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Monty Brown
Andy Douglas
Chase Stevens
Chris Harris - Tag Team Champion
James Storm - Tag Team Champion
Diamond Dallas Page
Dustin Rhodes
Jeff Jarrett - NWA Heavyweight Champion
Kevin Nash
Lance Hoyt
the Outlaw
Lex Lovett
Rod Steele
Antonio Banks
Buck Quartmain

AJ Styles
Amazing Red
Bobby Roode
Cassidy Riley
Chris Sabin
Eric Young
Christopher Daniels - X~Division Champion
Jeff Hardy
Jerrelle Clark
Johnny Devine
Jerry Lynn
Kid Kash
Michael Shane
Mikey Batts
Petey Williams
Elix Skipper
Ron Killings
Rodrick Strong
Kid Romeo
Jason Cross
David Young

Scott D'Amore

~Tag Teams/Stables~
America's Most Wanted - James Storm & Chris Harris
the Naturals - Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens
Team Canada - Petey Williams, Eric Young, Johnny Devine, Boddy Roode, Scott D'Amore
Clark & Batts - Jerrelle Clark & Mikey Batts
Kash & Hoyt - Kid Kash & Lance Hoyt
3 Live Kru - Ron Killings, BG James, & Konnan

(Director of Authority: Dusty Rhodes)

9 Posts
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TnA Destination X
March 13, 2005
Stage 21 in Orlando, Florida

1) Destination X opens up with Michael Shane v. Chris Sabin. Sabin and Shane had a back and forth match showing off their high flying skills. In the end, Michael Shane picked up the win over Chris Sabin nailing Sweet Shane Music for the pinfall.

- NWA Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett is shown entering the building getting an sour reaction from the crowd.

2) America's Most Wanted & 3 Live Kru (Konnan & BG James) defeated Team Canada (Petey Williams, Eric Young, Johnny Devine,& Bobby Roode) after Chris Harris pinned Eric Young via a Cat-a-Tonic

-a video package is shown of the Jeff Hardy and Abyss fued

3) Jeff Hady took it to Abyss in this Falls Count Anywhere match, but in the end Abyss connected with a Black Whole Slam to pin Jeff Hardy for the win

- Shane Douglas conducts an interview with Monty Brown on is up comming matchup with Trytan.

4) Monty Brown makes quick work of Trytan, pinning Trytan with a Pounce in about 40 Seconds

- A video is shown of the Outlaw screwing Kevin Nash out of the NWA Heavyweight title

5) Kevin Nash got his revenge on the Outlaw in this 1st Blood match, nailing the Outlaw in the head with a lead pipe to draw 1st Blood and the win

6) Raven picks up his second win over Dustin Rhodes at a TnA Pay Per View by putting an to their fued by pinning him in an Bullrope match, the end came when Raven hit a Raven Effect on Dustin onto the cow bell

- A video package is shown on the 30 Min. Iron Man match from last monthes Against All Odds Pay Per View, it also shows the heat between AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels over the past 2 monthes

7)Ultimate X Challenge
~ In Part 1 of the Ultimate X Challenge the Team of Ron Killings & Christopher Daniels defeated X-Division champion AJ Styles & Elix Skipper when Daniels pinned Skipper after an low blow and a roll up with his feet on the ropes
~ Part 2 of the Ultimate X Challenge: Ron Killings is eliminated from the match when he was pinned by X-Division champion AJ Styles after an Styles Clash
~ In the last part of the Ultimate X Challenge, Christopher Daniels defeats X-Divison champion AJ Styles by grabbing the strap from the top of the X Shaped Wires and being now as the new X-Division champion

8) In the main of the night, NWA Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett pinned Diamond Dallas Page to retain his championship thanks to the returning Jerry Lynn. Lynn nailed DDP with an Cradlepile Driver allowing Jarrett to pin DDP for the win.

... From now it will be long results
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