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NXT 5 Plans

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Plans for NXT 5 are for the season to consist of superstars and there WWE legend fathers.

As the report suggests, this would see the likes of Brett DiBiase and DiBiase snr, Richie and Ricky Steamboat, Bo and Mike Rotundo.

Others in FCW who they could use are Wes Brisco son of Gerald Brisco. Roman Leakee son of Sika from the Wild Samoans. Donny Marlow son of Haku and maybe bung Tito Colon in there and use his Uncle Carlos Colon (if he would be able to come and work it).

What does everyone think of this idea. Season would have some good workers in it, but whether any would stand out with mic skills and charisma is the question. From what i have seen of FCW prbably the best on the mic and has the most charisma is Donny Marlow, but the two main guys i think WWE would be investing alot into to the win the season would be Brett or Richie. Richie more so than Brett.
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I'm 50/50 on this idea. These older stars can't do much in the ring, and that just sucks. I think the WWE should stick with what they are doing currently. Keep some guys who have done other shows in the past on like The Miz, or even Morrison, and perhaps even Ziggler again. Miz being the Belichick of NXT is a great way to form depth to his character. Wouldn't mind seeing stars like Nash, Booker, or even DDP working with these young stars. Being as many of those men sign WWE Legends contracts it would be something outside of wrestling in the ring all the time, and at the same keeping their characters alive, or relevant.

Nash- Jackson Andrews.
Booker T- Wes Brisco
DDP- Richie Steamboat
Cody Rhodes- Brett DiBiase
The Miz- Seth Rollins(Tyler Black)
John Morrison- Kevin Hackman

Nash working with Andrews is obvious for many reasons. One 7ft monster working with another 7ft monster. It would be great for Andrews as Kevin knows this business very well. Jackson could learn a ton from Nash.

Booker T, and Wes Brisco were just a random pick. Booker's character can mesh with anyone. At first I thought that Jackson Andrews should be paired with Booker since he discovered Jackson Andrews, and had him wrestle for him in Texas. Brisco has a strong character, and I think these two would make sense.

Page working with Richie Steamboat makes some sense as well. I'm certain that DDP has worked plenty of matches with Richie's father. DDP seems like he would be a great motivator for anyone (except Christian).

Rhodes, and Brett I like because of the history between Cody, and Teddy Jr. Just think these two could have interesting relationship on the show in terms of wrestling story-lines. Perhaps a reunion for Priceless?

Anyone who thinks that The Miz working with Rollins would be a bad idea has their head up their ass. The Miz as Tyler's "pro" would be awesome. It would be the perfect answer to getting Black over with the WWE Universe.

Honestly I think Morrison, and Hackman would be great as well. It just seems that these two would clash so well. Hackman seems like the guy who wakes up in the morning, drinks a beer, puts on his Wranglers, buckles up the boots, and rides his Red Ford Pickup right to the local bar. I could see him looking at Morrison as if he were a joke of a man. Thus, setting up Morrison to pummel his ******* ass.

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I've always thought that Nash was a strong speaker, and very convincing. Meaning with a show like NXT he would make for some strong mic work while criticizing the rookies. What I mean is that Nash is highly "opinionated", and the best part about it all is that Nash knows the business. Granted he was never a technical wrestler, he was still "great" in his own creatively. Working with Andrews would be awesome, as it would be one big man to the other.

No, I don't see how Morrison is to "big" for being a "pro" on the show. Morrison hasn't done anything special at all just yet, but has enough experience to be a "pro". Morrison especially needs more time on the mic, and this show would help provide that time. We get to see another side of stars on this show, and I feel John could show us more especially on this show. He is held in a higher standard, which helps convince fans he is "over".

The Miz I can sympathize with because he is a World champion, but at the same time it doesn't feel right with him not on the show. When he isn't holding the title, I would think that they place him on the show again. Especially with Tyler Black possibly being rumored on the next NXT season. It gives him another reason to be on the television. Besides if he is the "worker" they say he is, then he'll do it.
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