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NJPW announced a show in England on August 31st with Ospreay, Okada etc. As of right now, they're at 6,500 tickets sold with 7,500 being a legitimate sellout and being very likely since they have almost 3 months to sell 1,000 tickets. WWE, in their infinite knowledge, thought NJPW had only sold 2,000 tickets so they announced a show going head-to-head directly with the NJPW show.

It's basically a Triple H dick measuring contest, he wanted to outdraw NJPW with NXT U.K, not realizing that they're nearing 7,000 tickets.

When NJPW/ROH sold out Madison Square Garden, NXT was forced to move a day earlier because they did NOT want the perception going around that NXT got outdrawn by NJPW going head-to-head during Wrestlemania weekend.

Perception is enormous for Paul and he doesn't want NXT to seem less popular than other brands.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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