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I have looked @ all the feds that have been done here,and realized nobody gives NWA:TNA it props so I amgoing to start a NWA:TNA Booking thread that will start after Victory Road.

Now first for the roster:

NWA:TNA Roster

AJ Styles
Alex Shelley
The Alpha Male
Amazing Red
Andy Douglas
BG James
Chad Collyer
Chase Stevens
Chris Harris
Chris Sabin
Chris Vaughn
David Young
D-Ray 3000
Don Harris
Dusty Rhodes
Erik Watts
Fallen Angel
James Storm
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarrett
Jerrelle Clark
Jonny Fairplay
Johnny Swinger
Kid Kash
Michael Shane
Mikey Batts
Pat Kenney
Ron Killings
Shane Douglas
Shark Boy
Sonjay Dutt
Sonny Siaki

Team Canada
Petey Williams
Bobby Roode
Eric Young
Johnny Devine
Scott D'Amore

Mike Tenay
Don West

Now that I have that done for the Quick Results of Victory Road:

NWA:TNA Victory Road '04

Kash, Dallas, Naturals defeated Truth, Badd, Watts, Kenney in a 8 man Tag match
Via:Dallas with a chokeslam on Kenney

Kazarian wins the 20 Man X Division Gaunlet Match pinning Spanky

Triple X and AMW fight to a no contest with all 4 participants being counted out

3 Live Kru defeated Team Canada to win NWA Tag Team Titles
Via:D'Amore hitting Roode on accident with the hockey stick and James hits the Pumphandle for the pin.

Billy Gunn joins Roddy Piper "In the Pit" and bashes the WWE and talks about a new revolution of wrestling in NWA:TNA.

The Alpha Male defeated Raven and Abyss in "The Monsters Ball Match" pinning Raven Via The Pounce

Petey Williams defeated AJ Styles for the X-Division Title
Via:Masked man hits AJ Styles with hockey stick and Williams hits the Canadian Destroyer.

Dusty Rhodes wins the election to become director of authority of NWA:TNA.

Jeff Jarrett defeated Jeff Hardy in a Ladder Match to retain the NWA Title.
Via:Stroke off the later and grabs the belt.

First NWA:TNA Impact should be up tonight.

Help if anyone could make me banners that would be nice.

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it's not that we dont give props to tna and nwa it's just that we all think that the wwe style has alot more flavor and excitement rather than tna and nwa. but as you see in our shows we pick up some tna people and add them to our roster. so it works out. oh and if your looking for some one to make you a good banner ask W-OLF to make you one he is the best.

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yankeesman77, stop talking out of your ass for once.

Welcome to BTB NWA:TNA4ever, ill be checking this thread out, great to see a TNA thread finally starting, i havn't seen a TNA thread here for AGES.

Great rosters, hope you stay for a long time with this.

(BTW, if you want a banner made, although I don't know why you would, this early, request one in the GFX Forum, and if W-OLF does do it, then so be it)

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NWA:TNA Impact (11/12/04)
Universal Studios/Orlando,FL

Clips are shown from Victory Road '04 and then we are welcomed to NWA:TNA w/ a new theme song which is "Step Up" by Drowning Pool as we are welcomed to Impact by Mike Tenay and Don West.

Tenay:We are live here at Universal Studios Studio 21 in Orlando, Flordia as we are just 5 days removed from Victory Road.

West:Thats right and what a night it was I am already looking forward to Turning Point but right now standing in the ring is the new director of authority Dusty Rhodes,which has big news concerning NWA here tonight.

Dusty Rhodes cuts a promo in the ring:If you didn't see Victory Road then you don't know that I am the new director of authority and that sleezy rat Vince Russo will never be seen here again.So now on to the news that I am here to announce first off NWA:TNA will have their next ppv Turning Point on December 5th will be live at the Asslyum in Nashville,TN we will return to our roots for Turning Point.But thats not the only change around here,Next Friday @ 8:00 P.M. make sure to watch FX because Impact will expand to 2 hours on primetime so that FSN fans will remember NWA:TNA tonight we will have a Rematch for the NWA Championship it will be Jeff Hardy challenging Jeff Jarrett tonight.This is the new era of TNA wrestling the era of the fans.

We cut backstage and are focused in on Nash and Hall's locker room and then see Vince Russo walking down the hallway and he then goes into Nash and Hall's locker room and slams the door.

Abyss vs. Raven

Beginning:Both men start to stare down each other and then start trading punches until Abyss catches a raven punch and keeps nailing shots to the head and then hits a huge scoop slam.Then Abyss goes for an elbow drop but Raven moves and then hits a quick leg dropthen an elbow drop but that puts Abyss down for about three seconds.Then when Abyss gets up Raven runs off the rope and gets a huge clothesline.The Abyss hits a Gorilla Press Slam but only gets a two count.

7 Minutes Later.....

Ending:The ref is knocked out so Raven hits a low blow on Abyss then goes under the ring and grabs a steel chair but when he raises up the steel chair to hit Abyss .Abyss hits a big boot right back into the steel chair then he gets distracted by The Alpha Male at the entrance way.He then gets back on track as the ref starts to move and sets the steel chair up and then picks up Raven and then goes for The Black Hole side slam onto the steel chair but right before Raven is about to hit the steel chair he reverses it into a DDT and covers Abyss.1...2...and Abyss Kicks out but when he gets up dazzed already raven hits another low blow and then the raven effect for a 1..2..3.

Winner:Raven via pinfall

As Raven is posing after the hard fought victory The Alpha Male runs toward the ring and when Raven turns around he gets "The Pounce".And we cut to commercial as Monty Brown is yelling at the camera.

Commercial Break

When we come back Shane Douglas is backstage cutting an interview w/ Team Canada backstage.
Shane Douglas:Team Canada I guess Victory Road wasn't that bad for you you did lose the tag Belt but you did keep the X Title so do you guys think you are still the number one contenders for the tag titles.

D'Amore:Sure we are I mean since those two chump teams couldn't settle their fued at Victory Road that means that while(Triple X and AMW standing behind him) those two teams of pusses settle their cat fight their are no other tag teams that can challenge.
(Triple X and AMW clear their throat)And all three teams start to yell at each other then Dusty Rhodes breaks them up.

Rhodes:Since none of you three did not win your matches at the PPV @ our next ppv you three will fight for the #1 Contendership of the X Division Title.
All three teams look stunned.

We cut to a payphone where Vince Russo is talking on the phone with an unknown person.

West:Coming up next is Jarrett vs. Hardy for the NWA Championship.

Commercial Break

We are shown clips from Victory Road once again.

NWA Championship Match
Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett (C)

Beginning:Both men grapple in the miidle of the ring until they unlock and then start trading punches until hardy ducks a clothesline and trips Jarrett and then goes for a flip but Jarrett moves and then he goes for an elbow drop but Hardy moves and goes a leg drop and jarett moves and they face off once again.And Jarrett hits a kick in the stomach and goes for an early stroke but Hardy pushes off and goes for a Twist of Fate but then Jarrett pushes off and they clothesline each other and they cover each other at the same time.1...2...and they both kick out.

10 minutes later.....

Ending:Hardy is in the headlock and starts to elbow Jarrett in the stomach until he lets go of the headlock Hardy then starts to hit punches until Jarrett gets to the rope then Hardy goes for a clothesline but Jarrett ducks backdrops hardy but Hardy lands on the ring apron.Then Jarrett turns around and gets suplex over the top rope and gets fed up of not being able to put hardy away.He then grabs his Guitar and goes to hit hardy with it until Hardy nails a kick to the stomach and then the Twist of Fate on to the Guitar.He then taunts Jarrett and goes to the top but out comes Hall and he pushes Hardy off the ropeand the ref rings the bell and out comes Nash and they start to attack Hardy.They powerbomb him then they celebrate with Jarrett for a couple of seconds and then they attack Jarrett then out runs Gunn.And they all attack Jarrett and Hardy until Russo comes out and cuts a promo:

"Screw what Steamboat says,Screw what Dusty says he said this was a new generation of NWA:TNA and he was right it is the Generation of the Outsiders.Thats right I am now leading the new group of Outsiders that will take down NWA:TNA starting at Turning Point with a 8 man elimination tag match.Dusty you better get your team ready."

Commercial Break

When we come back we are shown what just happened.

Main Event
X-division Title Shot at Turning Point
Kazarian vs. Spanky

Beginning:Both men start off with an onslaught of offensive high flying moves which make them tired in a couple of minutes.

8 minutes later....

Ending:Both men are exchanging punches until they both run off the ropes and nail CrossBodies onto each other.Which lay both of them out,when they get up Spanky is complaining to the ref about his chest hurting,and from the crowd comes a masked man and hits Kazarian in the knee with a hockey stick he then just stands at ring side.Spanky then grabs him and hits the Sliced Bread #2 for the 1...2...3.Then the masked man gets in the ring and starts to attack Kazarian and out comes the Outsiders and Billy Gunn and they all start to attack Spanky gets between them and.....starts to help them attack Kazarian.Then Russo,Nash,Hall,Gunn,and Spanky are raising each other hands and the masked man takes off his mask and it is...........Test.Then out runs Dusty Rhodes w/ Jeff Jarrett,Jeff Hardy,AJ Styles,and BG james get in a fight with the Outsiders,and the camera fades out.

End of Show

Updated card for:
NWA:TNA Turning Point
December 5, 2004/The Asylum(Nashville,TN)

8 Man Elimination Tag Team Match:

Team Russo (Kevin Nash,Scott Hall,Billy Gunn,and Test)
Team Rhodes (Jeff Jarrett,Jeff Hardy,AJ Styles,and BG James)

NWA:TNA X-Division Championship
Spanky vs. Petey Williams (C)

#1 Contendership for the NWA Tag Team Championships
Triple Threat Rules
Triple X vs. America's Most Wanted vs. Team Canada

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Please rate ad give comments to these shows

NWA:TNA Impact on FX
Next Saturday
New Two Hour Show

What will happen after the invasion of Vince Russo and the Outsiders as they destroyed everything in sight last Friday.Find out on the New 2 Hour Impact next Saturday.


-Rumor has it that those are not the only members of the outsiders as Vince Russon has signed many other wrestlers to be revealed later in the month before Turning Point.

-Another rumor spreading around the locker room is that a stipulation will be added to the Main Event at NWA:TNA Turning Point which is now sold out.

-Tickets go on sale @ the Dayton Arena December 4th,2004 for NWA:TNA Final Resolution
Make sure to check back for news and Impact next Saturday
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