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NWA returns [e-fed] for anyone interested

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For 50+ years the NWA was the dominant force in the world of professional wrestling. They were the governing body in the world of wrestling, and the only group that mattered. The NWA was not one promotion, but rather was comprised of lot's of regional promotions that showcased their talent in the NWA and competed for the prestigious NWA Titles. If you were a wrestler before the WWF national expansion, you never dreamed of being the WWWF Champion, but rather you dreamed of being the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Then, Jim Crockett promotions ascended to the top of the regional territories and signed most of the businesses most talented wrestlers to exclusive contracts; thus, in a way, becoming the only territory that still mattered. As Jim Crockett Promotions grew into a national force on it's own, it no longer needed the NWA's once illustrious name value to succeed. Eventually the company would drop out of the NWA under Ted Turner's ownership when the company was known as WCW. In this new day and age of national wrestling companies (WWF and WCW mainly) there was little room for a concept such as the NWA, and the organization lost it's prestige and dwindled into obscurity, but never quite died. That brings us to present day...

In early April of 2005, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, former WWF and WCW World Champion, along side other Hart family members, purchased the organization known as the NWA. The Harts had the single goal of bringing wrestling back to what it really was; wrestling. Not Sports Entertainment, Wrestling. The Harts wanted a place where the world's best wrestlers could showcase the very best of pure wrestling and various new styles of wrestling from around the world. They wanted to provide an alternative in wrestling to the "circus act" that is the WWE. What you see now is the product of their hard work. Something that represents not only the history of the business, but the future of it as well. Anyone is welcome in the NWA; WWE Wrestlers, TNA Wrestlers, New Japan Wrestlers, ROH Wrestlers, Independent Wrestlers, anyone looking to make a lasting and positive impression on the wrestling world. With that said, the Hart family invites you to step up to the challenge, and prove that you are the best of the best. Enjoy.
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