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We all know the Tampa Bay Buccaneers hold the first overall pick, but I think they are wasting their first overall pick if they pick either Winston, or Mariota. I understand Glennon wasn't Lovie's pick, but I think Mike Glennon is someone who can win. Smith has to develop the defense like he always has no matter where he has been. However, on offense Smith needs some help up front at the offensive line position. The Buccaneers gave up plenty of sacks last season.

(1) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - DE, Leonard Williams, USC. This is a "safe" and reliable pick. Williams is someone who can change the course of a game. Smith has the perfect pick here taking someone who will likely contribute right away. They need someone who can draw double teams this will free up the defense, including Gerald McCoy. They can find a left tackle in free agency, or in the second round.

(2) Tennessee Titans - QB, Marcus Mariota, Oregon. I realize the rumor in Philly says Chip wants him in Philadelphia. I think Whisenhunt would be a fool not to select this young man. Nothing against Locker, or even Winston for that matter. Mariota in my opinion shows greater ability to make plays from anywhere on the field. I think Mariota will adapt faster to the speed of defenses as well compared to Locker, or Winston. Marcus has huge upside.

(3) Jacksonville Jaguars - WR, Amari Cooper, Alabama. This is the best pick for them. Give your QB a weapon to throw the ball to. Their offensive, and other defensive issues can be made in free agency. This team has plenty of money to spend. Cooper is special and will likely play well no matter which of the 32 teams pick him in the first round. He may not be a freak in size, but he has enough resources to not worry about being a freak. Best WR in this draft by a mile.

(4) Oakland Raiders - DT, Danny Shelton, Washington. If they don't pick this man they have problems in the front office. He is easily a top 5 pick letting him drop is beyond reason. They need youth inside, but youth is not the only thing. They need the youth to produce at their position. Shelton is easily the best Defensive Tackle in this draft. His ceiling is extremely high. He will provide a means to stop Jamal Charles and The Chiefs every twice a year.

(5) Washington Redskins - CB, Trae Waynes, Mich St. This man had a great combine. His tape doesn't lie and I think the Redskins are in certain need of a shut down CB, especially with all the WR talent in the NFC East, and NFC in general. Waynes will start right away and become a replacement for Hall who is 31 going on 32. Trae Waynes will likely be a Pro Bowl caliber player in less than 3 years. His ceiling is nearly untouchable. Could be a HOF type player.

(6) New York Jets - OT, Andrus Peat, Stanford. There have been some bad picks at this position in the last decade in the top 10, but there have also been great rewards. Peat will help this offensive line keep whomever there QB is, upright. Peat is dangerously talented and future perennial Pro Bowler. They have some money to spend in Free Agency to address other positions. You don't need a 1st round QB this year. I don't expect Smith to be their savior, but I expect this Jets team to find a veteran QB like Schaub to fill in for a year, or two while they look for the next guy.

(7) Chicago Bears - DT/DE, Arik Armstead, Oregon. Armstead can play anywhere on the defensive line. He is amazingly talented. Raw, but still worth this high of a pick. They need help getting to the QB. They have a pass happy NFC North teams to deal with 6 times a year. If you watch this mans' tape he is all over the place. Will transition well into the NFL.

(8) Atlanta Falcons - DE, Shane Ray, Missouri. He has plenty of talent at his position. He needs to add some bulk, but his frame can get larger. He has plenty of skill that will translate well into the NFL. I think the Falcons will enjoy a player of caliber. Boom worries still loom over his head though.

(9) New York Giants - OT/OG, Brandon Scherff, Iowa. You can't let a guy like this fall out of the top 10 if you are the Giants. Scherff will make a great Guard in the NFL and adds depth to an unimpressive offensive line. He will have ability to anchor the pass and ground game attack.

(10) St. Louis Rams - Safety, Landon Collins, Alabama. They have a stellar defense that wouldn't mind a shut down Safety. Look at the teams with top notch players at this position and you understand why drafting the best one is this draft makes sense. They can find a WR in the later rounds. Collins has grit and a hard work ethic. Fisher will beef up his defense.

(11) Minnesota - WR, Kevin White, WVU. He could be the first WR off the board, and if that is the case DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville and will be reunited with his old College QB in Minnesota. White is an amazing WR with tons of potential. This is a deep draft class, but he is the cream of the crop with Cooper. White is going to be a star no matter where he lands.

(12) Cleveland Browns - OLB/DE, Vic Beasley, Clemson. He and Mingo would be a solid outside edge rushing duo. The AFC North is a very physical division. You need pass edge rushers in the NFL with all the passing going on. Beasley is really a steal here. Who knows what the Browns will really do though. Right?

(13) New Orleans Saints - OT/OG, La'el Collins, LSU. Collins is right in their back yard. With Ingram all of sudden looking like a true first round pick and Breeze not getting any younger, they will need someone to anchor the ground game. He can start right away on any team in the NFL. This is a safe pick.

(14) Miami Dolphins - OLB, Dante Fowler, JR, Florida. They need to recover from that bust pick from a few years back. We know what Cameron Wake will do, but Fowler can add some help on the other side. I think it will take him a couple of years tops, but he will be a 8-12 sack kind of player with a big year a few years in between.

(15) San Francisco - CB, P.J. Williams, Florida St. He is aggressive and I think that is exactly they need at this position. They can find a WR in free agency, or even in this draft. Williams is a rare talent and would be the 1st CB if it weren't for Trae Waynes from Mich St.

(16) Houston Texans - QB, Jameis Winston, Florida St. You couldn't ask for a better situation than this if you are the Houston Texans. This makes tons of sense for so many reasons. The main being that they need a franchise QB. Winston is their man.

(17) San Diego Chargers - CB, Kevin Johnson, Wake Forest. They need some help at this position. Johnson could start right away. He will need to add some size to his thin frame, but he was a top notch Combine star. His tape on the field doesn't lie, he is a solid three year starter for a reason.

(18) Kansas City Chiefs- ILB, Benardrick McKinney, Mississippi St. The Chiefs have one of the better defenses in the NFL. McKinney could come in and not have as much pressure on him. At the same time he is talented enough to come in and make an immediate impact on a defense like The Chiefs have.

(19) Cleveland Browns - WR, Dorial Green-Beckham, Missouri. Yes, they go with Josh Gordon's replacement. The upside to Beckham is really high. He is an amazing talent. Teams saw the impact of the WR's over the last few years and want the best right away. Cleveland actually needs one. Is he the next Megatron?

(20) Philadelphia Eagles - OLB/DE - Bud Dupree, Kentucky. This makes sense because he has the speed to play in Chip's defensive scheme. He is a big guy with enough ability to play anywhere in the defensive front. Kelly will welcome him with open arms. Sure pick here and it's safe. Could be a great return here and a steal.

(21) Cincinnati Bengals - OT/OG, T.J. Clemmings, Pittsburgh. He will help anchor the ground game. He can play either guard, or tackle. Who knows? He may end up play left tackle in a few years. Reliable, quick, and incredibly agile. This will be a hard talent to pass up and he is right in their back yard, so I am sure they have heard of him before.

(22) Pittsburgh Steelers - NT/DE, Eddie Goldman, Florida St. He is under the radar a bit, but this is a 3-4 schemed Nose tackle that could help improve the defensive run game for the Steelers. They have drafted from Florida State before and wouldn't be shocked if they took this young man first overall. Great piece of talent here.

(23) Detroit Lions - CB, Jalen Collins, LSU. I think he will be exactly what the Lions need at this position. He may, or may not start right away. I don't think they will really need him to with their defensive front seven being so strong. Collins comes from a well respected football program and I think he will be a main stay starter at his position.

(24) Arizona Cardinals - DT, Malcom Brown, Texas. With Dockett gone this could be the way to go here. Brown can play anywhere on the defensive line whether it be 3-4 or 4-3. Arians will enjoy having this young man on their defense. They won't pass him up.

(25) Carolina Panthers - WR, Jalen Strong, Arizona State. He won't be there in the second round and Newton could always use another target out there with Benjamin. Benjamin and Strong could be a potent combination for defenses to match up against each week. I like his potential in two years.

(26) Baltimore Ravens - RB, Todd Gurley, Georgia. He makes sense because Ray Rice won't be coming back and Justin Forsett is not getting any younger. Gurley will be healthy enough to play this year and I think his injury concerns should be something to consider, but he has a huge return once healthy. He could be something similar to Bell in Pittsburgh.

(27) Dallas Cowboys - OLB, Randy Gregory, Nebraska. Once he adds some bulk he will give this Cowboys a solid pass rushing linebacker. He may not become the next DeMarcus Ware, but he will be a solid starter in this league for the next 10 years. Nebraska has a solid program going.

(28) Denver Broncos - OG, A.J. Cann, South Carolina. No matter who the QB will be it makes that much more sense to draft this guy. This guy could be a perennial Pro Bowl type player with the right coaching. A.J. Cann will be a name in the NFL.

(29) Indianapolis Colts - OT, Ereck Flowers, Miami. Luck needs some help not getting sacked. Flowers could come in and start right away. This is the best tackle left this late in the draft. He won't be there once they pick again in the 2015 NFL Draft.

(30) Green Bay Packers - TE/WR, Devin Funchess, Michigan. If he moves to tight end he will make a great TE playing with Aaron Rodgers. This kid could be the next Jimmy Graham, or better. If he adds about 15 lbs more he will be unstoppable.

(31) Seattle Seahawks - WR, Devin Smith, Ohio State. He is the perfect Percy Harvin replacement. He has a great workout routine. Smith is exactly the type of player Carrol will take in the draft. Wilson needs some help outside as well and I think Devin Smith makes sense here. Reminds me of Randall Cobb.

(32) New England Patriots - RB, Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin. This gives them the option of trading RB's currently on their team, or not re-signing Ridley. Gordon will be a solid player for this team and likely filling the role better than any of their current crop of RB's.
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