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NXT 5 Plans

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Plans for NXT 5 are for the season to consist of superstars and there WWE legend fathers.

As the report suggests, this would see the likes of Brett DiBiase and DiBiase snr, Richie and Ricky Steamboat, Bo and Mike Rotundo.

Others in FCW who they could use are Wes Brisco son of Gerald Brisco. Roman Leakee son of Sika from the Wild Samoans. Donny Marlow son of Haku and maybe bung Tito Colon in there and use his Uncle Carlos Colon (if he would be able to come and work it).

What does everyone think of this idea. Season would have some good workers in it, but whether any would stand out with mic skills and charisma is the question. From what i have seen of FCW prbably the best on the mic and has the most charisma is Donny Marlow, but the two main guys i think WWE would be investing alot into to the win the season would be Brett or Richie. Richie more so than Brett.
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It'd be cool to see a rookie-pro type thing where the rookies are 2nd or 3rd generation guys.

New Legacy after the season is done lol.

Dont get why people want a NXT season where 80% of the guys are gonna be tough to eliminate. We don't want to see someone in NXT just for like a month then lose on the show just so the show is slightly better. Might as well save them for some sort of big debut or something depending on who it is(ex- wouldn't people be happier now with Mason Ryan debuting with Nexus over him just randomly being on NXT and probably losing since he wouldn't be saying "go (home city) go" or something like that every week)

But another season of NXT? Isn't WWE doing tough enough? This season of NXT will end by end of the month So in march NXT5 starts and will go until june.

5 shows is way too much, especially for a company who can't seem to write a 90 minute show(though majority of it they don't need to write) despite having a week to do so.
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