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The Story So Far...

In an alternate reality, the 1980's turned out a lot different. Vince McMahon's attempt to dominate the US wrestling scene were foiled when the NWA stood up to him and called his bluff. Vince ended up losing the WWF name through bankruptcy. The NWA went on to be the dominant force in wrestling, although their very strength - many different members making up a larger whole - meant that no one promotion managed to go global.

As we come into the new Millenium, things are poised interestingly. Of the major NWA affiliates, three stand at a national level, ready to try to go global. A few cult promotions are becoming more popular, and are attempting to move to a national stage. Finally, some smaller regional promotions are springing up.

The Cast...

NWA: Calgary Stampede (National) - Owned by Stu Hart, NWA:CS are the only federation promoting out of Canada. Built around the best three graduates of the Hart Family Dungeon - Bret Hart, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho - this federation relies more on straight heavily-athletic matches, and avoids gimmicks and shock angles.

NWA: East Coast (National) - Vince McMahon returned to wrestling by joining the NWA and promoting out of New York City. The promotion is built around big draws like Hogan, Rock and the Clique, and also includes Shane and Stephanie McMahon. The rest of the roster is made up of McMahon loyalists and assorted big men.

NWA: Texas (National) - Built on the legacy of the Von Erich's, Dusty Rhodes has taken control of NWA:TX. The promotion is a throwback to the 1980's, with much of the roster taken up by either veterans of that era, or local Texans. The major stars are Ric Flair, Steve Austin, Mark Callaway and Randy Savage.

NWA: Los Angeles (Cult) - A brainchild of Roddy Piper, NWA:LA is a two-tiered promotion. Once tier has a gritty urban feel, using people like the Gangstas to deliver chaotic violence. The other tier is a result of a deal struck with some Japanese federations, where some of their top talent like Mike Barton and Michael Modest are allowed to compete.

NWA: Mexico City (Cult) - The most popular grappler in Mexico, Konnan hung up his wrestling boots and became the promoter of the biggest promotion south of the border. Focussing almost entirely on lucha libre performers like Rey Misterio and Juvi Guerrera, NWA:MC features mostly high-flying bouts.

NWA: Strong Style (Cult) - Al Snow decided to try something different, and started up a US promotion based more on the Japanese style of stiff blows and submission holds. With close friend Dan Severn on board, a great talent roster was assembled, with names like Ken Shamrock and AJ Styles being the cream of the crop, plus a mass of Japanese talent due to links with other federations in the Orient.

NWA: Detroit Michigan (Regional) - This promotion is a no-frills federation run by Bill Watts. The action is brutal and realistic. The roster mainly consists of hard-hitting powerhouses like the Steiners and Road Warriors, but their main selling point is the presense of Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle, who are the top two stars.

NWA: Hardcore City (Regional) - Based out of Philly, Paul Heyman's promotion is the bad boy of the NWA, always looking to use shock tactics. The roster consists entirely of Heyman loyalists like Tommy Dreamer, Tazz, and Stevie Richards.

Now This Is Where i Come in..

Me & my two good friends, Simon King & Ritchie Armstrong,have been grapple fans for the best part of two decades and frankly we had got sick of the NWA owning every territory & having the say in every federation in the country. Even though every promotion had a different feel to it,they all had a certain inkling of the traditional NWA which made it feel samey.
We even petitioned the American board of Monopolies to complain about the blatant abuse of power that the NWA used against upstart wrestling promotions so that zero profit could be made which would result in new companies fading out by 2 or 3 shows.Plus the fact that any wrestler that did compete on a indie would be blackballed from the NWA so when the indies evenutally died out the boys had nowhere to go.
So this is where me & my buds had an epiphany of sorts we decided that if we could run three very small promotions in our home state of Florida then atleast we could build a niche and keep the NWA away from our state.But as we had no experience in the biz we failed miserably.
Going back to the drawing board was our next plan of action and we came up with a cunning & more simple plan in which instead of trying to stretch ourselves thin by doing multiple promotions (NWF,AAW,CWF) we should pool our resources into one wrestling company.But a spanner was thrown into the works when we realised that even all together our finacial situation looked bleak due to the mistakes we made last time around, so we were stuck up a creek with a paddle made out of sand.
Luckily my father was a banker (what a stroke of luck :rolleyes: ) & we pleaded with him to help our finacial situation but alas it was in vain due to our collective bad credit history (hookers mainly :p ) we weren't gonna get a business loan. Eventually we cut a deal with my father that he would loan us a substantial chunk of his own cash on the basis that we would double the turnover of the cash he invested in one year or less.
So welcome to Florida Championship Wrestling!!!!!

Will post roster,staff,champions,budget etc a.s.a.p

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Florida Championship Wrestling!!!!!!

Roster: Red=Heel Blue=Face

Main Event

'Man of 1,000 Holds' Nick Dinsmore 'h2o' Ron Waterman


'Too Cool' Monty Brown Joey Idol

'British Bruiser' Paul London 'Cowboy'Tommy Suede

Ricky Morton The Collector

Rusty Riddle Tonga Kid



Orlando Johnson Azrael

Jason Lee Todd Sexton

Derrick King Tony Stradlin


'Goo Goo Doll' Johnny Jeter 'Hands of Stone' Andre Baker

Jamie Dundee Gabriel

Mozart Fontain III



Frankie Armadillo Vance Nevada


Suicide Blondes (Jason Lee & Derrick King) TNT (Todd Sexton & Tony Strand)

Fallen Angels (Azrael & Gabriel)

S.I.T (Tonga Kid & Samu)


The Lost Boyz:Azrael,Gabriel & Xtasy (manager)


Producer-Dan Rockwell

Announcer-Shannon Rose

Announcer-Jerry Straus

Ref-Kim Deal

Ref-Mike Martyn

Medical-David Lovering

Medical-Kaushal Sanghavi

Writers-Kristina Fish & Taylor Threat

Road Agents-Jimmy Chamberlain & Matt James


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