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Official NXT Discussion Thread 3/15

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Last week we were re-acquainted with rookies form seasons past. This season looks to be their last shot of reaching their dreams of becoming a WWE superstar. Who will be able to redeem themselves and finally achieve their dream? Tune in tonight to WWE.com to find out.

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Novak really needs to change that attire. It's not his only problem though tbf.

Are Saxton and O'Brian face's? Titus and Young obviously are but I can't tell with the others.
It seems like Saxtons trying to be less "all about me" this season so far, so he could be a face. Saxton probably "realized" that being so arrogant with the "fans" got him eliminated. He did get chewed out by Ziggler on his way out last season as well. Conor is clearly a face with the "i'm not really a rat, just a guy living a dream" routine.

It looks like they realized that Lucky was really horrible last time, so they are pushing him hard on that note as a heel to get him "over".

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He was hardly ever on superstars and when he was, he lost. Now he's winning matches, has more focus on him and finally a credible finisher.

So yes, on the up ;)
But there isn't much focus, because let's be honest, not a lot of people watch this show.

And if he wins this show, his reward is appearing on it again for next season. And if he loses that, then what?

I hope he gets noticed, but I don't like his chances.
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