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Official NXT Discussion Thread 3/29

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So I guess something is happening this Sunday, but who cares, its NXT night! We're going into the 4th week of season 5 and things are heating up! Hornswoggle shenanigans! Yoshi crushing on Maryse! Making it a win!

So tune in for all the hard hitting action on WWE.com

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Titus made it a win
Lots of posts in this thread.

Titus is the most over Superstar on the show. Kind of sad.
Well with Maryse not there (she's already in Atlanta apparently) the only storyline of NXT is missing its focal point, so the show became a Wrestlemania infomerical. And what is Creative's fixation on Titus? I seriously wanted Lucky to upstage everyone and win and with that get Maryse's attention. Silly me, Delish isn't shredded beyond reason.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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