells to the PWC.

Brittany Page - Clement's Personal Assistant
Character Photo: Brooke Tessmacher
Biography: Brittany has been a wrestling fan her whole life and now she has gotten a job in the business as Ernie Clement's assistant. She has no problem stepping on peoples toes in the name of doing what's right for PWC and is not one to let people talk down to her, like many men have tried over the years.

Gil Artman - Senior Referee
Character Photo: Charles Robinson
Biography: Artman is a personal friend of Mr. Clement and they have known each other since they were kids. Artman has over 20 years of experience as a referee. As soon as PWC got rolling, Clement turned to Artman to lead his officiating crew and so he did. Artman has been known to tell off wrestlers when they get in his face and for his excellent reactions to the finishes of matches or when combatants in the ring hit a move out of nowhere.

Roger Hains - Referee
Character Photo: Brad Maddox
Biography: Considered to be second in command in the officiating crew, Hains was brought in by Artman. Hains is not as experienced as Artman but is just as enthusiastic. Hains is sometimes boo'd by the fans for no good reason other than them hating the smirk he has on his face at times.

Gwen Jeffers - Referee
Character Photo: Maria Kanellis
Biography: She is the only female referee in PWC. Jeffers is no stranger to officiating matches but is the least experienced member of the officiating crew. Gwen Jeffers is as tough as they come since she knows her way around the ring as well. Jeffers was a wrestler herself in the indies but after having two kids, she decided to stop wrestling. However, she loved the wrestling business so much that when she was offered a job as a referee, she took the job with no hesitation.​
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Ignore me, my eyesight is terrible, that's all that just got proven.

Real Name: Barney Williams

Wrestler Name: Whisper or Whisper Williams.... both work.

Height & Weight: 6'2, 275lb

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Billed From: San Antonio, Texas

Alignment: (Face or Heel): Sort of face, but then again... lets go heel.



Hair Style/Color/Length: Short, Straight crimson hair, almost like blood.

Eye Color: Baby Blue.

Facial Hair: A tiny little goatee and some tiny sideburns.

Ring Attire: The mask for the ring attire is kind of based of Willow. The mask worn by Whisper is jet black, with little white lines around the eyes and mouth. The shape of the mask is almost like a shield, just a lot more rounded. Whisper's chest and shoulders are hidden under a tight fitting vest, with the words "I'm mad, so what?" printed on the front. On the back of said vest are the words "This is the real me" with a picture of his mask underneath. On his lower body he wears jeans, colored blue.

Entrance Attire: The same as his ring attire, just his Entrance Attire contains a think woolen overcoat and a Christmas hat, no matter what time of year.

Tattoos: His arms are covered in names and dates and random Chinese symbols. On his left shoulder there is a big cross and on his right shoulder there is a huge love heart. If you ever get the chance to see his neck you'll see the words, "Love you baby..."


Sample Photo of Character:

Main Gimmick: Odd, Unstable, Mental.... All of them come under the Insane Gimmick.

Characteristics of Gimmick: Whisper is a loner, as you can tell. He spends most of his free time on his own, away from people. This has left Whisper unable to speak to people without bursting into sweat and things like that. Being on his own so much has left Whisper a little bit unstable. He tends to lick random people, as well as talk to TV's and Walls, almost like he see's his former best friend in them. He tends to stand over his fallen opponents, speaking to his former best friend, almost like his opponent is his best friend....

Brief Biography: Barney Williams is a big man, thus when he dreamed of being a wrestler, no-one ever said he could be, his weight would stop him. For the first few years in his life he believed them as well. These years were dark, his brother and best friend has just died in a car crash, Barney's mother was always crying, Barney's father.... well no-one knew where he was. Barney was always left alone, and through grief he found himself talking to pictures of his friend, and he would wait for a response.

It took almost four years for Barney's mother to realize what her son was going through, and when she did it was too late. Barney had slipped into a sort of trance, where he was constantly having conversations with this picture. His mother sent him to be checked out, and after a few months of work by doctors, Barney was almost himself again.

He was 19 when he finally researched the nearest wrestling academy to him. He wasn't sure if he'd be accepted, due to his mental health, but he was. Barney spent seven years training his moves, working out in the gym. The next time Barney saw his mother, she was shocked. Barney had legs like tree trunks, due to the gym, and he had even dyed his hair. They spent a while catching up with each other, but Barney kept some news to himself.

Barney had started talking to the picture again, but not just the picture, any picture, any wall, any person. He did have it under control, but still, it was there... thus, Whisper was born. Whisper, the side of Barney that was allowed to be insane... it was a way he could keep the talking to himself, but also have a good time doing it.. When he started working on the indie unit, Barney kept the name Whisper, and always used to walk to the ring with a band of children, that he would talk to like they were his best friend. He was well known for devious attacks during his indie time..

He went on Hiatus for a few months, our Barney did, and when he came back.... well he was a different man....

Entrance Music:

Entrance Description: All the lights cut out, and it goes really cold. A little band of children walk out onto the stage, all silent, all dressed in black. Jet black lights aim at the stage, and then they flick White and Black. Whisper comes running out onto the stage, holding his boots in his hands. He stands there, putting his boots on, before finally sprinting down to the ring, sliding under the ropes. When in the ring, he sits there for a few moments, awaiting his opponent, unless he is the last person in the ring, in which case he just stands there.

Fighting Style: Striker, Grapple Specialist.

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: At the age of 17, Whisper got his hand smashed under a car tire, breaking 90% of the bones in it. This happened when he tripped and a car didn't see him. Due to this Whisper's left hand isn't as strong as it could be, and constant attack to the hand will cause Whisper the worst pain imaginable. Whisper does have quite strong legs though, and it will take quite a few good shots to cripple his legs.

Strengths/Weaknesses (2 or 3 for each):

Strength: Whisper has strong legs, giving him extra power in his kicks.

Strength: Whisper has fought most types of fighter around, so he is smart, and can adapt to 9/10 different types of fighting style, finding quick ways to counter.

Strength: Whisper can get into peoples heads, causing some harsh mindgames, even if he can't take them.

Weakness: Whisper has a weak left hand, meaning when he tries to chain punches, the chance is he'll do more damage to himself than his opponent. This also works if his hand gets attacked enough.

Weakness: Whisper is slow, due to his weight. This means he can't catch up with the high flying types.

Weakness: Whisper is over cocky, he thinks he knows, and can win anything, this puts him at a hard wall when he loses, he normally throws a mini tantrum.

Finishers (Maximum of 2): Whisper (Modified Scorpion Deathdrop)
Nightingale (Gut kick into a Belly to Belly)

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3): Big Boot
Meathook Clothesline
Scoop Slam

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12, NO FINISHERS!):
Gut Kick
Side Suplex followed by a Leg Drop.
Right hand Jab
Leg Drop.
Shoulder Block
Gut Punch Combo (Normally a right and a left to take the opponent into the corner, and then about 7 rights and lefts to the gut. Normally followed up with a Dropkick onto his opponent while in the corner)
Double Axe-Handle
Suicide Dive (Rare)
Round House Kick
Shin kick


Sample RP:

It was cold, and dark... unusual for July... The room itself was crimson, the color of blood... In the corner was a man, muttering to himself...

???: Friend, Fight Friend, Win and fight some more.​

He was rocking back and forth, slowly, almost as if he was scared of something, something that was clearly close to him... Then we see a TV in front of him, on the screen is a young version of the male, throwing kicks at a shadow... After a few moments the Shadow starts to speak.

???: God Whisper, you sure know how to throw a punch.

The TV goes black, and the male, who we know as Whisper, starts chuckling.

Whisper: Throw a punch, haha, how about kicks my friend.... Wrestling.... my night, my chance to prove I can fight....
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We are working out some final details on the card, so it shouldn't be much longer until it is posted.
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