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I’ll give you an answer.

Pro wrestling feels real.

Sports entertainment feels fake.

To me that’s the crux of the argument.

Pro wrestling and sports entertainment should really be considered one and the same, but they’re not because of how a fan feels towards the product. This is largely attributed to the fact that kayfabe is dead, but the answer to getting people invested in watching the show when kayfabe is dead is to write better stories, not stuff that feels corny. That’s how you deal with the reality of going from sport to sports theatre. But this revelation that pro wrestling is theatre means that the ringwork can also be used as a storytelling device, and as our tastes change, we go from watching over the top storylines and theatrics to something that feels more real and like a sport, while still retaining the knowledge that what we are watching is not a real competition, but an athletic and artistic display.
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