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**Official** MWA:Mutant Wrestling Alliance (PICS!!!!!)

**Note I Will Be Deleting Past Shows

Monday Mutiny Card 5/2/2005

Robin Vs Red Ranger-Winner Chooses Type Of Match At "Future Shock PPV"

Colossus Vs White Ranger-Non Title

Whats The Status Of Spider-Man???

Hawkeye Has A Big Suprise Reguarding
"Future Shock"
"Future Shock" Card

Gambit Vs Punisher-Last Ride Match

White Ranger Vs ????-MWA Title

Robin Vs Red Ranger-Match To Be Decided

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For a fun light hearted show, that was fuxin amazing, but for a serious BTB show, really really poor. But still, please PLEASE continue because it is so funny to watch. Im not going to bother using the new grading system, because it would be stupid. Maybe just look at how in depth other shows are and look at the BTB Handbook that is stickied, then take another look around the other shows, then think out your storylines and how realistic they are. But otherwise, that sure as hell cracked me up!

<3 U!

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yea dont worry, next week will be a whole lot better, since i know how much time it takes to type a show out, and i know how to do the pictures perfectly now, but the only time i will have a problem with is the Commentary,how was it???

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Hey man, I love how you have pictures of the actions and how you have toys doing the moves. You might want to mabye have some color to really grab the veiwers attention. Also, you might want to make the show a little bit longer. But I love the idea for your BTB and I really hope you continue this show.

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****JR welcome everyone to The Monday Mutiny!!!!!,but we must start off on a sour note tonite by saying Gambit will be missing 1month of action do to that son of a Bitch in that Battle Shell, which by the way Gambit does know who was in it and we will find out tonite,because despite his injuries he will be here cuz thats the kind of guy Gambit is.
****Steve-ur right we will find out who was in the car later tonite but as of right now we have some great IC Title Action, with the new champ Spider-Man and his challenger Rhyno!!!!!!!

Rhyno Vs SpiderMan-IC Title
As Spidey makes his way to the ring Rhyno starts the attack from behind with pounding forearms to the back, Rhyno send Spidey into the ring as the bell sounds, Rhyno send spidey to the ropes and delivers a crushing closed fist to the head of spidey, Spidey looks like he has a concussion, Rhyno delivers a huge spinebuster and is calling for The Rush!! OMG Spidey moves out of the way and Rhyno connects with the ring pole and spidey rolls up Rhyno 1.....2.....Kick out, but rhyno continues to bash on the head of Spidey, Rhyno send Spidey yet again to the ropes and hits him with the big boot

and now Rhyno is calling for a chokeslam , Spidey revearses with a series of arm drags,and delivers a crushing blow to Rhynos head with a shining wizard, the end can be near for Rhyno as Spidey calls for his spidey slam!!!! and heconnects NO!! rhyno revearses with a Black Hole slam!!!1....2..........o and a kick out!!!! Rhyno picks spidey by his head Spidey hits the Spidey Slam from out of nowhere for the 2nd straight week, 1...2..........3, SpiderMan retains his title!! But Rhyno ambushes spidey with a fist to the back of the head, it looks like spidey is unconscious, Rhyno has spiey on his shoulders and gives him The Rush to corner!!

and Rhyno hightails it as Nightcrawler comes to the aid of his fallin comrade.

Blue Ranger Vs Hawkeye
This match is starting off as a stare down.......Blue tries a cheap shot but hawk counters with some rights of his followed by a huge clothsline, and another huge clothsline with a huge bodyslam,O and Blue high tails it out of the ring to get a breather, OMG whata cheap shot as he hangs Hawk from the ropes, Blue is on the attack now with some lethal kicks to the gut, OMG hes calling for the Blue Bomber already!!! he got it hawk just got bombed to hell!!!!

1..........2.........KCIK OUT!!!!! hawk kicked out from the Blue Bomber,Blue ranger is in shock,i guess that what happens when you dont weaken your opponents enough, Blue is dragging hawk to the corner,Blue is calling for the Moonsault which will put this match to an end for sure, hawk is up and he delivers a GERMAN SUPLEX from the top rope!!!!!!!!!

OMG blue rangers neck may be broken, hawk makes a cover 1.......2...........th no he got the shoulder up, hawk gos for a vertical suplex and wait hes keepin Blue up there,hjes turned it into a Falcon Arrow and what an impact, looks like hes going up top, and he does but Blue is up and kicks the feet from right under hawk, Blue is calling for the Bomb from the top!!!!! hes got him up.......OMG whata revearsal to a frankensteiner OMG!!!!!!!!!

hawk makes the cover 1............2.............and another kick out by Blue, hawk is calling for the Bullseye, but blue has him in a position of the Nothern lights suplex!!!! but hawk revearses it into a Bullseye

1............2...............3. what a win for Hawkeye what a match for the Monday Mutiny

Robin Vs Green Ranger
and Robin Starts off with a Huge boot to the face on Green as he was getting into the ring!!

and robin send him back in the ring just hammering on Green the man who hit Robin in the head with a chair when robin was holding Gambit 1month ago causing Robins loss of the World Title, but Green is fighting back with some kicks to the leg, Green hits the ropes and Gets his head nearly taken off by a big boot from Robin

1.....2...........kickout Robin is calling for The Robin Wings!!!(Angle Slam) the end is near for Green Ranger!!! OMG a Super Kick from outa nowhere!!!

but he cant make the cover, Wait red ranger is coming out Red drags Green on Robin 1.................2...............th No he kicked out!! Green is now throwing a fit hes calling for the Envy(Pedigree) No Robin catches Green with a Chokeslam from out of no where!!

hes caling for the Robin wings but Red trips him and brings him to the outside and Nails him with the Red Storm(Flapjack) face first on the ring apron!!!!

Red sends him in the rings and Green sets him up for the Envy and Connects

1..........2...............3 there is no one kicking out of that
****JR-red ranger single handedly screwed up a match that coulda went down as the best match ever!!! Son Of A Bitch.
****Steve-dont worry im pretty sure Red will get whats coming to him in this mainevent ready to begin.

Red/Grey Vs Colossus/Cyclops-Hardcore Tag Team Title Match
OMG a cheap shot by Red/Grey as the X-Men were makin there way to the ring, but Colossus just leveld Red with a clothsline, and cylcops hits Grey with a snap suplex , OMG a Low Blow to both xmen by Red cyclops gets sent out of the ring by Grey and there calling for the Spike Piledriver which can cripple a man for life,O and cyclops breaks it up in the neck of time and delivers a huge Blast(DDT) from the top rope!!!

1........2...........and its broken up by Grey, and Grey lowblows Cyclops and sends him to the outside floor, Grey is calling for the Morph, Red sets up the Red storm and Grey Hits The Morph(3-D) on Colossus

1.........2...........and cyclops just get there before his tag titles are lossed. Grey takes care of Colossus with a Bat to the back, and red sends Cyclops to the outside, Red is looking under the ring for some thing......What the Hell its Robin Robin is here to give Red a little Pay back from what red did earlier today!! and he hits the Robin Wings on Red into the steel ring pole!!!!!

and whats this? Robin puts Cyclops's hand over Red.....1..........2...........3

the xmen retain the titles!!! Grey is in shock over what has just taken place!!!!!.
****JR-wel red got exactly what he desearved dammit, and folks we have a special guest in the ring with us, he has not been medically cleared yet....GAMBIT!!!!!!!!!
****Gambit- Last week i lost the one thing that mattered most to me, which is my MWA Title to that punk kid White Ranger!!, dont get me wrong White your a great wrestler but at "Future Shock" in 2weeks your gonna get a piece of what you desearve and your gonna lose your title!!! but not to me cuz im using my Rematch clause for a friend of mine, a friend you have never faced, and for that Son of a bitch who tried to run me over last week and almost end my career, Your Ass Is Mine at Future Shock in a Last Ride Match!!!!!!!!. and for those who dont know who was driving that van last week, it was............***Lights BlackOut******* Son Of A Bitch its Punisher, Punisher has just destroyed Gambit with the Punishment!!!!!

but WHY Steve Why?
****Steve-look JR i think i know why, look whos making it out to the ring, its White Ranger, i bet he hired Punisher for this Job!!!!, and now looks there shakin hands

maybe we can find out more next week, Son of a bitch.

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You should have 2 shows & Why do you delete the old shows? It's just more confusing for new Readers? If you want new Readers you need to leave the shows so they can read it all and understand the storyline from the beginning. New People will come in and Say Person only has one show and starts off with in middle of a Fantasy Storyline.

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****JR welcome everyone to The Monday Mutiny!!!!!,lets start things off with Hawkeyes Blockbuster Announcement

***Hawkeye- i came out here to announce im gonna challenge Spider-Man at Future Shock for his IC Title.
**Nightcrawler makes his way to the ring
***Nightcrawler- your not makin the challenge I am, im the number one contender not U!!!
***Hawkeye- its in my contract dammit!! i have a rematch clause with him!!!
***Blue Ranger makes his way to the ring
***Blue since im not on the card, there is no reason why i shouldnt be wrestling for the IC Title!!!!!
***Spiderman comes out to the ring
***Spidey- I have no problem wrestling either of You, but it wont be tonite it will be at Future Shock and since its a PPV and all of you desearve a shot at the title, i have a proposition for u guys, if you guys want me, you got me, but it wont be 1on1, it will be a Fatal4 Way, No not any type of Fatal4 Way it will be a Fatal 4 Way LADDER Match!!!!!!!!!!!!

***JR-whata night Future Shock Will be OMG our first ever PPV will be a blockbuster i promise u that folks.
***Steve- lets stop talking about Future Shock and lets get our first match for tonite started.
***JR-well Steve this match has alot riding on it since the winner Picks the type of match he wants at Future Shock

Red Vs Robin-Winner Chooses Type Of Match

OMG!! Red and Green Ranger attack Robin from behind,whata cheap shot, if you want to fight you do it in the ring dammit!! Red mounts robin and starts to give Robin right and left close fists to Robins head, but Robin grabs Red by the neck and revearses and starts to nail Red with a series of Rights of his own, Robin send Red to the ropes and delivers a huge BackBody Drop outa the ring and into Green, Robin send Red back in the ring, Robin gets Red in a Choke Slam!! No Red gives Robin a Low Blow! Red gos for a clothlesline, but Robin Revearses it with the Robin Wings!!!!!!!

1.........2.........no Green drags Robin out the ring, but Robin deliver a huge boot to Green, robin heads back to the ring but Red hits the Red Storm on Robin and hangs him up on the ropes!!!!,

1................2...............KICK OUT!!!!! Robin kickeed out the Red Storm!! Green is on the apron telling Red to send him into a Super Kick,,Robin Throws Red into Green and Green is knocked out on the outside,Robin Hits the Robin Wings from behind 1................2..........3 Robin Wins
***JR-Robin is gonna choose the Match for Future Shock!!
***Robin- Red Ranger There will be no outside interfearence, there will be no foreign objects, there will be No Way Out!!! Your Ass Is Mine In A Steel Cage Match!!!
***JR-OMG a Cage Match at Future Shock!!!!!!!!!!

***Steve- JR what a PPV it will be but to top it off is the man in our next match
***JR-Colossus doesnt have a match on the PPV. O ur talking about that damn theif White Ranger.
***Steve- he may be a theif but u cant deny his wrestling talent
***JR- yea but i have a great feeling hes gonna get what he desearves tonite against Colossus.
***JR-What The Hell Colossus is getting dragged here by White Ranger and Green Ranger, they attacked him backstage like those cowards always do.
Steve-but the ring sounds since the 2 are both in the ring.
***JR O What the Hell is this, now i no why White made this challenge, he sending a message to the Mystery Opponent he must face at Future Shock.
***Steve-Look at Colossus he fighting back!!!!O and a low Blow by white Ranger, and now Green is bringing in 2 tables, but Why Dammit!!
***JR- look at green hes setting one up in the corner, hes telling White to Spear him thru a table, Son of a bitch.
***Steve-OMG Colossus gives The Rush to White!!!!

OMG what an impact, but Green hits the Green Envy.
***JR-and now he puts Colossus on the table, and he tells the fallin White Ranger to hit the Spiral Splash!!!

NO NO NO Not through the table dammit, OMG Son Of A Bitch WHY!!!!!!! dam u White you better believe ur gonna get what u desearve in 6days you better bet your ass you will.
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