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In May of 2013, NWA president Bruce Thorpe, who bought out majority ownership in the National Wrestling Alliance and whos changes to the NWA had alienated some promoters, was indicted by the federal government for embezzlement and fraud charges due to some of his real estate affairs. The NWA was in turmoil as to what to do next, and one man stepped to the forefront to lead the charge to the revival of the "new" National Wrestling Alliance. Jim Cornette, the man who was let go by Ring of Honor due to creative differences and behavioral issues the fall prior, called the NWA offices and set up a meeting with the Board of Directors as to his ideas in restructuring the NWA model and to ensure the legacy and history of the NWA would not be forgotten or diminished in the future. This led to Jim, on behalf of the NWA, setting up other meetings with him and the Board of Directors with potential investors and future sponsors as to raise money for the rebuilding and rebranding of the NWA.

They pitched a pilot to the History Channel, due to the success of "Pawn Stars" and "American Pickers", shows which were entertaining but also enriched with historical backgrounds on the subjects they are speaking of. Jim Cornette introduced the History Channel execs to the men he hand-picked to be his play-by-play announcer, former WWE announcer Jim Ross, and his color commentator, former WWE superstar and professed wrestling nerd Matt Striker. Striker's speech and his showing of the wealth of wrestling knowledge he holds influenced the History Channel's execs greatly, as one said he single-handedly convinced them to give the show a chance, and the pilot was booked for October 5th. History Channel invested money into providing the best roster available for the first show, and Jim, JR, and Matt sat down and started to scout and put together the roster.

Jim knew what ROH wrestlers' contracts were becoming available due to his ROH tenure and knowing Sinclair Broadcasting Group signed most of their talents to 2-year deals back in 2011 when SGB took over the company. He also knew that Jay & Mark Briscoe, whos contracts were expiring soon, were on shaky grounds with the company due to some of Jay's politically incorrect comments on Twitter, which influenced their decision to end his ROH World Title run prematurely and there was a lot of heat on both ends. He sent out feelers to them as well as other talents, most notably Jay Lethal, Mike Bennett, and BJ Whitmer.

Then the news broke that WWE had agreed to the termination of the contract of Jay Reso (Christian). He hadn't been used for the majority of a year due to several injuries, and the rumor was that when returning, he would mainly be used to put over younger stars and that they really had nothing for him when he came back and they eventually wanted him to become an agent behind the scenes sooner rather than later. He agreed to a 90-day no complete clause, which would end around the time of the October 5th taping. Also released from WWE a few days later were Curt Hawkins,Zach Ryder, Tyson Kidd, and NXT developmental stars Enzo Amore and Kassius Ohno (aka Chris Hero, who had apparently rubbed Triple H the wrong way at an NXT taping). Striker made an argument to Jim for all of them to be brought in to the new NWA as well, and the feelers were sent out.

However, Jim knew none of them were guys he could build the company around, and he needed somebody, at least for the short term, a larger-than-life presence, that he could use to start to build off of and make them the face of the new NWA. Jim had a lot of respect for the current NWA champion Rob Conway due to their years working together in Ohio Valley Wrestling, however he needed him to immediately drop the strap. So, at a NWA event in Houston, Texas where Rob Conway defended the NWA World Title against former champion "Tokyo Monster" Kahagas and won, he issued a challenge to anyone who wanted to challenge him from around the world. Out from the crowd unannounced at that moment came former WWE Superstar BOBBY LASHLEY, who accepted the challenge, and in short order and with a defining Dominator, pinned the champion for the 3 count in the impromptu title match and won the NWA World Heavyweight Title. Over the next couple months, Jim brought in people to regional NWA shows for the current title holders to drop their straps to. At a NWA Houston show, NWA World Womens Champion Kacee Karlisle dropped the title to recently released TNA Knockout Mickie James. NWA North American Champion Kahagas dropped the title to "Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce on a NWA Ring Warriors show in Florida, and the title was rebranded the NWA HERITAGE TITLE, complete with a whole-new belt. NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Jason Kincaid dropped the title to Jay Lethal on the same NWA Ring Warriors show. The only belt that didn't change hands was the NWA World Tag Team Titles, held by the Killer Elite Squad (Lance Archer & David Hart Smith.)

On August 17th outside of the Chicago Ridge Fieldhouse in Chicago, IL, a live press conference was held and commercials were taped for the upcoming "NWA Showcase" show premiering live on History Channel October 5th. Present were all NWA champions, as well as legends set to appear on the first television taping: "Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Road Warrior Animal, Ted DiBiase, Baron Von Raschke, and Larry Zybosko. Also at the press conference there was a worked confrontation between the Killer Elite Squad and the Briscoe Brothers, and a pull-apart proceeded with both teams being separated.

The beginning of September, the NWA relaunched their website in conjunction with the upcoming "NWA Showcase" show, and the following were key notes stated in the "mission statement" posted:

Due to the re-branding of the NWA and the new History Channel show, the NWA has re-structured their territorial promotions, and will actually be helping open a few new regional and international promotions as well as feed those promotions with the big name talent from the "NWA Showcase" show to boost their attaendance and help the NWA as a whole thrive and survive, as well as use the smaller promotions and scout them, using them as feeder systems for future talents. The promotions are as following: NWA Houston, NWA Ring Warriors (Florida), NWA Midwest (Indiana), NWA Carolina (Charlotte, NC), NWA Hollywood (Los Angeles), NWA Central States (Kansas City), NWA Rising Sun (Osaka-Tokyo, Japan) and NWA Blue Blood (England). Also, the following talents were officially announced for the "NWA Showcase" show and had signed to be on board with the new NWA project:

Bobby Lashley (NWA World Heavyweight Champion)
Mickie James (NWA Womens Champion)
"Scrap Iron" Adam Pearce (NWA Heritage Champion)
"The Killer Elite Squad" Lance Archer & David Hart Smith (NWA World Tag Team Champions)
Jay Lethal (NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion)
"Instant Classic" Christian Cage
Colt Cabana
"The Prodigy" Mike Bennett
"The Briscoes" Jay and Mark Briscoe
"MVP" Montel Vontavious Porter
Chris Atlas (f/k/a Chris Masters)
Shelton Benjamin
Charlie Haas
Lisa Marie (f/k/a Tara, Victoria)
"That Young Knockout Kid" Chris Hero
Brian Cage
"Pyscho D" Drake Younger
"Chocolate Thunder" Willie Mack
Rich Swann
"Crown Prince" Fergal Devit
Enzo Amore
"Stampede Pride" TJ Wilson (f/k/a Tyson Kidd)
"The Long Island Mafia"-Brian Myers (f/k/a Curt Hawkins) and Brett Matthews (f/k/a Zach Ryder)
BJ Whitmer

Rumors also swirling that there are several other stars signed to either guaranteed deals(like the ones that the more major talents like Lashley, Christian, etc.) got or to paid-per-appearance deals. One of the names rumored to eventually be in the NWA is "The Blueprint" Matt Morgan, as he is a personal favorite of Cornette's. NWA officials are also interested building a few independent stars and branding them as their own, and the two they are most high on at the moment are Brian Cage and Drake Younger, who were both signed to 6-month low-level guaranteed deals. Also, the NWA plan on using some of the region's tops stars for the tapings in the markets they are held in. Rumored to be used at the Chicago tapings are Resistance Pro champion "Ego" Robert Anthony, and AAW regulars Keith Walker, Christian Rose, and Shane Hollister.

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courtesy: pwinsider.com

"The "NWA Showcase" brand is making more waves trying to book more high-profile names for their debut show in Chicago. We can confirm that Amazing Kong (Kia Stevens) has signed an exclusive deal with the NWA, and can also confirm that the NWA has sent out feelers to John Hennigan (f/k/a John Morrison) and Melina, looking at them to possibly feud with "The Prodigy" Mike Bennett and his fiancé/valet Maria Kanellis upon their arrival.

The Killer Elite Squad defended and retained their NWA World Tag Team Titles in a match with IWGP Junior Tag Team Champions Rocky Romero & Alex Koslov in Osaka, Japan this past week where only the NWA World Tag Team Titles were on the line, however Lance Archer injured his ankle and is reported to be out of action for the foreseeable future. Several sources have told me the situation will be addressed on the first NWA Showcase show.

We also have been told the NWA Showcase tapings will include four 1-hour tapings that will play out over the course of a month, with each show being headlined by a title match to try and gain interest. Rumor has it Jay Lethal will defend his NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship against Low-Ki and Mickie James will defend her NWA Womens Championship against Lisa Marie, however neither of these matches have been confirmed and none of the other titles matches have been determined yet.

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OP although I give props for the back story I just don't get why you didn't start a promotion from scratch rather then call this the NWA when it has no real links to today's NWA or the NWA of yesteryear.

I mean, there's so much creative stuff someone can do with an NWA BTB but all you've done is fired everyone except KES and hired a bunch of indy darlings and WWE cast aways.

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I respect your opinion, and agree to an extent. Didn't say the "cast offs" were long for the company, as stated in the backstory, Lashley is looked at being a short term lease to help build something off of. Plus, if you wanted to get a national TV deal, you had to look at bringing in big names to build off of. As you will see as I move along with this BTB, most of the "cast offs" will not be around for long and only a few will be cornerstones of the new NWA. Also, in addition to TV recaps, there will also be recaps of regional NWA shows as well. Future tapings will also go international to England and Japan and explore those cultures and bring a wordly element to the titles, that of which the titles haven't really had since the early 80s before Crockett pretty much ruled the NWA and their champions. I plan on doing all kinds of interesting stuff with this BTB. The name guys are pretty much essentially to help get things going and put other guys over and bring attention. As said, there will be regional guys brought into TV tapings. Some will be used as enhancements, but some will be used in a bigger capacity and may make it onto the "Showcase" show.
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