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CZW Board said:
1. Andy Sumner & Drew Gulak over CZW World Tag Team Champuions Ruckus & Sabian (with Chrissy Rivera) in a non-title match.

2. "Light Tubes, Ladders, & Log Cabin Match" - Danny Havoc pinned Jr. Heavyweight Champion Vortekz in a non-title match with a Death Valley Drive off the ladder through a log cabin.

3. "Home Run Derby Match" - Insane Lane defeated Freakshow by submission with a modifed Crossface using a tack bat.

4. "Shattered Dreams Match" - DJ Hyde (with Maven Bentley) pinned Mad Man Pondo after delivering the Shadow Driver to Pondo through a third panel of glass.

5. "Fans Bring the Weapons and Barbed Wire Boards" - UVU Champion Brain Damage (with Maven Bentley) pinned Iron Man Champion Toby Klein (with Billy Graham) after Lobo chased Bentley away from ringside, and Graham, wielding a fire torch, accidently blew a ball of fire into Klein's face, aiming for Damage.

6. "TLC - Tables, Light Tubes, and Chairs" - Drake Younger pinned Dustin Lee after delivering the Drake's Landing "vertaebreaker" through a table that had been propped up in the corner.

7. "No Ropes, Barbed Wire Match" - Necro Butcher pinned Zandig after a classic brawl that included a ton of blood and a boxing-esque fistfight that went back and forth.

8. "Weedwhacker Rules, Must Use a Weedwacker On Opponent Before an Elimination Can Occur" - Drake Younger defeated Danny Havoc and DJ Hyde in an elimination match. Hyde out first via double weedwhacking. Havoc next out.

9. "Fans Bring the Weapons and Whatever's Left" - Brain Damage defeated Insane Lane and Necro Butcher. Damage & Lane double-teamed Necro throughout. Necro out first. Lane second.

10. CJ O'Doyle pinned Greg Excellent to begin O'Doyle's run against non-junior heavyweight competition.

11. Ryan McBride defeated Andrew Steel and Christian Hane in a three-way, one fall contest after delivering a beautiful 450 splash.

12. "Ultraviolent Divide & Conquer, 200 Lighttube Deathmatch Final" - Drake Younger defeated Brain Damage by retrieving the trophy and bringing it back to the ring, crawling on the ground several feet as muscle was exposed on his chest from a severe wound, and finally making it to the ring as Damage was trapped on top of the truck when the ladder was moved. The lumberjacks were armed with light tubes, a barbed wire whip, a tack bat, and more. Damage seemed pissed off at Bentley for causing him to lose. Damage (barely) gave Drake respect for beating him, and claimed he'd never get the UVU Title back. Post-match, Drake thanked the fans.
Full results.

From reading peoples reviews on the CZW board it seems like the show turned out pretty decent. Im happy Drake got the win, something that he definitely deserved. Supposidly he got a nasty gash on his chest causing his nipple to get torn off, ouch. Theres a pic here, you can't really see much, but you can just make our the gash. http://i93.photobucket.com/albums/l71/paynes_wrestling_2006/DSCF8179.jpg

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Man that sounds like an awesome show. I like CZW for what it is. And TOD is always their best show. Can't wait to see it.

Anyone know how long til its available on DVD?
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