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Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
Randy Orton
Brock Lesnar
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Kurt Angle
The Undertaker
Charlie Hass
Booker T
Rob Van Dam
Nathan Jones
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Paul London
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Billy Kidman
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NXW Heavyweight Title
NXW United States Title
NXW Tag Team Titles
NXW Cruiserweight Title

Weekly Shows
WarGrounds:Eric Bischoff(Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler)
BloodBath:paul Heyman(Tony Schavonie & Jonathan Coachman)

January:Royal Rumble
April:Fully Loaded
June:2 Xtreme
July:Scars and Stripes
September:Break Down
October:Devils Night
November:Survivor Series
December:End of Dayz

First Show:Wednesday June 9,2004

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NXW WarGrounds
(New Orleans,LA/New Orleans Arena)

The official theme song of WarGrounds("Seperate"SevenDust) plays throughout the arena and the pyro goes off.

J.R.:Welcome to the first ever show of NXW WarGrounds and this is an unpredictible night as we are only 13 days from Las Vegas and Fully Loaded.

The King:We are supposed to get two big announcements from Eric Bischoff tonight and one is news regarding the NXW Heavyweight Title.

J.R.:This should be a night to remember!

I'm back and better then ever starts playing thriughout the arena.

J.R.:I guess were going to here the big announcements right now.

The King:Were not wasting any time getting this show started.

Eric Bischoff:I guess you are all wondering why I am out here and what my announcements are and you are in for a treat tonight. My First announcement is that in Las Vegas in 2 weeks the finals of the NXW Title Tournament,but tonight the tournament will start and go for the next two weeks. This week at BloodBath the main event will be a match between Shawn Michaels and Batista and another match you will see @ BloodBath is The Great American John "Bradshaw" Layfield vs. Chris Benoit. And now the main event for tonights show will be RVD vs. Randy Orton and coming up next "The Colassus of Bugaroad"Nathan Jones vs. Brock Lesnar.And the other announcement is the other matches being wrestled this week the winners will be rewarded,with a suprise.

J.R.:Coming up the first match of the the title tournament Nathan Jones vs. Brock Lesnar.

The King:The Battle of the Giants is happening now.

Nathan Jones walking out ot his australian music.
(J.R.:Jones is big but I don't now about him powering up Brock Lesnar.)

The King:Here Comes The Pain

Brock Lesnar coming out to his music and pyro and a stare down starts between Jones and Lesnar.

NXW Heavyweight Title Torney-QuarterFinal
Brock Lesnar vs. Nathan Jones
Ending:Jones gets whipped into the turnbuckle and uncovers it after geting whipped into it and Lesnar runs to do the clothesline and goes strait into the exposed turnbuckle.Then Lesnar comes out holding his shoulder and Jones hits the PowerBomb.Lesnar kicks out on 2 and Jones picks him back up and puts Lesnar on his shoulders to do a F-5,Lesnar wiggles out of it.And hits the F-5 on Jones and pins Jones.

Winner:Brock Lesnar

J.R.:Tickets go on sale tommorow for Fully Loaded which is 2 weeks away in Las Vegas @ The Thomas & Mack Center.

The King:And we could see one of these great superstars @ Fully Loaded

Word Life...And out walks John Cena for his upcoming match with Charlie Hass.

Next Comes Charlie Hass to his W.G.T.T. music

John Cena vs. Charlie Hass
Ending:After turning into a fist fight Cena gets control and hits 5 straight punches then whips Hass into the TurnBucke and Hass grabs Cena's Brass Knucks and when Cena goes to splash him Hass hits him with the Brass Knucks and Pins him.

Winner:Charlie Hass

Interview with Randy Orton:
Randy do you think that you will have any trouble getting threw RVD tonight?
No I have already beat him once and now I am going to kill him and after that I will be on the way to Vegas and the NXW Champion and become the biggest legend of wrestling history.

The French Mans music hits out comes Rene Dupree for his upcoming match with Chris Jericho.

5,4,3,2 boom Break Down the Walls...and out comes Y2J Chris Jericho.

Rene Dupree vs. Chris Jericho
Ending:Rene Dupree hits the spinebuster and starts doing the French Tickler Dance and people start to boo and Jericho grabs both of his legs and hits a spinebuster of his own and locks on The Walls of Jericho,and Dupree taps out.

Winner:Chris Jericho

BackStage:Randy Orton talking to Batista and Orton says you now what to do if he gets in control.

J.R.:I wonder what they meant by that and I hope its not going to be a handicap match.

The King:Well all I know is Orton is going to win.

One of Kind...RVD comes out ethusiasticas ever to face Orton.

Evolution...out comes Orton and when he gets to the ring out comes Batista as well.

WWE Title Tourney-QuarterFinal
RVD vs. Randy Orton

Ending:RVD hits the rolling thunder then spinning leg drop and Orotn gets up and gets heel kicked over the top rope.Randy Orton grabs two steel chairs and slides one across the floor and Orton runs in with the Steel Chair and distracts the ref and Batista runs in and hits RVD with a steel chair and Orton picks him pu and does the RKO and pins him.

Winner:Randy Orton

Next Show:BloodBath/Who will advance to the Semi-Finals of the Title Tournament,and will we find out the other announcement.

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NXW BloodBath
(Fayetteville,AK/Bud Walton Arena)

Video package showing of the announcement of the NXW Title Tourney,and the two matches that happened on WarGrounds.

Backstage:Batista talking to Randy Orton
Batista:"I am going to beat The Heartbreak Kid and break his aspiration of being the NXW Championship".
Orton:"But just in case I have a back up plan to make sure that HBK can not win tonight"

Pyro goes off in the arena and the theme song is playing as we are welcomed to BloodBath.

Tony Schavonie:Welcome to BloodBath live in the Bud Walton Arena in Fayetteville, Arkansas.We are just 10 days from crowning the first NXW Heavyweight Champion and we have two tournament matches tonight.

The Coach:Yeah and Evoltuion will prevail once again.I was talking to Evolution earlier and they said you might see a new member of Evolution tonight.And we might here the other announcement of Eric Bischoff.

Can you dig it sucka...Out comes Booker T for his opening match versus Shelton Benjamin.

Booker T on the mic:Benjamin you have no chance to beat the 5 time,5 time,5 time WCW Champion so don't even come out and try to wrestle.

Ther ain't no stoppin me no....Benjamin then runs down to the ring and starts throwing punches at Booker T.

Booker T vs. Shelton Benjamin

Ending:Booker T low blows Benjamin close to the corner and when Benjaminis bending over to get back up he does the scissors kick off of the 2nd rope.Booker T then gets pumped up and starts to look at his hand and goes down and does the spinaroonie.When he is taunting the crowd and Benjamin hits a superkick and pins Booker.

Winner:Booker T

Then John "Bradshaw" Layfield walks out in his wrestling attire I guess for his match vs. Chris Benoit, and cuts a promo on how the U.S. protects Canada so Chris Benoit should respect JBL and let him go on and win the match.Chris Benoit's music hits and he is walking down the aisle and a masked man walks up behind him and hits him with a steel chair twice and throws him back into the ring starting the match.

NXW Title Tournament-QuarterFinal
Chris Benoit vs. John "Bradshaw" Layfield

Ending:Both men end up being outside of the ring Bradshaw hits two punches in to the stomach and then a low blow.The tosses Benoit into the ring post and the combo of the steel chair and pole shot Benoit gets layed wide open.The Bradshaw goes to do the Clothesline and Benoit ducks sending Bradshaws arm right in to the steel ring post.Benoit then throws Bradshaw back in to the ring and goes up to the top rope to do cross body and when he jumps off to Bradshaw and he catches Benoit and does the Fall Away Slam. Then picks him up and runs to do the Clothesline From Hell and Benoit catches him in the Crippler Crossface and Bradshaw taps out.

Backstage:Tyson Tomko ask Eric Bischoff why he didn't get put into the Title Tournament, then Camera backs away and Kane is standing behind Tomko,Tomko continues I deserved it more then anybody even that Big Red Retard Kane,and Kane just starts to laugh and when Tomko turns around Kane hits him right in the face,and secruity rushes in the room and pulls them apart.

You think you know me....Edge is pumped up coming out for his match versus Kurt Angle.

Then comes out Kurt Angle with his music and pyro,and they stare down each other.

Kurt Angle vs. Edge

Ending:Edge goes for the spear on Kurt and he moves and nails the ref and Edge then gets the Angle Slam.Then he grabs Coaches water to wake up the referee and throws it on him and he moves a little bit and Angle puts on the Ankle Lock and Edge is in it and finally makes it to the ropesand out runs Hass and he grabs the ring bell and hits Edge over the head with it which knocks him out then the ref gets up and ends the match because Edge "passes out"

Winner:Kurt Angle

Eric Bischoff comes out and Bischoff says the second Big Announcement will be announced next week.

NXW Title Tournament-QuarterFinal
Shawn Michaels vs. Batista

Ending:Michaels hits the sweet chin music on Batista and then goes up to the top rope and is going for the elbow drop and out runs Orton and that distracts the referee.Then from the crowd comes John"Bradshaw"Layfield and he throws Michaels off of the top rope and then he picks him up and hits the Clothesline From Hell on the outside of the ring.The hides under the ring and the ref counts Michaels out.


Next Show:NXW WarGrounds (One semi-final match of the Title Tournament,and the Big Announcement from Eric Bischoff plus will Michaels get his revenge on JBL)

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not bad but i can almost pedict that Orton will get the title as he usually does in Be The Booker, however i could be wrong!
I am thinking that the masked man that attack Benoit was Orton? as JBL is now obviously part of Evolution but again i could be wrong.
7/10 getting better you might want to add more matches with more stipulations maybe?

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NXW WarGrounds
(Austin,TX/Frank Erwin Center)

The theme song and fireworks go off in the Frank Erwin Center.

J.R.:Welcome to War Grounds and that is what this event will be tonight as we are just 6 days away from Fully Loaded,and we will found out who will be in the Final of the Title Tournament @ Fully Loaded as Brock Lesnar takes on Randy Orton in the Semi-Final of the Tournament.

The King:We will also here the Big Announcement that we have been waiting for,for a week,about the other four matches we had last week.And will Shawn Michaels get his revenge on John"Bradshaw" Layfield from costing him the Title @ BloodBath.

Who's that blasting out the sky R-E-Y....And Mysteriom pops up from then stage and walks down to the ring for his upcoming match versus Tyson Tomko.

And then out comes the massive Tyson Tomko staring down at Rey Mysterio.

Tyson Tomko vs. Rey Mysterio
Ending:Tyson runs toward Rey and Rey trips him in to the ropes to do the 619 he hits the 619 and then hops on the top rope to do the West Coast Pop.And Mysterio jumps to his shoulders and Tyson catches him and Powerbombs him knocking out Rey.He goes outside of the ring and Kane comes from underneath the ring and Kane chokeslams Tyson Tomko throught the announcer table,and Tomko get counted out.
Winner:Rey Mysterio by DQ

Then when they both leave the fire explodes and out comes Kane after just being outside of the ring and chokeslaming Tyson and they almost get in a fight on the ramp.

Then the rap song of Billy Kidman blast through the arena and out comes Billy Kidman looking a little worried,but runs down to the arena.

Billy Kidman vs. Kane
Ending:Kidman hits a DDT off of the Second rope to Kane after Kane is going for the clothesline off of the top rope.Kidman lays Kane out beside the ropes and goes to the top for the shooting star pressand when he jumps Kane sits up and Kidman goes face first in to the mat,and Kane rolls out of the ring and out runs Tyson Tomko and he hits a powerbomb on the outside of the ring and rolls Kane back in to the ring and Kidman then hits the Shooting Star Press for the pin.
Winner:Billy Kidman

I'm back and better then ever...and out walks Eric Bischoff

J.R.:This might be the announcement that we have been waiting for.

The King:I can't wait

Bischoff in the ring:I know you have been waiting for a week to here this announcement and now you are going to here it.The winners of the matches last week were:Chris Jericho,Shelton Benjamin,Charlie Hass,and Kurt Angle.Are going to all have a match at Fully Loaded....And the match at Fully Loaded is going to be Fatal Four Way for the NXW United States Championship,and while were on that thought we are going to have a 6 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal for the Crusierweight Title @ Fully Loaded as well.

J.R.:Fully Loaded is right now living up to its name with two matches announced.

5,4,3,2....Break down the walls...and out comes Chris Jericho and Shelton Benjamin both pumped up about the announcement,and getting ready for a mystery Tag Team to face.

Then an Aussys Music hits and out walks Nathan Jones with Matt Morgan both being Seven Footers.

Tag Team Match
Chris Jericho & Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Morgan & Nathan Jones
Ending:All four men end up fighting each other in the ring and the legal man are Shelton benjamina and Matt Morgan,Jones clothesline Jericho over the top rope and Jones is tauting and Shelton superkicks him over the top rope and as the ref is trying to get Jericho and Jones back in to their corner Hass runs out and hangs Benjamin over the top rope and dazed Benjamin turns around and gets a Sitout Powerbomb from Matt Morgan,and Morgan gets the pin.
Winner:Matt Morgan & Nathan Jones

Then a white limo pulls out to the ring and out comes the new member of Evolution John "Bradshaw" Layfield comes out and gets in the ring for a promo.
JBL in the ring:Michaels @ Blood Bath that was not personal that was just buisness Evolution said that they might want help and it ended up being "The Great American" JBL.The reason that they wanted me in Evolution is because I am Paid,Orton is Made,and Batista is Laid.(Michaels runs out from the crowd and attacks JBL until he rolls out of the ring)Michaels:Well Bradshaw I am going to make it personal @ Fully Loaded it is going to be "The Show Stopper" vs. "The Great American".JBL you now are really are a showstopper with CNBC and all.JBL in a rage walks back in to his limo.

J.R.:Fully Loaded is starting to really live up to its name with three matches and they are:
NXW Cruiserweight Title:6 Man Over The Top Rope
NXW United States Championship(Fatal Four Way)
Chris Jericho vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Hass vs. Kurt Angle
Shawn Michaels vs. John"Bradshaw"Layfield

Evolution is a mystery....And out walks Orton very confident and cocky about beating Brock Lesnar.

The King:Here Comes The Pain

Brock Lesnar then wallks out with pyro and all.

NXW Title Tournament:Semi-Final
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar
Ending:Randy goes for the RKO and Lesnar pushes him off in to the referee and that knocks him out.Then Orton turns back around and low blows Lesnar and hits an RKO,and Orton goes for the pin and knowing their is no referree,runs outside of the ring to get a chair,and he hits Lesnar with it.Then when he is about to do the RKO Benoit runs out to the ring with a steel chair and hits Orton with it,and lays the chair on Orton and does the diving headbutt,and leaves the ring. The Ref gets up with Lesnar at the same time.And Lesnar picks him up for the F-5 and the pin.
Winner:Brock Lesnar

Next Show:BloodBath(Who will face Lesnar face @ Fully Loaded,just being 3 days away form Fully Loaded what other matches will be announced.)

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During The JBl thing you should have bradshaw paid,orton laid(Hes alway bragging bout women you know) and Batista made

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NXW BloodBath
(Dallas,TX/American Airlines Arena)

The theme song and pyro go off in the arena and crowd cheering like always.

Tony:Welcome to BloodBath and we at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas just 3 days away from Fully Loaded and we will find out who will face Brock Lesnar @ Fully loaded when Chris Benoit takes On Batista and will Orton get revenge for the interference from Benoit @WarGrounds.

The Coach:And also will this fued between Kane and Tyson Tomko finally end tonight after what happened @WarGrounds.And will anything happen with JBL and HBK tonight.

One of a Kind.....And out walks RVD not knowing he is going to face tonight just doing his usual taunts and stuff coming down to the ring.

Then a white limo comes out to the ring and out comes John "Bradshaw" Layfield and cocky as ever about facing RVD.

Rob Van Dam vs. John "Bradshaw " Layfield
Ending:RVD goes for a kick and JBL catches his leg and goes for the Clothesline From Hell and RVD ducks and hits a spinning wheel kick and then hits the spinning legdrop and then a rolling thunder,RVD then picks up JBL and kicks him 3 times in the head and that dazes JBL and RVD goes to the top to do a cross body to JBL and out of no where a Clothesline From Hell and JBL picks up the pin.
Winner:John "Bradshaw" Layfield

Promo after the match:Michaels you said that you were going to make it personal so if you want it that away look what i do to your little friend.(Attacks RVD).If you want to mess with Evolution then this might be you after Fully Loaded.

Commercial Break

When we come to NXW 5,4,3,2....Break down the walls,and out comes Chris Jericho and Shelton Benjamin partners tonight but enemies this Sunday @ Fully Loaded

Then the new Team Angle music hits and out comes Kurt Angle and Charlie Hass,and it shows clips from teh Tag Team Match @ WarGrounds.

Tag Team Match
Kurt Angle & Charlie Hass vs. Shelton Bnejamin vs. Chris Jericho
Ending:Shelton being the legal man goes for a superkcik on Hass and Hass ducks and hits a German Suplex on Benjamin and goes for the pin but on 2 Jericho dropkicks Hass right in the head and then Angle gets in the ring and Jericho locks on the Walls of Jericho and Shelton then Superkicks Hass and the pinfall and submission happen at the same time.
Winner:Shelton Benjamin and Chris Jericho

Backstage:Batista to Orton:"We need at least one mewmber of evolution in the tournament finals so orton you know what to do to insure a victory for Evolution tonight.

Commercial Break

Who's that blastin out the sky... and out pops Rey Mysterio for his upcomingmatch intense about the match tonight and at Fully Loaded.

Then Paul London's music hits and out wlks London with Kidman which is limping from the match vs. Kane @WarGrounds.These are just 2 athletes in the 6 man Crusierweight Battle Royal @ Fully Loaded.

Paul London vs. Rey Mysterio
Ending:Rey Mysterio whips London into the ropes and he slides underneath them and goes to the outside of the ring and then hangs Mysterio over the top rope and leaps up to the rope and does a clothesline.Mysterio being layed out London goes to the top and goes for a Shooting Star Press but Mysterio moves and London gets all canvas and Mysterio drags him over to the ropes and hits the 619 and London then barely pops back up and does the West Coast Pop for the pin.
Winner:Rey Mysterio

I'm back and better then ever...and out walks Eric Bischoff

Bischoff in the ring: I have two other big announcements for Fully Loaded

Commercial Break

Bischoff in the Ring:The first has to do with Evolution and that is Orton you are complaining about not having a match at Fully Loaded so @ Fully Loaded it is going to be Nathan Jones and Matt Morgan versus Randy Orton...and a partner of his choice for the NXW Tag Team Titles.And the other has to do with smething that needs to end and it will at Fully Loaded you guys wanna screw each other out of matches over who is better so @ Fully Loaded we will find out, it will be Tyson Tomko vs. Kane.

Commercial Break

Then the music of the Crippler hits and out walks Chris Benoit really pumped up because he is just one match away from being the first NXW Heavyweight Champion.

Then Batista's music hits and walks out Batista followed by evolution member Randy Orton.

NXW Title Tournament-Semi-Final
Chris Benoit vs. Batista
Ending:Benoit and Batista are trading Rights and Lefts to each otherand Batista goes for a clotheline after nailing 3 big punches, and Benoit ducks and hits 2 Germans and on the third they are right beside the ropes and Batista hits a low blow and holds Benoit and Orton throws Baby Powder but Benoit ducks and it gets in Batista's face and Batista blinded turns around and gets put in the Crippler Crossface and taps out.
Winner:Chris Benoit

Benoit celebrating in the ring,Orotn grabs a chair and hits benoit in the back of the head and JBL runs out their and helps on the beat down and all of Evolution is beating on Benoit.

Orton:I said their is going to be a suprise tonight and also @ Fully Loaded,you have seen the one suprise tonight and the other is my Tag Partner for Fully Loaded which is Batista, but watch Fully Loaded because another suprise awaits.

Tony:What an event Fully Loaded is going to be,and yes it is livng up to its name.

Coach:The Matches @Fully Loaded are:
6 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal for the Cruiserweight Title
(Paul London vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Kidman vs. Chavo vs. Tajiri vs. Ultimo Dragon)

Fatal Four Way for the United States Title
(Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Hass vs. Kurt Angle vs. Chris Jericho)

NXW Tag Team Titles
Matt Morgan & Nathan Jones vs. Evolution

Tyson Tomko vs. Kane

Shawn Michaels vs. John "Bradshaw" Layfield

NXW Heavyweight Title Tournament Final
Brock Lesnar vs. Chris Benoit

Tony:So join us this Sunday for Fully Loaded

NXW Title Tournament:Semi-Final
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