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NXT 5 Plans

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Plans for NXT 5 are for the season to consist of superstars and there WWE legend fathers.

As the report suggests, this would see the likes of Brett DiBiase and DiBiase snr, Richie and Ricky Steamboat, Bo and Mike Rotundo.

Others in FCW who they could use are Wes Brisco son of Gerald Brisco. Roman Leakee son of Sika from the Wild Samoans. Donny Marlow son of Haku and maybe bung Tito Colon in there and use his Uncle Carlos Colon (if he would be able to come and work it).

What does everyone think of this idea. Season would have some good workers in it, but whether any would stand out with mic skills and charisma is the question. From what i have seen of FCW prbably the best on the mic and has the most charisma is Donny Marlow, but the two main guys i think WWE would be investing alot into to the win the season would be Brett or Richie. Richie more so than Brett.
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Brett DiBiase (from what I've seen) is far more entertaining on the mic than Ted. Richie is a great worker, I don't know about his mic skills. I think Roman Leakee and Marlow are way too green for FCW, but you never know. Wes Brisco is pretty damn good. Bo Rotunda is decent. I'd be surprised if they go with this though. Hell they wouldn't even like Husky Harris keep the Rotunda last name. Personally here's what I would do for season 5.

Tyler Black
Mistico (if he really signed, if not Hunico)
Alex Koslov
Tito Colon
Xavier Woods
Brett DiBiase
Id prefer to see Rollins and Mistico come in without going on nxt , if the cast of nxt is too strong then alot of them will be wasted . you have to put a few guys in who are there solely to be eliminated .
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