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Since LA is taking a break for the time being and basically quit BTB, ;), I have decided to open up a single's NWA-TNA BTB thread with my own PPV schedules and rosters. It will start off from the new NWA-TNA Season, at the start of 2005. The shows will be weekly two hour written sessions. NWA-TNA will tour all over the United States and then some for the weekly shows and PPVs. Winter Warfare was the previous PPV and here are the results:

Sunday, January 2, 2005 - NWA-TNA: Winter Warfare Results:

Rob Van Dam def. Raven, Jeff Jarret, Ron Killings, Ken Shamrock, and Sting to become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion when he hit the Five Star Frog Splash onto Raven.

A.J. Styles beat Amazing Red and Low-Ki to be crowned the X-Division Champ after he hit the Styles Clash on Red.

3-Live Krew (James/Konnan) were beaten by America's Most Wanted (Harris/Storm) who were announced the NWA-TNA Tag Team Champions as they landed the Death Penalty onto Konnan

Team America won the TNA International cup as they defeated Team Japan in the Finals when Jerry Lynn hit his infamous Cradle Piledriver onto Yoshihiro Tajiri.

Sabu def. Sandman after the Extreme Revolution attacked Sabu, but AMW made the save and Sabu leg dropped Sandman through a table for the win.

And here is the roster, list of champions and stables:

NWA-TNA Champions

Rob Van Dam
NWA World Heavyweight Champion

A.J. Styles
X-Division Champion

Chris Harris
NWA-TNA Tag Team Champion

James Storm
NWA-TNA Tag Team Champion

NWA-TNA Wrestler Roster
A.J. Styles - Face
Abismo ***** - Face
Abyss - Heel
Amazing Red - Face
B.G. James - Face
Bobby Roode - Heel
C.M. Punk - Heel
Chris Daniels - Heel
Chris Harris - Face
Chris Sabin - Face
Desire - Face
Don Harris - Tweener
Eric Young - Heel
Glen Gilbertti - Heel
Heavy Metal - Face
Hector Garza - Face
James Storm - Face
Jason Cross - Heel
Jeff Hardy - Face
Jeff Jarrett - Heel
Jerrelle Clark - Face
Jerry Lynn - Face
Jimmy Yang - Heel
Johnny Devine - Heel
Justin Credible - Heel
Kazarian - Heel
Ken Shamrock - Face
Kid Kash - Heel
Konnan - Face
Low-Ki - Tweener
Michael Shane - Heel
Miyamoto - Heel
Monty Brown - Heel
Mr. Aguila - Face
New Jack - Tweener
Nosawa - Heel
Paul London - Face
Perry Saturn - Heel
Petey Williams - Heel
Primetime - Face
Raven - Heel
Rob Van Dam - Face
Ron Harris - Tweener
Ron Killings - Face
Sabu - Face
Sandman - Tweener
Sean "Syxx-Pac" Waltman - Face
Sharkboy - Face
Sonjay Dutt - Face
Sonny Siaki - Face
Sting - Face
Trinity - Heel
Yoshihiro Tajiri - Heel

NWA-TNA Factions/Stables/Tag Teams

Raven, C.M. Punk, Alexis Laree
The Gathering

Ron Harris, Don Harris
Disciples of Destruction (D.O.D.)

Ron Killings, B.G. James, Konnan
3-Live Krew

Chris Harris, James Storm
America's Most Wanted

Amazing Red, Chris Sabin
Code: Future

Kazarian, Michael Shane, Manager Tracy Brooks
Kazarian & Michael Shane

Capt. Yoshihiro Tajiri, Nosawa, Miyamoto, Jimmy Yang, Manager Koji Kanemoto
Team Japan

Capt. Petey Williams, Bobby Roode, Johnny Devine, Eric Young, Manager Scott D'Amore
Team Canada

Capt. Hector Garza, Heavy Metal, ABismo *****, Mr. Aguila, Manager Antonio Peña
Team Mexico

Capt./Manager Jerry Lynn, Sonjay Dutt, Chris Sabin, Sonny Siaki
Team U.S.A.

Sandman, Justin Credible, Perry Saturn, New Jack, Don Callis
Extreme Revolution

Kid Kash, Abyss
Kid Kash & Abyss

No telling when the first show will be up. I don't know how well this will do since the majority of the users here don't even read BTB's or watch TNA. Wish me luck!...

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Okay, a few adjustments have been made to the rosters and results. Here is the 2005 Pay-Per-View schedule:

January: Winter Warfare
February: Apocalypse NOW
March: All Out Assault
April: Revolution
May: No Surrender
June: Slammiversary
July: Revenge
August: Dangerous Games
September: Excaliber
October: Unscripted
Novermber: Collision Course
December: Stalemate

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WEEK 1 - The Night Of Revenge

NWA-TNA Show Info
Date: Wednesday, January 5, 2005 - 6:00 PM
Arena: Nashville Arena - Nashville, TN
Show Length: 2 hr(s).
Network: SpikeTV

A highlight package of Winter Warfare is played as dramatic music plays as background music. The package ends as Rob Van Dam is holding his newly won title. "Stitches" by Orgy plays after the promo and a new NWA-TNA opening video is played. Most of the highlights from Sunday's PPV. The package comes to an end by the music continues playing and pyro explodes from the ramp and screens as they crowd blazes, holding up their multicolored signs for TNA's top faces. Soon after the announcers voices are heard:

Announcer, The Professor Mike Tenay: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the first NWA-TNA Action of the 2005 season, brought to you live from our new hosting network, SpikeTV!! I am Mike Tenay, along side me is my collegue, Don West, and Don, people should know by now, that TNA is back with it's weekly two-hour shows, but this time on national television!

Announcer, Don West:
Oh you've got that right Mike! Vince Russo had to pull a few string and do some heavy negociations, but we've done it, we're back with a new time slot and a new network, it's like we're a new show!

"The Informer" plays. Vince Russo comes down the ramp to a great pop! Russo seems to be holding a top hat of some sort with paper pieces on the inside. Vince gets into the ring and soaks up the suprisingly big pop. He grabs a mic and puts it up to his mouth...

The Director Of Authority, Vince Russo: Since I became the director of authority months and months back, people have been telling me to spice things up a bit. So last night I was thinking, brainstorming about a little project I've been workin on, ya see? Starting tonight, TNA will begin a series of qualifying matches for a Battle Royal in two weeks! We will call this Battle Royal the #1 Contender's Ultimate Jeopardy Battle Royal!!! And the winner of this 15 man Battle Royal will be named the #1 contender for the NWA World Championship! They will get their shot, at NWA-TNA's next pay-per-view, brought to you on February 6th.

Announcer, The Professor Mike Tenay: Wow! Talk about a blockbuster announcement, Don!

Announcer, Don West: A blockbuster indeed, what a match this will be. 15 of the best TNA has to offer facing off for one prize: A shot at the NWA World Title! I can't wait! I can't wait!

Announcer, The Professor Mike Tenay: I know how you feel partner!

Suddenly, "My World" hits. The crowd explodes in boos as Jeff Jarrett steps out on stage. He can be seen wearing a white SLAPNUTS tanktop with white jeans and his normal sunglasses. He has his guitar in hand as he steps down the ramp and into the ring. He snatches the mic...

"King Of The Mountain" Jeff Jarrett: You know what Vince. I just had a crazy dream. I just dreamed that TNA was doing great, until a certain, January 2nd, then everything went downhill! The greatest champion ever lost his title, and then had to go through 14 guys to get it back... oh no....wait....that wasn't a stupid dream...it is a stupid taste of reality, a decision made by a very.....stupid....man. You see, I see no justice in this so called, "Battle Royal". You see, I didn't lose my title at Winter Warfare, slapnuts. No, no, no, RVD beat Raven...for MY title! Now how in the hell am I not still champion? I see RVD walking around on the plane rides here, the bus rides, saying he is the best, he beat the best, Jeff Jarrett. But he's no hotshot, okay slappy? He had a difficult time beating a WWF-reject like Raven, who had no business even being in that match, competing for my title! So I say, you do one of two things there, Mr. Russo!........One: you strip RVD of his....MY championship, and give it back to its rightful owner.....ot Two: you crown me #1 contender and cancel this stupid Battle Royal and let me beat RVD for my title. Which one's it gonna be Vince?

The crowd boos at Jarrett's cockiness, and authority complex.

Director Of Authority, Vince Russo: Well Jeff, those are two strong options. But, um, I think I'm gonna let YOU choose.

The crowd begins to boo as Jarrett smiles and nods.

Director Of Authority, Vince Russo: Oh, oh no, no. You see, you're not gonna choose YOUR options...... you're gonna choose from MINE! Okay, here goes Jeff, option One: you go out there in two week, you fight in the Battle Royal cleanly for your shot.......or Two: you continue this little power trip you're on, I suyspend you indefintely, but not before you get your ass kicked in a 14on-1 Battle Royal-turned Handicap match......Whaddya say, Jarrett??

The crowd cheers for the second option as Jarrett stares right in the eyes of Russo. Jarrett looks furious. He steps away from Russo.

Director Of Authority, Vince Russo: I thought so. Now, Jeff since you were rude enough to interrupt me. Tonight, I'm going to put you in a match. A match against someone, you say, you can't lose against....tonight, the winner of this match gets to pick their entrant number in the Ultimate Jeopardy Battle Royal, and the loser will have to be number one if the winner does not select it. It will be Jeff Jarrett, one-on-one....with Raven!!!!!!!

The crowd explodes in cheers as Jarrett furiously screams at the fans. He kicks the ropes and everything, throwing a little tantrum as Vince Russo's song hits and the fans still cheer for the news, Jarrett still throwing a fit.

Announcer, Don West: WHAT?!?!

Announcer, The Professor Mike Tenay: Oh my-...Oh my gosh! Tonight Raven vs. Jarrett?!?! What a main event!!

Announcer, Don West: After what Jarrett just said about Raven, about him being a WWE-rehect, about him not being good enough to contend for 'HIS' title, we might be looking at a dead man here, Mike Tenay!

Announcer, The Professor Mike Tenay: Raven-Jarrett, tonight...oh my god...

Commercial Break

"Hail Sabin" rings throughout the arena as the crowd cheers. Chris Sabin comes down the ramp and slaps hans with all the fans. He gets into the ring and poses on the second turnbuckle.

"Code Red" plays as Chris Sabin's partner for the evening comes from the back. Amazing Red quickly gives a few fans some high fives and hand shakes before running into the ring and shaking hands with Sabin.

"Guilty" plays. America's Most Wanted, the new Tag Team Champs come down to the ring in their signature AMW trench coats. James Storm has his cowboy hat and Harris has his customary sunglasses on. The ref check all four men for foreign objects before the bell sounds...

NWA-TNA Tag Team Championship - Chris Sabin/Amazing Red vs. America's Most Wanted ©

The Finish -
Sabin and Red put up quite a fight for the challengers, but looked like they never really had a chance when AMW hit the Death Sentence on Red for the pinfall victory at 7:12

Winner and still NWA-TNA Tag Team Champions - America's Most Wanted

Announcer, The Professor Mike Tenay: Wow! What an impressive victory by the champions! Looks like after all the drama AMW suffered over the past few months, they have put that aside and rejoined again!

Announcer, Don West: Like we said last night, vintage TNA with Chris Harris and James Storm working together as AMW, again! But what a match we just witnessed!

Announcer, The Professor Mike Tenay: And what a finish, as AMW goes signature and nails the Death Sentence for the win!

The camera switches from the tag match as we are taken to some town of sort, we see Primetime walking down a sidewalk next to a busy street. He is wearing street clothes. He is wearing Shady jeans and timberlands. He has an all-white fitted cap with the Toronto Maple Leafs logo on it. And last but not least, The new Primetime personalized hockey jersey. The song "Next Episode" by Dr Dre with Snoop and Nate Dogg can be heard. He is passing by many stores along the sidewalk. Many people are walking down the sidewalk as well, Primetime can be seen acknowledging a few friends with a couple of pounds and a half hugs. Primetime then continues to walk down the sidewalk, passing more stores and alleys. Suddenly he stops in his tracks. The camera moves from Primerime to 3 young teenagers smoking pot. Primetime approaches the youngsters.

"Mr. TNA" Primetime: "What the hell you kids doing?!"

Kids: "Whoa! It's Primetime TNA!"

"Mr. TNA" Primetime: "I know who I am, but I asked you a question first son! What the hell are you doing?!"

Kid 1: "We're smoking pot.... want some?"

Primetime smacks the kid in the head, causing him to drop the blunt.

"Mr. TNA" Primetime: "What the hell is the matter with you?! Don't you know that ****'s bad for you?! You kids should be in school right now! What else ya got on ya?! Hand it over!"

The kids pull out a quarter bag of marijuana and hand it to Primetime.

"Mr. TNA" Primetime: "DAMN! Where the hell do you kids go for this?! You better get the hell out of here before I put an asswhooping on your asses! Now get the hell out of here!"

The kids run away as Primetime then proceeds to pick up the blunt that was dropped earlier. He stashes the quarter bag in his pocket as he takes a drag of the blunt.

"Mr. TNA" Primetime: "(cough cough) Man this is some good ass ****! Damn kids, they should be in school! Don't want to end up on the streets and stuff. Damn!

Primetime finishes the blunt and then continues to walk down the sidewalk as a voice speaks as his words are shown on the screen:

Narrator: "Primetime.... Keepin' It Real.."

The camera changes from the vigenette to a shot of Primetime, nodding in approval. Sunglasses on and grinning as he stands next to Scott Hudson.

"Scotty Not Too Hotty" Scott Hudson: Now Primetime, after what we just saw, what is the message you're trying to get out by recording that?

"Mr. TNA" Primetime: Well, the message is plain and simple! Primetime, always, and I mean always, keeps it real! I'm a role model for wrestling fans and kids everywhere!

"Scotty Not Too Hotty" Scott Hudson: Well, in any event, tonight, you have been placed in a Ultimate Jeopardy qualifying match, and well your match is next...

"Mr. TNA" Primetime: Scott, you gotta pull yo head out of your ass, man! You need to see that the words comin' out yo mouth are irrelevant...Primetime is a role model, the perfect specimen for all kids across the world to look up to. As a great man once said,

"This is America, I can be anyone I want. If I choose to use the gift I have been given for good, then so be it. If I choose to use it for bad, then so be it. I, choose to use it for good, for the good of man. I use it as a plateu for future generations. I am who I want to be..."

"Scotty Not Too Hotty" Scott Hudson: Well, I-..uh...I've never heard that, who said that, again?

Primetime's look changes from satisfied to pissed.

"Mr. TNA" Primetime: Who said that? I DID, stupid! Gezz, man! Look, regardless, I will go into my match tonight against that punk, Justin Credible, and I'll beat him, aight? Mr. TNA will go on and qualify, and win this so called, "Ultimate Jeopardy" Battle Royal! Because I am the best TNA has to offer, I'm the reason these thousands and thousands of fans show up every week! I am! Not A.J. Styles, not Ron Killings, not Rob Van Dam, not Sting... ME! So after tonight, I'll have everyone..........Sayin'....My....Name........Primetime, baby, Ha ha! I mean who else could even think about have a shot of winning this match, no-....

A voice is heard out of nowhere...

Unknown voice: A.J......Styles.

The crowd lets out a good pop as A.J. Styles steps into the camera range and up to Primetime.

"Mr. TNA" Primetime: A.J. who?

Primetime snickers at the remark.

"Phenomenal" A.J. Styles: Haha, Primetime. You see here, Elix. A.J. Styles is the man who has the only shot at winning this match, and you get that straight. You see, A.J. Styles is the most phenomenal superstar in this sport! Primetime...."Mr. TNA", yeah right... you may be good an all, you may be really, really good. But you're not great. You see, A.J. Styles.... is great. You will not be great until you've accomplished what A.J. has done! You have never won the.... X-Division title, OR the NWA World title! So to answer your question.... A.J. Styles WILL win the Ultimate Jeopardy Battle Royal..... chump.

Styles smacks Primetime in the chest before exiting to a pop.

Primetime walks off angrily, leaving Scott Hudson with the microphone by himself...

"Scotty Not Too Hotty" Scott Hudson: Well, you've heard it, Primetime guarantees victory tonight against Justin Credible, and basically, in the Battle Royal, we'll see if he can follow through or will A.J. Styles come through on his word! That's all left for two week from now but next is another qualifying match, Jerry Lynn vs. Hector Garza!

Hudson pulls the mic from his face with a confused look on his face from the confrontation between the two top superstars..

Announcer, The Professor Mike Tenay: Looks like Primetime has got a chip on his shoulder, claiming to be the perfect role model for all kids, but A.J. looked to contest that!

Announcer, Don West:
Well, if anyone in TNA can be a role model, it's A.J. Styles!

Team U.S.A.'s theme hits as Jerry Lynn comes out accompanied by his troops, Sabin, Dutt and Siaki. Siaki is holding the American flag while Dutt holds the TNA World Cup as they come down to the ring. Lyn heads into the ring as the other wait at ringside.

Team Mexico's music hits and Hector Garza, Heavy Metal, Mr. Aguila and Antonio Pena come from the back. Garza gets into the ring and shakes hands with Jerry Lynn as the bell rings...

Ultimate Jeopardy Battle Royal Qualifying Match - Jerry Lynn vs. Hector Garza​

The Finish:
Jerry Lynn def. Hector Garza cleanly with the cradle piledriver for the win! After the match the two had a bit of a stare down but shook hands and hugged to cheers.

Winner - Jerry Lynn

Commercial Break

A.J. Styles is shown backstage with Scott Hudson...

"Scotty Not Too Hotty" Scott Hudson: A.J. tonight, you face Low-Ki for your X-Division gold. How will you prepare for Low-Ki since it has been, a little over a year since facing him?

"Phenomenal" A.J. Styles: Look, Scott. A.J. Styles is the greatest wrestler in TNA, bar-none! A.J. Styles sets the limits and the bars here, not Low-Ki, not anyone... but me. To answer your question, I will prepare for him like I do with everyone else...I won't. When I go out there Scott Hudson, you think I go abck there and, and....study these wrestlers? No. I go back there, get ready and come out. I am spontanious, Scott. Because I can be, not cocky, confiedent...

"Quick Kick" hits and Low Ki comes down to the ring to some heat from the fans. Low Ki lurches to the ring and ascends the top rope, he perches up on the top turnbuckle and awaits his prey...

X-Division Championship Match - A.J. Styles vs. Low Ki​

The Finish:
A.J. Styles hit the Styles Clash on Low-Ki, but Low-Ki got ahold of the rope while in the pin. A.J. Styles got up to the top rope and went for the Shooting Styles Press but Primetime came running down to the ring! A.J. jumped off and Primetime moved Low-Ki out of the way! Primetime then nailed Low-Ki with a clothesline, disqualifying Styles, and costing him the championship!!

Winner and NEW X-DIVISION CHAMPION - Low-Ki!!!!

Announcer, Don West: What the hell was that?? Primetime just costed A.J. Styles his championship! Damn Primetime! Role model my, you-know-what!!!

Announcer, The Professor Mike Tenay: Well, in the bylaws of TNA, if a champion is disqualified, unlike any other federation, he will lose his championship! A.J. is livid!!!

Styles is hown on his hands and knees, furious as Primetime backtracks up the ramp laughing! Low-Ki is hunched over in the corner gripping the title, basically clueless as to what happened!

The camera cuts backstage to Scott Hudson, next to Vince Russo...

"Scotty Not Too Hotty" Scott Hudson: Well, I'm standing here with the director of authority, Vince Russo. Vince, lasy Sunday we were given a new champion, some people might say a, 'better' champion. Any word to if the champ is here yet?

The Director Of Authority, Vince Russo:
First of all, when you refer to me, you refer to me as Mr. Russo, or Mr. DOA. Second of all, I don't have all this time, Scott. I'm a busy man and I don't have time to kill, dicking out here with you. So, if you're going to ask such a question to me that could've been answered by anyone in that locker room, I guess I don't have much authority, huh?

"Scotty Not Too Hotty" Scott Hudson: Well, I'm-...I'm sorry, I didn't....

The Director Of Authority, Vince Russo: Oh, of course not! You didn't mean to! You didn't mean to! I didn't mean to. You know what, that's all I ever hear around here, "I didn't mean to"... or, "I'm sorry man, it'll never happen again" and I'm sick of it! I'm sick of this attitude the TNA locker room has embraced, the "I can do anything I want and apologize for it and not be punished" attitude, and you know what? I went along with it! I did, but not anymore, the DOA doesn't play that. So, starting from what we just saw, I'm going to make a match for next week. Next week we will see Kid Kash and Abyss going up against A.J. Styles... and Low Ki! And the winning team, the winning team!... will qualify for the Ultimate Jeopardy Battle Royal...

"Scotty Not Too Hotty" Scott Hudson: Wow! What a match that will be next week, but you still haven't answer-....

Vince Russo grabs control of the microphone.

The Director Of Authority, Vince Russo:
Yeah! You wanted your answer? Is RVD here yet? Where is he? Who knows...... who cares? Why do you have to sit here with your fancy shmancy suit here, and sit, bitch and complain about other people? Is that all you do all day? There some questions I want answered, Scotty!....

"Scotty Not Too Hotty" Scott Hudson: Well, um, Mr. Russo.

Vince interrupts him.

The Director Of Authority, Vince Russo: Shut up! You make me sick! Ask me another question or I'm outta here!

"Scotty Not Too Hotty" Scott Hudson:
Well, um, earlier tonight you made the "Ultimate Jeopardy" Battle Royal match, scheduled to take place two weeks from now, has RVD agreed to this match, I mean, his title IS on the line...

The Director Of Authority, Vince Russo: Scott, suprisingly, I am glad you've asked this question, because Rob Van Dam has not agreed to it yet. And you know what? I don't give a ****! RVD is going to defend his title at Apocalypse NOW against whoever wins this match! Many, many great champions in the past have participated in similar stipulations, what makes RVD so different? The fact that he was booted out of the WWF? Huh? The fact that he wasn't considered good enough by some money-hungry, power-craving, horny-as-hell, buysiness mongrul like Vince McMahon? Huh? Is that why he's so different? No! Because Scott, some of my best superstars came from that man: D-Lo, Raven, Jeff Jarret even....You see, to answer your question, no he has not agreed, and I don't care if he agrees, plain and simple.

The DOA leaves a confused Scott Hudson...

"Scotty Not Too Hotty" Scott Hudson: Well, uh, let's get ready for a little Hardcore action, it's next! Wha-...

An Apocalypse NOW! promo plays. Clips from past shows and devistations are shown as dramatic msuic plays in the background.

The camera switches, after the promo ends, to the announcers at their table...

Announcer, The Professor Mike Tenay: Looks like the DOA is a bit aggitated as of late.

Announcer, Don West: Yes, but from this aggitation, many big matvhes have been made! Next week so far we have so more "Ultimate Jeopardy" qualifying matches such as, a match just made, Kid Kash and Abyss will face off against A.J. Styles and Low Ki! The winning team advances to the Battle Royal!! What a night next wee is shaping up to be, and what a night tonight has been so far!!

The ring is shown, no sound, just the hush of the audience before, "Homicidal, Genocidal, Suicidal" plays and Sabu comes out from the backstage area. He recieves a great pop as his crouches as he walks down to the ring, points to the sky every few steps. Sabu enters the ring in one swift move and points to the sky again, in the cneter of the ring.

Announcer, The Professor Mike Tenay:
Last Sunday was absolutley sickening the Extreme Revolution turned their back on their leader, Sabu and crowned Sandman as the new leader. This is just like The Rock, Faarooq and the Nation back in the WWF days!

"That's Extreme!" hits and New Jack comes down from the backstage. He throws up the Extreme Revolution sing, where he make an 'X' with your fisted arms continuosly. New Jack gets into the ring and taunts Sabu from Last Sunday, holding his back in disrespect. Sabu, respectfully, waits for the bell to sound before getting some revenge as the match starts!

Hardcore Match - Sabu vs. New Jack

The Finish -
Sabu continuously pounded New Jack with any weapon he could find. Ladders, chairs, tables, trash cans, the ring bell, the ring steps, even a fans eating plate! New Jack used a few chairs and pipes also. New Jack dominated most of the match, but he was no match for the hardcore 'god' in Sabu. Sabu ended this long, stretched out match with the Triple Jump Moonsault.

Winner via pinfall - Sabu

After the match, the Extreme Revolution came out and assaulted Sabu once again, Sandman leading the way. New Jack, Saturn and Credible let out a great beating until "Guilty" poured out of the speakers and AMW made the save! TER rolled out of the ring and hit the bricks and they had a kick in their step as they backtracked up the ramp. AMW attended to Sabu. Sabu rose after a few moments. AMW extended their ahnds to Sabu. Sabu rejected it but thanked AMW.

Announcer, Don West: Man, this makes me sick! The Extreme Revolution just laid out an assault on Sabu and ran when Sabu got a little help!

Announcer, The Professor Mike Tenay:
I know what you mean, partner. I can't wait until Sabu gets his revenge on Sandman! He kight have gotten some revenge tonight, but probably not as much as he was looking for...

Commercial Break

The camera returns to a shot of AMW backstage with Vince Russo.

"Wildcat" Chris Harris: I told you! We want The Extreme Revolution next week!

"Cowboy" James Storm: We wanna show those no-good sissies how we do it in Tennesse!

Director Of Authority, Vince Russo: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Why the hell do you guys want them so bad? Huh? It's Sabu who got jumped, who got booted, let him deal with it!

"Wildcat" Chris Harris: No!! We want these punks to pay! All they do, all they wanna do is go around and destroy innocent superstars to prove dominance, then when it somes down to it, they jump and run from the oppurtunity. Now, next week, if you let us take 'em, we can take these juveniles out. We can show 'em how EXTREME AMW really is!

Director Of Authority, Vince Russo: Okay, okay, next week, the Extreme Revolution versus America's Most Wanted....and Sabu. He gets his revenge, you get yours, seems to work out, eh fellas? Now get the hell outta my office!

AMW stare at Russo a bit before exiting.

The camera changes to a dark room. 15 or more men and women are seen in dark cloaks, holding candles. The camera pans around, looking around this room. Seemingly a place for spells of some sort. Star of Davids all over the ground with candles around them. The camera moves up the room and through a curtain where a cloaked man is sitting in a throne of some sort... one person on each side. The man in the middle begisn to speak, in a contorted voice.

Unknown Voice: January 2nd.........the day I was used..........I was used as a stepping stone for someone to be crowned the best........the best in this sport.........Winter Warfare..........I served as a tool......a toy.......but tonight........I will prove that I am more than a tool.....more than a toy.........I am....the best.......

The unknown person drops the voicebox from his right hand.......he looks at the camera.......it's Raven!

Raven: Jeff Jarrett.......tonight.....I will prove to you and everyone else......that I have what it takes to be crowned champion..........tonight, Jeff Jarrett, consider yourself a ghost in Total Non-Stop Action..........Quoth The Raven....................NEVERMORE.

The camera begins to zoom out as Raven stares right at the camera with a sick look. The two minions next to Raven look up to reveal C.M. Punk and Alexis Laree with scary looks on their faces as well as other minions can be heard chanting in the background, "HAIL RAVEN! HAIL RAVEN!" The camera fades as the creepy promo comes to an end....

Announcer, The Professor Mike Tenay: What the hell was that?

Announcer, Don West: That was rather distrubing Mike. Did you hear all those people chanting? Chanting "HAIL RAVEN! HAIL RAVEN!" This Raven has gotten weirder and weider throughout the months....

Announcer, The Professor Mike Tenay: I'd be worried if I was Jeff Jarrett right now!

"Say My Name! Say My Name!...Primetime baby! Ha hah!" are the words heard from the PA speakers. Primetime comes from the back to some big heat from the fans. Primetime sports a long, sleeveless trenchcoat type robe and sunglasses. The words, "Pound 4 Pound" written on the back of the robe. Primetime hops into the ring where he un-robes himself and waits for his selected opponent...

"Candian Destroyer" hits and Petey Williams comes down to the ring, followed closely by Scott D'Amore, who is shouting for Petey at the top of his lungs and carrying the Canadian national flag. Petey gets into the ring and gets the match started...

"Canadian Destroyer" Petey Williams vs. "Mr. TNA" Primetime​

The Finish -
Primetime defeated Petey Williams in an excellent, match of the year candidate match with the "Play Of The Day"

Winner - Primetime

Announcer, Don West: Despite his actions as of late, this was an impressive win by Primetime. He just defeated one of the top X-Division wrestlers at the moment!

Announcer, Mike Tenay: I have to say Pri-....what's this?!

After the match, "I Am" hits. A.J. Styles comes down to the ring! A.J. sprints to the ring and attacks Primetime! The two men abttle it out in the ring before security can come down and break the two men apart!

Announcer, The Professor Mike Tenay: This is boiling down to a raw hatred between these men, and it all started when A.J. told Primetime he was going to win the Battle Royal!!!

Announcer, Don West: I love to see two of the top superstars in an industry battle at it, this is just another case. This is going crazy!

Scott Hudson is standing backstage along side with Jeff Jarret, conducting an interview..

"Scotty Not Too Hotty" Scott Hudson: Jeff, going into tonight's match and after what Raven said earlier, do you have any last minute nerves going into the match-up?

"The King Of The Mountain" Jeff Jarrett: Scott Hudson, asking the Chosen One if he has the butterflies, is asking a blind dog what color his tounge is... Look, Raven, he ain't nothin' but a has-been, no, no, no, he's a never-was....and a never-will-be. Raven is so beyond my level I feel like I'm degrading myself in wrestling him tonight! So Scott Hudson, the real question is.... Is Raven having any early nerves, about facing... Jeff Jarrett....

Jarrett walks off camera

Commercial Break​

Backstage, a parking lot is shown when a blue Honda Accord pulls up in a parking space. A man steps out, a bit of smoke emrges from the car. It's RVD! The crowd can be heard cheering as RVD steps from the car and begins walking down into the arena with the title around his shoulder. RVD is sporting a new Rob Van Dam: 4:20 shirt. It shows a shadowy RVD figure in the front of a chronic leaf, with the text "R - V - D" on the top. Scott Hudson is heard yelling for Van Dam. Van Dam stops as Hudson approaches the champion...

"Scotty Not Too Hotty" Scott Hudson: RVD! RVD! If you haven't heard already, tonight Vince Russo, the DOA made a match for two weeks from now. A #1 Contender's Battle Royal, and the winner.... the winner will afce you at Apocalypse NOW! Are you cool with this?...

"Mr. PPV" Rob Van Dam: Scott, you of all people should know. I always have complete confidence in myself. I know the inner-RVD and he is always capable of amazing things.... and to answer your question if I haven't already.... Everything's Cool When You're....ROB.....VAN....DAM.

RVD does the "Thumbs To Me" at each word of his name before slapping Hudson on the chest..

"Mr. PPV" Rob Van Dam: Later bro...

RVD walks out of camera sight

"Scotty Not Too Hotty" Scott Hudson: Rob, wait! ...eh...what's that smell? Rob! Rob!

Hudson goes to catch up with Van Dam

The camera switches to the TNA arena when "Scream" was heard throughout the arena and Raven stepped out on stage to a mini-pop. Following him were his minions led by C.M. Punk and Alexis Laree. Raven enters the ring and signals for his followers to wait in the back, all except for C.M. Punk and Alexis...

"My World" plays shortly afterwards as the crowd errupts with boos and Jeff Jarrett steps out from the curtain. He has his signature attire, this time in yellow and silver color. His guitar slungs across his shoulderblades and he walks to the ring with confidence. As soon as Jarrett steps foot into the ring, Raven floors with with a right hand!

Main Event - Raven vs. Jeff Jarrett​

The Finish:
Raven hit the Raven Effect onto Jarrett, but was unable to cover him due to the exuastion. Jarrett and Raven emerged about the same time when Jarrett swungs at Raven, Raven ducked and caught Jarrett with a russian leg sweep! Raven looked to have the match in his control until Monty Brown came down to the ring, but was slowed down by C.M. Punk! The two men fought outside for a while before Jarrett, noticing the ref was trying to break up the fray on the outside quickly grabbed his 'acoustic equalizer' Jarret swung at the skull of Raven./ Raven caught the guitar and took it away from Jarrett. Kick to the gut. WHAM! Raven blasted Jarrett with the guitar, but the ref seemed to have seen it! DQ!

Winner - Jeff Jarrett via DQ!

As Raven goes rabid with anger he grabs a steel chair. Raven swings his chair back until POUNCE!!!! Monty Brown laid out Raven as he shouts with aggression! C.M. Punk gets powerslammed out of his boots as Monty helps Jarrett to his feet and shakes his hand! The crowd goes insane with boos for Monty Brown! But they begin to cheer as "One Of A Kind" hits an RVD sprints for the ring! He slides in as the heels slide out. Jarrett grabs the microphone

"The King Of The Mountain" Jeff Jarrett: Raven.......the stip to this match was that I got to select any number I wnated...and you had to be number one........so I.......Jeff Jarrett.......the thinking man in this equation.......am picking entry number....fifteen!!!!! Hahaha!!!! See ya at Apocalypse NOW! "RVD".... Haha!!

Jarrett and Brown laugh at Raven and the Gathering as they lay in the middle of the ring, Alexis Laree and RVD checking on both men and talking trash to Monty and Jeff. The camera fades to black as a shot of the smiling faces of Monty Brown and Jeff Jarrett are shown. Followed by the NWA-TNA logo...

End of Show​

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Great opening show and this should easily be the best TNA thread out there. Fantastic stuff here, loved the Primetime angle. "Primetime Keepin It Real", heh classic, reminds me of Dave Chappelle keeping it real. Good match selection, loving this "Ultimate Jeopardy" deal you got going down. Low-ki winning the X-Division title was cool, most people don't use him well, so you better. Vince Russo was in character throughout the show, nicely done. Jeff Jarrett.. meh, he can be tweaked a bit. RVD was fantastic on the show, which makes me sad that he didn't have a bigger part. I mean why even show up if you are going to be there for a whole last 10 minutes of the show, and just run to the ring, no action. :( . Again fantastic show, seemed a little short but I dont know why. Just not alot going on, but for a first show, great stuff. This is already IMO the best TNA show around, and should easily be the best one ever at BTB. Looking forward to what happens in the weeks to come. 8.5/10
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