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Official 2012 KoBTB Sign Up Thread

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Suddenly, the house lights at ringside go out. The fans in the arena have gone practically silent, and their attention turns to the titantron where a rather light-hearted video package has started.

Random Video Package said:
Ladies and Gentlemen of WF’s Be The Booker Section;
You are hereby cordially invited to participate in the pinnacle of writing competitions for our kind; a gathering of all the gifted keystrokers this quaint section shelters, and a true test of your determination, talent, and overall booking potential. This kingdom of creative minds needs a new king… are you up for the challenge?
Ha! All jokes aside though friends, we’ve been talking about it for some days now and it’s come time to pull the trigger. Ladies and gents, the 2012 King of BTB Tournament! Before we can begin the tournament, we’ll need some bookers bold enough to participate!

» Sign ups will go for ONE WEEK, so on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd, sign-ups for the tournament will be closed.

» There is no limit to how many people can sign up. However, we encourage you to be honest with yourself before you jump in. We understand that everyone has their own personal lives to tend to. In saying that, if you KNOW you will not be able to keep up with your responsibilities as a participant in this tournament; don’t sign up, simple as that. We would like to prevent no-shows and have this tournament go as smoothly as possible.

» We will sift through the signees with the opening rounds. All bookers that sign up will compete in the opening rounds to determine who will compete in the actual competition. After these qualifiers, the top EIGHT writers will advance to the tournament.

» This will be stated again when the tournament thread is up, but it needs to be said now as well – PLAGIARISM WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. If you are reported or caught copying another writer’s work – be it opening round or later in the competition, you will be immediately disqualified. Also, no work from previous/current BTB threads. Create your own, new material, please.

» Yes, this is a competition; but keep in mind we are all a family of creative writers. We come from all over the world, some of us speak many languages, and ALL of us have different amounts of experience and levels of creative ‘thunder’, if you will. In saying this, please be respectful of your fellow bookers. Of course, you may help each other with constructive criticism, but bashing also will not be tolerated. We are promoting good sportsmanship in this tournament – and besides, it’s the judges call as to whats ‘good’ or not – not yours.

» Speaking of judges, Brye and myself (KingRo™) will be manning the ‘judges table’, along with a select few others. If you are interested in being a judge, either note this in your sign up post or contact Brye.

With all of that said, let the sign ups begin!!



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This thread will be updated daily until September 4th. Around this time, we should be ready to start the tournament.
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Sign me up! I've been waiting 2 years for this so I can post all my favorite ideas that I never got to do and be able to finally be happy with what I've done. :D (Bonus points for adding an angle to the tourney?)
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Count me in!
Cue the title defence, I wouldn't miss this for the world. I'm very in. :eek:
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Nice to see this up, hopefully we can get a decent turn out and some great work from it too. Count me in. :)
Enlistment Updated. I'm turning in for the night. Hopefully Brye can have this bad boy stickied up soon. Sign ups are still more than welcome.
Count me in.... great to see the names signed up already!
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I'm in. It's been a long time since I've had a full on tournament to focus on.
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At first I was in the talks with Brye to possibly be a judge but what the hell, decided I'd throw me hat in and have a go at this. Haven't participated in a tournament in a few years though :eek:
Holy shit, wonderful work with this, man! :D

Glad to see people fairly interested. (Y)
I'm not entering because I stand no chance, but I'm voting for Melvis to win two years in a row.

Hi, I'm the one who hosted last year's tournament :D
Alright friends, just got word from Brye that I will be heading up the tournament this year. So you if you have any questions about the tournament in general, feel free to contact me! With that, quick update as far as the tournament is concerned;

Tournament Update said:
Seeing as how the sign-ups have generally slowed down, I am changing the sign-up deadline to Monday, September 3rd at 11:59PM EST. If you have not signed up by then, you will not be allowed to compete in the KoBTB tournament. Main post updated!

Yeah go on then. I've never entered one of these before, so I'll try my chances.


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Well shit, this is why they should lock the doors in the retirement home.

As JR would say, Business is about to Pik Up.
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