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NYPW world title:Fatal 4 way Iron man- CM Punk*vs Samoa Joe vs Kurt Angle vs Bryan Danielson. Punk losses the title at the 60 minute mark after a top rope Angle slam from Kurt.

First ever Stairway 2 hell cage match Number 1 contender for the NYPW World title: Abyss vs New Jack vs Homicide vs Raven. Abyss gets a raven effect on tacks Cide and Jack start to climb the ladder and Cide hits jack in the face with the Ghetto Fork and than he hits a cop killer on New Jack from the middle of the Ladder for the win so he is the number 1 contender!!!

NYPW Pure Title:*Eddie Tribute* Chris Beniot* vs Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin and Benoit exchange 10 german suplexes back 2 back. Benoit looks in the crossface for the win at the 30 minute mark.

NYPW Tag Team: Rey Mysterio and RVD*vs AMW- RVD hits a a huge dive to the outside taking out Chris Harris. Rey wins the match with the west coast pop. After the match RVD attacks Rey for stealing the show from him. Chavo Guerrero makes the save for Rey. Setting up RVD and Sabu vs Rey and Chavo for the next show.

Light heavyweight title- AJ Styles vs Paul London vs Low Ki vs Christopher Daniels. Styles retains the title with a Spiral tap on Low ki. After the match Ki takes out London with a brutal lead pipe shot busting him open. London leaves on a strecher to a huge pop. London vs Ki Streacher match signed for the next show.

James Gibson vs Austin Aries- Aries wins the match with a 450 at the 15 minute mark.

6 man warfare: Jack Evans vs B-Boy vs Primetime vs Spanky vs Roderick Strong vs Jimmy Yang- Strong wins with a top rope gutbuster on Spanky.
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