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NWA:TNA to NBW (read background story to get title)

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NBW:New Blood Wrestling

Since I only have three days of school left until the summer I was thinking that I might start and continue a thread for a long period of time.But might be my last attempt of a show.

Background Story:As you know NWA:TNA is really in debt with their current owners right now.So with TNA in this much of a financial problem.Ted Turner has used his money to buy TNA from their original owners and have gave it a total makeover with a name change(NBW),layoffs, and new hirings.

AJ Styles
Chris Jericho-He is here b/c of the rumors i have heard about him not happy with wwe right now and might not resign with them.
"The Alpha Male" Monty Brown
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Lance Hoyt
BG James
Ron "The Truth" Killings
Mike Awesome
Lance Storm
Justin Credible
Chuck Palumbo
Sean O' Haire
Nathan Jones
Luther Reigns
"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels
"Primetime" Elix Skipper
Chris Sabin
Michale Shane
Amazing Red
Kid Kash
Sonjay Dutt
Cassidy Reily
Jerelle Clark
Mikey Batts
Petey Williams
Bobby Roode
Johny Devine
Eric Young
James Storm
Chris Harris
Andy Douglas
Chase Stevens

Tag Teams:
Team Canada (Petey Williams,Bobby Roode,Eric Young,Johny Devine,Scott D'Amore)
The Naturals (Andy Douglas,Chase Stevens)
America's Most Wanted (James Storm,Chris Harris)
3 Live Kru (BG James,Konan,Ron "The Truth" Killings)
The Hardys (Matt Hardy,Jeff Hardy)
Natural Born Thrillers (Chuck Palumbo,Sean O'Haire)
The New Impact Players (Lance Storm,Mike Awesome,Justin Credible)
Lance Hoyt and Kid Kash

Molly Holly

Other Information:

Owner: Ted Turner
Director of Authorit:Paul Heyman

NBW World Heavyweight Champion:AJ Styles
NBW X-Division Champion:"The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels
NBW Tag Team Champions:The Natural (Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens)

And New Title Belts to NBW!!!!!!
NBW United States Championship
NBW Womens Championship

Weekly T.V. Show

NBW New Blood Every Monday Night @ 8:00 on TNT

Announcers:Mike Tenay and Shane Douglas

PPV Schedule:
November 20,2005 NBW Victory Road (Nashville,TN/Gaylord Entertainment Center)
December 18,2005 NBW Turning Point (Salt Lake City,UT/Jon M. Huntsman Center)
January 15,2006 NBW Final Resolution (Tupelo,MS/BancorpSouth Center)
Feburary 19,2006 NBW Against All Odds (Reno,NV/Reno Events Center)
March 19,2006 NBW Destination X (The Civic Center/Bismarck,ND)
April 23,2006 NBW Lockdown (Dayton,OH/UD Arena)
May 21,2006 NBW Hard Justice (El Paso,TX/Don Haskins Center)
June 25,2006 NBW Slammiversary (Orlando,FL/T.D. Waterhouse Centre)
July 16,2006 NBW Scars and Stripes (Washington D.C./MCI Center)
August 13,2006 NBW No Surrender (Grand Rapids,MI/Van Andel Arena)
September 17,2006 NBW Bound for Glory (Atlanta,GA/Georgia Dome)
October 22,2006 NBW Sacrifice (Evansville,IN/Roberts Stadium)
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NBW New Blood Preview (10/31/05)

The first ever broadcast of NBW comes to you live from Uinersal Studios in Orlando,FL as three matches have been announced,Petey Williams vs. Jeff Hardy, and AJ Styles vs. Michael Shane, and Raven vs. Cassidy Reily.Plus there will be announcements regarding the NEW NBW U.S. Title and Victory Road 05 which is less then three weeks away live on PPV.
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