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NWA:TNA: My Way.

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l'll be using TEW for this, l will also be going up to date with the results with the WWE that the computer makes, also, this will not get in the way of RoG. I will start my first show later.


Well, on Velocity there were two title changes, The United States Championship changed hands and so did the Cruiserweight Championship, 2 title changes already? Are the WWE turning crazy? I think so..it seems like the WWE will be pushing John Cena, as he won the title of Carlito Carribbean Cool and Funaki, and he defeated Spike Dudley for the Cruiserweight Championship..

Full WWE Velocity Results
Danny Basham defeated Shannon Moore
Interview With John Cena
Funaki defeated Spike Dudley for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
John Cena defeated Carlito Carribbean Cool for the WWE United States Championship
The Undertaker, Eddie Guererro and Scotty 2 Hotty defeated Rene Dupree, Kenzo Suzuki and Johnny Stamboli.

What a weird show for the WWE, also don't forget to tune in to NWA:TNA Xplosion, on Tuesday Night!​
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Interview With The Rock
Gail Kim defeated Stacy Keibler for the WWE Womens Championship
Molly Holly defeated Victoria and Jazz in a Triple Threat Match
Chuck Palumbo defeated The Hurricane
Triple H defeated The Rock

Interesting HeAt there by the WWE, with the Womens Title changing hands and a huge main event. RAW should be up as soon as there is another reply and then l'll get to my first show..Xplosion.

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Total Extreme Warfare, a computerized BTB like EWR. But I don't get where Limit is going?

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Inteview With The Rock
Victoria beat Gail Kim for the WWE Women's title
Eugene Dinsmore beat Steven Richards
William Regal beat Batista (78.4%)
Shane McMahon beat Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight title
Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels beat Edge and Chris Benoit
The Rock beat Kane

Xplosion Preview
TNA Owner, Jerry Jarret has decided he will make a General Manager for Xplosion and Impact, who could it be? We'll soon find out on Xplosion. Also, the General Manager will have an announcement about a new title in the company.

Jeff Hardy clashes heads with Jeff Jarret for the 4th time (I think) can he previal a win over the Champ? We'll soon find out on Xplosion.

Also, America's Most Wanted members, James Storm and Chris Harris will be teaming up to face 3 Live Krew members, Konnan and B.J James, who will walk out the winners, also this match is the number one contendership at Victory Road against Team Canada, who will win?

Comfirmed matches: America's Most Wanted vs 3 Live Krew (BJ James and Konnan)
Jeff Hardy vs Jeff Jarret

Feel free to post your predictions for the two matches.
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