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Now I'll admit that this is on the slimmest shred of possibility, but...

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Well, I saw someone in another thread say that John Morrison had Evan Bourne's push as if it was stolen. Well, there's speculation that Morrison will win EC and face Miz at Mania, although this is held to be a slim possibility. Now let's say that Bourne comes back at Mania and wins MitB. After this, he turns heel by cutting a promo the following night, saying that JoMo, now champion, stole his spot-light. Then at Extreme rules, Morrison retains after a grisly rematch against the Miz, Evan Bourne comes in, and when Jomo pulls himself to his feet, Bourne does the hip kick chain, and when he goes for the spinning heel, JoMo ducks, Russian leg sweep, knee to the face and Starship Pain, making him the first champion to retain against Mr MitB.
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It's a MitB thing. The actual match would be a rematch against the Miz. I'm as antipathetic towards Bourne as anyone else on here (though obviously not because of a dislike of hi-flying face)
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