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PWG “BOLA Night 2”

Sami Callihan vs. TJP:***

-So Sami is still the Wolf Man and TJP is a fricking wizard
-TJP got more offense than I was expecting
-Really good opener

Adam Cole vs. Eddie Edwards:***1/2
-Adam Cole says “Suck My Dick” and it is awesome
-Good action and unlike Eddie’s match night one it doesn’t feel like it is a match you can shove in ROH because of Evil Adam Cole

Michael Elgin vs. Brian Cage: **3/4
-Two big men going at it but it kinda fell flat for me
-Elgin can be good (though his first two matches haven’t been) and Cage can be good but they are both a little too inexperienced to put a good match together

Ricochet vs. Roderick Strong:***1/2
-I really enjoyed this match
-If you put Strong against a smaller guy you are bound to get something good
-Ricochet keeps proving how good of a wrestler he really is

Team Statutory vs. Drake Younger/B-Boy/Willie Mack:**
-People have already said it but it seems forced and it doesn’t really work

Adam Cole vs. Sami Callihan:***1/2
-These guys can put on a better match than this but they did a quality job here
-This a dynamic that they are more use to working than most other people
-Sami is massively over and mix that with the PWG crowd seeing this side of Adam Cole for the first time and they pretty much can do anything and it would be a solid match just because of the crowd

Ricochet vs. Michael Elgin:***3/4
-Ricochet puts on another very good match with another power wrestler
-First Elgin match to deliver for me during BOLA
-I really enjoy big man against little man matches and they did it very well

Rick Knox/El Generico/Kevin Steen vs. The Young Bucks/Brian Cage:****
-The fact that this started as a handicap match added to the match
-The reunion between El Generico and Kevin Steen was AMAZING
-Rick Knox shows that just because you aren’t a wrestler doesn’t mean you can’t be a great worker
-I don’t think this was the blowoff to The Young Bucks and Rick Knox but if it was it was a hell of an ending

Adam Cole vs. Michael Elgin: ***3/4
-Fitting ending to the tournament
-Very good match
-Elgin didn’t impress me through is first half of matches but he was able to put it together in his last two
-Cole impressed the entire tournament and this was no different

OVERALL: If you can only afford to buy one or two PWG shows neither night of BOLA would be the best option honestly. That being said this is the better of the two nights and has lots of good stuff. The thing with PWG is that a lot of their shows offer a lot of good stuff but other times they add some SPECTACULAR stuff along with a ton of good stuff. On this show you have a solid opener, three good Cole matches, two good Ricochet matches, and an excellent match containing four of the best wrestlers on the planet and the best referee today. That's enough to earn a recommendation.

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CZW presents "Deja Vu 6" from Indianapolis, IN held on November 5, 2011.

8-Man Elimination, featuring: Alex Colon, Sugar Dunkerton, Simon Sezz, Aaron Epic, Aaron McCormick, Stitch Sypher, H-Zaya & BJ Whitmer *1/2
Normally I'm a fan of these multi-man spotfest but this was just a disaster. So many botches, so many weak/fake looking shit. There were also like 3 or 4 ref botches, unfortunately that would continue throughout the night.

Latin Dragon vs. Ryan McBride **
Latin Dragon is still very green obviously but Ryan McBride got a decent match out of him.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Drew Gulak **1/2
Wasn't looking forward to this match at all but I ended up really enjoying it.

AR Fox vs. Uhaa Nation **3/4
Pretty much the same as their other 100 matches they did against eachother lol. Didn't bother me though as I'm a big fan of both of these.

STREET FIGHT: DJ Hyde vs. Sami Callihan **3/4
DJ's chest was completely fucked up by all the chops from Sami. Hard hitting match but I'm not really a fan of DJ's work.

Messiahs Of The New Age (Ricky Shane Page & Dustin Rayz) vs. Irish Airborne ***
Started off really good, ending was ridiculous and made Dustin/Ricky look very weak. Jake gets screwed by Dave with a kick to the head, then gets a finisher from both Ricky and Shane, they proceed to both pin him at the same time and Jake still kicks out? Ok.. fpalm
Also pretty sure the ref screwed up this finish aswell.

Devon Moore vs. Drake Younger vs. Scotty Vortekz **
Decent match, Devon Moore is just such a boring champion..

No-Rope Barbed Wire Eliminator: Matt Tremont vs. Necro Butcher vs. Danny Havoc vs. MASADA ***
Good deathmatch, had some nice spots in it like Danny getting bodyslammed on a barbed wire board that was set up against the back of Tremont. Unfortunately the finish of this match was also screwed up by the ref.

Overal a decent show but I wouldn't recommend it. The crowd was completely dead until AR Fox and Uhaa Nation got them going. And the show was filled with botches from the wrestlers and referees, more than usual which took away from the viewing pleasure imo..

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Chikara - A Death Worse Than Fate

1) Ophidian vs Green Ant ~ **3/4

2) El Hijo Del Ice Cream vs Saturyne ~ **

3) Fire Ant & Soldier Ant vs Dasher Hatfield & Mark Angelosetti ~ ***1/4

4) Brodie Lee vs Jigsaw ~ ***1/4

5) Colt Cabana vs Kobald ~ *3/4

6) Eddie Kingston, Shane Matthews, Scott Parker, & Greg Iron vs Tim Donst, Jakob Hammermeier, Obariyon, & Kodama ~ ***3/4

7) Sara Del Rey vs Archibald Peck ~ ***1/2

8) Chikara Tag Team Championship:
Icarus & Chuck Taylor(c) vs Ultramantis Black & Hallowicked ~ **1/2​

A much needed injection of fun to follow a semi-lackluster opener in The Thirteenth Hat. This show captured that Chikara goodness. Majority of the show was quality.

~ Only real knock I have on it was the majority of the main event was SO basic. In the third fall things kicked into gear and the Delirious turn on UMB riled up the crowd. So it ended well. That's a plus.

~ Another stellar Atomicos match. Chikara is king of the multimans as we all know.

~ Del Rey vs Peck was a very interesting contest. Loved it. Peck really is a one of a kind worker. He can do so much within the ring.

~ Brodie Lee continues to prove that he might be the best big man monster in wrestling today.

~ Colony vs Throwbacks was a perfect way to bring Touchdown into the mix. He's fit in the company like a glove.

~ Colt/Kobald was what you expected. Kobald is green, but Colt did his awesome comedy stylings to balance it out.

~ Ophidian/Green Ant was solid. I expected better, however. Ophidian's new "snake style" has already grown on me. I blame Hieracon for sucking which is what lead me to doubt Ophidian. I'll never do that again. He's legit.

~ Saturyne vs El Hijo, short and sweet. Saturyne...that girl is very athletic. She's capable. A good start for her future.

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Since its inception, Ring of Honor has prided itself on presenting the absolute best professional wrestling on the planet with the top athletes not just from the United States but from around the world. In that endeavor, we have been graced with the presence of numerous wrestlers from the world of Japanese Puroresu; from young up & comers to the legends of the squared circle, ROH has been home to them all over the years. Be it Jushin "Thunder" Liger & The Great Muta or Go Shikozaki & Dragon Kid, they have all competed here and enriched the great history of ROH.

This 2-Disc collection brings to you a taste of the tremendous Japanese competitors that have stepped in between our ropes. Featuring behemoths like Takeshi Morishima, Junior Heavyweight stars like Kota Ibushi, Joshi grapplers like Hiroyo Matsumoto & Ayumi Kurihara, and legends like Kenta Kobashi & Mitsuharu Misawa, this 19 match collection is a tribute to all of the Puroresu competitors that have passed through Ring of Honor and the influence they have had. These men and women are truly Japan's Finest...

Disc 1
1. The Amazing Red vs. Ikuto Hidaka...Glory By Honor 10/2/02
2. The Great Muta & Arashi vs. Christopher Daniels & Dan Maff… Final Battle 2003 12/27/03
3. Kenta Kobashi & Homicide vs. Samoa Joe & Low Ki…Unforgettable 10/205
4. AJ Styles & Matt Sydal vs. Dragon Kid & Genki Horiguchi… Dragon Gate Challenge 3/30/06
5. Do Fixer (Dragon Kid, Genki Horiguchi, & Ryo Saito) vs. Blood Generation (CIMA, Naruki Doi, & Masato Yoshino)…Supercard of Honor 3/31/06
6. Colt Cabana vs. Kikutaro…Ring of Homicide 5/13/06
7. Christopher Daniels & Matt Sydal vs. CIMA & Shingo (World Tag Team Title Match)…International Challenge 12/22/06
8. CIMA, Susumu Yokosuka, Dragon Kid & Ryo Saito defeated Austin Aries, Delirious, Claudio Castagnoli & Rocky Romero…All Star Extravaganza III 3/30/07
9. CIMA, Susumu Yokosuka & Shingo defeated Dragon Kid, Ryo Saito & Masaaki Mochizuki… Supercard of Honor II 3/31/07
10. Takeshi Morishima vs. Shingo (ROH World Title Match)…Good Times, Great Memories 4/28/07

Disc 2
11. Naomichi Marufuji & Takeshi Morishima vs. Mitsuharu Misawa & KENTA…Glory By Honor VI Night 1 11/2/07
12. BxB Hulk & Shingo vs. Kevin Steen & El Generico…Supercard of Honor III 3/29/08
13. Muscle Outlaws (Naruki Doi, Masato Yoshino & Genki Horiguchi) vs. Typhoon (CIMA, Dragon Kid, & Ryo Saito)…Supercard of Honor III 3/29/08
14. Jay & Mark Briscoe vs. Austin Aries & Kota Ibushi…Tag Wars 2008 4/18/08
15, Team NOAH (Takeshi Morishima, Naomichi Marufuji, & Go Shiozaki) vs. The No Remorse Corps (Roderick Strong, Davey Richards, & Rocky Romero)…Southern Navigation 5/9/08
16. Kensuke Sasaki & Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Brent Albright & Roderick Strong…All Star Extravaganza IV 12/26/08
17. Jushin Liger vs. Austin Aries (Non Title Match)...SoCal Showdown 1/29/10
18. Hiroyo Matsumoto & Ayumi Kurihara vs. Sara Del Rey and Serena Deeb...Honor Takes Center Stage Chapter 1 4/1/11
19. Hiroyo Matsumoto & Ayumi Kurihara vs. Daizee Haze & Tomoka Nakagawa...Honor Takes Center Stage Chapter 2 4/2/11

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EVOLVE 17 Review:

Johnny Gargano vs. Jon Davis - ***1/2
What an awesome opener. I'm a big WWE-Style fan so no surprise i enjoyed the match more than others. Awesome David vs Goliath as expected, it was probably John Davis' best showing, he looked like a totall monster and Gargano was Gargano. His heel-turn was great and it was a great way to do this. Pefrect way to open the show.

Lince Dorado vs. Jigsaw - **3/4
What you'd expect from these two. Fun spotfest, nothing more nothing less, Jigsaw is kinda better than this IMO, would love to see Gargano vs Jig or Davis vs Jig in the future.

Marti Belle vs. Christina Von Eerie - Skipped.

The Scene vs. D.U.F. - **
Meh. Calliahn and Cnanoon were great in Bushido: Code Of The Warrior, why it always has to involve Pinkie?..

Sami Callihan vs. MASADA - N/R

The Gentlemens Club vs. Rich Swann & The Super Smash Bros. - ***1/2
Don't really have too much to say about this match, just a really fun with lots of spots and non-stop action.

Ricochet vs. AR Fox - ***1/4
Ricochet is sooooooo bad the mic. Man, he makes 2009 Roderick Strong looks like CM Punk in comparison. He looks so goofy when he's talking, why Gabe gave him so much mic-time in this show? anywho the match was great, but something was missing there and they didn't played the whole "wannebe" thing as good as they could.

El Generico vs. Samuray Del Sol - ***3/4
My god Samuray Del Sol is absolutely amazing. The stuff he's doing in the ring is just.. wow. The match is great and IMO their best one. Just an amazing fast-paced match with zero botches which is amazing considering what they did in the ring. Must-watch IMO.

Overall it was a really good iPPV, EVOLVE and DGUSA are super underrated for some reason.

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These are couple of matches from a comp. I have that I thought I'd write up reviews for.

Barbed Wire Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match: JC Bailey vs. Nate Webb - IWA-MS (4/18/03):***

This is a match I was really looking forward to. Sadly it wasn’t really what I was expecting. That is probably my fault since I hadn’t really seen much of Bailey or Webb and was hoping for a really sweet match. What I got was a match with a lot of spots that needed a lot of setting up and didn’t look as awesome as they needed to be in this sort of match. The fact that they started this match by trading holds hurt the match in my opinion. They didn’t really build a match around the idea of them being two good wrestlers in a hardcore environment. It also wasn’t a match where they are Jr. Heavyweight hardcore wrestlers but also good wrestlers from a technical standpoint as well. So we get a lot of moves and though the last spot looks sick it doesn’t make for a great match. I do have to give definite points for the effort of these two men and that’s why the rating of this match is where it is.

Homicide vs. Trent Acid-CZW(May 10, 2003): ****

Through 15 minutes I thought this match was the balls. I still thought this match was awesome just a little less awesome. The match starts with Trent Acid doing some shitty dance, I don’t know the hell was going on, and then Homicide just comes at him and knocks some seriousness into Acid. Homicide knocks Acid to the floor sets him in a chair runs into the ring and BOOM Tope Con Hilo. Sets the tone for the next 14 minutes. Super-fast, hard hitting, juniors’ action. Acid is able to take advantage of Homicide’s mistake and he changes his attitude knowing that if he doesn’t he is going to get his shit rocked. There are lots of other awesome exchanges one notable one being Acid using his speed to get the advantage on Homicide and hit a couple of vicious Yakuza kicks. Also Homicide locking in the STF late, TWICE, before time ran out was awesome. If the match ended the match with the draw I actually think I would have liked this match better with it being an incredible 15 minutes with Homicide trying to use the STF to end it late but Acid just having to hold on for a little bit. Then both men agreed to go another 5 minutes. This makes no sense for Acid since he is the heel that just managed to get out of this match without losing. That peace of nonsense took me completely out of things. I didn’t see any point in it and the after match stuff didn’t do anything to show Acid wasn’t a jerk. It doesn’t make sense. And after the break there is nothing that is engrossing. The ending plays off the ending of the first 15 minutes so I dug that but the break took away from the match as a whole. Truly sad the way Acid’s life went. He was very gifted and I believe in some alternate universe he could have been either headlining indies right now or on the roster of TNA. Homicide just needs the right opponent and to be motivated and when those things happen he is solid as can be. The problem is getting both of those things, especially the motivation part.

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SMV Best On The Indies: The Big Rig - The Brodie Lee Story

Chikara - 5/26/07

Brodie Lee vs. Equinox - **

Chikara - 11/16/07
Brodie Lee vs. Passion Hasegawa - **

IWA-MS - 5/3/08

Brodie Lee vs. Chris Hero - ***

Chikara - 6/15/08

Brodie Lee vs. Drake Younger - ***1/4

Chikara - 9/7/08 - Steel Cage
Brodie Lee vs. Claudio Castagnoli - ***1/2

Chikara - 10/18/08
Brodie Lee vs. Daisuke Sekimoto - ***1/4

Chikara - 11/15/08
Brodie Lee vs. Hallowicked - ***

IWS - 1/10/09 - Season’s Beatings Brawl
Brodie Lee vs. Green Phantom - **

Chikara - 2/21/09 - King Of Trios Qualifier
The Roughnecks (Brodie Lee, Grizzly Redwood & Eddie Kingston) vs. The Order (UltraMantis Black & Crossbones) & Sami Callihan - ***1/4

Chikara - 4/26/09
The Roughnecks vs. Incoherence (Hallowicked, Frightmare & Delirious) - ***3/4

Chikara - 4/24/10
Brodie Lee vs. Grizzly Redwood - SQUASH

NWA Force-1 - 5/21/10
Brodie Lee vs. Nick Gage - **

wXw - 9/12/10
Brodie Lee vs. Bad Bones - **3/4

Chikara - 2/19/11
Brodie Lee vs. Sugar Dunkerton - ***

PWO - 8/6/11
Brodie Lee vs. Johnny Gargano - **1/2

PWO - 8/7/11
Brodie Lee & Marion Fontaine vs. Kevin Nash & Aaron Draven - *1/2

Chikara - 2/25/12
Brodie Lee vs. Jigsaw - ***

Chikara - 3/25/12 - Chikara Grand Championship
Brodie Lee vs. Eddie Kingston - ****

A couple of good matches showcasing his feuds in Chikara with Claudio & Hallowicked and his final match vs. Kingston are the picks of the matches of this comp, but the real highlight is the fun shoot conducted by Kingston.

ROH - Caged Hostility

Jay Lethal vs. Adam Page - ***

Mike Mondo vs. QT Marshall - *

Battle of North Carolina
The Bravado Brothers (Lancelot & Harlem) vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander - ***1/2

Mike Posey vs. Jeff Neal - **

Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) vs. House Of Truth (Roderick Strong & Michael Elgin) - **1/4

Proving Ground
Adam Cole vs. Kyle O'Reilly - ***1/2

Steel Cage War

The Briscoes (Jay & Mark) and Rhett Titus vs. SCUM (Kevin Steen, Steve Corino, & Jimmy Jacobs) - **3/4

Show evened out with a surprisingly good opener, another good O’Reilly/Cole match and the home teams stepping up for the match of the show tempered by a horrid Mondo/Marshall match, another boring WGTT outing (though the dissension in the HOT storyline didn’t help) and a main event that disappointed.


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Ricochet has never had any personality as far as mic skills go. He's simply a stellar performer. That's where he shines. Don't know if he'll ever grow into having some decent mic work.

Ah yes, Brodie Lee DVD set. Forgot about that one. That totals the number of superb comps on SMV I want to about...oh 10 now. Sami Callihan & Sara Del Rey's are still top of the list. 40 bucks + some change for shipping. Why am I lagging?

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1. Round 1: Team Sendai Girls vs. Fire Ant, Green Ant & AssailANT

Oh, yeah! This is my first meeting with the Girls, and I’m impressed. You better hold nothing back against them, otherwise – you’re fucked! A perfect opener. AssailANT teaming with The Colony was strange booking, but it worked.


2. Round 1: The Batiri vs. 3.0 & Gran Akuma

The Batiri are good, but Kobald is damn annoying. Ophidian brought some cool. Akuma is charismatic, that’s his biggest plus. But 3.0 is the most generic tag team in the world. Personality tabula rasa. Too damn bland and boring, and I don’t care about them at all. They are a decent showmen, but they put me to sleep almost every time they wrestle. That being said, this was a good match up until the botched ref bump. The ref totally fucked up his selling and kinda ruined all the previous hard work. But nevermind the low rating, this was enjoyable, bar the ref bump stuff.


3. Round 1: Team Osaka Pro vs. F.I.S.T.

You know what you get when you book Taylor, Icarus, Ebessan and Kikutaro in a same match. This was great comedy. A lot of fun. The Osaka guys were bringing it! Lulz left, right and center. But, the true star of the match was Icarus. Damn, that heat he gets… Immense. Not only the comedy parts of the match were great, but the serious parts were really solid as well, so big thumbs up for this one.


4. Round 1: QuackSaw & Manami Toyota vs. CombatANT, DeviANT & Soldier Ant

An awesome match. Great storytelling in this one. There’s a dissension between Quack and Jig, because Quack is allegedly not focused enough, he hates GEKIDO so much. On the other side, the shift trio of ants just couldn’t work together, because Soldier Ant hates The Swarm, and he wants it to be done his way. Manami Toyota is still awesome. The show peaked with this match.


5. Round 1: The Throwbacks & Matt Classic vs. Team JWP

Matt Classic >>>>>>>>>> Colt Cabana. /review.


6. Round 1: The Spectral Envoy vs. The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger, Kazuaki Mihara & Tito Santana

The Stranger is by far the most over man in CHIKARA. Mihara is all about business. Tito Santana was insanely over once he finally entered the match. He’s still in a great shape. Anyway, yet another good and very enjoyable match. Kudos to The Stranger, but Mihara and his badassery totally made this match.


7. Round 1: Team ROH vs. The Faces of Pain

Ah, this was not good. Way too much stalling. And I’m not talking about that nice, psychological stalling, I’m talking about the “we are limited” stalling. That’s never good. Plus, the finish looked weak, poorly executed. Maria is an eye candy, though.


8. Round 1: The Extreme Trio vs. Team WWF

Solid stuff, but not main event worthy. This was mostly a nostalgia match, but mixed with your usual CHIKARA customs, of course. Who could imagine Tommy Dreamer having so much fun in the ring? The slow motion/pause stuff was funny, I gotta admit. But, the match needed more of Lynn vs. Waltman, that’s for sure.


A very entertaining show. Would’ve been fantastic with the better last two matches, but what you gonna do… This is just the Night 1, and I’m already positively overwhelmed. Talking about a trip right there, folks. Five good matches, solid main event, and a lot of fun. Thumbs up for this one.

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PWG Guerre Sans Frontières 2009 Review:

The Cutler Brothers & Charles Mercury vs. Los Luchas & Malachi Jackson vs. Johnny Goodtime, Shane Haste, & Jerome " LTP" Robinson - ***1/4

Candice LeRae vs. Christina Von Eerie - Skipped.

Human Tornado vs. Scott Lost - ***

Karl Anderson vs. Roderick Strong - ****

Naruki Doi vs. Joey Ryan - ***

El Generico vs. Shingo Takagi - ****1/4+

Brian Kendrick & The Young Bucks vs. CIMA & Motor City Machine Guns - ****1/2

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship Title Match
Chris Hero vs. Bryan Danielson - ****1/2+
Everything was pefrect in this match and it could easily be 5* but i wish the finish had more impact, still an amazing match

Honestly this was one of the best shows i've seen in my life, next is Seven from 2010 (Danielson last match and Danielson return match :))​

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Getting pumped for Black Friday online shopping!

Which websites have good Black Friday sales? I know I bought off roh store and dg usa store last year on Black Friday, both sites had good deals. Does anyone remember what (if any) black Friday sales highspots and smartmark offered?

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I sure hope Smartmarkvideo.com rolls with the Black Friday sales. iirc last year they had a weak deal. Especially when compared to ROH. Oh how I cleaned up on ROH last year. I have nothing left to buy from them this time around. So SMV do something.

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SMV usually just stick to there own monthly deal and avoid Black Friday Deals. Last years was sort of forced by them....

Resistance Pro - Black Friday

1. The Sheik vs El Generico

2. Hallowicked & Matt Classic vs Team Ambition

3. Icarus vs Jay Bradley
Didn't Watch

4. Sweet Leaf vs The Briscoe Brothers

5. Serenity vs Cheerleader Melissa vs Simply Luscious vs Sassy Stephie vs Arika Cannons vs Taylor Made vs Miss December

6. Colt Cabana vs Necro Butcher vs Canadian Destroyer

7. Harry Smith vs Kevin Steen

The booking is fucking awful at times but for some reason I still enjoyed the show... maybe its the lack of wrestling I've been able to watch lately due to work but there was something about the show I enjoyed. The Womens match though really really annoyed me. The way they treated the 7 Women (really 6) was just fucking disgraceful. The match itself was just fucking awful even with Melissa trying her best and then Melanie Cruise comes out not even in the actual match and wins the title??? Now I don't hate the finish if there going for a feud with Melissa/Melanie but I'm pretty certain they don't from memory which just made this fucking stupid. That and why in the world would you book Petey Williams under a mask?​

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Garbage. Shoot those prices down to outlandish Black Friday level, plz. That's what needs to be done. Or free shipping.

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IPW:UK No Escape 2012

Zack Sabre Jr. vs Wild Boar

Sami Callihan vs Noam Dar

Finlay vs Martin Stone

Marty Scurll vs Doug Williams

Project Ego vs The Thrillers

Sha Samuels vs Dave Mastiff - Unified British Heavyweight Championship

Zack Sabre Jr. vs Sami Callihan

NGW Eternal Glory 2011

Rampage Brown vs Dean Allmark vs Avian vs Zack Gibson

Sam Bailey vs Danny V

The Predators vs Los Amigos - NGW Tag Team Championships

Stixx vs Colossus Kennedy

Nigel McGuinness vs Jack Gallacher

Natahn Cruz vs Matt Myers - NGW Championship

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PWG Guerre Sans Frontière might be the best indy show that I've ever seen and PWG around that time was as good as any wrestling company I can ever remember. They had a run of about a year where every match on every show was good. I remember reading at the time someone saying in June that they hadn't rated a PWG match under 3*s all year.
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