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*New Wrestling Federation Draft*

The draft is in Hamilton Ontario Canada at Copps Coliseum

*Vince McMahon's Music hits thew PA system as he starts to head out to the Stage where on the Left side is Raw's drafting area and on the Right is smackdowns drafting area.

Vince: Earlier today we had the drawing of which brand would draft first and what draft would draft secound. We are going to do two different drafts. The first one will be the Annoucing teams for each show. Smackdown won the draft for the picking first on the Annoucers and Raw is picking first on the wrestlers.. So now Fans of the WWE enjoy the new brands.

King: So Jim Ross after all of this time working with you we could end up on different shows. What is going to happend if we both end of on different shows.

JR: King don't worry about it besides these past years I have had alot of laughs and good times with you and I would like you wish you good luck with your other announcer that you work with if we split up.

Theodore Long's music hits the PA System as we walks on to the stage and walks to the right o the stage to his podeum. After Theodore Long gets to where he needs to stands he has a folder in his hands with alot of papers in it.

After Theodores music is over Eric Bischoff music hits he does the same he walks to the left with all of his papers in a folder and stands at his table.

Jr: Well King I guess both of these Men are ready to do the Draft.

King: Jr I must agree with you with both GM's having the papers in the folders I
wonder who they are going to pick with so many contracts to sign.

JR: By the Way fans the new rosters will be starting on the next Raw. Hey king let's head to ring side to see what Michael Cole and Tazz are thinking of the staff draft.

Cole: Thanks Jr, well Tazz what is in your mind if we split up.

Tazz: Well come it's like this if me and Lawler get picked together then hey we both have something in commine, we both like Puppies. You and Jim Ross have something in Commine as well you both think alike and take stuff so serious. Well Cole the Tazz and Cole era has final came to a end as we both might be on
Different shows.

*Both Tazz and Michael Cole get up and gives each other a friendly handshakes as they give each other their final goodbyes.

The camera's head to the Stage as Theodore Long is about to start the draft.

Theodore: Hey players, Before I start the draft i want to head from the Crowd say Hola hola Hola.


Thedore: Thanks Player, now with my first Pick of the Announcers my first pick will be Good O Jim Ross.

Jr: Wow king I have been drafted by Theodore Long and I will Announcing on Smackdown.

*Jimm Ross comes up to the Stage as Theodore Long hands Jim Ross a smackdown Coat to wear during the Smackdown shows.*

Eric Bischoff: Ok Thedore after your pick it is now my Turn. The first ever memebr of my show will be Jerry the King Lawler.

King: Wow Jim Ross I guess this is goodbye.

Thedore: My Next pick is going to be Tazz.

Eric: Next pick of Announcers will be Jonathan Coachman.

Thedore: My last pick is Michael Cole

Eric: My last pick will be Al Snow

Raw's Announcing Team Jerry Lawler, Coach, Al Snow
Smackdown's Announcing Team Jim Ross, Tazz, Michael Cole


As we come back from Commerical the Raw team is now sitting at the Raw Announcing Table and Smackdown is at Smackdowns Table.Eric Bishcoff is now picking First of the Wrestlers.

Eric: With my first pick I select Randy Orton. Randy Orton comes from the backstage to see Eric Bishcoff to put on his Raw T-shirt

Theodore: With my first pick of the Round number 1 I will Select from Death Valley the Undertaker.

Eric: My next pick is Kurt Angle

Thedore: My next pick is Rene Dupree

Eric: My next pick is Rick Flair

Thedore: My next pick is Batista

Eric: My next pick is Chris Benoit

Thedore: My next pick is HBK Shawn Michaels

Eric: My next pick is Kane

Thedore: My next pick is Booker T

Eric: My next pick is JBL

Thedore: My next pick is John Cena

Eric: My next pick is The Rock

Thedore: My next pick is Triple H

Eric: My next pick is Rey Mysterio

Thedore: My next pick is Rob Van Dam

Eric: My next pick is Mark Jindrak

Thedore: My next pick is Eddie Guerraro

Eric: My next pick is Chris Jerchio

Thedore: My next pick is Shelton Benjamin

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the top ten pick are.
Announcers to Smackdown:JR&Tazz with the backup Michael Cole
To Raw:Lawler&Coach with the back up being Al Snow
On to the Draft
**Note**Tag Teams will be done in a draft after the singles
To Raw:1.Randy Orton
2.Kurt Angle
3.Ric Flair
4.Chris Benoit
7.The Rock
8.Rey Mysterio
9.Mark Jindrak
10.Chris Jericho

To Smackdown:1.Undertaker
2.Rene Dupree
5.Booker T
6.John Cena
9.Eddie Guerreo
10. shelton Benjamin

NWF Trade!
The following trade took place during the draft.

To Raw:Batista
Rene Dupree
The final pick of the draft

To Smackdown:Kurt Angle
Rey Mysterio

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Rest of Raws Picks:

Matt Hardy
Garrison Cade
Spike Dudley
Scotty 2 Hotty
Val Venis
Orlando Jordan
Christoph Nowinski
Miss Jackie
Torrie Wilson
Gail Kim
La Resistance
Holly & Gunn
Londan & Kidman
Akio & Sakoba

Ring Announcer: Lilian

Rest of Smackdowns Picks:

Luther Reigns
Steven Richards
Tyson Tomko
Jamie Noble
Dawn Marie
Molly Holly
Rhyno & Tajiri
Dudley Boyz
Basham Brothers
Henry & Mack
Hurricane & Rosey

Ring Announcer: Tony Chimmel

Trade #2
To Smackdown: Bill DeMott
To Raw: Wrestler to be Named later

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Here is my raw roster and where they will compete.

The womens belt will be replaced by the Television title. And the titles will be decided at the first ppv but there will be tounaments on Raw and Smackdown
Heavy Weight Division:
Randy Orton
Chris Benoit
The Rock
Chris Jericho
Big Show

IC Division
Ric Flair
Rene Dupree
Charlie Haas
Mark Jindrak
Val Venus
The Deranged Pateint

TV Division
Matt Hardy
Scotty 2 Hotty
Orlando Jordan
Garrison Cade

Tag Team Division
La Resistance(Rob Conway&Sylvian Grenier)
Hardcord Holly&Billy Gunn
Billy Kidman&Paul London

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Smackdown Roster

WWE Champ Division:
Undertaker - Face
Kurt Angle - Heel
HBK Shawn Michaels - Face
Triple H - Heel
Eddie Guerraro - Face

US Title Division
Booker T - Heel
RVD - Face
John Cena -Face
Luther Reigns - Heel
A-train - Heel
William Regal - Face
Kenzo - Heel
Tyson Tomko - Heel
Steve Richards - Heel

Cruiserweight Division
Rey Mysterio -Face
Chavo Guerraro -Heel
Eugene - Face
Funaki - Face
Noble - Heel
Maven - Face

Tag Team Division
Rhyno & Tajiri - Face
Dudley Boys(Bub Ray & Dvon) - Heel
Basham Brothers(Doug & Danny) - Heel
Mark Henry & Rodney Mack - Heel
Super Heros(Hurricane & Rosey) - Face

Women's Title
Stacy - Face
Dawn Marie - Heel
Lita - Face
Victoria - Face
Molly Holly - Heel
Jazz - Heel
Hiroko - Heel

Smackdown's First show will be posted next Friday

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Re: NWF(New Wrestling Federation)Both 1st shows are now up!!! Please read.

Here is my first show for NWF

Heavy Weight Division:
Randy Orton
Chris Benoit
The Rock
Chris Jericho
Big Show

IC Division
Ric Flair
Rene Dupree
Charlie Haas
Mark Jindrak
Val Venus
The Deranged Patient

TV Division
Matt Hardy
Scotty 2 Hotty
Orlando Jordan
Garrison Cade

Tag Team Division
La Resistance(Rob Conway&Sylvian Grenier)
Hardcord Holly&Billy Gunn
Billy Kidman&Paul London
January 1-Hamilton Ontario, Canada-Copps Colosium-Raw

Music Video is shown followed by the pyro and camera going around the building

Coach-Welcome everyone to what is sure to be a night to remember.

King-That's right Coach. But I already miss JR and his Slobber Knocker match calling.

Coach-Don't worry now the Coach is here so you won't miss JR for long.

King-Having you here beside me will make me miss him even more.

**Bischoffs Music**
Bischoff makes his way down to the ring with a mic in his hand and gets into the ring with a big smile on his face.

Bischoff-There's a couple of reasons why I'm so happy tonight. The number 1 reason is...NO MORE EUGENE! He was drafted on to Smackdown. The other reason I'm so happy is because I feel like once again Raw outdid Smackdown, this time in the draft. I mean were else are you gonna find guys like Ric Flair the 16 time World Heavy Weight Champion, The Rock, Big Show, Kane and Chris Benoit? Defintly not over on Smackdown. Teddy Long basiclly gave me the draft. I let him take most of the guys that their careers are winding down. HBK? Gone in 2-3 years. Kurt Angle? One more broken neck and his career is over as well. Booker T? Career will be over in the next 2 years like HBK. HHH? Hollywood bound soon. William Regal and Eugene? Dumb and Dumber. One wouldn't know water if he was in the middle of the ocean and the other is just as stupid because he's stayed by his side. You look at Raw and all you will see is mostly young guys that have a future for 20 more years. Guys like Rene Dupree, Randy Orton, Batista, Mark Jindrak, Edge, Christian, Charlie Haas, Orlando Jordan. These guys are the future of this buissiness. And so because I'm in such a good mood starting tonight there will be a tournament for all the Raw belts with every superstar getting a shot at winning a belt. Right now I will ask every superstar on Raw to come out here and I will ask that my roller with all the stars name in it be broughten out now as well.

All the superstars make their way to the ring followed by 3 of the machines that get placed in the ring.

Bischoff-Now there are 4 belts to compete for here on Raw but the Tag belts will be decided another way and I will get to that. First however the six other matches for tonight will be decided right now.

Bischoff starts spinning the TV Title machine and he reaches in and pulls out a name.

Bischoff-The first of 2 TV Title matches tonight will be Garrison Cade going 1-on-1 tonight with...

He grabbs another name.

Bischoff-Matt Hardy. The second match will be...

He spins it again.

Bischoff-Heidenreich versus...Orlando Jordan. Now we will decide the IC title matches for this evening. The first match will be...Mark Jindrak against...Charlie Haas and the other match will be...

Bischoff spins it and pull out 2 and one falls into the world heavy weight spinner he looks at the first one a says:

Bischoff-Rene Dupree

He reaches into the Heavy Weight spinner but grabs out the wrong one. But he doesn't notice everyone is quiet hoping it's not them.


Edge trys to tell him that he grabbed the wrong one but Bischoff won't listen

Bischoff-Edge don't complain be happy you are even in a tournament if you want i can give dupree the win right now.

King-Wow someone that was supposed to be fighting in the IC tounament has been accidently bumbed up to the heavy weight tournament.

Coach-Yes and that means bad news for Edge though as we know he was supposed to be in the heavy weight tournament but all of a sudden is in the IC one.

Bischoff-If Edge is done complaining I'd like to move on to the heavy weight spinner. And the first match of that tournament will be ...Kane 1-on-1 with... the free agent signed earlier today Big Show. And the second match will be...the animal Batsista going up against...The Rabid Wolverine Chris Benoit. Now to explain the Tag Team title match. There will be 2 matches, one tonight and one next week, the team that wins tonight will have to compete as well next week. The match will be a 5 way match this week and next week. The titles will be decided at the Royal Rumble if needed. The particapents for tonight have already been decided as the match will have Rob Conway, Billy Gunn, Nunzio, Paul London and Akio all battlling it out in a first fall wins match. Next week the team members that had tonight off will fight and if the team that wins tonight wins next week they are the new tag team champions but if they don't then the titles will be decided at Royal Rumble. Now with that said the 5 of you competeing tonight stay right where you are cause your match is next...

Commercial 1.

King-Welcome back if you just joined us Eric Bischoff made quite the night holding 3 tounaments and a tag team first.

Coach-That's right, right now there are 5 men in the ring and whoever wins tonight has a clear advantage of winning the tag belts. Lets go down to ringside and see what will happen.

Match 1-5 men first fall-Rob Conway vs. Billy Gunn vs. Nunzio vs. Paul London vs. Akio

Finish-Akio and Nunzio are on the outside because Billy Gunn knocked them both out there. London and Gunn are fighting and Conway is sitting in the corner waiting for an opening. Gunn and London are getting closer to Conway the Gunn notices Conway just sitting there so he knocks London down and drags Conway from the corner. And starts beating him up. He is going for the Fame-Asser when London grabs Gunns foot forcing Gunn to turn around. Conway sees the opening that he waited for all match and rolls him up into a school boy and grabs the tights



... London makes it just in time to break up the pin and drags Gunn to the outside and he goes after Conway with simular sucsess to that of Gunn he then knocks him down and puts him into position to hit the 450 splash but Grenier comes down and pulls Conway out of the ring. London dives over the top rope and onto Conway and Grenirer. Gunn gets back into the ring and sees what has happened to London and forgets there 's 2 other guys to worry about. He's waiting for London to come back into the ring. The ref is out there trying to get Grenier to go back to the locker room and Samboli just came from the audience with a pair of brass knucks on and nails Akio. Nunzio sees Gunn just standing there and tells Samboli to go get the ref. Samboli goes to get the ref and when he does Nunzio runs into the ring and rolls Gunn up with the tights held in his hand.




Winner-And leader in the Tag Team Tournament-FBI Member Nunzio

Coach-Wow! Nunzio pulls off what has to be an upset.

King-Yeah and not only did he win the match but if Samboli wins next week guess who's tag team champs Coach. That's right FBI.

Coach-But if Samboli can't win next week then at Royal Rumble we will decide the titles there between FBI and who ever wins next week.

Commercial 2.

When we come back form the break Al Snow is backstage with Edge.

Al Snow-Edge it has to be very disapointing to know that you would have had the chance to win the World Title if Mr.Bischoff hadn't dropped whoever's name it was into the Wold Title spinner and hadn't pulled out yours.

Edge-You know Snow you just hit it right on the money. It IS disapointing. knowing that if Bischoff had picked the right name out instead of the wrong one I might have been the World Champion. And then all the Stars did you hear them Snow? They told me not to complain but if that had been them.. Then well they'd be doing what I'm doing right now. They'd be doing the same thing saying it's not fair, Bischoff should have grabbed the name right when it fell in. I've had enough of it and i will get the World Title. Because i want the first shot at the next Raw only PPV. So whoever wins I'm gonna be waiting.

Al Snow-So you are naming yourself the #1 Condender for the World Title then, Edge?

Edge-No gonna make sure I'm the #1 Contender for the belt.

Al Snow-And how are you going to do that may I ask?


Commercial 3.

Match 2-TV Title Tournament Match 1-Garrison Cade vs. Matt Hardy
Finish-Matt Hardy has just been put though a table while the ref was knocked out.Garrison Cade takes full advantage of this and beats Hardy up until Hardy is busted open and the ref is still down Garrison goes for a cover but the ref is not moving. The lights go off in the area and when they come back on Edge is in the ring. He hits the spear on Cade then goes to the outside and grabs a steel chair and when he goes back into the ring he beats Hardy to the point where he can't compete and when the ref gets up he makes sure the ref is looking at him and hits Cade then hits the knocked out Hardy. The ref rings the bell and decides that the match is a no decsion.
Winner-Moving on in the TV Title Tournament-N/A

Edge-So now Bischoff if I don't get the first title shot and you don't come out here right now I will keep eliminating everyone from your little tournaments. So come out here right now and make it official. Tell me what I wanna hear.

Bischoff comes on stage without music or anything.

Bischoff-I'll make it official. I'll make it official that you're suspended without pay INDENFINTLY. Now as for your match tonight you will not compete and so the winner by forfiet...Rene Dupree. Is that what you wanted to hear Edge or did you wanna hear something else. Oh I got something else. Here how's this to go along with your suspension... After I take you off the suspension list you will move right to the trade block. Is that what you wanted to hear? How about this... If you show up within 50 feet of any building we are performing at that night while suspended you will be fired from the entire WWE without a chance to get back in for 5 years. I bet that's not what you wanted to har now was it? You made my day go from good to bad. And now no one will suffer besides you. Now security come take this man from my ring. Now there has to be a winner so instead of starting the match all over lets make a winner right now. The winner as i seen it would have most defintly been Garrison Cade. So the winner and advancing in the tounament...Matt Hardy.

Coach-Matt Hardy?!? What the hell is that he had no chance of winning.

King-Yes for once I accually agree with you Coach. Why Matt Hardy?

Bischoff-I will not have cheaters on my show and Garrison Cade cheated more times then anyone i've ever seen. Therefore Hardy will face the winner of the next match in 2 weeks time.

Coach-I still don't agree with it Matt had no chance at all to win.

King-That has to be a first. Bischoff not showing favorites.

Coach-He never shows favorites.

Commercial 4.

Match 3-TV Title Tournament match 2-Heidenreich vs. Orlando Jordan
Finish-Orlando has heidenreich on the outside while he is still in the ring. He leaps over hoping to land on Heidenreich but Heidenreich moves out of the way before jordan land on him. Heidenreich picks him up and then starts to beat him down like he had at the beginning of the match before he tryed to hit a closeline but Jordan had ducked and got the upper hand. But now Heidenreich had the upper hand and it didn't seem like he was going to slow down. He threw him back it to the ring and beat him up in there. Jordan trys to throw some punches but Heidenreich just laughs at his attempts. Jordan gets a low blow in while the ref is telling Heidenreich to stop using closed fist punches. He rolls Heidenreich up...



...Kick out by Heidenreich who beats Jordan down to the point of him being knock out. But the ref doesn't notice as Heidenreich keeps him on his feet. he hits his Shoulder-Breaker on Jordan as pins him for the...



Winner-And moving on in the TV Title Tournament-Heidenreich.

Coach-Heidenreich wins. He moes on in the tournament.

King-Yeah but Jordan put up a good fight in the early going.

Coach-Maybe so but he still lost. In 2 weeks on raw Heidenreich will face Matt Hardy who won his match by GM decsion. I hope Heidenreich teaches him a lesson on how it feels to be in the ring with a man who doesn't care about other people.

King- Folks when we come back we will have an interview with Rene Dupree about what happend to Edge and how he feels to not have to wrestle for 2 weeks. You don't want to miss it.

Commercial 5.

When the show comes back Al Snow is standing backstage with Rene Dupree.

Al Snow-Rene, how do you feel about not having a match tonight. Are you disapointed that you don't have a match tonight?

Rene Dupree-What do you mean I have to be disapointed that I don't have a match tonight? I feel great now i can save all my energy for my match in 2 weeks against Mark Jindrak or Charlie Haas. Either one will be no match for the French Phenom Rene Dupree. Look at my Al. Look at my body. It's not my fault Edge had himself suspended because he was afraid of me. It not my fault at all. And to answer your question yes I am a little disapointed that I don't get to beat Edge's ass all over Hamilton. I mean he's afraid of the great French Phenom.

Al Snow-You mean you think you could have beat Edge? Maybe so but I think it would have been a good match. Edge would have won the tournament in my mind. He was supposed to be in the Heavy Weight tournament but Mr. Bischoff messed that right up.

Rene Dupree-You're saying that I'm not good enough to be in the same ring as Edge, Al Snow? Are you saying that Edge doesn't need to face someone with less experince then himself?Are you trying to say that Rene Dupree diesn't match up to Edge? Let me ask you this Al. Are you saying this because I am French and you are American? Because it's people like you that made us French hate you. It's the same reason that people right here in Canada hate the Americans. Becaus eyou think that you are better then everyone else. Don't you ever say that Rene Dupree doesn't belong in the same ring as Edge because the French Phenom takes that as you hating us.

Al Snow-That is not what I meant at all what I meant to say was...

Rene Dupree-Was what it that you meant to say then. That the French are wimps? Well let me tell you this the French don't fight wars we are lovers like the Spanish. You think America is better then every xountry on this earth right. Wrong France is the best. We are peaceful people now if you'll excuse I need to go down to the ring.

Al Snow-Some days you just hate your job.

Commercial 6

When the show comes back on Rene Dupree is coming down to the ring.

Coach-We are being joined by Rene Dupree. How's it going Mr. Dupree. Here take a seat.

King-Hey long time no see Rene. How's it going? The last time we seen you you were Stunnered by Stone Cold.

Rene Dupree-That's in the past and would like for you not to bring that up King. But this time there is no Stone Cold to get in my way. There is no one that can stop the French Phenom from getting what is his, the IC title.

King- That may be true but you have to get through one of these guys first in 2 weeks.

Match 4-IC Title Tournament Match 1-Mark Jindrak vs. Charlie Haas.
Finish-Mark Jindrak looks like he's in full control of this match. But Charlie Haas won't stay dsown and as a result he gets some offence in relying on the match based wrestling to carry him throught he match.Jindrak doesn't know what Haas is doing so he trys to beat him down with fists. Haas somehow doesn't let Jindrak get good shots in and when Jindrak throws Haas into the corner Haas jumps up to the second rope the springboards himself to the top and hits his turning crossboddy block. Jindrak rolls through and holds the tights for some leverage.



...Haas kicks out just in time. Jindrak goes for his new finisher the"Reflection-Plex" ( an inverted superplex)but Haas lands on his feet and rolls Jindrak up for the



...Jindrak gets enough power to kick Haas off and pick him up and hit the "Reflecton-Plex"



... Charlie gets the shoulder up the hits a hurricarona on Jindrak and pin him for the



Winner-And moving on in the IC tournament match 1-Charlie Haas

Coach-Charlie did it. I don't know how but he beat Mark Jindrak.

King-That means he'll has to face rene Dupree in 2 weeks right Coach?

Coach-That's right but the Heavy weight tournament will start soon.

King-Eric Bishoff is a genious

Coach-That's Mr. Bischoff too you Lawler

King-And that's King to you Coach.

Commercial 7.

Match 5-Heavy Weight Title Tournament Match 1-Kane vs. Big Show
Finish-2 of the biggest men in the industry have been going at it for 15 minutes when it happens. Kane goes for a chokeslam but Big Show does the same thing. They both hit the chockslam but Kane sits up after 10 seconds. He rolls over and pins Show.



...Big Show gets his shoulder up and trys to throw Kane into the ropes but Kane stops him and trys to throw him but Show won't let him. They keep trying. Big Show finally gets the upper hand and throws Kane but the ref is right behind them now and Kane goes right into him. Big Show trys to wake the ref up but Kane comes back in the ring with a steel chair. He trys to hit Show but Show puinches the chair back into Kanes face and starts to lay a beating on him with the chair. As he's doing it the ref gets up and calls for the bell. Big Show doesnt like this so he swings the chair at the ref. The ref gets out of the ring as Show is swinging the chair at the ref Kane sits up and when Show turns around Kane kicks the chair into Shows face then grabs it snd beats him down. He then does his little smile as he leaves the ring.
Winner-Movng on in the Heavy Weight Tournament By DQ-Kane

Coach-Big Show is a crazy individual.

King-So is Kane but 2 of the biggest monsters just had a PPV quality match right there. Up next the animal Batista goes 1-on-1 with the Rabid Wolvarine Chris Benoit.

Commercial 8.

Match 6-Heavy Weight Title Match 2-Batista vs. Chris Benoit
Finish-Batista has controlled the match from almost the beginning and now find himself in a postion to win the match. All of a sudden it goes dark and when tghe lights come back on Batista and the ref are knocked out. Benoit is just standing there looking stuned. No one knows what had just happend. Beniot goes for the pin but the ref is knocked out. He tries to wake the ref up but he won't get up he calls for another ref but when one trys to run down the ramp the lights go out and when they come back on the ref is not in site. Benoit sees the ref getting up and pins Batista. When the ref gets up and sees the pin he counts...



...Batista just gets his shoulder up. Benoit tries to get the sharpshooter on put Batista kicks him away. Batista gets up and goes for a closeline but Benoit hooks on the Crossface. Batista tries to flip but Benoit rolls right through with him and keeps it on. Batista rolls again but again Benoit rolls with him. Batista trys to grab the rope but Benoit rolls towards the centre of the ring. Batista finally taps out. Benoit gets up and starts to celebrate.
Winner- Moving on in the Heavy Weight Title Tournament-By Submission-Chris Benoit.

Just then Kane comes out to the ramp and looks at Benoit and starts to clap and says he'll see him in 2 weeks. That's how the show ends.

Send some feedback about the. Sorry it took so long to finish but I had some computer problems.

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Sorry about the delay but my internet was down from 10 pm last night to just now so here is my card.


September 10th 2004 From the Bell Centre in Montreal Ontario Canada
Smackdown's theme hits the pa as fire works hit the stage and the Camrea is going around getting the different signs the fans brought in.

Thedore Long's music hits as he starts making his way down to the ring. Thedore walks to the corner over by the ring announcer gets a mic from Tony Chimmel and is going to start to say what he has to say.

Thedore: What's up Playas? Tonight is a special night as it's our first smackdown of this new brand draft and look at the roster our Smackdown brand will do good. Well thats not the Announcement that I had in mind I came down here for two reasons. One is starting next week there will be a Tag Team Tournament with Ten Tag Teams and the last two tag Teams of the Tournament will then go on to our Pay Per View and have a Tag Team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship. What do you fans in Montreal think of that give me a HOLA HOLA HOLA.


Thedore: My next Announcement I would like to make is

A car crash music hits the PA System.

Jim Ross: It's MICK FOLEY, FOLEY is here in the Bell Centre. What is he doing here.

Tazz: Well Jim Ross you guess is good enough as mine as we will both find out from the General Manager Thedore Long why Foley is here tonight.

Thedore: Well if it isn't Mr. Hardcore Legend, by the way thanks for coming on a short notice. The reason why Mick Foley is here is because he is the NEW Smackdown Commisher.

Jim Ross: WAY that is very Shocking news, I can't beliveve that Foley is going to be the Commish of Smackdown.

Tazz: Well JR like you say who knows what can happend in the WWE.

Mick Foley: I have a little Announcement of my own. I am also bringing back something and that is two titles, one in which is the European Title and the other one is the Hardcore title.

The fans start to chear loud as they hear the Hardcore title coming back to Smackdown.

Mick Foley: Thedore I am happy to bring back the Hardcore title and the European title but I am also happy to be your Commisher two and if anyone has any problems with your match announcements or anything they can deal with me.

Jim Ross: WOW Tazz Mick Foley is the new Problem Solver around here.


Jim Ross: What news I have been told by from back. I have been told that a 10 tag team tournament will be starting tonight and there will be three tournament matches in the tournament every Smackdown. In the first round it's Rhyno & Tajiri vs Basham Brothers, SuperHero's vs Angle and Luther, Dudley Boyz vs Rey Mysterio & Maven, Shelton Benjamin & John Cena vs Chavo Guerraro and Jamie Noble, William Regal and Eugene vs Mark Henry and Rodney Mack there is some very unusual looking tag teams in this tournament.

Tazz: Your right Jim Ross what a tournament it is.

Match #1
Ring Announcer: Our first match of the evening is for one fall and it's a Mixed tag match. Coming down to the ring from Japan Hiroko and Kenzo.

JR: Wow Tazz this is the first time we get to Hiroko in action.

Tazz: Well Jim Ross we are going to be seeing alot of her because he is in the womens title divison.

Ring Announcer: Next coming down to the ring Stacy Keilber and Mr Monday Night Rob Van Dam.

Finish - It was Kenzo vs Stacy in the ring Kenzo has been taring apart Stacy, Kenzo tags in Hiroko and then Kenzo goes to get a chair tries to bring in the chair from Ring side, and as Kenzo is trying to bring in the chair RVD drop kicks Hiroko goes to the top rope and does a 5 * Frog Splash onto Hiroko and runs out of the rign before the ref can see RVD in the ring. After the ref gets the chair from Kenzo, he starts to chase RVD up the ramp. As he goes to chase RVD from the stage to the back someone hits Kenzo in the head with a chair. The only thing is we only saw the chair but not the person that hit Kenzo in the head with the chair. Back in the ring Stacy turns over to cover Hiroko 1 ..... 2 .... 3...... The Winners of the Match Rob Van dam and Stacy Keilber.

Jim Ross: WOW what a way to start off tonights show up next is first of 3 matchs tonight in the tag tournament when John Cena and Shelton Benjamin go up against Chavo Guerrero and Jamie Noble.

Match #2 Shelton Benjamin & John Cena vs Jamie Noble and Chavo Guerraro

Booker T's Music hits

Booker T makes his way down to the ring area where he will join Jim Ross and Tazz in the Announcing area as Booker T sits and watchs the tag team match.

Shelton Benjamin and John Cena come down to the ring to John Cena's Music, as John Cena makes his way into the ring he tells the ring Announcer no rapping tonight as it's time to get serious because he has his chance to move closer to the tag team titles. After John Cena's music ended Noble and Chavo came out to Chavo's Music as Booker T stands on his feet and starts to clap.

Jim Ross: Booker T what are you doing?

Book: Man these guys will beat Shelton and Cena tonight and they need to be recondnized for their great work around here.

Tazz: Well said Booker T.

Finish - Noble is laying on the outside as Chavo pulls the stunt that his uncle Eddie did to Angle with his ankle at Wrestlemania 20 but this time Chavo keeps his boot on and distracks the ref as Booker T pulls down the ropes and clotheslines Shelton Benjamin to the ground as John Cena comes over to help his partner Booker T gives John Cena the Book End. Shelton goes into the ring, Booker T grabs a chair and Noble picks up another chair and Booker T distracks the ref with his Chair and Noble comes into the ring puts the chair on the ground Noble and Chavo double powerbomb Shelton onto the chair and then noble takes the chair and throws it to the outside and Chavo goes for the Pin 1..... 2.... 3......

The Winners are Chavo Guerrero and Jamie Noble.

Jim Ross: Gob Dam it Cena and Shelton had the match won and Booker T stole the match away from them. This means that Jamie Noble and Chavo move onto the second round.


Mike Cole has joined Jim Ross and Tazz as a final Announcer to make up a group of 3 announcers.

Jim Ross: Michael Cole it's great to see you to join up.

Tazz; Cole awesome to come join the gorup and be my partner, I mean our partner.

Michael Cole: No Problem I am happy to do this and I enjoy this job.

Paul Heyman's music hits as he makes hit way down to the ring with the mic.

Paul Heyman: I know you all hate me but I have got a guy that will make this Smackdown better and will be the next big Superstar and has a future in this business and that wrestler is Tyson Tomko.

Tyson Tomko makes his way down to the ring and as he makes his way into the ring he shakes Heyman's hand.

Michael Cole: Guy Paul Heyman makes me sick.

Tyson Tomko points out to Paul Heyman that Michael Cole is talking smack about him so Paul heyman makes his way out of the ring with Tyson Tomko down to the Announcing Table.

Paul Heyman: What Michael Cole u got something to say to me.

Michael Cole: Yes I d.

Before Cole could say do Heyman throws a right hand and punch's Cole right in the face and knocks him over. Tazz moves out of the way as Michael Cole falls on the Floor. Jim Ross helps Michael Cole up and goes over and Grabs a mic. Tazz moves out of the way as Michael Cole falls on the Floor.

Jim Ross: Paul Heyman you want to pick a fight with Michael Cole Huh well way don't you, tell your friend Tyson Tomko that Next Week it will be You and Tomko vs the Team of Michael Cole and me Jim Ross. Paul you better go get your @ss ready because your goign to get your ass kicked all over the arena next week.

Paul Heyman and Tyson Tomko both laugh as they make their way back to hte locker room.

Jim Ross: Cole you allright.

Michael Cole: Yah Jr I think I am going to be all right.

Tazz: ok guys let's go to the back as their is something going on in the back.

Buh Ray and Dvon are double teaming Maven of 1 of the two people they face tonight, as they set up the table Dvon is setuping up Maven to give him the 3D as the Dudleyz give Maven the 3D threw a table. They pick up Maven but they move the broken table out of hte way and they give Maven another 3D onto the Floor. As the Dudleyz run away Rey Mysterio comes to the Ad along with the Commisher Mick Foley and the General Manager Theodore Long.

Rey Mysterio: Now what my partner won't be able to wrestle in the Tag Team Tournament now what am I going to do.

Mick Foley: well Rey I have thought it over and you are still going to be in the Tournament, you can go look for someone to be your partner that is not allready in the tournament and that can be your new partner.


Jim Ross: Wow what news first we found out that next week it will be a tag team match between Heyman and Tomko and Cole and myself tonight we have also found out that it will be Rey Mysterio and a Mystery Partner vs the Dudley Boyz and now I am being told that Tonight's Main Event will be William Regal and Eugene vs Mark Henry and Rodney Mack.

Match #3

Steve Richards vs Funaki

Finish: Steven Richards toke Control of the beginning of the match but nothing special as two bottom of the league wrestlers. Funaki is trying to get the fans support as he is getting his but kicked and when Funaki falls to the outside, Steven Richards goes outside to chase Funaki as Funaki runs back into the ring, Richards runs in to the ring also after Funaki as he runs towards Richards gives him a school boy as he puts his feet on the rops. 1.........2......... 3.......

The Winner is Smackdown's #1 Announcer Funaki.

The Dudley's are Cought sitting in their Locker Room.

Dvon: Buh what have we done I mean Rey and Maven we could of beaten I mean we attacked the wrong person by that I mean we should of put Rey out of action not maven but now we have to go out their next and wrestle Rey and his partner who we couldn't even get ready for.

Buh: Dvon well let's see who his partner could possiblely be. You got A-train, Steven Richards, RVD, Taker, Shawn Michaels, Eddie Guerrero. A-train hates Rey so it couldn't be him, Richards does like him either so it is going to be Taker HBk RVD or Eddie.


Match #4 Dudley Boys vs Rey Mysterio & Mystery Partner

Dudley Boys music hits as they make their way down with two tables and they set them up in the Ring. Rey Mysterio comes out to his music with no partner. Rey Mysterio makes his way into the ring as the Dudley's look stunded on why Rey didn't come out here with a partner. Rey Mysterio tells the ref to ring the Bell.

Jim Ross: What Rey is going to fight both of the Dudleyz in a 2 on 1 Tag Match.

Finish - Rey Mysterio threw Dvon face first on the ropes and he was running the other way and going to go for the 619 but Buh Ray came and punched Rey Mysterio in the head. A big bang hits the stage as both dvon and Buh Stop and look at the stage, Buh ray starts to make his way up the ramp and goes to the lokcer room to see what he could find. Rey drop kicks Dvon from behind and Dvon falls on the ropes. Rey mysterio is calling for 619 as eh is running towards the ropes as he hits dvon in the face. Dvon is slowley getting up as Rey jumps on the ropes and gives Dvon West Coast pop. The ref counts 1...........2........... 3...........

The winner of the Match Rey Mysterio Jr.

Jim Ross: Ohh my God Rey Mysterio has beat the Dudleys and moves on. The only question is who is his partner now and where did that Bang come from.

Tazz: Jr that was luck if it wasn't for that Bang rey Mysterio would of won his match.

Michael Cole: Ok guys that's enough let's get to our main event of the evening, but before that I have two more matchs to announce for next weeks show. There is just two more match's after tonight in the first round. Rhyno & Tajiri vs the Basham Brothers and also the Superheros vs Kurt Angle and Luther Renes. Also next week it will be myself and Jim Ross vs Paul Heyman and Tyson Tomko.

Match #5 William Regal and Eugene vs Mark Henry & Rodney Mack.

Triple H's music hit's the PA as he makes his way down to the Ring with a chair as he makes his way to the annoucing table to sit and watch the match.

Mark Henry and Rodney Mack make their way down to the ring, as they get into the ring Triple H calls them over to have a talk with them as Triple H tells them to remember the game plan. William Regal and Eugene come out to Eugene's music as everyone in the arena are on their feet cheer for their feet cheering for Regal and Eugene.

Finish - Rodney Mack throws William Regal towards the ropes and just happends to knock out the ref. Triple H throw Rodney Mack the Brass Nucks and hits Regal in the face with them. Eugene goes after Triple H but he has Eugene in the head with the chair who knocks him out cold. The lights go out and the Music plays as the Undertaker and HBk Shawn Michaels make their way down to the Ring. Undertaker goes into the Ring Chokeslams Mark Henry and then Tombestone piledivers Rodneymack into the ring. HBK is running after Triple H on the out side of the Ring as Triple H runs into the Ring but he doesn't see UnderTaker standing there. Taker gives Triple H a chokeslam of his own and then HBK gives Triple H a Sween chin Music.

UnderTaker goes out and gets Eugene and puts him on Rodney mack in a pin move and HBK throws Tripel H out of the Ring and then HBK goes and wakes the ref up so he can come over and make the count.1.......2........ 3.......

The winners of the Match William Regal and Eugene.

Undertaker and HBK Shawn Michaels hold up the arms of William Regal and Eugene as they Calaberate in the ring.

Thedore Long music hits the PA as Thedore Long makes his way down to the Ring. When he gets into the ring he goes over to Tony Chinnel and asks for a Mic.

Thedore Long: This message goes out to Mr. Eric Bischoff. Your big mistake was to let your Nephew go because He will be a big star over here on Smackdown and keep in mind Eric that just because you have a better list of stars over there on your show called Raw doesn't mean I can't beat you in the tv ratings. So Eric Bishcoff keep in mind 1 thing you never know what my show will be like unless my Announcer Announce it and you won't be able to beat my match's because my show has more interestign things in our show then yours. So Eric Bishcoff read my lips Playa Smackdown is Better. Now just hola hola hola play.

As smackdown goes off the air HBK Undertaker, William Regal and Eugene are in the ring celebrating.

bigboy2 I am not posting my next card untill you finish your first card and you post your next full Mondya ngiht card because I don't think it's fair because then you have a chance to use my ideas or say something about my card in your first card since you aren't done using your card so I saying that I am not posting my next card till after you post your 2 cards which is the end of this past monday's card and your next weeks card

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i really like hhh but i'm trying to get rvd and 2 other people. plus we are adding a bunch of people to our shows . a free agent list will be up soon.

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thanx maybe you can spread the word. kermack you are a good writer yourself.

There will be a 40 man roster limit there soon will be a free agent list.

Raw Singing: Visera

They will stay off the show till after Royal Rumble but are part of the Raw Roster.
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